Senate Trump Trial Will Fail, But Divisive Dems Will Move Ahead Anyway

With a deft maneuver today raising a point of order to require a vote of the full Senate to dismiss the sham impeachment case against Donald Trump, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul demonstrated clearly that the divisive Senate Democrats have no chance of obtaining a conviction in their ongoing jihad to keep persecuting the man even after he has left office.

Sen. Paul is at his best when he is focused on being a thorn in the fat butt of Chuck Schumer, and he played that role delightfully today, beginning his parliamentary maneuver with an epic floor speech that should be required viewing for every American:

A true thing of beauty right there.

Then, the vote came, with the motion to dismiss failing when 5 RINOs joined their Democrat partners in opposition. For the record and so you all can know your enemy, here are the names of the 5 RINOs:

– Susan Collins
– Lisa Murkowski
– Mitt Romney
– Ben Sasse
– Patrick Toomey

Seriously, I could have predicted that lineup in my damn sleep. It’s as if Mitch McConnell put out the order to round up the usual suspects.

Casablanca Round Up The Usual Suspects GIF - Casablanca ...

Interestingly, McConnell himself actually voted in favor of Paul’s motion, which directly contradicts his actions and statements in support of this sham impeachment over the past few weeks. Wonder who got to him?

In any event, the vote on the motion can most likely be taken as an extremely accurate predictor of how the ultimate vote to convict will turn out once this farce of a process comes to a bitter end. But the divisive Democrats will move forward anyway, because the point here is not to convict: The point is to divide a hopelessly divided nation even further.

That’s what today’s political left is all about, and frankly what it has been all about for a century now. It’s the only thing they know how to do.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.


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let them do it – every day spent on President Trump is another day for the truth to come out if there are other senators like Paul who will speak the truth on the floor. Every day spent on President Trump is a day that xi i mean biden policy stalls.

[…] The names of those five RINOs are as predictable as the sun rising in the East, and you can read about them and their latest act of mendacity at this link. […]


Notice how two of the five traitors just won and are safe for another six years, along with the turtle? Screwme Toomy is retiring, the mutt has four years left. Only the cowski is vulnerable.

Of the two wicked bimbos from our northern most states with frozen brains: collins just won reelection in Maine, MurCOWski is up in 2022

Do better Alaska.

Sa$$e also just won his reelect bid… Why Nebraska? Is this clown the best you can do? And the same goes for the morons from Utah that have stuck us with the mutt until 2024. He really is looking to be a one-term senator and he only won there by being a Mormon. Maybe the left is correct in the need to get ‘religion’ out of politics.

Screwme Toomey essentially replaced the party flipping hack spector from PA and is retiring – good riddance.  Sadly, he will probably be replaced by a donkey in that now Blue state. The real question is: Will we notice the difference?

And what of (unfortunately the newly reelected) Mitch McRINO, flip-flop? Our fearless and flamboyant “leader” is as forceful and dependable as a jailhouse informant.   

Yeah Dave, you can be sure someone in the elephant schiff hierarchy got to him and said you had better quit kissing Schumer’s a$$ and grow a pair or the whole party is in the crapper. The GOP fundraising (which is the best polling data that all the hack linguini spine politicians live and die by) is in the tank, so we had better not vote to convict former President Trump as he is the titular head of the GOP and can bury us below the political septic tank that is Washington DC anytime he wants. After al, we don’t want to go the route of FOX News.

FYI Mitch, Trump doesn’t need your nominal support any longer, but you guys need the support from Trump’s base just to survive.  

An0nymous Smith

Even Susan Collins who must know that she would not have been re-elected without President Trump?


The old hag-bag douche-bag doesn’t care as she is safely ensconced as the CINO from Maine for the next six years.

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