The Ugly Truth About the Lincoln Project and its Media Protectors

Watch the rapid eye-blinking, constant looking down and to the left and head shaking as George Conway tries to answer a simple question from Minka Brzenzski on Morning Joe this morning:

Now, here’s the truth about the “Lincoln Project” and its pedo founder, John Weaver: Everyone involved in the Lincoln Project almost certainly knew. John Weaver’s proclivities related to preying on young boys has been well-known in Washington DC since he managed John McCain’s presidential campaign in 2000. It was most likely known well before then, as Weaver nevertheless steadily rose through the ranks of establishment Republican campaign professionals in the DC Swamp.

George Conway knew, and all the other Swamp skunks and snakes involved in the Lincoln Project knew. And guess what else? Everyone in the corrupt national news media has likely known all about John Weaver for years and refused to report on it. Just as they knew for decades about Harvey Weinstein and refused to report on the powerful Democrat donor. Just as they knew about Jeffrey Epstein for decades and refused to report on the powerful friend of Bill Clinton and other prominent political figures.

Only now, after Joe Biden has successfully been installed as the Swamp’s designated presidential sock puppet, does anyone in the corrupt media decide to finally “break” a  story that has been common knowledge for two decades.

Here’s a shot of some of the other prominent RINO campaign pros who were big honchos in the Lincoln Project:

That’s what they looked like as they were being interviewed by corrupt old hack Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes in advance of last year’s presidential election. Stahl and CBS provided them a huge platform from which to slander President Donald Trump, but never managed to pose a single question to them about the pedo nature of their sham organization’s founder. Funny how that works.

So now that the “news” about Weaver is out and that genie is out of the bottle, other hacks like Mika are trying to play a little catchup, but also being careful to provide sleazeballs like Conway a platform from which to claim that they knew nothing about it.

Don’t believe them. They all knew – it was impossible not to know.

If we had a functioning news media in this country, John Weaver would have been outed 20 years ago when he was working for John McCain. But protecting Swamp snakes like the members of the Lincoln Project is what the media is all about.

But watch George Conway’s eyes – they tell you all you need to know.

There’s an old saying that if you lie down with dogs you will wake up with fleas. This morning, the corrupt news media is just eaten up with the fleas leaping off the mangy body of the Lincoln Project.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Morgen Seher

Can’t wait to see the comments here when Lady Lindsay joins the pantheon of disgraced conservative closet cases. Tje tortured illogic will take hours to decipher.

Larry Folds

No one with a clear conscience can say they are surprised that when the left, the democrats, adopted the homosexual movement they also bought, fostered, and concealed from view the homosexual proclivity to seduce children. Seducing children is the goal of many or most homosexuals and they don’t even try to police their own, unlike heterosexuals. Too long have we sat by and watched homo-pedo behavior and just called it pedophilia. The democrats and the left demand we encourage homosexual behavior as mainstream and as a healthy alternative to “breeder” (hetero) sexuality. We teach in public schools that injecting an entire arm up a willing participant’s anus is acceptable sex play. We are teaching 10 year old children that urinating on each other is somehow healthy and should be encouraged. We have become that which we despise as a society at the same time butchering children in the womb is celebrated by a country that says it all life is valuable. Well, BLM doesn’t matter to liberals because they mostly support the annihilation of black children in the womb in numbers far above the black community’s ratio to their population. But they feel good because we celebrate Black History month in February.


Just heard a clip of VP Roundheels on Rush where she said that the coal miners who are losing their jobs (due to her administration) can use their skills to reclaim abandoned land mines. 

Perhaps she meant reclaim the lands where there are abandoned (mineral) mines.

Whatever she meant or said, she is just a younger female, non-American of African descent, clone of btfsplk with probably less smarts as he has.

I guess Bidenitis and dementia are contagious – low IQ people are obviously more at risk of catching Bidenitis. They apparently become products of their environment and the entire btfsplk dictatorship is a target-rich environment for low IQ people.

‘The 0ne’ at least sugar coated their unemployment by telling them to learn to code. Last I checked, writing computer code is a lot safer than land mine removal.

It has been estimated that land mines contaminate an area the size of New Mexico; none of which are in this country or even this continent.

Dave has often said how the Left wants us all dead; he is right. What better way than to draft us “deplorables” as human minesweepers in places like North Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle-East, South-East Asia and the Korean Peninsula?


In conjunction with this article, I listened to the Liberal Hivemind post on the upper left-hand of this page titled “Trump Ends the GOP”. I generally agree with the LH, but the GOP played the biggest part in ending the GOP as a viable American political party.

