Newsom’s Approval Ratings Crash: Are Californians Finally Waking Up?

Better late than never. – It’s taken almost a full year, but Californians appear to finally be waking up to the reality of the ghoul they put into the governor’s office. No governor in America has abused his or her citizens under the umbrella of COVID response quite to the extent that Gavin Newsom has done to the people of California. This is a guy who has not just ordered his people to stay home cowering in their living rooms for months on end, shut down businesses and thrown people out of work, he has repeatedly made a public spectacle of oafishly violating his own orders and even tailored some provisions to ensure his own high-dollar Napa Valley vineyard suffered minimal impacts.

Yet through all of that, all of those orders that have zero “science” or “data” to really support their need, California has managed to establish perhaps the worst record of any state in actually dealing with the virus’s spread. Finally, a new poll released on Wednesday appears to indicate that most Californians are catching onto the ruse. The new poll, from the University of California at Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies, shows that Newsom’s public approval rating has plummeted by 18 points in just the last 3 months.

From a story at the Washington Examiner:

A new poll conducted by the University of California at Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies found that Gov. Gavin Newsom’s job approval rating plummeted by 18 percentage points in three months. In October, he had a 49% approval rating; in January it dropped to 31%.

Also, 36% of respondents said they support the recall effort against Newsom, which has gained popularity among Democrats.

Roughly 31% of those polled said Newsom has done an excellent or good job in handling the coronavirus, down from 49% in September. Only 22% of respondents gave a favorable response to the state’s vaccine rollout.

The poll was conducted online and included more than 10,000 registered voters. Conducted during the last week of January in both English and Spanish, it’s margin of error is +/- 2 percentage points.

The Los Angeles Times reported that “… even his political allies begin to question the actions he has taken,” which “… provides a sobering sign for the 53-year-old Democrat that his once bright political future, for years the subject of whispers about a potential White House run, has lost some of its shine.”


That’s not encouraging at all for a governor who must run for re-election next year, regardless of how the current effort to force a recall election against him this year turns out.

That recall petition effort on Newsom continues to proceed with great success, at last report having collected more than 1.3 million of the 1.495 million signatures necessary to force a special recall election later this year. Candidates are already lining up to challenge Newsom on the assumption that the petition effort will be successful, among them right-wing activist Mike Cernvich – who admits he would have “no chance in hell” of defeating Newsom in a runoff election – and billionaire venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya, who might stand a better chance.

No doubt many challengers will get in line to try to form up a strong effort to rid the state of the Newsom plague, but no one should be overly optimistic about the Governor ultimately being forced from office. After all, he does have a D by his name on the ballot, and, while many Californians are angry about his serial abuse of their human and constitutional rights throughout this pandemic, we have to remember that most of them will just automatically go back into standard Democrat brainwash mode when it comes down to actually voting for anyone who does not have a D by their name.

These people have collectively behaved like a herd of sheep for more than 30 years now, and never been able to figure out the connection between how they vote and the fact that their state continues to devolve into a 3rd world banana republic before their very eyes. They appear to possess no ability at all to draw a simple ’cause and effect’ conclusion that is so obvious to pretty much everyone else.

Bottom line: Despite this latest encouraging poll, it would be a mistake to assume that translates into an actual positive result on election day.

That is all.

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The way things are in CA, the best that can be hoped for is another “Arnold” type. And the lousy Grey(out) Davis’ protégée Bustamante almost won when Davis was recalled.

They certainly won’t get a Trump outsider type which is what CA so badly needs.


The a$$holes who are no longer bothered by and now accept the long rolling blackouts are ok with them as they probably believe the blackouts are cutting back their carbon foot-print and they are saving the planet.


Actually, Chamath Palihapitiya would be a game changer. I’m a Bay Area resident of many decades. Chamath is revered for his views on sound money versus Fed’s unlimited money printing.
He is admired pretty much universally in the bay area, as being a thoughtful even brilliant mind regarding tech and social responsibility.
I don’t know his social views on abortion or such, but Chamath would be probably be the smartest person in California politics immediately.

He comes from a welfare family and rose to success through hard work, actually producing a product, albeit Facebook. Even so, he’s been a critic of the detrimental aspects of social media.

Chamath would be the best thing coming to California politics in a long, long time. Other than really Nunes, no one…until Chamath.
I know the millenials would choose Chamath over Newsom every day all day.


My sis lives in SF, they will continue to vote for the same type of people. They have NO conception of how their vote effects their quality of life. They are also getting very used to the S##T on the streets, rolling blackouts for weeks at a time and high taxes as normal. Yep, they truly are sheep lined up for the financial and infrastructure failure with open arms.

Brandon J Stover

Let’s be blunt. He will probably win even if Democrats don’t vote for him.


Had to live in the Sacrodemented area for a while in the mid 90s.
We voted out Grey Davis, so it’s not beyond feasible, especially when you consider the scamdemic rules and destruction he personally dished out. Even the sheep can rise up once in a while.


Clarification, I was a registered Republican. Point being, even the demoncrats had had enough of Grayout Davis.

Morgen Seher

Lol. The Davis recall was largely motivated by strategic blackouts created by DB’s former employer El Paso Natural Gas. I’m no fan of Newsome’s but if he is recalled we will soon learn that the campaign was financed by outside agitators looking for another St. Ronnie who can bring the electoral trove back to Republicans or Christian Laser Operators or whatever the revanchist right will be called by then.

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