Wednesday News Roundup: Cuomo World is Collapsing…Or Maybe It Isn’t.

Good news, everybody! – The ratings for the Golden Globes awards crashed and burned like never before Sunday evening. The show’s audience fell by more than 60% from last year’s catastrophically low ratings, and attracted fewer viewers than the number who streamed Donald Trump’s CPAC speech on their computers:

Awesome, dudes.

Here’s the Outrage of the Week. – Leftist lunatics in Washington DC have been attempting to poison the thousands of National Guard troops still stationed in the Capital for no legitimate reason at all:

Members of congress have told the media that several Guard personnel have had to be hospitalized after eating under-cooked food and food contaminated with metal shavings.

Just another reminder that the radical left hates you and wants you dead.

Senate Republicans get their poster child. – After weeks of revelations of her activities involving making nasty tweets about members of congress over the past decade, China Joe Potato Head Biden withdrew his nomination of the utterly execrable Neera Tanden to be the head of the Office of Management and Budget.

From the story at the Washington Times:

Neera Tanden, President Biden’s pick to lead the White House budget office, took herself out of the running for the job on Tuesday after it became clear she likely did not have the votes to get confirmed.

The move marks the first high-profile personnel defeat for Mr. Biden as he assembles his Cabinet and comes after the White House repeatedly went to bat for the nominee in recent weeks — even as her confirmation appeared increasingly unlikely.

“I appreciate how hard you and your team at the White House has worked to win my confirmation,” Ms. Tanden said in a letter to Mr. Biden released by the White House. “Unfortunately, it now seems clear that there is no path forward to gain confirmation, and I do not want continued consideration of my nomination to be a distraction from your other priorities.”

“I have the utmost respect for her record of accomplishment, her experience and her counsel, and I look forward to having her serve in a role in my administration,” the president said. “She will bring valuable perspective and insight to our work.”


Ok, so, Biden will now just create a new White House “czar” position just for Tanden, who happens to be the President of the far-leftwing Center for American Progress. He will do that because her appointment is nothing more than a payoff to CAP for all the money it pours into Democrat Party coffers every year.

Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell and his fellow Senate RINOs can now walk around bragging how tough they’ve been on Biden’s nominees and have Tanden as their poster child to point to when people like you and me point out the fact that they’ve just rolled over and played dead for pretty much all of Biden’s extreme radical appointees. This is as predictable as the sun rising in the East, since it is the standard operating procedure senate RINOs follow at the outset of every new Democrat presidential administration.

Tanden is this administration’s sacrificial lamb, and that may well have been her intended role all along. To quote the late George Carlin, “It’s all a big club, folks, and you ain’t in it.”

Cuomo World Keeps Imploding…or is it? – Things seemingly just keep getting worse and worse for elderly-killing, sexual harassing, serial bullying New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Tuesday may have been his worst day yet.

First, a third accuser came out of the woodwork to accuse Don Cuomo of an act of sexual harassment. Importantly, the initial report was again filed by the New York Times, whose editorial board has decided to be the media lynchpin for hounding him out of office.

I mean, it’s almost as if Cuomo has suddenly become a Republican or something.

Here’s an excerpt from the New York Times story:

Anna Ruch had never met Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo before encountering him at a crowded New York City wedding reception in September 2019. Her first impression was positive enough.

The governor was working the room after toasting the newlyweds, and when he came upon Ms. Ruch, now 33, she thanked him for his kind words about her friends. But what happened next instantly unsettled her: Mr. Cuomo put his hand on Ms. Ruch’s bare lower back, she said in an interview on Monday.

When she removed his hand with her own, Ms. Ruch recalled, the governor remarked that she seemed “aggressive” and placed his hands on her cheeks. He asked if he could kiss her, loudly enough for a friend standing nearby to hear. Ms. Ruch was bewildered by the entreaty, she said, and pulled away as the governor drew closer.

“I was so confused and shocked and embarrassed,” said Ms. Ruch, whose recollection was corroborated by the friend, contemporaneous text messages and photographs from the event. “I turned my head away and didn’t have words in that moment.”


