Sunday News Roundup: The ‘Great Reset” is Coming, and John Kerry Says You Voted For It

Ok, who knew that China Joe Potato Head Biden’s entire COVID-19 plan  was to make sure that radical Islamic terrorists being held at Gitmo got the vaccine before 98% of American citizens? Raise your hand. Anyone? – Yes, that was the news on Friday, anyway, which honestly seemed to me to be so par for the course for any Democrat administration that I chose not to even mention it.

But others did mention it – many, many others. So many, in fact, that the Pentagon announced late Saturday that it was “reconsidering” this latest bone-headed scheme against the American people before it got off the ground:

From a story that you know the leftist slugs at The Hill hated to report:

The Pentagon announced Saturday that it is pausing a plan to offer coronavirus vaccines to prisoners at Guantanamo Bay after facing a wave of pushback.

“No Guantanamo detainees have been vaccinated. We’re pausing the plan to move forward, as we review force protection protocols. We remain committed to our obligations to keep our troops safe,” tweeted Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

The reversal comes just days after the Defense Department said it would offer coronavirus vaccines to detainees at Guantánamo Bay, the notorious prison in Cuba, with the rollout possibly coming as soon as next week. The plan was to offer the 40 detainees at the base the first of two doses of the available vaccines “on a voluntary basis.”

It is unknown how many coronavirus cases have occurred on the military base, but the pandemic has presented an obstacle to holding military legal proceedings, including in the case against Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the man who is accused of being one of the masterminds behind the attacks on U.S. soil on Sept. 11, 2001.

The plan had been met with fierce pushback, particularly by Republican lawmakers, before it was paused, especially in light of vaccine shortages across the country.

“It is inexcusable and un-American that President Biden is choosing to prioritize vaccinations for convicted terrorists in Gitmo over vulnerable American seniors or veterans,” Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) said prior to Kirby’s Saturday announcement.


Thanks to Cong. Stefanik for putting it so bluntly and accurately. “un-American” is this administration’s middle name.

ummmmm…uhhhhh….ummmmm…I’m gonna have to circle back to you on that.:

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'HOUSE THE WASHINGTON THE WHITE HOUSE @MarkDice'

Hat tip to Mark Dice on that hilarious meme.

The Great Reset is upon us, and you little people must all be miserable so that your Elite Ruling Class can achieve fairness. – That was the essence of the message delivered by French President Emmanuel Macron in Davos, Switzerland this week. Speaking to the annual gathering of the Illuminat, errr, World Economic Forum, Mr. Macron blamed capitalism for all the unfairness in the world, and said that the way to fight COVID-19 is for governments to make sure everyone is equally miserable.

No, really, that’s exactly what he said if you really read his exact words. Here’s an excerpt from a story at Breitbart:

At the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) virtual Davos Agenda summit on Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron declared that in the wake of the Chinese coronavirus modern capitalism “can no longer work”.

Appearing before a question and answer session conducted with ‘Great Reset’ architect and founder-chairman of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, Mr Macron said that while capitalism has historically driven down poverty globally, he claimed that it came with the cost of furthering inequality.

“We will get out of this pandemic only with an economy that thinks more about fighting inequalities,” Macron said.

“The capitalist model together with this open economy can no longer work in this environment,” he added.

The French president pronounced that capitalism has resulted in a “deep moral and economic crisis” in which “hundreds and thousands of people throughout the world had this feeling of losing their usefulness.”


Do you see it? Macron’s thesis here is that the evil “capitalism” that has worked to cut the global poverty rate by 80% over the last 30 years has left “hundreds of thousands of people” around the world with a “feeling of losing their usefulness.”

So, Macron’s “solution” – and the preferred solution for everyone in attendance in Davos, trust me – is for governments to use COVID-19 as their vehicle to eliminate “capitalism” and institute brutish fascism/socialism so that the world’s other 8 billion people can come to feel equally useless. That really is exactly what he is saying there.

And hey, he’s already getting his wish in Democrat-run states and cities around the United States today, where despicable Democrat governors and mayors have used COVID-19 as an excuse to implement rule by brutal edict, putting millions out of work and destroying half of all small businesses in the country. That’s all happened in just the last 10 months. Think of what the ruling elites can achieve towards the advancement of world socialism if they can get the WHO and Anthony Fauci to keep this scam going for another couple of years.

