Saturday News Roundup: Biden Declares that ‘America is back’ to Bowing to International Despots

This is what the left has wrought. – Speaking before the G-7 Summit on Friday, China Joe Biden declared “America is back,” and unilaterally surrendered American interests to Europe, China, and Russia. Because that’s what internationalists do. Calling an end to “America first” diplomacy, Biden signaled that the U.S. government would ensure that the interest of its citizens once again become subservient to other nations in a return to globalism.

From the story at DailyWire:

President Biden told leaders at the G-7 summit on Friday,the same day the U.S. reentered the Paris Agreement, that the days of “America First” diplomacy championed by former President Trump were over, according toThe New York Times.

As The New York Post, which cited Biden’s intent to declare on Friday that the “America First” era was over, noted, “Biden has swiftly dismantled Trump’s foreign policy agenda, which saw the U.S. withdraw from the World Health Organization, the Paris Agreement and the Iran nuclear deal, which Trump believed were against the nation’s interests.”

One official told the Post, “Now he will get the opportunity as president of the United States early in his term to declare that America is back and the trans-Atlantic alliance is back. He will look forward to driving home the core proposition that the trans-Atlantic alliance is a cornerstone for American engagement in the world in the 21st century, just as it was in the 20th.”

Biden claimed, “America is back, the trans-Atlantic alliance is back … we are not looking backward.” He stated, “We have to prove that our model isn’t a relic of history. We must demonstrate that democracies can still deliver for our people in this changed world. That is our galvanizing mission. Democracy doesn’t happen by accident. We have to defend it. Strengthen it. Renew it.”

The G-7 group includes the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom in its organization.


So, we’re back in the worthless Paris Climate Accords, in which we are the only nation on earth that, thanks to the use of natural gas in power generation to displace coal, has already met our emissions goals through 2025. We will now fork over billions every year to be redistributed to the world’s other grasping nations under that agreement.

We’re back in the World Health Organization, that mouthpiece for China whose budget we pay a wildly disproportionate share. And we’re back “negotiating” with Iran so that we can go back to subsidizing the Mullahs’ pursuit of becoming a nuclear power, as we did during the Obama/Biden years.

All of this in Biden’s first month serving as our national DC Swamp sock puppet-in-chief.

We are so screwed.

The Sock Puppet was traveling yesterday. – During a trip to Michigan to visit a facility run by COVID vaccine manufacturer Pfizer, the Sock Puppet told reporters that the economy – which was in a major recovery while Donald Trump was still in the White House, but has faded since – won’t recover until “we beat this virus.”

From the story at The Daily Caller:

President Joe Biden said Friday that the American economy won’t recover “until we beat this virus.”

“I got a letter from more than 400 mayors from big cities and small towns. They understand we’re not gonna get our economy back in shape and the millions of people back to work until we beat this virus,” Biden said during a visit to a Pfizer facility in Michigan that manufactures coronavirus vaccines.


Meanwhile, this was what his brother Frank Biden was doing Thursday night:


That’s Frank on the left, partying with Floyd Mayweather and a couple of his mask-less pals. Yeah, the Biden family’s really serious about beating this virus, huh?

Repeat after me: The fence is permanent. The fence is permanent. The fence is permanent. – To no one’s real surprise, the head of the DC Capitol Police yesterday was making the rounds, urging members of congress to continue funding the wall, er, ‘fence’ around the capitol building and the 7,000 National Guard troops who remain deployed in DC through at least September.

From the story at

U.S. Capitol Police officials are telling Washington lawmakers the recently installed security fencing should stay up until at least September, citing continuing security concerns, according to a news report Friday.

The plan is being reported by CNN, based on information from a source familiar with the matter.

The fencing was installed after the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol and before the Jan. 20 inauguration of President Biden.

The roughly 7-foot-high, chain-linked fence, topped with razor wire, was supposed to be removed in March. But its future, like many matters in Washington, is caught in political crosswinds.

“While there is no specific, credible threat to the homeland at this time, DHS continues to gather, review, and analyze new intelligence each day and regularly updates its federal, state, local, tribal, and non-governmental partners on the results of those efforts,” a Department of Homeland Security spokesperson told CNN. “The most significant terrorism-related threat currently facing the nation comes from lone offenders and small groups of individuals inspired by domestic extremist ideological beliefs, including those based on false narratives spread over social media and other online platforms.”


