Trump Will Emerge From the Impeachment Scam Even Stronger Than Before

If you’re going to shoot at the king, you better make sure you kill him. – The RINO wing of the Republican Party was gleeful just a month ago with the thought that the impeachment scam in which they were coordinating with the Democrats would do away with Donald Trump’s political career once and for all. Mitch McConnell was only too happy to voice his support for this most recent chapter in the DC Swamp’s never-ending coup against the former President, and 11 RINOs in the House volunteered to have their names forever stamped onto the sham as a seal of “bipartisan” approval.

When the question of proceeding with an impeachment trial came before the Senate, the Usual Suspects of the RINO caucus there threw in with their Democrat friends in a 55-45 vote to proceed. When a procedural vote on the question of the constitutionality of using the impeachment process – designed to remove current officeholders from office – against a man no longer in office came before the Senate yesterday, Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy joined with those Usual Suspects to support the effort.

Hilariously, Cassidy explained his vote to reporters as not being based on any constitutional considerations at all, but based on the fact that he thought the Democrat House impeachment pushers dealt their verbal crank better than the President’s lawyers dealt theirs.

“House managers were focused, they were organized,” and “made a compelling argument,” Cassidy said after the vote. In contrast, he added, “President Trump’s team were disorganized. They did everything they could but to talk about the question at hand and when they talked about it, they kind of glided over, almost as if they were embarrassed of their arguments.”

My goodness, how dimwitted must this man be? Someone should inform the doofus Senator that this is not a criminal trial, nor is it a high school debating class. The question of constitutionality has literally nothing to do with the political rhetoric coming from a bunch of partisan hacks from the opposite chamber of congress. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, certainly more of a constitutional scholar than freaking Jamie Raskin, already symbolically told everyone his view of the appropriateness of this sham proceeding by refusing to show up to preside over it.

The beauty part of all of this is that the RINO glee of a month ago is now giving way to a sense of dread that their betrayal of their President, party and voters will ultimately lead to Donald Trump gaining a stronger position within the GOP than he already had before January 6 ever happened.

That is the topic of a piece this at the reliable DC Swamp megaphone, Politico, titled “Trump plans a reemergence and some retribution after impeachment,” and it is glorious.

“The story from Nov. 3 on has been an astonishing display of loyalty to Trump and the strength of supporters in the party,” said anti-Trump conservative Bill Kristol. “If you had said [Trump] would fail to recognize the election returns, keep that up, put pressure on secretaries of state and pressure his own vice president to do something unconstitutional, try to call a mob to Washington on Jan. 6 — it’s pretty astonishing and it’s incredible that people kept with him at each step.”

Kristol, of course, is the titular leader of the anti-Trump RINO conference in the DC Swamp, a washed-up hack who’s had to make a living publishing newsletters and parroting Democrat talking points for CNN since Trump destroyed his former magazine operation, the Weekly Standard. He and others like him – such as the pedophile-supporting clowns at the Lincoln Project – are now in a panic mode as it becomes increasingly obvious that this impeachment scam is doomed to embarrassing failure, like all of the other coup-related scams the Swamp tossed at President Trump during his four years in office.

More from the Politico piece:

Already, Trump aides contend, the impeachment process has proved beneficial to the ex-president — exposing disloyalty within the party’s ranks and igniting grassroots backlash against Republicans who have attempted to nudge the GOP base away from Trump. Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse spent last week fending off constituent criticisms and censures from state party officials after he compared Trumpism to “a civic cancer for the nation.” And Trump’s allies believe the ex-president’s impending impeachment trial will further illuminate who the turncoats are.

“It’s going to help expose more bad apples that he can primary if any senators vote to convict,” added the former campaign official.

While ensconced at his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Trump has remained in touch with political allies and advisers. But he has intentionally kept a low profile, something that will likely continue this week. A former aide suggested Trump try to demonstrate his indifference to it all by spending much of impeachment playing golf, “as a way of sort of saying, ‘Who cares?’”

Aides expect that to change once the trial wraps up though, with Trump gradually reemerging in public and turning his attention toward seeking revenge against Republicans who, he believes, crossed him after he left office.

The format in which he pursues retribution is less clear. The president is still considering what mediums he should use as he remains barred from Twitter and has lost influential media allies like former Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, whose show was abruptly canceled last Friday.


What the DC Swamp UniParty obviously still hasn’t figured out is that Trump voters are different than the voters who blindly supported previous GOP presidents and presidential candidates. Thanks in large part to the Swamp’s unending efforts to overturn the 2016 election with their never-ending coup, Trump voters have become fully aware of the UniParty’s methods and goals, and will never again be swayed by the Kabuki Theater scams it puts on for public consumption.

