Wednesday News Roundup: Beto O’Rourke Eyes a Comeback and Anthony Fauci Lacks Self-Awareness

What is this – a scene from the Walking Dead?

That’s your ruling class, folks, holding candles while huddled safe behind their Capitol wall, with thousands of National Guard troops there to protect them.

By the way, more than 100,000 of those 500,000 Americans died in just the first month of the Biden presidency. IN ONE MONTH. But hey, Mitch and his fellow RINOs are out holding candles with their Democrat buddies, so we got that going for us. Holy crap.

Speaking of Mitch McConnell and the RINO herd… – They’re all doing what RINOs always do in a new Democrat administration, and voting to confirm China Joe’s appointees as if they’re qualified or something. Yesterday Mitch announced he was planning to vote to confirm Merrick Garland, an Attorney General nominee who admits that he hasn’t even thought about whether or not illegal crossings of U.S. borders are in fact crimes.

This man has sat on the federal bench for decades now, yet he insults the intelligence of every American by claiming he hasn’t even thought about one of the most pressing issues of our time and Cocaine Mitch and the RINO herd that follows him around the walled-in Capitol Building are just going to snap their fingers and vote to confirm him.

Four years ago, none of President Trump’s nominees received more than a few Democrat votes for confirmation. But Mitch and his RINO herd learned nothing from that experience. As always, there’s a war going on in Washington, DC, and the Democrats are the only ones fighting it.

Godspeed, Tiger Woods. – We all have opinions about Tiger Woods. I was an enormous fan until about 2009, when evidence came to light that he most likely had taken steroids to advance his career. But he has made an admirable comeback in recent years from knee and back issues that culminated in a win at The Masters.

The leg injuries he suffered in yesterday’s car accident will be hard for a 45 year-old man to overcome. A golf swing like Tiger’s places tremendous stress on the back and legs, so his future appears to be murky at best. He will obviously receive the best medical care possible, and all golfing fans can do is hope and pray for the best.

The Most Inevitable Story of the Week, from Politico. – Sigh. This story is so predictable that it’s a wonder it took this long for the Democrat toady media to get it out. Texas Republicans are taking a drubbing in the wake of last week’s winter weather disaster, because hey, they’ve been in charge of all aspects of Texas government for 27 years now. So, who else are Texans going to blame for the massive, epic failure of ERCOT and other Texas officials to ensure the heat and lights stay on when it’s 5 degrees outside?

Thus, the first thought of any leftwing fake reporter at Politico was bound to be “oh joy, does this mean we get our Beto back?”, and right on cue, the story appears:

Here’s an excerpt from the media’s latest Beto booster piece:

While Ted Cruz was getting clobbered for fleeing Texas amid its historic winter storm, the Democrat he defeated in 2018, Beto O’Rourke, was already deep into disaster relief mode — soliciting donations for storm victims, delivering pallets of water from his pickup truck and once again broadcasting his movements on Facebook Live.

It was part of an effort orchestrated by O’Rourke and his organization, Powered by People, in response to the crisis. It was also, to Texas Democrats, a sign that O’Rourke the politician is back.

The former congressman and onetime Democratic sensation acknowledgedlast month that he’s considering running for governor in 2022,and he has discussedthe possibility with Democratic Party officials and other associates. The drubbing that Texas Republicans are taking in the wake of the deadly storm may provide him with an opening — even in his heavily Republican state.

“After all of Texas freezes over because of poor leadership, I think it’s a different state of Texas than it was two weeks ago,” said Mikal Watts, a San Antonio-based lawyer and major Democratic money bundler.

If O’Rourke runs for governor, Watts said, “I think he could catch fire.”


I laughed out loud at that last line, since that’s exactly what every Democrat in Texas and Washington, DC said about “Abortion Barbie” Wendy Davis when she challenged Greg Abbott in the governor’s race in 2014. She ended up getting slaughtered by 21 percent of the vote.

Is Irish Bob, our favorite fake Hispanic, likely to challenge Abbott next year? Yeah, probably, although it’s a long way between now and November 2022. After all, the pampered child of millionaires who is married to the daughter of a billionaire doesn’t know how to do any honest work, so politics is the only option to get him out of the damn house.

And hey, Irish Bob has already clearly demonstrated that no one in Texas can pull in millions of Hollywood and New York dollars for a political race like he can. The Democrats are always desperate to find someone willing to be their sacrificial lamb for the governor’s race every four years – who can forget Lupe Valdez, Bill White or Chris Bell? – so having their media darling already teed up to go presents the party with a rare bird in the hand.

So jump on in, Irish Bob, the water’s fine.

This week’s Utter Lack of Self-Awareness Award goes to… – The little Menace to Society, Anthony Fauci, who told an interviewer this week that the United States has “done worse than most any other country” in its response to COVID-19:

Here’s an excerpt from that New York Post story:

Dr. Anthony Fauci says the US has “done worse than most any other country” in battling COVID-19.

