Rush Limbaugh, RIP

It is with profound sadness and eternal gratitude that I note the passing of Rush Limbaugh today. A truly great American in all senses of that designation, a brilliant radio artist and the de facto leader of true conservatism in the United States for 30 years, he was truly one of a kind.

Rush’s wife, Kathryn, opened his radio program today with a heartfelt statement to his 25 million+ listeners. I won’t deny shedding a tear or two as I listened to it and tried to take in the impact his loss will have. Talk radio as it has existed for the last generation existed because of Rush. His influence in the country is unrivaled in the history of the media; not just of radio, but of all media in this country’s history. No other single figure even comes close.

With his passing, there is no obvious replacement, no conservative pundit capable of taking up the torch and keeping the fires of conservatism burning. With no true national voice to guide the way, the loss of this great American will be every bit as impactful as the loss of Donald Trump and his presidency.

God Bless Rush Limbaugh for all he has done for us, God Bless his family and God Bless America.

That, sadly, is all.

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Can someone answer for me what is behind all the controversy I hear about Rush, now that he has passed? I am a young Conservative and never listened to him before. People are saying he mocked people who died of AIDS and promoted racism. What is the other side to the story though?


Rush mocked wackos and Leftist extremists.

He has been called “racist” and other things for years for telling the truth as in former Eagle’s quarterback McNabb just wasn’t that good and pointed out the fact that the lib. sports writers were and are on a mission to prop up any black athlete regardless of merit which got him schiff-canned from his ESPN gig.

Just remember that Trump was never called a “racist” until he ran for and became president.

I’ve listened to Rush for much of the last thirty years and NEVER heard him mock anyone with AIDs or any other disease. He mocked the people promoting the AIDs agenda, the opportunists who criticized anyone who spoke out against the AIDs agenda just like he mocked the global warming/climate change frauds.

Sharon Campbell

I am so very sad that Rush will no longer be speaking to America via his radio show. He was a political teacher in my life. I’m so grateful Rush is with the Lord now, fully healed💕

Patrick Murphy

We will need President Trump to carry the torch for now as other great patriots step in to fill in the void. God promised in his letter to us (the Bible) that he would punish anyone that picks on his elect. I believe that includes El Rushbo. Are you listening Nancy Pelosi?


My wife and I were devastated this morning when hearing the news…He is/was irreplaceable, he took the emotion out of the news and reported it in a very simple way. He had a sense of what was going to happen and why. We will miss him.


Since Rush’s death was not unexpected, more than likely, his legacy and show will continue as strong as ever, as long as it is not Hannity who replaces him!

For the record, I like Sean and have met him several times at his support the troops concerts in the mid-2000s. I also met him at a book signing in DC. He too is a good person and is an overall positive force for conservatism. Rush gave Hannity a shot as a fill in host at the EIB which put Sean on the national radio map where he ultimately got his own national show.

However, as Dave began pointing out last year, Hannity has become a statistics repeater, a one-trick-pony who keeps having the RINO/CINO senator Grahamesty from South Carolina, and others, on his TV show. It is one thing to be fooled by a RINO/CINO occasionally, but for whatever reason, he continues to kiss Lindsay’s butt. For Sean to replace Rush, he must make a better effort to bring fresh content and I don’t think, at this point in his career, is capable of it. He is also a poor interviewer.

My guess is the EIB, Rush’s radio show network, will go pretty much as it has for much of the last several months: a rotation of guest hosts, all of whom are very good in the short term. “Jeopardy” is apparently going to go with a rotation of guest hosts until they settle of the permanent replacement of their icon: Alex Trebek. I suspect the same will be for the EIB.

This is an incredibility sad day in what is shaping up to be another most difficult year. As things are going, 2021 will be even worse than 2020 with no relief in sight. I hope I am wrong, but I just can’t find any silver linings on the near or distant horizon. This is an example of things being the darkest before the dawn. The old saying: “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” has never been more prophetic; I just hope’s it turns out to be true and we (and America) emerge stronger and better than ever out of this current disaster.

Anyway, Rush is in a much better place now and I hope he truly does rest in peace for eternity. I too am writing this with a tear in my eye.

One thing I will never understand about GOD and his plan is how good people, really good and great people, often suffer and die needlessly and prematurely while many other bat rastards survive and thrive well beyond what should be their three score and ten expiration date.

Rush did make it to seventy, as did another of my mentors, my father, who was one of my greatest influencers and for that I am thankful. But I do think GOD could better make his case of good versus evil by being a little more surgical and not allowing truly evil people to live well beyond their seventieth year. When things like this happen, my faith gets shaken, tested to the max. If GOD is all knowing, all caring…

In closing, Rush was a great American who sought to give a voice to America’s conservative majority. For that he is to be lauded by anyone who believes in freedom of speech and thought. While his largely ignorant detractors despised him and undoubtedly will be cheering (without censor) his passing on most of social media – like so many did when President Trump’s brother died last year when they said, “wrong Trump” – he will be fondly remembered always by the people who loved, and will continue to love him. 

