Trump Speech Highlights America’s Loss of Free and Fair Elections

Before we get into the rest of this, I wanted to be sure you saw this clip of an insane protest at the Georgia capitol over the weekend:

So, Georgia does the right thing and requires some form of ID for anyone requesting an absentee ballot, and these protesters literally go berserk.

Understand that these very same people must show ID in order to fly on an airplane, go on a cruise, ride on an AMTRAK train, enroll their children in public school, rent a post office box, or write a check for Crisco and Doritos at the local WalMart, and never throw similar fits of childish outrage while doing any of those things. Yet, require them to show even the most rudimentary form of ID in order to ensure they are who they claim to be when they vote, and to ensure that no one else can steal their vote from them, and they fly into fits of rage and start assaulting police officers.

Note that in our society over the last 200-plus years, it is only Democrats who engage in this sort of detestable behavior. The motivation behind this public show is quite obvious, isn’t it? They want to be able to continue defrauding our elections as they have been doing for many decades. There is no other possible logical explanation for it.

Which brings me to yesterday’s speech by former President Trump at the CPAC convention. The ex-President is being pilloried by the Democrats’ Perpetual Outrage Mob on Twitter and the corrupt news media today for repeating his well-based allegations of massive election fraud during the speech, because of course that is how they would react. But this is a man who just had an election blatantly stolen from him in the most public way possible, so it would have been pretty shocking had he not referred back to the events that led up to it.

Trump pressed the need for “election integrity and election reform,” calling on the GOP to be the “party of honest elections that can give everyone confidence in the future of our country.”

During the speech, Trump also ended speculation that he might form a third party, promising to work within the GOP to rid it of the RINO pestilence that has neutered its usefulness to the American people for far too long.

Here’s an excerpt from the story at JustTheNews:

“The future of the Republican Party is as a party that defends the social, economic and cultural interests and values of working American families of every race, color and creed,” Trump said.

President Trump spoke about the importance of election integrity during his remarks.

“Another one of the most urgent issues facing the Republican Party is that of ensuring fair, honest and secure elections,” he said.

“We need election integrity and election reform immediately. Republicans should be the party of honest elections that can give everyone confidence in the future of our country,” Trump said.

He reiterated his contention that the 2020 contest was “rigged.”

“We have a very sick and corrupt electoral process that must be fixed immediately. This election was rigged and the Supreme Court and other courts didn’t want to do anything about it,” he said.

Trump said there should be just one Election Day. He also called for voter ID.

“There should be a legitimate reason for someone to vote absentee, has to have a reason. We should eliminate the insanity of mass and very corrupt mail-in voting. We must have voter ID,” he declared.

“We need universal signature matching,” the former president said. “There should be a 100% requirement to verify the citizenship of every person who votes. And there must be a chain of custody protections for every ballot,” he said.

“Even if you consider nothing else, it is undeniable that election rules were illegally changed at the last minute in almost every swing state with the procedures rewritten by local politicians…and local judges…as opposed to state legislatures as required by the Constitution of the United States,” Trump said.


He’s right on that last point, of course, but sadly the Supreme Court – including Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Barrett and John Roberts – recently voted to refuse to even hear cases challenging those state-level constitutional violations.

The loss of free and fair elections is the end of this country as a constitutional republic. The Supreme Court’s refusal to hear these cases makes one wonder what the concept of “constitutionality” even means anymore. If the Court is so corrupted and compromised now that it will not even rule on such clear-cut violations of the Constitution, then the document becomes meaningless. No law has teeth unless there is someone willing to enforce it.

Which of course has been the goal of the Democrat Party since the Woodrow Wilson administration.

The Democrats have achieved their goal, and no speech by any former President can begin to change that fact.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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I would have much rather heard Trump giving a SOTU speech AND a CPAC speech rather that gat a non UTOS speech given by btfsplk.


…rather than get…

(backward SOTU deliberate and fitting in btfsplk’s world)

Sharon Campbell

I watched President Trump’s speech at CPAC & I believe he hit on all the right points. I appreciated him calling out the SCOTUS in no uncertain terms for being cowards & dodging their duty!


“The Democrats have achieved their goal, and no speech by any former President can begin to change that fact.”

So True!!!

And, apparently a sitting president, having gotten more votes than any other GOP presidential candidate ever, and leading the GOP to gains in MaligNancy Klink’s house, and with his “hand-picked” AG and 1/3 of HIS judges on “the most conservative supreme court ever” could not make a dent in the overflowing cesspool of the D of C, and the PA, WI, MI, GA, AZ and NV capitols; he couldn’t change that when he had the “bully pulpit” and he certainly can’t now.  He might get a vulnerable RINO beaten here and there, but no necessary fundamental change will happen while the frauds like Sasse, Graham, and Collins are all safely ensconced as senators for the next SIX years. Alaska Senator MurCOWski is a probable target, and he might, might get here defeated next year, but so what?  Her replacement by a Palin type won’t gain a senate seat in what is still a very good year for the donkeys to retain senate control with the donkeys only having to defend twelve or so of the 33 seats that are up.

Those facts leave us squarely behind the eight ball for the foreseeable future.

President Trump said he wants to rid the elephants of their RINOs who infest it.  Again, if he wasn’t able to do it while he was the nominal leader of the party, so, how exactly can that happen now?

No Mr. President, the elephant party must be made extinct; completely burned to the ground and gutted. Then, from the ashes, can there be hope of salvation and a rebirth of the American system of governance. The RINOs/CINOs have had their chance since Reagan and Gingrich to MAGA and defeat their/our ideological donkey enemies and have deliberately failed miserably at their number one job. They must be fired. Since Trump failed to fire every hack in DC when he could have; how can we expect him to do that to the anti MAGA/KAG elephants who control ‘his’ party?

PS: The GOP is not ‘his’ party, it never was. The leaders of the gop are the Muttster, his niece, gop chairwoman Ronna McRomney, and the turtle along with whoever is the permanent minority ‘leader’ in MaligNancy’s schiff-house. 


26 Just as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man. 27 They were eating and drinking and marrying and being given in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all.” [Luke 17]

Granted, this passage from Luke speaks to the Christ’s second advent and has a universal application; however, one cannot rule out a more limited, temporal application wherein God gives up a nation to follow its pernicious ways until its cup of iniquity is full and then His righteous wrath falls in judgment. As the Uniparty and the globalists party on, at some point their cup will be filled and God will judge as He has with nations and world powers in history. Will it be as thorough as that of Jerusalem?

“And I will stretch over Jerusalem the measuring line of Samaria, and the plumb line of the house of Ahab, and I will wipe Jerusalem as one wipes a dish, wiping it and turning it upside down.” [2 Kings 21:13]

[…] Trump spoke at CPAC on Sunday. – I write at length about that event in another piece this morning. Go read it. […]

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