Can’t wait for Geraldo Rivera to go on Fox and tell us that this is all ok because Cuomo’s a 63 year-old single guy living in Albany, so that gives him the perfect right to put his hands all over a woman he has just met at a public function with hundreds of people looking on. You betcha.

Even better, because the New York Times reported this first, every other corrupt media outlet in America is carrying the story, and all of your mindless liberal friends who just a month ago were telling you Cuomo is their new god are now telling you they’ve always known he was a creep. Because that is what your liberal friends always do when the media narrative changes on a dime, right? Right.

Anyways, it’s all apparently become just too much for Cuomo’s fellow creepy Democrats in Albany to bear, as calls for his resignation and even – gasp! – impeachment are now regularly heard among Democrats in the halls of the state capitol building.

But here’s the catch: being Democrats, they’re naturally looking for a do-nothing, easier way out, one that will allow them to claim to their constituents that they’re “doing something” about Cuomo while really doing next-to-nothing of any real substance. So yesterday, they landed on the half-measure of repealing the Governor’s executive order powers, which would have meant something six months ago when he was destroying thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of jobs, but means very little now that the pandemic is well along the way to playing itself out:

Here’s an excerpt from a story at

Governor Andrew Cuomo is reportedly being stripped of his pandemic emergency powers amid controversy over his handling of COVID-19 in the Empire State, according to NBC New York.

The proposal comes from a number of state legislators.

“I think everyone understands where we were back in March and where we are now. We certainly see the need for a quick response but also want to move toward a system of increased oversight, and review. The public deserves to have checks and balances. Our proposal would create a system with increased input while at the same time ensuring New Yorkers continue to be protected,” Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said in a statement.

Cuomo is currently under a federal investigation for his March 25 executive order mandating that nursing homes take in COVID-19 positive patients, as reported by The Daily Caller. He has denied any wrongdoing and the order was later scrubbed from the New York Health Department website, however.


So, while the conservative media is all afire this morning with the thought that Cuomo might actually end up being removed from office, this move is actually an elegant political deal designed to allow him to serve out his term, and maybe even run for another one. This not only satisfies the always-burning liberal Democrat need to be seen as “doing something,” it also promotes the public impression that Cuomo has now been “punished” for his misdeeds and will now do better going forward.

That in turn provides the editorial board at the New York Times – whose members most likely decided to actually cover all these scandals because their Upper East Side dinner party pals have been pressing them to do so – with an excuse to go back to ignoring it now that the Governor has had his comeuppance, as it were. Once the Times drops the story, the rest of the corrupt news media will heave a sigh of relief in the knowledge that they can safely drop it as well.

And that in turn would allow Cuomo to go back to behaving exactly as he has always behaved with renewed vigor, safe in the knowledge that his media tormentors will have gone silent yet again. You may all think I’m crazy, but let’s just wait and see how this all plays out.

Don’t shoot me, I’m only the messenger.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Not even close to the end. When you have a crime, the murdering of senior citizens, cue the hair on fire sexual harassment claims. The distraction sucks all the oxygen out and poof, no more dead seniors.


Unfortunately, Cuomo may well get let loose in the end. In the meantime, we can all enjoy watching him twist himself in knots trying to justify his despicable behavior, and who knows? They may actually force him out of office. But I ain’t holding my breath.

Last edited 1 month ago by Silas
jack johnson

We have actual video of Biden groping kids and porno vids of Hunter and they are still around. Nothing ever happens to Democrats.

Sharon Campbell

I agree the sexual harassment is probably true, but the Libs don’t care about that they are just using it to deflect 15,000 murdered elderly people! Now if Cuomo is moving toward a higher office & the Libs want to block him the 15,000 will be front & center.

Brandon J Stover

I’m beginning to suspect there could be a closet he comes out of and me too blows over. Then the left catapults him ahead. He’s gov of the state that houses the big Apple and he is single? He can’t find a woman? Give me a break. Maybe he doesn’t want to.

John Theone

More political theater to designed to divert attention away from Cuomo’s real crime of the nursing home deaths. Plus, he was probably trying to muscle his way into some of the DC action and stepped on a few toes.

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