It didn’t get a lot of notice at the time, but in early December John Kerry told us all what was coming during a panel discussion hosted by the World Economic Forum. Macron’s words, along with what has happened since make Kerry look like the prophet of doom he truly is.

Here’s an excerpt from a December 3 story at The Hill:

Internationally, the Great Reset has already been backed by influential leaders, activists, academics and institutions. In addition to the World Economic Forum and United Nations, the Great Reset movement counts among its the International Monetary Fund, heads of state, Greenpeace and CEOs and presidents of large corporations and financial institutions such as Microsoft and MasterCard.

But in America, most policymakers – including President-elect Joe Biden – have been relatively quiet about the Great Reset, leaving many to speculate what a Biden administration would do to support or oppose this radical plan.

There has been some evidence suggesting that Biden and some of his biggest allies back the Great Reset and would attempt to impose it on the United States. But Biden and his team have never explicitly stated that America would be involved — that is, until now.

At a panel discussion about the Great Reset hosted by the World Economic Forum in mid-November, former Secretary of State John Kerry – Biden’s would-be special presidential envoy for climate – firmly declared that the Biden administration will support the Great Reset and that the Great Reset “will happen with greater speed and with greater intensity than a lot of people might imagine.”

When asked by panel host Borge Brende whether the World Economic Forum and other Great Reset supporters are “expecting too much too soon from the new president, or is he going to deliver first day on this [sic] topics?,” Kerry responded, “The answer to your question is, no, you’re not expecting too much.”

“And yes, it [the Great Reset] will happen,” Kerry continued. “And I think it will happen with greater speed and with greater intensity than a lot of people might imagine. In effect, the citizens of the United States have just done a Great Reset. We’ve done a Great Reset. And it was a record level of voting.” 

Kerry later argued that the Great Reset is necessary to slow the “climate crisis” and that “I know Joe Biden believes … it’s not enough just to rejoin Paris [the Paris Climate Accords] for the United States. It’s not enough for us to just do the minimum of what Paris requires.”


Understand what he’s saying there in the passages I put in bold: In “electing” China Joe to the presidency, Americans just voted for the Great Reset. Biden, or rather his handlers, are fully bought into the strategy to bring about the Great Reset in America, and that is what we see the administration doing to us each and every day.

Every action Biden has taken so far at the direction of his elder-abusing handlers has been designed to eliminate your rights and to impair and shrink the U.S. economy in order to gradually ramp up the misery suffered by the population as a whole. The invasion that is about to begin again at our southern border in the coming days is also a part of this strategy – to stress and strain our country’s resources to the breaking point so that the resulting economic misery can be blamed on “capitalism” and used by the Democrats in p0wer to affect even more misery and ensure it impacts each and every one of us in the name of “fairness.”

That’s what the Great Reset is, and it is coming to you – in the words of John Kerry – “with greater speed and with greater intensity than a lot of people might imagine.” Best of all, according to Kerry, you voted for it.

Imagine that.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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On the one hand, we complain about who gets the vaccine first. On the other hand, we swear we will never take the Bill Gates time-release death shoot.

So which is it?

Patty Wilbanks

I was all for them giving the terrorist prisoners the vaccine first.


“The Pentagon announced Saturday that it is pausing a plan to offer coronavirus vaccines to prisoners at Guantanamo Bay after facing a wave of pushback.”

Really? Wave of “pushback” from whom??? Who would know about the prisoner vaccine plan unless the Pentagon wanted a PR “pushback”?

The Pentagon’s policy of giving the CV-19 vaccine to the forty (40) GITMO terrorists first is what gets enough people up in arms to “push back” against the War Department and its new administration where they will actually pause and reconsider. Really??? What a load of schiff.

What about the millions of people “pushing back” against virtually EVERYTHING the btfsplk administration is doing? No pause there, no sirree.

What a bunch of bullschiff this all is. What a smokescreen (as the Trump impeachment trial will be) this is.

