CBS News Sets Up Another Fake Narrative for Biden

Here is CBS News, setting the leftwing narrative about inconvenient court decisions to come. – Perhaps the single most successful aspect of the Trump presidency was the fact that he was able to appoint a record-setting 242 judges to the federal bench, including 3 justices to the Supreme Court. While they cannot always be relied upon to do the right thing for the country – as we clearly witnesses from those Supreme Court appointees in the wake of the stolen election – it is very likely that conservative judges around the country will soon be issuing rulings that effectively block and reverse some of the Biden/Harris administration’s unconstitutional actions, including some of Biden’s executive orders.

Thus, a media/Democrat joint narrative becomes necessary, so that all of your liberal friends will have talking points to recite by rote when those court decisions come down.

Here is where CBS News comes in, leading the fake news charge with a narrative-setting piece published late Thursday under the headline “Biden agenda could collide with federal judiciary remade by Trump.”

It is a classic piece of Soviet-style propaganda.

Here’s an excerpt of the first two paragraphs:

Former President Trump’s reshaping of the federal judiciary is likely to be a legacy felt for years to come, with a total of 242 judges appointed to the courts, as well as three justices to the Supreme Court.

But that impact could be felt even more acutely now that Mr. Trump has left Washington for Florida, as President Biden moves to rapidly implement items from his agenda with executive action in order to bypass the partisan gridlock on Capitol Hill.


Note the code words here: Trump’s judges are a legacy that will be “felt,” not a bulwark against radical change, which is how the corrupt media described the Obama judges who served as roadblocks to every key decision made by the incoming Trump administration in 2017.

Not only with Trump’s judges be “felt,” they will be felt “acutely,” which implies that their decisions will be something like a sting from a yellow jacket or a scorpion.

Next, CBS brings in an “expert,” in the form of a leftwing college professor who immediately informs the reader that not all judicial decisions are politically biased, BUT…the decisions by Trump judges surely will be. Check it out:

“There certainly is the potential for collisions between the Biden administration and Trump’s judges, depending on the issue and depending on the venue,” Kenneth Manning, a professor at University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth who examined the ideological direction of judges appointed by Mr. Trump, told CBS News. “The tendency is to oversimplify the judicial decision-making to some extent, as if it’s all partisan. Of course it isn’t, but some issues tend to lend themselves to more partisan and ideological decision-making than others.”

Oh, yeah: And all those partisan and ideological decisions by Trump judges won’t just be “ideological” and “partisan,” they’ll actually be “collisions” – you know, like car wrecks.

Now, those of you who remember 2017 will remember that the Democrat Party-affiliated Lawfare lawyers had court challenges ready to be filed immediately against every major Trump decision, often in cooperation with Democrat state attorneys general. Corrupt Democrat media outlets like CBS News cheered those efforts on as if they were America’s salvation, yet now that the tables have turned and some Republican attorneys general have slowly managed to file a few challenges to Biden edicts, well, the narrative around those will be decidedly less positive:

Mr. Biden has been in office fewer than 100 days, yet already Republican state attorneys general have targeted several of his policies with legal challenges, many filed in more conservative courts stacked with judges appointed by Mr. Trump and who favor limiting the power of the so-called “administrative state.”

By this point in Trump’s term, Democrat lawyers had sued over dozens of decisions with zero objection from CBS. But now CBS wants to create the impression that those mean ol’ Republicans are just throwing out lawsuits willy nilly in every court in the land.

So, how many examples is CBS able to cite in the next few paragraphs? Four. Not kidding – four.

More from CBS’s “expert” professor:

For Mr. Biden, aspects of his environmental agenda — much of which will be implemented through regulations from federal agencies — as well as legislation on voting rights and civil rights could face resistance from a federal judiciary remade by his predecessor.

Trump appointed hard-right ideological judges, so if you give them, generally speaking, a defensible legal argument on an issue like climate change or voting rights where we know there are partisan, ideological differences, you would very much tend to expect those judges to support that in their decision-making,” Manning said.


It is a very, very, very safe bet that Mr. Manning has never in his life described a Democrat-appointed judge as “hard left” or “ideological,” even though that accurately describes pretty much every one of them who are currently on the bench.

But wait, there’s even more!

CBS’s narrative-setting propaganda next moves to constructing a justification for Biden’s coming effort to remake the country via regulatory actions, mainly by the EPA:

Already, Mr. Biden has issued 37 executive orders on a range of topics, including the climate crisis, coronavirus pandemic and immigration. But with the political gridlock in Congress – Democrats control the House but the Senate is evenly divided — the president faces an uphill battle to enact his broader agenda, possibly making regulatory action more appealing.

Those regulations, though, could bump up against the current legal landscape shaped by Mr. Trump. Former White House counsel Don McGahn, who was instrumental in the former president’s judicial selection process, told the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2018 the Trump administration asked prospective judges for their views on administrative law and focused on nominees wary of giving too much deference to unelected agency heads.


See? If those mean ol’ Republicans block stuff in congress – just like the Democrats did for the previous four years without negative comment from anyone in the corrupt news media – why, Biden will just have to rule by regulation.

But even if he does, why, that mean ol’ nasty Trump actually – gasp! – asked potential judicial nominees what they thought about some things, and they might rule against Biden’s regulators! The nerve!

So, pay attention, liberals, your narrative is now set, courtesy of the news fakers at CBS news. Get these talking points memorized before the decisions start to come down so you can parrot them on Facebook and Twitter.

In a million years, you could never make this stuff up. Don’t even try.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Dwight White

The Communist Democrats and their PINO Sloppy Jo are headed for a collision with the Constitution. If the Constitution even exists any more. The Supremes may be to cowardly or have received a substantial enough bribes to enforce the rule of law set forth in the Constitution. The Communist Democrats hate America, they hate taxpaying Americans. The Communist Democrats goal is to Destroy America, per their own messaging. America Matters.

Cameron Howe

CJ Roberts receives no credit for compromising the integrity of the Republic in the name of playing nice.

Let that be a lesson.

Rick Church

Unfortunately we have seen at the supreme court level the failure of Trump appointed judges on major issues. I wouldn’t hold my breath to think it will be any better on the Federal benches.


Trouble is, both parties are drawing from the same well, the so-called “Ivy League”. Those institutions have been effectively hollowed out by “progressive” groupthink. You think they want to risk their position on the DC cocktail circuit or miss out on hosannas from their alma maters for cutting against the grain?

Fat chance in hell. Welcome to our Banana Republic, complete with troops & razor wire in the capital.

Morgen Seher

And what, exactly, is fake about this? Clairvoyance is not a rational basis upon which to predict the future.

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