The Leftist Outrage Mob Goes Crazy in Texas

Ok, so, the new Texas liberal/leftist/socialist/fascist/communist virtue signal is to go onto Twitter or Facebook and brag that “I’m gonna keep wearing my mask – I don’t care what that neanderthal Abbott says!” Which tells you they’re breathlessly keeping up with their Democrat Party talking points, since the elderly Sock Puppet In Chief used the word “neanderthal” yesterday when talking about Texas Governer Greg Abbott’s rescission of his statewide mask order and job-killing limitations on Texas businesses.

But don’t ask them what actual data or science they’re using as the foundation for their demented brag; if you do, they’ll just scream something like “it’s science because Fauci says so!!!!!” or something similar. After all, these are people who have already made a conscious decision to remain willfully ignorant of any data or science that does not support the daily talking, er, screaming points coming at them from Biden and Fauci and that bald little fat guy on CNN.

Let’s face it, they’re already intentionally ignoring every shred of science about kids being back in school so they can go to Twitter and Facebook to signal their teacher’s union-supporting virtue. Expecting any of them to actually pay attention to the real science about the utter uselessness of wearing masks is like asking for a complete change in long-engrained behavior.

Not gonna happen.

Very predictably, the sadistic cowards who run big box stores like Wal-Mart and Target in Texas have also already made the decision to follow the mood of the Perpetual Outrage Mob and continue to require the wearing of masks on their premises, which Governor Abbott made very clear is their right to do in his order. Of course, it’s to their advantage to play to the mob, which makes up half of their customer base. And it’s also to their advantage to do their part in fanning the mob’s flames since it will encourage the mask-wearers to now boycott any small business competitor who chooses to lift their own mask requirement.

See how this works?

As I told a friend on Facebook yesterday, this is what a year of brainwashing by Fauci and the corrupt news media has done to the left: Turned them into a pack of braying hyenas who consider it a significant virtue to deny American kids a full year of real in-school education – something that is most negatively impactful for the least-privileged kids among us – and to walk around hiding half their faces behind one, two or even three masks that have been proved time after time after time to have literally no impact on the spread of this virus.

As well, school superintendents across Texas are signaling their own virtue to the mob by announcing they will keep in place the mask requirements and other restrictions that have set back millions of school children in the state. Here is one typically idiotic statement from the superintendent of the Cedar Hill ISD in North Texas:

“Cedar Hill Independent School District, we certainly believe the mask requirement should continue for the foreseeable future. The masks have allowed us to return to a semblance of normalcy. They have prevented COVID-19 cases and allowed in-classroom learning to begin and thrive…”

No, the masks have not prevented COVID-19 cases. As even Anthony Fauci has repeatedly stated on national television, there is zero evidence that school-age kids are spreaders of the virus, and even less evidence that requiring 7 year-old children to wear masks has prevented a single case of the viral gift from China. This is propaganda, nothing more, and it is what we are running our schools upon. It’s the very same propaganda that screamed that the recent Super Bowl held in Tampa, Florida would turn into a “super spreader” event, but ignores the actual science and data that proves it was in fact nothing of the sort.

As I’ve been warning you for many months now: The left’s response to COVID is not about saving lives, it is about controlling lives. It is about creating the pretense for making things like wearing masks and stay-at-home orders and unconstitutional restrictions on the freedoms we have always held dear permanent features of our lives. These restrictions are things they consider to be features, not glitches, and they are going to cling to them by any means necessary.

Why? Because a population that not only lives in fear but does so willingly is much easer to control as the Democrats continue to shove their rancid form of fascist socialism down its collective throat.

That’s what this is about, and the Perpetual Outrage Mob on Twitter and Facebook provides the foot soldiers for the spread of the Nazi-style propaganda.

As is always the case with leftists, once you accept their actual motivations, everything they do and say, er, scream makes perfect sense.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Allen ISD as well.. and oh, you want to see leftist mobs? join Nextdoor…… HQ’d in CA, and eaten up w/lefties. Allen is riddled w/them.

Benjamin Thomas

While I am certainly a strong proponent of doing away with this mask BS (and I routinely don’t wear one because I have read the science behind the utter uselessness of it) I have to question why any responsible parent would even want to send their children back into the brain washing Marxist institutions that make up public schooling these days.


COVID has always been a hoax
Anyone telling you differently is lying to you

Bull Gator

Time will tell. If you enjoy wearing a mask and looking like a fool go ahead. Now because I don’t have one on you see me laughing at you. I think Big Box Dufus store mangers and executives will pay a price in Texas for requiring masks. I know I wrote Costco a nasty but polite letter when they required masks before the government ordered it. After I move from the Land of Entrapment I will not put a mask on again once I pass the border into Texas on my way to Florida. Most people I talk to in New Mexico have had it with our moronic queen (aka, Duh Governor) and are not happy about anything. She has destroyed the NM economy and now China Joe with his Executive Orders have killed the state governments cash cow from oil and gas. Now they are all crying and want everyone to tell China Joe to please please rescind the orders. Ha Ha. I don’t care because I am voting with my feet and moving from this despotic nightmare.

