Eric Trump Says Biden Could Stick Around Longer Than we Think

Could he be right? It’s plausible. – Will China Joe Biden’s evil, elder-abusing handlers just keep on pushing their addled patient out in front of the cameras for as long as they possibly can, rather than turn the presidency over to Kamala Harris on the timetable they all agreed to when she was selected as the party’s vice presidential nominee?

That’s the theory that Eric Trump posed to Maria Bartiromo in an appearance on Fox News Sunday morning. Here’s the money quote, courtesy of the Conservative Treehouse:

“[A White House] memo goes out saying all communications must read “Biden/Harris admin” ….. [Biden publicly claims Kamala Harris in charge of the Border Crisis, but] now Kammy isn’t the border gal … but she’s doing the diplomat stuff with south of the border governments. She gets cred for that while fully insulated from the crisis that Biden won’t have to answer for in any way except preapproved questions….have to give the WH team credit for creating a perfectly bubbled environment around jumbled Joe.

“It’s so perfect, why change it? With Joe at the helm, the White House can claim credit and deny responsibility with zero media pushback…couldn’t do that with Harris in charge. She is universally unlikeable, and so blatantly phony that her campaign couldn’t raise money….. Harris couldn’t get away with bumbling through a press conference or hiding from the world the way Joe does. I now think the WH team wants to keep pushing Joe out there for as long as possible.”


Eric Trump is obviously very frustrated by the the lapdog, corrupt media’s refusal to honestly report about the reality of China Joe and his performance as the nation’s Sock Puppet-in-Chief, as we all are, and that frustration likely has some bearing on this scenario. But you have to admit that it does make some sense.

After all, the White House and its media toadies do have their Kabuki Theater routine set in stone at this point, so why mess with it now just because the fake president is so brain-addled that he can’t function for more than 2-3 hours each day? It isn’t like he’s actually in charge of anything anyway, and as long as he can still read from his ever-present TelePrompter or repeat what his evil minions are transmitting into his ear piece semi-competently, why not just leave him in the role, especially when you know full well that Harris is, as Eric Trump says, universally unlikeable and has absolutely no self-discipline whatsoever?

To this point I’ve been operating under the assumption that China Joe would most likely be put out to pasture by no later than the first day of summer simply because his evil handlers would lack the audacity to continue the charade any longer than that. But after hearing Eric Trump’s comments here, it does seem at least possible that we might have Joe Potato Head to kick around somewhat longer than that.

After all, China Joe’s handlers see the same Kamala Harris who we all see, and that looming catastrophe ain’t pretty at all.

That is all.

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Morgen Seher

You mean even lazy eye Eric can be right once?


That’s possibly a very good thing. The longer the public has to listen to his inane and insane dictums, mumbled and garbled though they may be, the more disgusted the voters are with democrats for a host of reasons. Elder abuse fully on display, the President of the United States being used as a pawn for a cadre of hardened, hate filled leftists who will stop at nothing to turn this country into a populous devoid of rights guaranteed us by the Constitution, an economy so bloated with nonessential spending that our taxes will soar upward as fast as one of those UFOs, and somehow, I don’t think that’s a good thing!


he will be there in schidtt and diapers and the media will be gas lighting us!


The Biden-Harris theme is to get the public used to seeing her name prominently displayed until she takes over. Plus its so progressive, right? Equity.

Of course they need to keep Joe out there as long as possible. As you have mentioned Dave, Kamala is a disaster. The effort behind the scenes to prep her to take over has to be mammoth. She lasted, what, 2 rounds of the dem primary before packing it in? She was very unpopular, and will be more so once all of America sees how inept she is (giggle giggle, cackle cackle).

They are racing against an hour glass where they can’t see how much sand they have to work with. If they are smart, they have to be working with the fact they may not get to pick the hour they make the transition. Joe could expire or become incapacitated before they are totally ready.


It makes some sense. As long as the folks who control Obama can continue to Weekend at Bernie’s Slo Joe and shift blame around so easily why wouldn’t they do it?

Sharon Campbell

I fear Eric Trump may be on to something here. The abuse of Groping Old China Ukraine Joe will continue until he drops. Evil, evil people are in charge of him.

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