Wednesday News Roundup: CNN Hosts Biden’s Big Lies as Lincoln Project’s Big Lie Disintegrates

China Joe Biden held a townhall on CNN last night, and never managed to mention the 4 million Texans freezing in the dark without electricity through the course of the event. That’s what Democrats refer to as “unity.”

Biden did manage to lie a lot, though, par for the course for any Democrat politician. He started with this whopper, telling Anderson Cooper that “we didn’t have it [the coronavirus vaccine] when we came into office.”:

For the record, vaccines began on December 12 of last year, and were being delivered at a pace of 1 million per day on January 20, when China Joe was installed into the presidency. Cooper, of course, in his role as willing dupe for the Democrat Party, did nothing to try to correct the record for CNN’s paltry viewing audience.

Biden was telling the truth here, though, when he told Cooper that he wakes up every morning wondering where he is:

He was also telling the truth that when he said that he was unaware that people of different races were allowed to date or marry until Donald Trump was president:

You could never make this stuff up, folks.

Biden also performed his duty as a willing dupe for the ChiComs, assuring the ever-credulous Cooper that genocide by the ChiCom government was really just cool, since they have their own cultural norms over there:

What a disgrace this man is. Biden has been wrong about literally everything for the last half-century, and remains wrong about literally everything today. That reality was no threat to most of us when he was just a senator or Obama’s clownshow vice president. But as president, he presents a true clear and present danger to all of us.

Speaking of clownshow vice presidents, Biden is so utterly incapable of handling the duties of the presidency that he’s having Vice President Kamala Harris make calls to foreign leaders on his behalf. This is not really surprising given the fact that Biden’s handlers are no doubt scared to death of what he might blurt out while on a call with some random head of state. Besides, Harris needs the training since she will almost certainly be taking over for good soon.


From the story at

During her brief tenure as vice president, Kamala Harris has already had calls with world leaders, a duty typically performed by the president.

Harris spoke on Monday to French President Emmanuel Macron, a leader who President Biden had already spoken with last month on Jan. 24.

“Vice President Harris and President Macron agreed on the need for close bilateral and multilateral cooperation to address COVID-19, climate change, and support democracy at home and around the world,” according to the White House. “They also discussed numerous regional challenges, including those in the Middle East and Africa, and the need to confront them together. The Vice President thanked President Macron for his leadership on the issue of gender equality and for France’s contribution to NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover.”

Harris earlier this month spoke to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, another figure President Biden had spoken with last month.

The Epoch Times reported that during his time in office, Vice President Mike Pence never had calls with either Trudeau or Macron, but the outlet noted that Pence did participate in some in-person visits with world leaders.


So there you go. Get used to seeing and reading that, because you’ll be seeing and reading on a daily basis soon enough.

Meanwhile, here is what le Grande Buffoon, New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio, is spending his time these days:

Bread and circuses! Are you not entertained, New Yorkers?

Oh, hey, remember how Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt gave us a likely made-up story about having been molested by a boy scout leader when he was 13 in order to curry public sympathy and present a self-justifying narrative for why he didn’t do anything to stop the predatory pedo activities of the group’s leader, John Weaver? Well, now we know why he took that particular action and presented that particular narrative.

That’s right: Schmidt, who lied a couple of weeks ago in claiming he had no idea what Weaver was doing, actually has known since at least March of last year. From the story at Mediaite:

Former Republican strategist and Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt reportedly knew about John Weaver’s sexual harassment accusations since March.

The NeverTrump political organization has been under enormous pressure for weeks amid multiple reports that their leadership has known about Weaver’s impropriety for months. Weaver has been accused of asking numerous younger men for sexual favors in exchange for professional advancement, and he has admitted to his “inappropriate” communications while saying he believed they were consensual at the time.

Schmidt stepped down from the organization on Friday over the Weaver scandal but denied having any knowledge of his colleague’s misconduct. However, The 19th claims that Schmidt and co-founder Reed Galen were among the members of the group’s leadership who’ve known about the Weaver allegations for almost a year.

Some of the individuals came forward with new details on Monday after they were released from their nondisclosure agreements. Several said Sarah Lenti, a managing partner with the group who was previously its executive director, knew about the allegations against Weaver as early as May 2020. Lenti confirmed that some of the group’s co-founders knew about the allegations as early as March 2020. Schmidt and Galen were among those who knew, multiple sources said.