I think in a few weeks maybe as long as a month people will shop where they do not have to wear masks. I think the moronic schools should be closed permanently, all of the teachers fired and as well as the administrative staff. Not only should the paychecks stop but the pension fund should be confiscated for breach of contract. This money can then be used for some kind of voucher system to support a new genuine education system made up of charter schools, pod schools and home schooling as well as other private school endeavors including those supported by religious groups. The qualified teachers and staff can get new jobs as the new schools. The rest of them can learn to write code or do dishes or collect garbage or move to another state. My neighbors just took their 19 y/o boy out of the public school because it was as they said psychotic brainwashing and no education.

These times are the most serious in human history and if we do not take back control of our lives, our families lives and our social and governmental institutions we are #UkED. Conservatives have been to wishy washy for too long, its time for some back of the hand across the face to get these dimwitted clowns full attention and to put them in their proper place.


Btfsplk is old enough to be a neanderthal and about as bright as one, and I’m talking about when he was in his prime thirty or so years ago when he was ‘mentoring’ Tara Reade.

I wonder if he was with the gang who was ‘mentoring’ his veep (like Willie Brown) when she was horizontally climbing her way to the #2 (in every sense of the word) position, I mean advancing her ‘career’.


Pack up and move to California if you want lockdowns and masks!!!don’t impose your crap on everyone else!


I am a Deplorable, Neanderthal, White Privileged, White Supremacist, and I am starting to feel bad about myself.

Benjamin Thomas



Well, I’ve been using Shark Repellant here in Colorado and I haven’t been bit once.

Nabi Rasch

One of the most idiotic things Trump did was to to dsplay his contempt for masks just prior to the election. He exposed himself to an unnecessary risk, caught Covid. was out of action during a pivotal period, and consequently looked extremely stupid to many–even conservative–voters. Ditto for his pal Giuliani who refused to mask during his election fraud hearings and also caught the bug, They are poster boys for what happens to you if you get carried away by your own hubris and ignorance: your unsound biases can kill you. Darkly comical that contempt for masks has been gaslighted into the politically conservative movement as a staple.

Benjamin Thomas

Get back to me and let me know the next time you fart and you have your precious mask on if smelt it. I’m betting 100% you do.

Bull Gator

Well, dumber than dirt and damn proud of it to, eh my friend.


You must have missed the part about the masks DOING ABSOLUTELY NOtHING to stop viruses.

  • Masks don’t work. Pick an orange next time you are at the store and smell it. The odor molecules are 10 microns in diameter. The Corona virus is approximately 1 micron. Your mask is USELESS!
David Michaels

They are not going crazy in Texas they are going crazy about Texas. I am more worried about the Demotards releasing covid positive illegals into the state. Like Cumo forcing covid positive patients into nursing homes killing over 15,000. They do that to drive up the numbers and blame Trump for their knowing, willing, actions.


oh, but they are….. out in the exurbs, N of Dallas…. they’re clucking on FB and Nextdoor about how awful it is, and how they’re going to continue wearing masks, despite the ‘selfish’ people who won’t. it enrages me, to see kids, outside – masked. i see idiots alone in cars – masked, young adults out walking, not another soul on the street – masked.


They already did, through Brownsville! They hopped on buses and left for other states!


The Pandemic is not covid, but the Insanity of Cancel Culture–we must eradicate it.


People just need to start destroying all cameras that record them due to their religious beliefs that capturing an image is an act of stealing one’s soul. Pull your phone out? I have every right to use lethal force in self defense because you’re trying to spirit murder me!

Only force will bring these animals to reason.


That made me laugh out loud. “SPIRIT MURDER.” hahahaha. I’m going to use that one if you don’t mind.

Michael Dowd

My observation about this Covid situation is that the farther Left the individual is the more fear they have of the disease.


The “science” they reference is “political science”.

Sharon Campbell

Our public schools have done a job on our kids & they’ve grown to be adult age with NO critical thinking skills or discernment. The majority are sheeple & snowflakes & communism will overtake them in one fatal swoop.


That blame follows the tree line to their parental units also. Just as dumb, ignorant and probably more stupid than the offspring they produced.


Y’all need to get masks that say “This is the symbol of tyranny/fear” on them and wear them anytime you go into a store that requires them. And everybody should go out of their way to support any business that’s not’s bowing down to the conmunists.

I bought two t-shirts from the Hodge twins website. One says We call it the China virus because it’s from China. The other says Socialist Distancing.
Of the two, the second really gets some nasty looks. I just smile right back and say have a nice day!

As for the Neanderthal schtick they just need to tell the meat puppet to stick it where the sun don’t shine. He and his ilk were all “States Rights” about the lock downs. So they just need to point out to the wannabe dictator that States Rights prevails here too.


Better to be a Neanderthal than a dementia patient!

Henry Bowman

State of Fear by Michael Crichton.


One of the best writers ever.

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