LH reinforced the point that the GOP political establishment has no leverage now that the donkeys rule every aspect of the federal government. When the elephants had the majority, the Left needed the five or so dependable never-Trump RINOs/CINOs senators to scuttle the Trump/conservative agenda, and they got them to play as a tag-team to thwart most of the much-needed reforms. Now that the elephant party is politically impotent, the Left longer needs them.

It is just like when Weinstein lost his juice, became a liability via the #me-too movement to the Left; ditto for Minnesota senator Al Franken who was once thought of as a potential presidential candidate. It was not surprising how he was schiff-canned by both his MN co-senator, Nasty Amy K and Pocahontas when they saw an opportunity to eliminate a viable competitor to their presidential aspirations. Franken was expendable because his donkey senate seat was not going to be lost by his removal due to MN having a donkey governor who would appoint another even more radical Leftist to replace the former SNL “comedy” writer. If MN had a conservative GOP governor, you could bet the ranch Franken would have been propped up like BJ Clinton was for most of his presidency. 

Another example of the Left’s ‘loyalty’ to their watercarriers is hack lawyer Avenatti, who was also being floated (mostly by the MSM (D)) as a viable presidential contender whose sole qualification was his anti-Trumpism. He was a product of the MSM (D) and as long as he was hurting Trump, he was their golden boy. Once the huge and bigger globalist player (Nike) was attacked by Avenatti, the DOJ/FIB swamp quickly made sure he was toast. When he lost HIS leverage/value, he was gone.

Now that these anti-Trump elephants have no ability to block or influence the Left’s radical agenda, there is no need to keep them on their payroll. The only benefit the Mutts of the swamp world have to the Left at this time is to show that some of this garbage they are ramming down our throats, i.e., dictating to us, is “bipartisan” as if that somehow makes the garbage easier to swallow.  However, that is not likely to happen because the RINOs/CINOs, looking to save their political skin, will now look to shore up their conservative bona fides to the folks back home, will now be opposed to the worst of the Left’s agenda when it doesn’t matter. It is entirely possible, in some states/districts, depending on the electorate’s proclivities and how many Dominion voting machines are running the respective election, that some elephants will become donkeys to avoid being primaried by a real conservative or beaten by a real donkey in the general.

I find it amazing that Mitch, the supposed political mastermind, brilliant legislative strategist and tactician, didn’t see how much short and long-term damage to the elephant brand was going to occur by losing the senate and the presidency to sanctioned voter “irregularities”. He and his fellow RINOs/CINOs are probably so well set up for their post political careers, that massive unpopularity and future losses don’t matter to them or their families and friends. Think about it, would you rather get on the lucrative under the radar graft gravy-train for you and your family (son and brother in btfsplk’s case) where you can get millions for lobbying your former colleagues, or be a constant visible lightning rod of the anti-GOP media and have to deal with a bunch of wining constituents and have to kiss their butts, beg for their $35.00 contributions over and over and their vote every two or six years for less than $200,000 a year salary? And you also have a couple dozen or so congressional staffers to keep under control and on your side.

The Lincoln Project, BLM, and Antifa et al (including probably the NY Slimes 1619 Project) have served their purpose for now and will be put in abeyance. After all, their work is done for now and the donkey mayors and governors must get reelected this year and in 2022. The Marxist politicians need to bring some semblance of competence to their blue schiff-hole cities and states, so look for some band-aid improvements to be made along with more federal “stimulus” CV-19 relief money to buy the votes of their dingbat waste of O2 and nothing but CO2 producing constituents.  If history is any gage, the events will probably be just like with how the “Occupy Wall Street” protest/riots were manufactured and used to scuttle the Muttster in 2012, and then disappeared the day after the 2012 election. 

However, the organization and funding of the community agitating organizations that control and manipulate the eight or so percent of the country’s population who are the chronically malcontent professional protesters will continue under the MSM’s radar until needed to create some new crisis that cannot be wasted. It would not surprise me if these useful idiots stage some “mostly peaceful protests” donning Trump MAGA/KAG garb to further the Left’s agenda in eliminating constitutional rights and protections.

Eight percent of the country equates to about thirty million people which is more than enough to crate havoc in any number of locals as needed. Even if only a small fraction of that eight percent engages, their efforts can be made to look huge and impactful by the Left’s Goebbels’ media. And if such efforts are supported and sanctioned by the powers-that-be, well, we will have a repeat of the 2020 riots with even more grave consequences. 


This story only bolsters the fact that the so called Republicans in the power structure of the GOP, past and present, are just as corrupt as the demoncrats and there truly is a Uni party protected by the conmunist echo chamber propaganda machine.

But we’ve all known this for some time now, haven’t we?

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