GAO ‘Investigating’ Biden for Refusal to Spend Border Wall Funds – News Fakery at its Finest

The News Fakery Never Ends at Politico. – Working off a report at Democrat media bullhorn Politico, the Daily Wire said yesterday that China Joe Biden, our National Sock Puppet-in-Chief, is “under investigation” by the Government Accountability Office for his refusal to spend funds allocated by congress to build the wall at the U.S. border with Mexico. This move, among other Biden reversals of the Trump policies that had tamed the situation at the border in recent years, has unsurprisingly led directly to the current mushrooming crisis in South Texas, as aliens from Central America smuggled by drug gangs flood the border.

From the story at Daily Wire:

Democrat President Joe Biden is reportedly “under investigation” for halting billions of dollars in payments that were set to go out to companies that were tasked with finishing President Donald Trump’s southern border wall.

“Now the Government Accountability Office is launching a review to determine whether the new president broke the law by freezing the money in violation of budget rules designed to keep Congress in control of the cash flow,” Politico reported. “The probe highlights the challenge presidents have historically faced in fulfilling campaign promises that require money to be spent — or suspended — at odds with Congress’ intent.”

Politico’s report said that it would be unlikely that Biden face any formal punishment for his actions if the the GAO found that Biden illegally paused border wall funding.

The news comes as the southern border has become overwhelmed under Biden’s leadership after the president reversed numerous policies put in place by the Trump administration. In at least one sector on the U.S. border, the Biden administration has started to release illegal border crossers into the U.S. without scheduling any kind of a court date for the migrants. Recent reports have indicated that there are more than 15,000 unaccompanied minors in U.S. custody, which is nearly twice as high as the previous record. The Washington Post recently highlighted how the Biden administration was repeatedly warned that a crisis would erupt on the border if they undid Trump’s policies—a warning that came from career officials, not just political appointees.


Note that last sentence that I’ve highlighted: That’s the corrupt toadies at the WaPo pretending that this crisis is somehow unintentional, when they all know that this is exactly the result the Biden people wanted to induce: A new flood of thousands of potential Democrat voters streaming across the border unchecked into a red state their party has worked for 26 years to turn blue again.

Note that the crisis is taking place in Texas – not in New Mexico, not Arizona, not in California, all of which have at this point become reliably blue. No need to flood those states with a new Democrat voter bloc, so the caravans recruited by leftist activists in Central America have been guided to target points of entry in Texas.

Abortion Barbie couldn’t turn Texas Blue in 2014; Irish Bob O’Rourke couldn’t do it in 2018. So, the Biden people have decided to take a different approach: If you can’t turn resident Texas voters blue, just import an entirely new class of blue voters to Texas.

The GAO has always been an enclave in which the career staff is just a bunch of Democrat activists who tailor their findings in investigations to benefit Democrats. That career staff is now supervised by a pack of reliably leftist Biden appointees. Anyone who thinks that this “investigation” might somehow order Biden to free up the funds to complete the border wall is destined for great disappointment.

The border crisis is a feature of this administration’s policy efforts, not a glitch. Best to just accept that reality and move along from this latest bit of news fakery at Politico.

That is all.

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Jay Whitcraft

Perhaps Texas will fly the “migrants” to New York. Jay

J. Moon

Time to impeach

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