A Tragic Day in Texas

A tragic day in Texas. – Below is a photo of a 133-car  pileup that took place just south of Downtown Fort Worth on I-35W Wednesday morning. At least 6 people were killed and dozens were injured, as the entire North Texas/Central Texas region was plagued by below-freezing temperatures and freezing drizzle that turned roads into skating rinks.

This is just heartbreaking. Pray for the families involved.

May be an image of road and text that says 'EXPRESS LANE HOV $ $23 HIGHER TESF OR LARGER'

This also happened in Texas Wednesday:

From the story at the New York Post (because most Texas news outlets could not be bothered to report it):

A 12-year-old Texas boy who felt “sad and lonely” amid the coronavirus lockdown measures hanged himself, his father revealed in a report about the tragedy.

Hayden Hunstable, of Aledo, took his own life three days before his 13th birthday in April 2020 because he didn’t know how to deal with the isolation and depression when the emerging disease caused a nationwide shutdown, the UK’s Metro reported.

The boy’s 9-year-old sister, Kinlee, found him hanged in his bedroom, according to the outlet.

Hayden’s heartbroken dad, Brad, 42, spoke to Metro to help prevent future suicides among the nation’s youth.

“COVID killed my son. I think Hayden would still be alive today if COVID had never happened,” the father of three told the outlet. “I had no idea he was struggling or depressed — he was such a happy kid and loved his friends and family.”


Not to argue with the child’s father, but COVID did not kill Hayden. What led this boy to take his own life was the reactions by adults to COVID-19. This is the price of Anthony Fauci’s daily moving of the goalposts related to COVID-19 and of governors, Democrat and Republican alike, slavishly following the advice of Fauci and other “experts” who so gleefully exert their tyrannical control over the American people.

Hayden is just one of thousands of suicides that have taken place over the past 11 months that would not have occurred had it not been for the tyranny of these “experts” and the policymakers who have blindly followed them. Thousands more have needlessly died of drug overdoses during that same time. Additional thousands have died because they were prevented from receiving the health care they needed for other health issues.

This is the real cost of this nation’s insane response to COVID-19, and the corrupt news media refuses to even report on it. Sadly, no one in the media will bother to ask Fauci if he believes his constantly-shifting pronouncements bear responsibility for Hayden’s death, or ask the same question of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who has blindly followed the advice of Fauci and his own “experts” in Texas as a means of providing political cover for his stupid, economy and society-killing decisions.

Make no mistake here: COVID did not kill Hayden. Power-hungry adults who should know better did.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Johnson Whitehead

The father is still living in denial for not attributing his son’s death to the vicious tactics of the LEFT. Socialism doesn’t work. It never has. When the government forces the people to obey it is tyranny. Our constitution is written that WE create a government by the people and for the people. WE are supposed to be in charge. Our government is the exact opposite. We have a tyrannical government imposing draconian measures for political reasons. This COVID bullmerd is just a ruse.


CHINA and all her US domestic allies killed this man’s son and countless others.


I wrote a letter to the Oregonian (the local dead fish wrapper) about Governor Kate “Wreck It” Brown and the toll her lock down would take.

And as is the case with this young man, the local news hasn’t discussed any of the fallout from her decision. You can’t find out about the suicide rate, loss of life from not getting proper medical care, crime statistics other than shootings in Portland (which are skyrocketing due to the mayor and city commissioners shutting down the gun crime task force) or the destruction of small businesses and the growing unemployment rate.

Not a whisper.

A pox upon them, their houses and their spawn.

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