Friday News Roundup: When Equality Means Discrimination and Biden’s Broken Promises Mount

Today’s Short-Term Memory Reminder. – This morning, Joe Biden has kids back living in cages, America back at war in Syria, no $15 minimum wage anywhere in sight, and those $2000 checks that were going to be delivered to everyone “immediately” after he assumed office are still nowhere to be seen and will never materialize.

Thanks, Democrats!

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Today’s Long-Term Memory Reminder. – 20 years ago this month, Al Gore told us we would all be dead in 20 years from global warming. And he is still running the same scam that has now made him a multi-hundred millionaire.

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Shameless self-promotion commercial break: I write at length about the Biden Administration’s decision to re-start Barack Obama’s war on Syria with a unilateral series of missile strikes in another piece this morning. Go read it after you finish here.

Hey, about that $15/hr minimum wage… – It’s a funny thing about passing laws through congress: You have to have enough votes to get over all the procedural hurdles. As former senators, both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris presumably knew this throughout the campaign when they cynically promised to “immediately” raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour.

This means they knew that any such proposal would either have to have at least 60 votes behind it in the senate, or have the senate parliamentarian rule that it would qualify under the arcane senate “reconciliation” rule that is to be used strictly for budgetary purposes and not for statutory changes. The “reconciliation” process is intended mainly to reconcile numbers between budget bills passed by the house and the senate, and requires only a 51 vote majority for approval, the exact number the Democrats currently control with Kamala Harris joining in as the tie-breaker.

Biden and Harris knew all of this going in, which means they knew pretty much with out any doubt that their promises for a higher minimum wage were in fact false promises. Yesterday, the other shoe dropped on that as the senate parliamentarian very predictably ruled that the $15 minimum wage provision in the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion bill to pay off Democrat constituencies cannot be passed under reconciliation rules:

Here’s an excerpt from that story at

Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough has reportedly determined that including a provision in the COVID-19 relief package to increase minimum wage to $15 per hour would not be acceptable under the chamber’s rules.

Democrats are seeking to pass the bill using reconciliation, which would enable them to avoid the 60-vote legislative filibuster, according to The Hill.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described the Senate parliamentarian’s ruling as “disappointing” but said that the minimum wage provision will stay in the legislation that the House is expected to approve on Friday.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said a statement: “President Biden is disappointed in this outcome, as he proposed having the $15 minimum wage as part of the American Rescue Plan. He respects the parliamentarian’s decision and the Senate’s process. He will work with leaders in Congress to determine the best path forward because no one in this country should work full time and live in poverty,” the statement said, adding that Biden urges the nation’s legislature to approve the relief legislation.


Thus does the $15 minimum wage go the way of the $2000 checks to everybody and the dodo bird, which both Biden and Harris knew would be the case all along.

Feeling properly stupid yet, Democrats?

Speaking of that Democrat constituent payoff bill… – Here’s a terrific graphic showing where all the money is going. And guess what? It’s not going to you:

May be an image of text that says 'THE PELOSI PAYOFF COVID HEALTH SPENDING -COVID SPENDING 9% -Planned Parenthood -Bailouts for New York and California -Unions -Arts -Schumer's Bridge -Pelosi's Train 91% NG MIKE JOHNSON'

Hey, guess how they are apportioning the $350 billion in the bill that is going to the various states? By their rate of unemployment! Thus, states like New York and New Jersey and Illinois that have been ravaged by Democrat governors and legislators for decades and have high rates of unemployment will be getting proportionately more money than Red states that have low unemployment.

The lesson? Screw up your state by electing incompetent Democrat leadership and the feds will bail you out. It’s like giving a screaming spoiled brat another popsicle just to shut him up. He’s only going to scream louder and longer next time.

When “Equality” really means “Discrimination”. – Speaking of attacks on you, how about that “Equality Act”, huh? This is yet another great example of Democrats assigning a name to a bill that is exactly the opposite of what the bill actually would do. The Democrats, media and their Perpetual Outrage Mob on Twitter are promoting this bill as somehow ensuring “equal” rights for LGBTQ folks, something that in fact they already possess.