One thing I tell my former friends who are still liberal and hated Rush for no good reason: Rush never raised your taxes, got us into worthless unwinnable wars, forced an unworkable healthcare system upon everyone, regulated people and businesses into bankruptcy, stymied opportunity for individual growth and success through their policies, raised the national debt to unrecoverable levels, or had anything to do with causing all the other problems that plague America. 

All Rush did was inform people about the above and many other issues that mattered to average Americans, opine about them and give voice to at least half of the country whose opinion has been largely shut out by the cacophony of Left-Wing media deliberately operating under the fraud of political correctness which only serves as a means of (so far) soft censorship. Rush’s greatest contribution is he worked tirelessly to counter and in some cases broke that censorship.

Thank you for all you did Rush; you are the quintessential definition of “A Great American”. You will be greatly missed.

PS: I hope the media savvy Trump does something to pick up Rush’s mantle and carries on his legacy.


Gregg, I shared your dismay at how the Lord allows the vile, corrupt people of this world to live long while the more noble ones do not. Years ago I pondered why the Ayotollah Homeini was allowed to live so long and do so much evil. After much prayer and reflection, I realized it is the mercy of God, giving them time to repent. It is not His will that any perish, but that all would come to repentance. Our vision is limited, but He sees with an eternal view and will forgive even the worst if they truly repent.

Alan Ortiz

I wasnt going to post but I had to agree with you. Anyone but Hannity. I agree with his conservative idea but his constant repeating of everything. He just stopped with jeremiah wright.

A Rush replacement? I will throw in Lars Larson or Nick Searcy. Searcy guess hosted for him once that I know of and did great.
Lars is out of the north west with strong conservative values and strong words. Also has the ability to help understanding.
Hope the switch is painless.


Lars is Oregon’s home grown guy. Great insight and all around host. I watched him on the local stations in Portland for years. A true investigative journalist. He’s old school journalist. Not some milk sop robot parrot.

Ken Dudek

Lord God he will be missed – I pray for his wife and family and I will seek to carry on the message that Rush espoused. A true conservative which is also to say a man who truly cared for and about others.

He will always remain in my heart a great man that truly stood up for what is right when very few did.

I am just so sad right now.

Nolan C Conley

We love you Rush, your family and staff God bless them in the trying days ahead… God bless us all.

Don Bridgewater

I started listening to Rush in the early 90’s and he shaped my political thoughts and theory with his down to earth way of explaining conservative values and teachings. He will be sorely missed. God bless him and his family. America has lost a True Patriot with his passing.


I thought he was doing better. What HUGH loss to conservatism and America.


I knew he was fading back in Dec. when he spoke briefly of his medical reversal: “rounding second on the way to third and having to dive back”. When he missed a lot of time during the whole Trump election appeal saga, which must have torn him up bigly, I felt his days were numbered. Then, when he said, “there will come a time when I will not be able to do this anymore” and talked about having to get his “sea legs” back during a couple of his shows recently spoke volumes. I’m just glad he didn’t suffer for years and was able to do what he loved doing almost to the end.

He was a class act and minimized his cancer struggle during most of the last year as he said he did not want to be a cancer patient on the radio. The cover of his most recent “Limbaugh Letter” where he had his hands clasped in prayer and was captioned with “GOD is with me” said it all.

He, like Alex Trebek, was a brave fighter to the end. Now that his earthly struggle with politics is over, he can rest in peace, take solace in knowing he did his best to inform anyone who wanted to listen and learn and save his and our great republic.

What a difference a year makes…


RIP Rush Limbaugh. Back in the mid 90s I was an assembly technician working long hours in retail back rooms when I discovered Rush. I remember being overwhelmed and very pleased by his constitutional conservatism that gave a voice too so many of US that thought their was no voice for constitutional Republican conservatism left in America. Thank you Thank You Thank you Mr. Limbaugh, may you rest in peace.


Now….”WE” have to do it… let’s roll…

Ian Ordway

God bless you Rush.


Knew it was coming but doesn’t make it any easier. There are a few other great radio personalities (mostly that’s subbed in for Rush) however none are quite as good.He will be truly missed.


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Brandon Stover

A sad day for the world.


And now we all have to watch as the perpetual rage machine and it’s minions celebrate his passing in a most venomous and hateful way. Their demonic rage will be on full display throughout the media and internet, fueling the fires of hate and tyranny.

Patrick Murphy

God said he would punish anyone that picked or hurt his elect. I’m sure El Rushbo is one of his elect. Are you listening, Nancy Pelosi?

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