Ron DeSantis Leads the way in Opposition to COVID Passports, to no one’s Surprise

The Biden/Harris Harris/Biden administration has now endorsed the concept being pushed by New York and other blue states of requiring COVID vaccine passports in order to travel from state to state. This action will provide Democrats in those states with the modern-day equivalent of the old Gestapo demand to “show me your papers, please,” which is exactly the point.

At least one GOP governor has decided to take action to fight against this un-American concept. Not surprisingly, that one GOP governor is Florida’s Ron DeSantis:

Saying that the requirement of such passports would be “an unprecedented expansion” of public and private power, Gov. DeSantis promised to issue an executive order prohibiting local governments and businesses from requiring citizens to show the planned passports in order to conduct business. He made the announcement during a signing ceremony of a bill passed by the Florida Legislature on Friday that would bar COVID-related lawsuits against businesses that have made good-faith efforts to comply with guidelines meant to stop the spread of the virus.

The consistent application of real leadership during a crisis such as this is what is making Ron DeSantis now the current leader in the clubhouse among those who are likely to seek the GOP’s 2024 presidential nomination. Only one other prominent Republican governor – South Dakota’s Kristi Noem – has created a similar track record during this pandemic.

Thank God for Ron DeSantis. Where are you on this, Greg Abbott? Sure would like for Texas to lead on something like this rather than always trailing a little bit behind.

That is all.

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I’m gonna lean forward a bit and say right now, there will probably be a Supreme Court case on this sometime in the future. I think the opportunity the left is contemplating with the idea of a passport is just too juicy to pass up. From what I’ve read, they will propose the use of an app on your phone. So with the fear mongering around covid, millions will gladly sign on for something like this, and its the camel’s nose under the tent. From there, the possibilities are endless on ways they can infringe on your rights. At an extreme, imagine if they tied compliance with some mandate (vaccine, TBD emergency, etc.) to your finances? You didn’t comply with X, so we put a hold on your account. The potential ramifications are scary

Dave Moore

Abbott always checks the pulse of the nation after DeSantis makes bold moves. He’s weak and a terrible leader. In fact, no leader at all.

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