This bill is not that at all, not even a little bit. This bill is a full frontal assault on the freedoms of speech, religion and association, and on biological women. It is a bill that will end civic life as we know it should it be signed into law by President Sock Puppet.

Here’s an excerpt from a terrific piece by Christopher Bedford at TheFederalist:

“Have you been following this ‘Equality Act?’” a Catholic priest I know asked me as I passed on the icy sidewalk early Sunday afternoon.

“A bit,” I answered. “You can be sure anything that comes out of D.C. does the opposite of its name.”

Check it out today,” he replied. “It could pass as early as this week, and it’s very, very troubling.”

The two of us went our ways, carefully navigating the icy bricks back to the safety of our homes. The monsignor was right, of course: If the Equality Act passes, he won’t be safe in his home much longer, nor will women be safe in their sports, their restrooms and locker rooms, the nail salons they work in, nor even shelters from homelessness and abuse.

The act, which the House is expected to pass for the second time in nine months on Thursday before sending it to a now-Democratic Senate, opens up swinging on Christian (as well as most religions’) concepts of morality in marriage, sex, and identity. It would strike biological sex from the 1964 Civil Rights Act, replacing it with “sexual orientation and gender identity.” Belief in traditional marriage, the act would legislate, is a specific example of illegal discrimination.

If the bill passes the Senate, our church parishes will become soft targets. While weak-kneed men like David French confidently celebrated the migration of drag queens from rowdy, seedy city bars to children’s library story hours as “blessings of liberty,” it will be curious to see what he thinks when parish halls are subjected to those same blessings.

It’s all made possible by massively expanding the government’s definition of bigotry, as well as the definition of public gathering places to include any place that “provides exhibition, entertainment, recreation, exercise, amusement, public gathering or public display.” When you add the above to “any establishment that provides a good, service, or program,” you’ve put nearly the entirety of American civic life under the thumb of radical activists.

And they’re not remotely done. Unhappy with the restrictions on eligibility that Catholic and other religious adoption agencies put on families looking to take children into their homes, the act seeks to nationalize Massachusetts, New York, and California’s outright bans on religious adoption agencies’ right to operate according to conscience. Never mind that there are any number of secular adoption agencies with no traditional marriage guidelines; shutting down the organizations that invented adoption, the bill states, will “increase the number of homes available to foster children.”

Meanwhile, Catholic school and other forms of religious education, rare alternatives to increasingly failing and liberal public education, will be compelled by the act to teach a concept of marriage antithetical to their faith, as well as the popular but absurd claim that boys can be girls and girls can be boys. Religious education alternatives are already suffering under government COVID rules, with many that serve poor, inner-city children hardest hit, but vulnerability is a one-way street for the bill’s sponsors, who also target shelters and homes for homeless and battered women, demanding they admit men who say they’re ladies.

The same rules will apply to women’s sports, as well as their bathrooms and locker rooms, effectively nationalizing coastal states’ dangerous experiments on women (including children) trying to compete athletically with fairness, use the restroom, or simply shower in privacy.

Salons, too, will not be able to “discriminate” based on biology, opening the door in the United States for the Canadian nightmare where Jessica Yaniv — a man who identifies as a woman while still being attracted to women — sued to force female nail salon employees to wax his privates. You don’t have to be a woman to understand the level of sexual assault implicit in an adult man demanding a woman handle his privates for money or risk the force of law.


If you have daughters or granddaughters or nieces, know that this bill is a full-frontal assault on them. It is an assault on the rights of actual women, and there is not a single liberal prominent woman in America speaking out against it for fear of being cancelled by the Perpetual Outrage Mob.

This heinous piece of legislation passed the house on a party-line vote yesterday. So long as the senate filibuster rule remains intact, it has no chance of passage in the senate, but we all know that the Democrats plan to move to end that rule at some point this year.

The Democrat Party has been at war with organized religion, heterosexuality and biological women for years now, and this bill proves that that war is only continuing to heat up.

So much for “unity”.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Now you know why I will continue to call them conmunist demoncrats.

They will rue the day they left God out of their platform.