With the country’s current 500,000-plus deaths nearly double the figure of Brazil, the nation with the next highest number of mortalities, Fauci told ABC-TV’s “Good Morning America” Monday, “It’s so tough to just go back and try and do a metaphorical autopsy on how things went. It was just bad.

“I believe that if you look back historically, we’ve done worse than most any other country — and we’re a highly developed, rich country,” the nation’s top infectious-disease doctor said.

“I think these numbers are just so stunning,” said the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said, the day the US passed the half-million-deaths mark.

“Remember back in the late winter, early spring, of 2020 when we were saying we could get as high as 240,000 [fatalities], and people were thinking we were being hyperbolic about it — and here we are with a half-million deaths.”


Ok, so, anybody out there see what the Little Menace seems to be missing here?

Who has without question been the leader of our country’s “strategy” in dealing with the viral gift from China? Who has been out in the media damn near every day urging Democrat governors to lockdown businesses, coop people up in their homes and wear masks despite there being not a shred of science or actual data indicating any of those approaches has the slightest positive impact on the spread of this virus? Who has been contradicting himself, constantly moving the goal posts and confusing the entire country in media appearances day after day after day?

Isn’t the correct answer to all of those questions and so many more “Anthony Fauci”?????

Seriously, how does this Little Menace still have a job? The damage he has done to our society over the last 12 months is simply incalculable. He has arguably done more harm to our society than any figure in history, yet you can be sure that he will be appearing on CNN or MSNBC again today, confusing the situation even more than he already has done.

Relying on this little totalitarian despot is the very worst mistake Donald Trump ever made. We will be paying for that decision for many years to come.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I missed the obligatory “You just can’t make this stuff up, folks” after:

“All of Texas freezes over because of…
poor leadership.”

Those damned Republican politicos and their weather control devices!


“The Democrats are always desperate to find someone willing to be their sacrificial lamb for the governor’s race every four years…”

Just remember Dave, less than a year ago we were all pretty happy btfsplk was going to be the sacrificial donkey to Trump’s inevitable landslide win.

All I’m saying is Texas beware! The donkeys and Bozo will stop at nothing and, as an outsider, I’m not overly impressed with the middle of the road ‘moderate’ governors like Abbott and my governor Lee in Tennessee. Abbott can be as vulnerable to a bozo-blitz which almost took out Cruz in 1998, as Trump was in 2020. And you even had some problems with Abbott’s CV-19 response. He is not Ron DeSantis or Christy Noem.

Be careful out there TX and don’t be complacent in your voting next year.

PS: Abbott and the Texas GOP legislature would be wise to get a handle on ERCOT and scrap all this “Green Energy” BS.  


Correction: Cruz in 2018


Provided we can get some election integrity issues resolved soon, I think the RINO (already an endangered species, that like the Dodo,
is totally unaware of danger) will become extinct over the next several election cycles. Unfortunately, until that comes to fruition, we will be dealing with the fallout.

I say Beto should run as well. I love watching the idea of millions of demoncrat supporter dollars being flushed down the toilet. Again.

As for Fauxci, the man is a candidate for the gallows. If anybody deserves to hang as a traitor, it’s him.


100 agree!!. As a citizen of Texas, I can tell you that Beto only has support from the normal areas that support a left-wing loon. HOWEVER, he will assuredly have the MSM behind him, so he cannot be taken lightly. Even though he is a lightweight. People need to wake up quick to what the media is doing to America.

DD More

Faulty says the US has “done worse than most any other country” in battling COVID-19. With the country’s current 500,000 plus deaths nearly double the figure of Brazil.

Is this a reflection of our response or Fake Cause of Death. China is still reporting less than 2,000 deaths. In a country of 1.5 Billion, how would they have even noticed that few to start responding.

wear masks despite there being not a shred of science or actual data

For the Masker here. Wearing a mask, go into a grocery store. In the Bakery area, can you smell the bread? In the Produce area, smell any oranges or onions? At the coffee bar, what can you smell?

Now Science. Odor molecules are really small, at most a few (greater than 1 μm nanometers) in size. SARS-CoV-2 is an enveloped virus ≈0.1 μm in diameter. 

So Odor molecules are over 10 times as large as Covid, but get through your mask, but WuFlu won’t? That Math & Science is sure hard.


One other test for the mask is go outside on a cold night and watch your breath leave the mask. Yea, SSDD in the land of little Tony the egomaniacal narcissist.


If they had taught critical thinking and real science in schools and universities for the last forty years or so we would have seen a lot more push back.

If we had a real news media instead of a propaganda mill, the facts
that you just pointed out would have been in every article about the virus.

When the scamdemic started I spent some time (I had plenty of it thanks to China) and read up on viruses and population statistics.
I finally gave up trying to spread this information. Some folks looked at me like I had two heads. They are that dumbed down.

As an side, I doubt you will find many maskers here, they all hangout over at Politico and the Breitbart Disqus forums, trolling. 😀

Last edited 1 month ago by Silas
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