That propaganda model is, put simply, broken and irreparable.

Once this latest scam has played itself out, Trump will have a momentous choice to make about where to take his army of 74 million voters. He can either re-assume his place as the de facto leader of the Republican Party, or he can utterly destroy the Republican Party by creating a third part of his own.

That is the real political reality that RINOs are only now waking up to: The future of their nominal party is literally in the hands of the man they so detest and believed they were going to damage with their support of this sham impeachment.

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich captures it perfectly: “I have no idea what they think they’re going to accomplish,” said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a key Trump ally. “The next election is in ‘22 and doesn’t involve Trump. What they’re doing is wasting their time.”

What they’re also doing is making Trump even stronger than he was before.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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[…] House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a key Trump ally, has said simply, “I have no idea what they think they’re going to accomplish. The next election is in ‘22 and […]


Donald Trump should buy Fox News as a start and go from there. He might be more effective in a media role than as a candidate. How are the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, MSNBC, NBC and the others going to oppose him? If they try he only gets more eyeballs for his network and tweets on his behalf and all the rest. More, not less, power will flow to him.

Can you think of anyone who knows more about media and has the audacity to use that knowledge?


I will keep saying this: There were way more than 75 million who voted for President Trump. That’s why the fraud machine was cranked to 11.

How many votes were switched? How many weren’t counted (ballot harvesting, keep the demoncrat ones, “lose” the Republican ones) and then the mail fraud.

Then take into account all the public rallies that weren’t organized by the campaign itself. In states like California no less.

This election was average Americans from all walks of life voting for the man who is just like them. A human being who cares about our country and it’s future. About family and their future. We all understand he’s not perfect. And that’s what the demonic press, entertainers and politicians hate the most. We now understand the script and are not buying it any longer.

One lesson I learned from leadership training in the military was that you don’t get loyalty by right of rank, you earn it. The political class has for too long taken that loyalty for granted. They assumed that when Trump was gone that those 75 million plus would just fall in line and keep voting for the uniparty republicant’s. They are in for a huge shock come 2022.

In closing, stop feeding the beast. Get off fakebook, quit the twit, stop buying via amazon. I am researching alternates to android and apple.
I will share this information as soon as I have finalized it. There are alternatives that you can have without allowing the beast to track your every move and every search on the internet. Do everything you can to starve them.




President Donald J. Trump must gut and destroy the GOP once and for all. 

Whether the elephants realized it or not their party was at a tipping point to irrelevance in 2016 and Trump saved it. It has now willingly managed to tip themselves over the cliff and they are beyond redemption. They must crash and burn, especially since they have been aiding and abetting the donkeys in the crashing and burning of America since Reagan and, to a degree, Gingrich saved them decades ago. Actually, in reality, prior to Trump, BJ Clinton and ‘the 0ne’ did more to save the GOP than any GOP leader or candidate.

The few “good” politicians (notice I did not say republicans) will join whatever MAGA or Patriot (notice riot is in patriot) Party he chooses to start.

Jim Jordan, Louie Gohmert, Devin Nunez, John Ratcliff, Matt Gaetz, Ron DeSantis, Kristi Noem and maybe Ted Cruz and a handful of others would be great additions, the rest of the elephants are worthless. Notice I did not include any pols from my state of Tennessee as their ‘support’ for Trump has been tepid at best, they have been really silent regarding Trump and the 2020 election which speaks volumes. My TN senators and (7 of 9) representatives must feel really safe being from a deep Red State that will never elect a donkey coupled with the fact that that the Left has, for now, written it off.  The GOP, with few exceptions, has a tradition of being members of the “comfortable caucus” since at least the 1964 LBJ landslide loss, followed up by the 1974 Watergate landslide loss.

A Patriot Party could make mass extinctions of two leg elephants possible with the only remaining elephants being in the Washington Zoo. The corrupt elephants would be wise to pack up and leave in a herd out of DC or they may find themselves in cages like their zoo brethren. It may well be and has been next to impossible to convict any donkey in DC, but it will be easy-peasy to nail any GOP clod there – just ask Nixon, DeLay, Stone, Flynn and G. Gordon Liddy.

If, and when Trump decides to bust the GOP and start his own party, he must do a better job of vetting its leadership positions than what he did in picking his cabinet. He can only allow proven conservatives and allies to join – no establishment retreads from and grifting hacks please! We don’t need any ‘experts’ from DC. He won in 2016, sans DC Deep State ‘help’ and used none of the establishment election ‘consultants’ – he actually overcame them.  He didn’t need them then and he certainly doesn’t need them now or in the future.  If the Mutts, MurCOWskies and cucks like Graham are allowed to join along with nieces like Ronna McRomney, then it will be just as corrupt and worthless as the current GOP hacks. If that happens, the effort will be all for naught.