Okay, I have posted in the past I’m no big fan, much less a proponent, of Elon Musk. However, I can get behind him on Starlink.

We will be signing up and waving bye-bye to DSL and Directv once it’s publicly available. Streaming our favorite channels will be bit of a learning curve, but it’ll be worth it to finally break free of the corporate

William R Davidson

Somebody had to have voted for Bidone and Cameltoe! If you did, thanks a friggin lot. You must be a student or stupid as hell or both!


Yes a bunch of fools voted for the meat puppet and his replacement.
But it wasn’t anybody who hangs out here. Those zombies hang out at
left wing sites like Politico and Axios and troll the Breitbart forums.


Why can’t the left understand that $15 min wage has a negative impact on the workforce and our economy??

The minimum wage was not designed for people to live off of – it’s to gain skills in the work force so you can move up and on to better jobs.

Let’s explore the potential impacts:
-Companies hire less people to cut cost
-Companies charge higher prices to off-set the increased wages (how about a $12 Big Mac?)
-They replace workers with automation, again charging higher prices to offset the investment in capital

That’s just few….and all of them result in less people being employed, not more. And why $15? Why not $25, $30 an hour?? If they are serious about giving people a means to make a living working a fast food counter or stocking shelves at the grocery store, higher should be better right?

Ultimately it ends up being a transfer of wealth from the middle class to the bottom end, bringing everyone down, and then the government is there to save you. Just another tool for more government control, more government power, socialism, communism, America destroyed.


Oh, they ‘understand’ the effects of a higher minimum wage just fine Jonesy.

They want less people working so as to make more people dependent on their gubmint welfare/handouts.

And they want to destroy the value of the US dollar, have it/us lose the status of being the world’s reserve currency by creating massive inflation which ruins everyone’s savings (hurts the people who are responsible disproportionally) and puts us at the mercy of the Chinese currency. Just another evil plot to destroy the US from within.


It’s a payoff to the unions. Union wages are indexed to minimum wage.

William R Davidson

Hire Mexican and pay under the table. This what they want you to do!


They’re conmunist demoncrats. They don’t use logic, common sense, economics or real science to try and get where they’re going. It’s all about “feelings”.

And anything they do is for their own benefit and accumulation of control and power.

So, when you hear them say I’m here to help you, they’re really saying I’m here to fleece you and make your decisions for you


The senate parliamentarian had better watch her back.


We can expect them to experience a “robbery” or “accident” some time soon.


“The Democrat Party has been at war with organized religion, heterosexuality and biological women for years now, and this bill proves that that war is only continuing to heat up.”

If that is the case, why do so many “biological women” (and otherwise smart women and men) KEEP VOTING FOR THE DONKEYS?

Furthermore, how can the donkey party and the Left be at war with so many Americans and American values and still be the dominant political party? I’m being rhetorical here, but it still boggles the mind how they have any relevance, much less the total power they now have. We can bitch about the GOP and its junior/uniparty status, but no Republican, even RINOs/CINOs ever proposes or passes this crap. True, they prove to be inept or unwilling to stop or repeal (Obamacare) rotten laws when they have the majority which make them complicit if not equally culpable, but they don’t force this garbage upon America when they are in the majority. Some may say that is a distinction without a difference, but it is a big difference between the two parties: one is bad and inept, the other is evil. Both must go as neither is interested in MAGA or KAG.

And why do rogue scumbags like BJ Clinton, and now Cuomo get away with all the crap they pull? Again being rhetorical. Only a blinded ideologue can’t see that hole in the ladder, regardless of the massive Leftist propaganda machines.

I get the anti-America liberal/communist mindset of self-loathing brainwashed whites, but I just don’t understand how so many women of all colors keep on voting for the donkeys who promise so much, deliver so little and do so much harm with the policies they do foist upon them/us. At some point, doesn’t the liberal woman have to grow up?

Who needs illegal immigrants to fill the demonic voter rolls when 55+% of women vote consistently goes to the donkey party?


It’s basically a derivative of battered woman syndrome. They know they’re being used and lied to, but can’t process the idea of leaving that abusive relationship. It’s as simple as that.


Great Point

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