I mean really, who the hell cares? Giving a couple of dozen doses to the GITMOites on a voluntary basis when hundreds of millions of doses (of an unproven vaccine with unknown short and long-term side effects) will be available at “warp speed” is not going to deprive anyone of getting it in a timely manner.
As an aside, if our omnipotent gubmint were to force this vaccination on the prison population (in the name of “safety”) and it turns out there are severe side effects, would it not be accused of doing the same ‘testing’ on them as what was done to various victims who were used as guinea pigs in the fifties and sixties?

Right now there are millions of Americans pushing back on what this gubmint is doing with no timely or proper “democratic” response, yet an immediate response to pushback from what must be literally dozens of “concerned” citizens is the same as the idea that, for the most part, a citizen can’t sue the government, unless the government wants to be sued in order to get a Left-wing judge or court to become a legislature unto themselves and force an unpassable mandate upon the nation that circumvents the congressional legislative and presidential executive process.


“It is unknown how many coronavirus cases have occurred on the military base, but the pandemic has presented an obstacle to holding military legal proceedings, including in the case against Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the man who is accused of being one of the masterminds behind the attacks on U.S. soil on Sept. 11, 2001.”

9-11 happened over nineteen (19) years ago; COVID-19 less than a year ago and this case has yet to be adjudicated?

Another example of the stellar work that was done during the Sessions/Barr tenure as the AG.

I guess prosecuting 9-11 crimes and the three -plus years of numerous crimes of sedition against a sitting US President and the massive voting fraud perpetrated against the same president just weren’t important enough for the thousands of DOJ lawyers to get to in the last four years. Not when the DOJ/FIB is full of Comey types “exonerating” the Walking Eagles and the Joe Btfsplks of the world so as to not be “political” during an election year.

Great job Mr. Barr. Much thanks from a grateful nation.

Nabi Rasch

Gee. A socialist/communist world backed by a cabal of billionaires. Sweet concept. Or maybe they regard the influence and management by the billionaires as a fly in the ointment?


We didn’t vote for it.We saw on the Internet Videos and from sworn Testimonies and affadavits that the election was stolen. 239,0000 more votes than voters in Pa is one example but Biden and Big Tech and Media has outlawed saying it.


Great Reset = precursor to and push for a one-world government that enriches and empowers the “elite” and impoverishes and enslaves the rest of us to one degree or another. The ultimate reality of this, hopefully not in my life time, will be the kingdom of the beast; see book of Revelation.

Robert C Anderson

If the population suffers, what happens to the so-called elites in a Revolution? Study history.

Jay Whitcraft

Le Pen might just have something to say about the great reset. If they win in France, look out! I still say that a lot of what happens depends on what Trump does in the near future. Viable 3rd party or not for example depends on him. He could also influence any Movement to break up the Union. IMHO too many people have now seen how much the government has been the problem. Joe Biden thinks he can simply go back to the way things were under Obama, and people will put up with it. Although he is and will keep trying to do that, it won’t work. Jay


What more can we say about Dave’s two posts today that hasn’t already been said? The news is all rotten that we supposedly voted for.

A friend of mine sent a video of a Michigan Republican Congressman speaking about how Klink’s schiffhouse is ramming through a three (3) TRILLION dollar funding bill to the IMF that will send billions of our dollars to places all over the world who are our real and economic enemies with no strings attached with only one (1) minute allotted for opposition members to “debate” against  the bill.

The congressman is “hopeful” cooler heads prevail in the senate – sure, that will happen.

Anyways, it seems this radical reset is going to happen, and the donkey congress is going to be a rubberstamp for the rubberstamp btfsplk administration doing the bidding for the “New World Order” (NWO) that Bush the first referenced back thirty or so years ago.

Now that February is upon us, I’m reminded of the second stanza of Don McLean’s classic song: “American Pie”

But February mad me shiver
With every (article) I’d deliver (read)
Bad news on the doorstep
I couldn’t take one more step (read one more article)
I can’t remember if I cried (I did)
When I read about… (how the country) died
Something touched me deep inside
The day the… (country) died.

So, bye-bye, (The American Dream)
(The Left) drove my (nation) to the levee, (and shoved it over the side)
And them good ol’ (commies) were drinkin’ (power and pride)
Singin’, This’ll be the day that (America died)
This’ll be the day that (America died).