Get that? He wants it to stay there through “at least” September, at which time he will no doubt urge it remain for another year or two years or four years or however long the DC Swamp believes they must “temporarily” extend it until the public has completely forgotten the days when it wasn’t there and become fully acclimated to it. In other words, as long as it takes to boil the proverbial frog.

The wall, er, ‘fence’ is permanent, as is the National Guard presence in the nation’s capitol. It is permanent because the denizens of the swamp know this government is illegitimate, and they know that we know it. Just as is the case in third-world countries all over the globe, the only way to ensure an illegitimate government remains in power is trough the force and protection of the military.

The Capitol wall, er, ‘fence’ is part of that protection. Washington, DC is a police state. Get used to it.

From our You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up file… – Try to imagine the outrage if this internal Coca Cola training regime urged employees to be “less black” or “less Asian” or “less Hispanic”:

I would say this is unbelievably racist, but hey, it’s all too believable in today’s society.

If Coca-Cola management attempted to apply this training to Black, Asian or Hispanic folks, the company would be hounded out of business by the media and the government, and deservedly so. But because the company’s bigotry is directed at White people, no one in the corrupt news media will even bother to report the story.

Hey, what’s wrong? China Joe Biden says it’s all just a cultural difference.:

Hilarious. Does anyone doubt for a single second that Alisyn Camerota voted for Joe Biden? Of course she did.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I know that doesn’t quite match my oath to protect and defend our Constitution……


I don’t give a flying pile of hot steamy about the Constitution…..EXCEPT when it serves me.

I’m BolshevikBiden and I approve this message.


Biden is S U C H an Arsehole.

He WILL kill America.


Lol. Reminds me of the Biden rallies I would see on my way to work.
They were about three times as large on a good day.


Oh look, another GOP surrender monkey. Damn, I thought Cruz understood that the media ain’t his friend and no matter what he says or does, they’re gonna roast his cojones anyway. For such a smart guy, he sure doesn’t act like it sometimes.


Coca Cola…it’s not the IceMan, but the Manure Man, that cometh.


Food for thought. A bit of a read, but you should read it. It’s one of the most relevant reads you’ll ever do.


VERY interesting article. Thanks!!!

Ben Colder

the Biden coup is turning into a total disaster much faster than anyone thought possible Creepy Joe and the Hoe are going down hill doing ninety miles an hour it might be funny if it isn’t so scary this country is on a downhill run that will end in total collapse of every thing and I mean everything .We are so screwed and no one gives two whoops in hell.


BolshevikBiden is turning America into a 3rd world disaster far faster than we imagined. You are SPOT ON.

And the scariest thing of all??? It DOES seem “no one gives two whoops in hell.”

Last edited 14 days ago by rottenrollin

It may be that no one gives two whoops in hell because far too many believe we are special; that it can’t happen here. That God is on our side. However, many have forsaken God and in turn God has forsaken them. It remains to be seen how this will go; but, “then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials, and to keep the unrighteous under punishment until the day of judgment, 10 and especially those who indulge in the lust of defiling passion and despise authority.” [2 Peter 2] The last judgment is not the only judgment.

Brandon J Stover

I have a feeling Biden got letters and things from 400 mayors of cities all complaining their local economies are in shambles citing the lunatic response to covid as the driven factor, probably begging for a change NOW. But the admin is setting that self imposed goal post to the END of the virus. And Joe’s handlers just spun their complaints into ‘until we beat this virus’ which in reality is ‘you’re right but we don’t care, Your economy can recover when we say it can recover. Now shut up, be quiet, and impose more lunatic measures on your people so we can control them.’


Calling an end to “America first” diplomacy, Biden signaled that the U.S. government would ensure that the interest of its citizens once again become subservient to other nations in a return to globalism.

Sound familiar? Straight from the basement in Martha’s Vineyard. Don’t know how Joe manages to remember all the crap that Obozo tells him to say. His handlers must do one hell of a job along with the meds he is taking.

Brandon Stover

I mean, he makes mistakes reading it all the time.

Jay Whitcraft

I have contacted our State Attorneys Generals office asking why the hell aren’t they in Federal Court trying to get an injunction against Biden letting in illegal Ailiens with no Coved test. I urge everyone here to do the same, maybe we can stop this. Jay

David Watson

The whole Govt….pretty much… corrupt!

Sharon Campbell

Yes! The fence/wall around our capital is there because our government knows they’re illegitimate! Plain & simple. They’re hoping Americans can be kept subdued while they destroy the Country.


It’s time to water the tree of liberty.

ie:. Arm up and March on DC.

ps:. Dibs on on Nancy.

David Watson

That’s their plan!

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