The Global Economy is Rapidly Recovering and CBS News and the UN Are Upset

When the headline gives away the narrative. – There’s bias, and then there’s BIAS, and CBS puts the full all-caps deal into this piece, which was obviously handed to the fake journalist who wrote it by some activist at the Sierra Club or NRDC.

Check out the headline:

Here’s an excerpt from this piece of journalistic malpractice:

Paris — Global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions rose slightly in December compared with the same month of 2019, indicating the sharp drop seen due to the pandemic was short-lived. Figures released Tuesday by the International Energy Agency show emissions from the production and use of oil, gas and coal were 2% higher in December 2020 than a year earlier.

The Paris-based intergovernmental agency said a resurgence in economic activity coupled with a lack of clean energy policies mean many countries are now seeing higher emissions than before the coronavirus pandemic.

“The rebound in global carbon emissions toward the end of last year is a stark warning that not enough is being done to accelerate clean energy transitions worldwide,” said the agency’s executive director, Fatih Birol. “If governments don’t move quickly with the right energy policies, this could put at risk the world’s historic opportunity to make 2019 the definitive peak in global emissions.”

Scientists have previously calculated that CO2 emissions fell by 7% during the full year 2020 as people stayed at home because of the pandemic.

“Our numbers show we are returning to carbon-intensive business-as-usual,” said Birol. “These latest numbers are a sharp reminder of the immense challenge we face in rapidly transforming the global energy system.”

Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas responsible for global warming.


Now, in a sane world – you know, the world we long ago left behind as the climate change pseudo-science evolved into a global religious cult – the real story here would be a joyful one, because what is really being reported in it is the fact that economies all over the world are roaring back from the insane response to COVID-19 that crushed millions of businesses, threw hundreds of millions out of work and tens of millions into abject poverty. Growing economies require a lot of energy and people moving around, and all that energy and people moving around and going back to work produces carbon emissions.

But when your entire life’s outlook revolves around the cultish religious exercise of considering plant food to be your cult’s version of Satan, then you produce “journalism” such as this. Seriously, what would CBS have had us do, artificially keep the economy in a global depression for the next 30-50 years until hopefully someone can finally figure out how to make nuclear fusion work so we avoid using oil and gas and coal like we did before last March?

Why, yes, that is exactly what the Global Church of Climate Change dogma would have us do, and the headline to this piece betrays that exact mindset.

Fatih Birol, the director of the International Energy Agency at the UN, is literally bemoaning the fact that people are in the process of regaining and even exceeding the level of relative prosperity they enjoyed before they were thrown out of jobs and had their businesses destroyed by the cardinals of the climate change cult. He is literally upset that millions of people will not go hungry and will again be able to put shoes on their children’s feet.

And it’s all a religious exercise that is based solely on computer models since real-world observations still do not support a single bit of dogma that serves as the basis for the cult’s obsessive existence.

You honestly could never make these people up if they did not already exist.

All you normal people out there should celebrate this CBS piece, because it means that, in spite of all of the unconstitutional edicts, in spite of all of Anthony Fauci’s repugnant propaganda, in spite of all of the incessant fright tactics thrown at you by the corrupt news media over the past year, people are going back to work.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Jay Whitcraft

Every so called “climate” discussion should begin with CO2 is NOT POLLUTION!!!! Period. If any fool wants to counter that argument, ask which one of their children they are willing to sacrifice to reduce their families “Carbon Footprint”! Very few things in life make me madder than some idiot like John Kerry flying a private jet to go tell me I’m burning too much gasoline! Jay


Amen, and Algore too

Sharon Campbell

It’s time to walk away from the COVID scamdemic. Period.


May Day is a communist day. Let’s all make Take The Mask Off Day. Everyone take it off on May Day! Pass it along

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