All that can be said is that regardless of the massive voter fraud, millions and millions of CO2 producers (and that is all these dupes/communists are) voted for btfsplk and millions of others who were not MAGA/KAG enough didn’t bother to vote for America’s last great president and a non-donkey congress. In that regard, former SOS Lurch is right, we ultimately get the gubmint we deserve.

The only solace I get out of this is the CO2 producers will be the first ones most negatively impacted by btfsplk et al’s NWO and the fact that I have largely lived the “American Dream” for 61 years, don’t really have much to worry about and much to be thankful for. I only wish I had been smart enough to have in enjoyed it more as I was living it, but I was always all too aware of how the country was slowly dying every day and now we are about to go over the levee and into the abyss of hell. I am a victim of not following the saying: Where ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise.

As a better late than never New Year’s resolution, I have largely shut down my daily intake of the poisonous ‘news’ except for here, Rush for only an hour or so when he is on, and a couple of five-minute radio news updates. I must do this for my mental health; I recommend we all do this to some degree to keep our sanity and hopefully somehow, someway get through this.


I quit watching “news” a long time ago. Save for the weather report, there’s not much redeeming value in it.

Hold on to your Faith, we’re all in this together.

One of my favorite bands in from Canada, Klaatu. they didn’t make the billboard, Rolling Stone declared the next Beatles.

I leave you with song. It’s one of my favorites. It’s given me great comfort throughout the years. God be with you my friend.


“is from” man I hate the stupid edit function that never works for me. 😛

William Davidson

The GOP has allowed this to happen. It will take succession at the very least and probably war to stop it or lose it!

Patty Wilbanks

It’s time to oust the current Republican Leadership and take over the structure and funds.

jack johnson

I agree….the GOP snoozed and we lose. There is no turning back now. They have taken our freedom with this Covid crap….our free speech with censorship and now our democratic republican by fraudulent elections.

The “United States” is over.


the GOP didn’t snooze they are part of it, commie basturds

Brandon J Stover

Not to mention the worldwide debt jubilees and countless stimuli to push countries currencies down the drain and provide a ‘justification’ for a new digital currency. Months ago I would have said this part was conspiracy, but I bet these lunatics won’t stop.

I ultimately think now this is why the election was stolen. And why the covid measures have been so stupid worldwide. You can’t have a great reset when the POTUS campaigns on America never being a socialist country where that’s all the Davos elite want. You can’t have a GR when all the world economies are doing well, so lock them down against evidence its the wrong thing to do. This election had more than the US at stake, and many people probably don’t want to ask who is behind the Democrats to see a bigger picture because they don’t want to be compared to the likes of Alex Jones.

Warren Lockaby

I’ve been watching this since President GHW Bush’s “New World Order” speech but never imagined I’d live to see it get this far. His take then seemed to be that it was inevitable. Well, maybe it was, but I was furious that he and the rest of the GOP wouldn’t lift a hand against it. With that speech it became clear: the two party labels, Democrat and Republican, had become essentially meaningless. What we now have are Socialist Globalists and Patriot Nationalists. And if we’re paying attention, by their fruits we shall know them.


I vote they give it to Gitmo detainees first, what better way to gather data on the safety and efficacy of an experimental gene therapy.


The fact that the FDA and Congress have prevented us from suing the Big Pharma pigs for any adverse effects from their vaccines is why I won’t be taking the jab. Folks are dying from the vaccine and there’s no recourse for their loved ones.

It’s a voluntary thing where I work. A good friend along with several other folks where he used to work walked off the job due to the fact that his employer made it mandatory. The employer was throwing money at them to take it and stay. $30k worth. I am proud to call him my friend. He didn’t sell his principles or his soul.

Now they’re going to make folks have a vaccination “passport” if you want to fly. Not just to some foreign nation but from one coast to another here in the USA. Evil, evil people.

Sharon Campbell

This is terrifying! The elites are nothing but EVIL.


I can’t even add to that.

Nabi Rasch

Evil encapulates a lot of characteristics and options, though–so don’t make the mistake of underestimating it by confusing it with nothing.


“The capitalist model together with this open economy can no longer work in this environment,” he added.

They should consult Donald Trump.

Nabi Rasch

It’s a separate issue, actually–they’re deliberately confusing the public. The biggest threat to the capitalist model is billionaires–they’re like black holes in the economy, inexorably attracting more and more of the loot (and, as a result, influence). What is most sinister is that it is billionaires pushing The Great Reset.


