Lindsey Graham and Liz Cheney: The Perfect Match in the DC Swamp

Oh, my, what a shocker this is. – You won’t ever believe this, y’all: Lindsey Graham supports Liz Cheney! Why, who could have ever seen this one coming?

Sen. Graham has always been a shameless sellout, but this dancing over what he believes is the political corpse of Donald Trump while it’s still warm really sets a new low for this disciple of John McCain. Graham’s always been the worst example of the follower culture in Washington, DC, a guy whose nature abhors the personal exercise of leadership and always feels the need to latch onto some father or mother figure to follow around like Grover Dill, the little toady from A Christmas Story, followed Scut Farkas around the back alleys of their Indiana town.

Graham spent over a decade following McCain around like a little puppy dog, always willing to jump and and shout “yeah!” anytime McCain was figuratively yanking some poor kid’s arm behind his back, taunting him to yell “Uncle!” It was the lamest act in DC right up until McCain’s death, after which Graham quickly latched onto following then-President Trump around and sucking up to him at every opportunity. A disgusting display that everyone knew was fake, as clearly demonstrated by Graham’s refusal to use his chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee to investigate the Obamagate cabal until it was too late.

But now, Trump’s gone and Graham is blowing in the wind like a an old clipper ship being tossed about in a storm, desperately searching for some other father or mother figure to latch onto. Enter Liz Cheney, the warmongering daughter of the former warmongering Vice President appropriately named Dick, a potential father figure Graham no doubt would have loved to follow around if only he hadn’t already had his lips firmly attached to John McCain’s behind throughout the entirety of the George W. Bush years.

Once again we see how phony Graham’s support for President Trump really was. Liz Cheney is in deep trouble today for the very fact that she chose to become one of handful of House Republicans to vote to impeach Trump on January 5. A true friend of Trump and believer in his peace-through-strength agenda would look on with glee as Cheney twisted in the wind and her approval rating back in Wyoming dropped into the teens as a result of her betrayal.

But not Sen. Graham. He’s only too happy to come toady for Cheney, since, in his heart of hearts, he is a true believer in the “Middle-East-wars-without-end” philosophy that she shares with her daddy and the dead McCain. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the second “I love Liz” tweet he sent out yesterday:

When Graham talks about his and Cheney’s desire to keep our military “well-prepared” to “confront radical Islam” and “take the fight to them,” he’s rubbing his hands in glee at the prospect of supporting the decision by Joe Biden’s handlers to send thousands more American military personnel into harm’s way so that all of the defense contractors that he and Cheney have spent so many years sucking up to can keep on cranking out tanks and planes and missiles under multi-hundred-billion dollar defense contracts. And hey, if the makers of those body bags and artificial limbs see an uptick in their business as well, then so much the better as far as Lindsey and Liz are concerned.

Oh, Trump kept the defense contractors employed, too, but all the peace his policies were causing to break out all over the Middle East and Africa was really bad for business in the long run. The lack of new wars meant that all that military equipment and ordinance wasn’t being showcased; not enough missiles were being used up in order to necessitate the manufacture of new ones; not enough usage of planes and helicopters and tanks meant a downturn in the contractors’ maintenance and replacement business lines.

Now Trump’s been banished and Lindsey and Liz and those who share their mindset are ascendant again. Why, Liz is even third in line in House GOP leadership, and thus wields real power from her congressional seat from Wyoming. Graham and the rest of the warmonger crowd can’t let that just slip away – if she ends up getting beaten by some challenger in Wyoming, why, he might not be someone they can’t count on.

And so, Lindsey has found a new leader to latch onto and tweets his support for her, no doubt after getting a phone call from Daddy Dick. This is what Lindsey Graham does; it is who he is.

No surprise here.

That is all.

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Graham is an opportunist, just like Cruz and Rubio. The leadership of the Republican Party is in the tank with the Democrats.Trump supporters will be minimized; thrown a bone only when they are needed by the Republicrats. It won’t change until they break away and form their own party. Need more convincing? Second sentence, second to last paragraph above, “Why, Liz is even third in line in House GOP leadership…”. The third in line of the Republican Party voted to Impeach the FORMER leader of the Free World. Yeah Trump voters, they got your back…


Since we “lost ” the Senate anyways, we would have been much better off in the long run if we lost the seats held by Wimpsey Grahamesty, Collins, Sasse and McConnell.
Now we are stuck with these ‘moderates’ for another six years.

Come on Alaska, get someone decent to beat Murkowski next year.

We don’t need any more btfsplk type moderates of either party in Congress.

Willie Goree

He did not fool anybody. A pretender and a lowlife.


I’m beginning to think that even Satan won’t want all the swamp creatures in Hell.

They’ll be selling him out so fast he won’t know what him.

g b

please stop thinking and writing like satan rules in hell. he is defeated for believers but still is allowed to run the worldly system until Jesus binds him in the tribulation. his final place is the lake of fire and he will have nothing else – no rule, no say & no one.

Mikey Serrano

Is she a fag hag?


Graham is a deceitful coward and should be banished.

Sharon Campbell

It has become painfully obvious what a swamp creature Lindsey Graham is & has been for years! He got re-elected so now he can become who he is….a Demoncrat!


Radical Islam was awful quiet the past 4 years, and there was a reason for that. Now that reason is gone, so I expect that we will see it surge. So yes we will need to confront it.

But Lindsey needs to realize there are bigger problems right here at home. Most prevalent of which is Democrat fraud. Millions of Americans have lost faith in the electoral system, and everyone in congress save for a few voices want to just sweep it under the rug and move on. I saw that the AG from PA is resigning, because its now clear that she broke the law. I’ll bet we’ll see more “evidence” slowly emerge over the next 2 years, that when taken as a whole, is going to validate what alot of American already know – massive voter fraud occurred. And nothing will happen to stop it happening in the future.

Lindsey has had his moments, but he is now just trying to fit in to the current swamp dynamic. Whatever it takes to stay in power. Bend this way or that. Cheney…for such a staunch conservative, she sure dropped Trump awful quick. Wyoming voters will take care of that, hopefully.

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