Here’s the deal: If Schmidt knew as early as last March, they all knew as early as last March. Of course, the truth is that they all knew long before that, as Weaver’s sexual pathologies have been an open secret in the DC Swamp for 20 years now. So long as Weaver was able to keep his secret life secret and help his fellow grifter hacks make money, they were all perfectly willing to look the other way. Once that secret got out, though, it’s been every man – and woman – for himself. That’s just how the Swamp works.

The initial explanation given by Schmidt and the other creeps who made up the Lincoln Project, claiming they had only just found out the truth about Weaver in January, was your classic Big Lie. They all assumed that the corrupt news media, which had after all fawned all over them while they were working to defeat Donald Trump, would just keep on covering for them and parrot the Big Lie on their behalf.

Funny thing, though: Once January 20 came and went and Trump had been safely exiled in favor of our national sock puppet, the media no longer had any real use for Schmidt and his fellow grifters. Suddenly, a handful of actual journalists were digging for the truth, and it’s all slowly begun to trickle out over the past couple of weeks. Schmidt and all the others are now pretty much helpless, at the mercy of former staffers who have been released from their confidentiality agreements and journalists looking to make names for themselves.

Such a shame, huh?

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Please stop focusing on these frontmen patsies.. the evil people who put them in place want you to focus on them. that way you wont look at the real problem


Biden is not the problem or the issue. He is bought and purchased .
The forces of evil that run and control this present darkness, want YOU to focus on him. Watch the birdie, while the other hand (which is a fist) is cocked back and about to knock you out. WAKE UP111


Agree Mark in that btfsplk is not the problem, but he is the face of the problem.

Just who would you like Dave to focus on, to report on?

Johnson Whitehead

Regarding Kamala Harris making phone calls to heads of State; that is a breach in diplomatic protocol.
Presidents, call presidents. The only scenario under which it would be OK for Harris to call Macron is if Biden is incapable of making the call himself. Macron would have to understand that and agree to it. Harris has NO experience with the subject matter AND is of a lower rank than Macron. For him to talk with her DOES mean something.


I read an article about how much money the grifters at Lincoln diverted to their respective businesses and it was amazing. 10 of millions amazing. And while I would normally be outraged at the fact that they sheared a lot of sheep, it was rinos, never Trumpers and conmunist demoncrats that got sheared, so yeah, I’m rotflmao at them.

Sharon Campbell

We’re truly living in an upside down world!


Good read


If Schmidt was victimized in his youth, I would think he would empathize with Weaver’s victims and be outraged and personally compelled to expose predatory behavior.


Absolutely agree Justme, and wrote the same here last week.


Speaking of calls by our president to foreign heads of state:

Remember four years ago after ‘the 0ne’s’ lame-duck Executive Order in early January 2017 expanded the distribution of presidential phone calls and conversations with foreign leaders to virtually all the 17 or so “intelligence” agencies? There was no “need to know” then and in ‘the 0ne’s’ and btfsplk’s eyes there was no need for all the various agencies to “monitor” presidential conversations for the first 95 and a half months of his administration.

Remember the outcome of that order? President Trump’s confidential/secret conversations with world leaders were being broadcast in near real time on our favorite media platforms and we don’t even know with any certainty if they were the actual conversations (after all, they made up everything else about Trump). The purpose of the released conversations was to either embarrass, undermine or cripple the Trump Administration’s foreign policy efforts/agenda. What leader would trust any US confidential communications?  It would take years for Trump to plug up the illegal and treasonous leaks from the IC (Intelligence Community) and even from his own White House.

Making many of those conversations available through the sieve that was the IC (LCOL Vindman and Eric CIAmarella or however his name is spelled anyone?) allowed “whistle blowers” to ultimately foment a faux impeachment case against Trump over Ukraine.

I’m sure the IC and the media will be every bit as diligent in revealing president roundheel’s discussions in the very near future. Yeah right! Leaks are only allowed against Republican Administrations; whistle blowers are only sacred when they are damaging to GOP presidents. Whistle blowers, when they are exposing real donkey corruption are trashed, doxed and threatened or ignored. Just look at what happened to the hundreds of sworn affidavits by the election workers last year.

I would really like to know what roundheels is discussing with our “friends” and adversaries.  

After all, CNN got a Pulitzer for echoing Comey’s report about the bogus anti-Trump and Walking Eagle/DNC bought dossier; why not go for another one when you can expose the real agenda of the most anti-American presidents ever?

Apart from fawning puff pieces/interviews and the dingbat and her sexist thugs at the president’s press conferences, all other White House communications will be as tightly restricted as a fly’s ass in bull (donkey) season.

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