Tuesday News Roundup: Nobel Madness, Cuomo Hubris, and Psaki Gets the Questions in Advance

You really could never make this stuff up. – Black Lives Matter got themselves a nomination for a Nobel “Peace” Prize on Monday. To celebrate, the group staged yet another riot in Rochester, New York:

Honestly, the globalists are just taunting us at this point.

But wait, there’s more!

Guess who else got themselves a Nobel nomination? Oh, you will never guess this one… – No, I’m not kidding here: Stacey Abrams, who helped steal the Georgia election for Joe Biden, got herself a Nobel Peace Prize nomination:

Hey, at least we know Ms. Abrams won’t be doing any riots – that, after all, would require some physical exertion.

Understand that this just proves that the global elites who are in the process of executing the Great Reset would rather award a “peace” prize to BLM for literally destroying a dozen or so major American cities, and Abrams a “peace” prize for ensuring all the dead in Georgia get registered to vote than to give Donald Trump a “peace” prize for literally bringing real, actual peace to the Middle East.

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world, folks.

Wait, she gets the questions in advance and she’s still this awful? – If this story surprises you, you must have slept through the presidential campaign. The very, very, very leftist Daily Beast reports that White House Communications Team staffers have been pre-interviewing compliant members of the fake White House press corps to get their questions in advance of press briefings. No doubt, they realize just how truly, incredibly terrible Press Secretary Jen Psaki is at her job, and needs all the help she can get.

I swear I don’t make this stuff up:

Here’s an excerpt from the Daily Beast story:

If you’re a reporter with a tough question for the White House press secretary, Joe Biden’s staff wouldn’t mind knowing about it in advance.

According to three sources with knowledge of the matter, as well as written communications reviewed by The Daily Beast, the new president’s communications staff have already on occasion probed reporters to see what questions they plan on asking new White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki when called upon during briefings.

The requests prompted concerns among the White House press corps, whose members, like many reporters, are sensitive to the perception that they are coordinating with political communications staffers.

One reporter raised the issue during an informal White House Correspondents Association Zoom call last Friday. According to multiple sources, leaders at the meeting advised print reporters to push back against requests by the White House press team to learn of questions in advance, or simply to not respond to the Biden team’s inquiries.

“While it’s a relief to see briefings return, particularly with a commitment to factual information, the press can’t really do its job in the briefing room if the White House is picking and choosing the questions they want,” one White House correspondent said. “That’s not really a free press at all.”

“It pissed off enough reporters for people to flag it for the [WHCA] for them to deal with it,” another knowledgeable source said.


So, knowing that almost everyone in the room is fully on their side and had completely discarded their role as protectors of the public interest during the campaign to get their Sock Puppet elected, Psaki’s team felt zero compunction at all about implementing this pre-interview program. But some of these corrupt toadies still like to pretend to be actual journalists from time to time and are now “expressing concerns” about the process.

I must say, though, that after the last 50 years of the press corps completely refusing to make any effort whatsoever to do its job, complaints like those aired in this story ring awfully hollow. If you don’t want to be treated as a smelly, mangy lapdog, then you shouldn’t spend your days acting like a smelly, mangy lapdog.

When asked about the controversy, Ms. Psaki no doubt responded by saying “ummmmm…uhhhh….ummmmm….I’m gonna have to circle back with you on that.”

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'THE W OUSE WH. REUTERS THE WHITE HOUSE'

This really happened in New York yesterday:

I kid you not: The Governor held a press conference in Albany in which he urged New York residents to get off the roads due to the snow storm taking place, declaring a state of emergency in the process, and then got in his car and drove to New York City on the freshly-cleared roads.

From the story at the New York Post:

Do as he says, not as he does.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency over the blizzard, urging people not to travel — then hopped in his car during the throes of the snowstorm Monday and drove himself down to the Big Apple from Albany.

“I want New Yorkers to hear me loud and clear — stay home and off the roads,” the governor said in a statement about his emergency declaration.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio also issued a state of emergency for the Big Apple — which banned non-essential travel.

But that didn’t stop the governor from hitting the road. He explained that he didn’t want to be sitting home while telling essential workers, including those clearing the streets, they needed to be on the job.

The governor got behind the wheel in the thick of the snowstorm for the roughly two-and-a-half-hour drive from Albany, where he usually holds press briefings, to helm a news conference at his Manhattan office early Monday afternoon.

“I’m telling you, I’m on the road right now — it is horrendous,” Cuomo admitted during a morning call-in to WCBS radio before reaching Manhattan.


Per the story in the New York Post, Cuomo even admitted doing what he was doing while on a radio interview with WCBS radio in Manhattan as he was in transit to his office there. The unbridled hubris at play here is almost too astonishing to imagine.