The only life objectives of elitist billionaires are to: 1. live for a thousand years, 2. become a trillionaire, and finally, 3. acquire even more power over all the people of Earth.

Joseph DCosta

Mr. Blackmon,

I always eagerly look for your articles on Freerepublic because they are relevant, well researched and to the point.

However, whenever I read Biden described as “China Joe Potato Head” or some other similar title, or Nancy Pelosi described as “San Fran Nan” it tends to detract a bit from the strength of your article. Or for that matter when you describe Biden’s handlers as “elder-abusing handlers” or other similar but perhaps deserved qualifiers.

I’m not expressing any opinion on whether those terms are applicable or not. Rather, in my opinion, although the content of your articles are journalistic i.e. clear, precise and objective, these terms tend to make the articles appear to be opinion pieces i.e. more subjective. No doubt you are entitled to write the articles as you see fit but since the current situation in the United States requires a clear focus and understanding, therefore a clear hard hitting message, especially from thinking writers and drivers of opinion such as yourself, is probably the need of the hour.

Please understand that what I have voiced is merely an opinion on the side. The central messages of your articles are clear and relevant and the articles are appreciated.



I agree with your basic premise, but that kind of playing nice is partly the reason we are where we are. These donkeys deserve no reverence or respect as they are thugs and not “honorable” people.

I think Dave’s qualifiers are remarkably tame compared to what these people are and how they refer to us. Last year I wrote an article for Dave and he asked me to use the actual names of the swamp turds so that new readers or other readers won’t be confused.

My qualifiers are:
Joe Btfsplk for the faux president
Walking Eagle for Bill’s nominal wife
‘The One” for 0bama
Lurch for SOS John Kerry
MaligNancy Klink for Pelosi
General Burkhalter for Jerry Nadler back during the first impeachment
Gestapo Major Hochstetter

One can argue all they want for civility in discussions, and how by two wrongs don’t make a right, etc. But in my opinion, when Clinton advisor and universal loudmouth hack James Carville got away with calling the TEA Party protest group a bunch of teabaggers, with no pushback from the Left or his bosses and no pushback from his compatriots in the media all bets were off.

And when the former and current community agitator, Mr. Civility himself said to his his supporters:

Get in the faces of my opponents and when they bring a knife, you bring a gun (this from the biggest anti 2A president ever!).

He and Maxine Watters were inciting violence against opponents and Walking Eagle calling us a basket of irredeemable deplorables and basically domestic terrorists. Yet President Trump is the one who got impeached by Klink’s schiffhouse for that crime in the last week of his presidency. Be civil to these people? Give me a break.

The GOP, by playing nice basically surrendered to the anti-American Left and always gets rolled.

No sir, I’m done playing nice with these despicable miscreants when no one ever calls them out for their lies and slander against Trump, Republicans and the supporters of the same. They, and they alone destroyed civil discourse and hopefully, someday, they will pay a big price for that and for turning America into a third world Banana Republic/Dictatorship.


Forgot to say who Hochstetter is

Gestapo Major Hochstetter for Adam Schiff, but I may soon be give the name to Rep Eric Swalwell, but will probably stick with either Swallows or Swallowswell. Beto (bozo) O’Rourke nd Mayor Pete Buttigieg are also candidates – have to see how they behave.


And I give similar names to the pols who/were are supposedly on our side.

Mutt or Muttster for Romney
Ace or McLame for McCain
Ronna McRomney (his niece) for the newly reelected RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel
Bush the first for GHW Bush
Bush Jr for GW Bush

All these people deserve any and all scorn we can heap upon them.

Nabi Rasch

But it IS an opinion piece. I understand your fret but , on the other hand, don’t mind the odd bit of humor to keep me awake.

Dave G

Umm, I believe they are opinion pieces. And personally, I totally agree with his qualifiers.


Opinion pieces backed by facts and logic; something the Left never does, especially when they present their opinion pieces as factual “news”.


I’m all for a Great Reset . . . but done with lead.
These morons are totally out of control and undertone one for sure and for certain. Finality!!!!!

Nabi Rasch

And to think one of Joe’s 1st moves is to force us to coalesce once again with these power mad international creeps.

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