Let the “fickle five” and other RINO/CINO senators become “independents”. Let them have as much power and influence as the two donkey “independents” have in the donkey party. Let the elephant “independents” caucus with the new Patriot Party regardless of whether it is the majority or minority party in the house and/or senate as long as they know their place. Let the “fickle five” and others be like B (S)anders (79) and Angus (B)S. King (76) and follow the leader’s rules. 

And they must never lead a Patriot Party congressional or senate committee! Sanders may be a “maverick” to the donkey party, but he, unlike Ace McStain, always votes THEIR way when it matters.  While Sanders may have run against walking eagle and btfsplk for the nomination, he never posed any threat to the donkey agenda; he IS the donkey agenda! In other words, his support was for sale. He sold out his loony radical base rather than fight for them because he was bought off. And really, where were his radical loons going to go? He didn’t cost walking eagle the election. The donkey party lost because she was a horrible candidate who was so full of schiff (and political baggage) she couldn’t fly.

Last year, the Left supposedly feared Sanders was another “outsider” like Trump and would disrupt/flush their septic tank like Trump has done to the elephant’s smaller, and just a little less caustic septic tank. That was never the case because Sanders, unlike Trump, is a career political hack and a Leftist/Marxist ideologue through and through. He was born and bred in the donkey schiff environment; he posed no threat to the Left’s agenda. He was feared by the Left because they knew his honestly stated agenda vs. Trump’s proven agenda was unelectable and beyond their built-in margin of fraud. That is why the lying fraud “moderate” btfsplk was anointed to be the nominee by the DNC.

Furthermore, whoever leads the Patriot Caucus, he/she must be willing and able to keep their members in line and punish them by stripping them of committee assignments and deny future campaign support when they betray the conservatives who elect them.  The Patriot Party must be willing to fight the donkeys by using THEIR rules and tactics against them. The Patriot Party cannot be or allow itself to become a political punching-bag of the donkeys and the MEDIA. When it gains power, its first order of business must be to repeal section 230 of the communications law and make censorship by anyone or any group including the MSM a felony.

Regarding this impeachment trial:

Feckless gutless McConnell has no real control over his herd and was and is always all too willing to cross the aisle to seek a compromise where we always lose. He should have told the Schmuckster that his entire GOP membership will boycott the trial and deny a quorum. If that wasn’t possible, then he should have said he will have them return to chamber only to cast their vote. If Mitch had any gumption, he would deny Schmuckster his dog and donkey show.  Sadly, Mitch has no gumption or any other leadership quality.


“The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, certainly more of a constitutional scholar than freaking Jamie Raskin, already symbolically told everyone his view of the appropriateness of this sham proceeding by refusing to show up to preside over it.”

Good for him. I guess a busted clock has to be right twice a day and a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut.

Sharon Campbell

Excellent article, David! President Trump has shown us who the traitors to our Country are. I had no idea what the depths of the Washington Cess Pool were until President Trump became President. The Uniparty in Washington is a despicable, evil cabal of power hungry, money mad evil. Period.

Helen G

I have an idea that I am borrowing from the movie “Miracle on 34th Street”. 

According to the Constitution of the United States of America, only a sitting President can be impeached. Therefore, by impeaching President Trump, Congress is acknowledging to the world that Trump won the November 3rd, 2020 election and is the President of the United States.

Because of this, I am today, mailing a letter to President Donald J. Trump C/O the White House, Washington, D.C. congratulating him on the win. I am hoping that the 80 million plus people who voted for President Trump will do the same. 

Thank you to the members of Congress for showing the world the truth!

(At approximately 5:30 this a.m., I posted the above on the previous article posted here. I am reposting because I believe it belongs here.)


Great Point Helen G!

Everything MaligNancy Klink and her buddies have done against rump is BS.

He was impeached for obstruction of congress in 2018, So, I guess that means anytime a president vetoes a bill passed out of congress he is guilty of “obstruction of congress”.

One can only hope the courts, the individual states and their governors and ultimately the real voters (in 2022 and beyond) begin and continue to obstruct this congress.


Trump, not rump.


We know he won, they know he won. But the goal is to try and prevent him from running again. As time goes by, there will more folks realizing that the election was fixed by mail fraud when they discovered the machines and harvesting weren’t going to stop the Presidents re-election.

Last edited 14 days ago by Silas
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