The Pentagon Embarks on a Race-Based Political Purge

Aboooouuuut Face! – Just days after the Biden/Harris Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, ordered that all U.S. armed forces personnel be subjected to a one-day stand-down so that the Pentagon hacks can try to root out the “white supremacists” – i.e., conservatives – in the ranks, the Pentagon is now attempting to do an about face and declare that the effort is not intended to target people based on race. According to the new talking points, the stand-down is actually targeted at rooting out “extremism” of any kind in the ranks.

From a story a the Washington Examiner:

‘NUMBERS MAY BE BIGGER THAN WE THINK’: The Pentagon says Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s Friday memo ordering a one-day stand-down for military leaders and civilian supervisors to discuss the problem of extremism in the ranks with their personnel is not aimed at any one group.

The stand-down, to be conducted sometime in the next 60 days, is meant to reinforce department policies by reminding troops of the importance of their oath of office along with a description of impermissible behaviors and procedures for reporting suspected, or actual, extremist behaviors.

At the Pentagon Friday, spokesman John Kirby described Austin as “galvanized” by the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol by a mob which included former and current military members and said his effort to root out extremists was informed by his experience decades ago as a young lieutenant colonel in a unit of the 82nd Airborne division that had neo-Nazi skinheads among its soldiers.

“We are worried that the numbers may be more than what we’d be comfortable seeing them be at this point, and obviously the number should be zero, but I’m saying that the numbers may be bigger than what we may think,” Kirby said. “That’s what the secretary wants to get after.”

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‘IT’S NOT ABOUT POLITICS’: While the crackdown appears focused on identifying far-right extremists or white supremacists, the Pentagon says it is also reviewing how it defines an extremist.

“The definitions that we’re operating under now were based on a 2012 instruction, and so do we need to revisit that?” Kirby said. “Those are the questions … the secretary and the chiefs are asking — how do you define it?”


The problem there, of course, is that the leftist Austin and his leftist lieutenants and colonels get to define what constitutes “extremism” in a Biden/Harris administration. Which of course means they will not be looking for any leftist extremists, or any Antifa sympathizers, or any radical Islamists in the ranks. They’ll be looking for – you guessed it – conservatives.

Mr. Kirby in fact admits that very thing in the final paragraph of that excerpt.

This is a purge, plain and simple.

You don’t have to believe me, you can just believe the Navy’s top Admiral, Mike Gilday, from a story at

Following Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s order to military leaders to identify and confront hate groups operating within the ranks, the Navy’s top admiral says he’s focused on not only rooting out extremists, but finding ways to keep them from joining in the first place.

“We absolutely have to understand those within our ranks that are involved in those organized activities, as well as take further actions to stem the accession of people that belong to those kinds of groups,” he told Breaking Defense in his first comments on Austin’s new marching orders, which include a 60-day stand-down to discuss the issue across the services.

The issue of neo-Nazi, far-right and other racist hate groups working and recruiting inside the military has increasingly alarmed the Pentagon, backed by a Military Times poll last year in which one in three active-duty service members who responded reporting they have “personally witnessed examples of white nationalism or ideological-driven racism within the ranks in recent months,” an increase from the previous year’s survey.

“They’re organized, they have an organizational structure, and in some cases, they have an oath,” Gilday said. “They have mission statements. And so it’s really disturbing to have organizations of like-minded people who are moving forward on potential objectives here that are counter to the values of the US military.”


Thus, contrary to the Pentagon’s latest talking points, Admiral Gilday proudly admits this is an effort targeting white people, period.

This would be a commendable action if the Pentagon were really trying to root out real extremists of all races, colors, creeds and political leanings. But that is not what is happening here. There will be zero scrutiny designed to root out Antifa zealots or potential Islamist terrorists who have carried out so many mass killings at U.S. military installations in recent years. This is an effort cleanse the U.S. military of white conservatives.

That’s what it is.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Lloyd stalin Austin.

Liberty Writer

When I was in the military 50 years ago Black Gangs controlled many of the Blacks. I saw/knew Blacks threatened for not submitting to Black Gang control.

Morgen Seher

Seems to me that the white supremacists threat, after being deep-sixed by Republicans in 2010, has gone unchecked across the military and across the populace disguised as Christianist religious freedom. But not to worry, this is the last attempt to acknowledge the 20th century and is doomed to fail once Cruz gets on OANN. By 2024 the military and the rest of us will be full subjects of a white riot posing as an elected government. Praise Jeezus!


The US military getting rid of white conservatives will happen just in time to use said “cleansed” military against white conservative citizens who happen to fall under the DVE (domestic violent extremist) label in whatever contingency operation congress can dream up when the time comes. There won’t be any dissention in the ranks if and when the orders should be issued to use force against the people.

It sure does look like a consolidation of power doesn’t it? Using your 1A rights to speak your mind or peaceably assemble will get you labeled a DVE right quick. Dissention will not be tolerated.

It won’t matter how many celebs do a Springsteen type commercial calling for unity, they sure as hell don’t mean it.


This started in the Obamala administration, whereby they were watching out for military personnel coming back from the middle east wars out of concern that they might be “radicalized and represent a potential for terrorism”.


Sharon Campbell

I pray the destruction of our military doesn’t simply leave the soy boys to protect our Country, but I fear it might do just that.


Imagine them in charge of fighting the CCP…they will act like the French – hands up!!


The military is going to have a hard time if they want to keep whites out of their ranks. There are only so many trannies and BLT’s available, and blacks/hispanics are only about 20% of the population. It will be tough days for recruiting in the future.

Liberty Writer

What percentage of the military today are whites?


look it up.

Joan Wiley

11 million+ illegals soon to become citizens…

Morgen Seher

Trannies! Lol!


Embarks on??

Where the hell have you been the last 20 years?

Geesh. No wonder we keep losing.

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