But then again, why wouldn’t Cuomo be just eaten up with hubris? After all, he knows he has the absolute, uninterruptible protection of the news media, which has fawned all over him for the last year even as his policy decisions have undeniably resulted in the needless deaths of thousands of elderly residents in his state’s nursing homes. When confronted with that reality at a press conference late last week, the Governor simply replied, “Who cares where they died? They died.”

Any Republican who offered such a belligerently uncaring answer to that question would be literally hounded from office by his or her state’s news media, and rightly so. But because it was Cuomo, the story was a blip on the screen and the media moved on to more pressing matters, like what some right-wing member of congress posted on Twitter two years ago.

The simple fact is that Cuomo, thanks to the undying protection of the media, is untouchable and he knows it. Thus, he blows off questions about how many elderly New Yorkers he has personally killed and pulls pranks like the one he pulled yesterday, and most likely goes to bed laughing.

Which, come to think of it, is exactly how rulers in France lived a couple hundred years ago, back before they all got their heads cut off.







That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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This is what happens when you allow corrupt, incompetent, narrsasistic democRats to steal your govornment. Sad part is that the millions of d rat supporters that got played by the d rat politicians and their media are too far gone to realize we are all screwed by the steal. The democRat rulers are an absolute disaster and are in the process of destroying the USA and our constitution peice by peice. Welcome to the new west China comrad.


Apparently the press corps is starting to feel bad about their “useful idiot” moniker…

Ben Colder

This story is just laughable if it weren’t so madding.These communists think they can say and do what ever they want and the press covers for them and for the most part they do.It just blows my mind.Fake news at is best If it were not for DB and others like it we would know nothing and yet no one does a thing.Creepy Joe and the HO are turning out to be one of the most fouled up administration in history the apple dumplin gang the old Creep makes Barney Fife look brilliant.We are so screwed.The American people deserve what they got we have became a nation of half wits.

Brandon J Stover

Coumos answer reminds me of the HRC quote when probed about benghazi: ‘what difference does it make at this point?’ If need any proof these people don’t care about you, just listen to them…


Regarding Gov. Fredo Cuomo driving: 

So Fredo is a traffic and weather reporter…

Doesn’t he have a chauffeur? I mean, wouldn’t such an important public figure rate one (the article makes it sound like he is driving solo)? This reminds me of when then NJ Gov. Corzine, around 2005, ordered his chauffeur to recklessly speed to attend a meeting between IMUS and whatever BLM variant of the day was pitching a fit over his “nappy headed hos” comment on the radio that ultimately got him banned for a couple of years no matter how much a$$ he kissed and how many times he apologized. Fredo was just performing another vital gubernatorial function.

What is with the donkey leaders always declaring emergencies that always restrict (placing their citizens under house arrest) freedom?

Corzine’s car got into a major accident and the hypocritical Corzine wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and almost died.

One can only hope Fredo speeds in a snowstorm and doesn’t wear a seatbelt.


It’s Groundhog Day and like in the Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day” we are being subjected to the same schiff – different day scenario.

The main differences from the move and real life in America today are:

Punxsutawney’s Phil is smarter than Washington’s btfsplk

Phil Connors eventually has an epiphany and becomes introspective, grows up, sincerely woos his producer Rita, wins her heart, gets laid and lives happily ever after…

We (America), on the other hand, just get screwed every day by the btfsplk et al cabal. None of the qualities of love, compassion and understanding that Murray’s character eventually grew into will ever be exhibited by btfsplk and his handlers/bosses.

When February 3 eventually happened in the movie, the sun was shining, and Phil and Rita lived happily ever after. Unlike the movie, real-life Washington will always be under that the dark cloud of joe btfsplk (just like the joe btfsplk comic strip character) forever hanging over his and our heads for the foreseeable future.

Happy Groundhog Day everyone! Don’t fret too much, as there are many other things outside of Washington’s donkeyland to look forward to such as spring, warmer weather and the wonderment of a new growing season. 

Take time to “Stop and Smell the Roses” and count your blessings.


Should the beheadings start, I propose that the heads should roll down a hill into a series of numbered baskets, kind of like a plinko board. That way people can bet on where the heads will end up. Might as well try and make some money on this dontcha think?


This country is a sick joke anymore; see this?


Tried to join the Marines about the time of the 1st Gulf War; a childhood asthma diagnosis kept me out. In hindsight I’m glad I didn’t get in – what? To go fight in some stupid brush fire war of Shrub I/Shrub II/BHO? No ‘effin’ way.

Eyes opened; now have the very same contempt for Bush I & II as I do the “Obamamessiah”; all cut from the same cloth: globalism.

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