Monday News Roundup: Ute Tribe Strikes Back at Biden Order, and Why is Tulsi Still a Democrat?

Why does the Biden Administration hate Native Americans? – On Sunday I wrote about the negative reaction by officials in New Mexico to China Joe Potato Head Biden’s order halting all oil and gas leasing and permitting actions on federal lands for 60 days. The Land of Enchantment’s officials turn out not to be so enchanted with the idea of shutting down the industry that funds about half of the state’s annual budget. Go figure.

Well, New Mexicans are not the only ones who are more than a little irritated by the new administration’s rash action. See, the Biden ban also applies to oil and gas activities on Indian lands, lands from which massive volumes of natural gas and oil are produced every day in the U.S., and which provide the life’s blood financially to many Indian tribes and nations.

One of those Tribes is the Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation, most of whose lands are located in Utah. Over the weekend the Tribal leaders made their displeasure known, sending a letter to Scott de la Vega, the Acting Secretary of Interior:

Here is the text of that letter from the story at DailyWire:

The Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation respectfully requests that you immediately amend Order No. 3395 to provide an exception for energy permits and approvals on Indian lands. The Ute Indian Tribe and other energy producing tribes rely on energy development to fund our governments and provide services to our members.

Your order is a direct attack on our economy, sovereignty, and our right to self-determination. Indian lands are not federal public lands. Any action on our lands and interests can only be taken after effective tribal consultation.

Order No. 3395 violates the United States treaty and trust responsibilities to the Ute Indian Tribe and violates important principles of tribal sovereignty and self-determination. Your order was also issued in violation (of) our government-to-government relationship. Executive Order No. 13175 on Consultation and Coordination with Indian Tribal Governments, and Interior’s own Policy on Consultation with Tribal Governments.

The order must be withdrawn or amended to comply with Federal law and policies. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. We look forward from hearing from you.


In my professional life, I spent about a decade as a company point person in relations with an array of Tribes and nations across the Mountain West. During that time, I personally witnessed dozens of instances in which the federal government under both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush grossly and intentionally ignored and violated the rules of sovereignty cited in the letter above. The callous disregard for and indifference towards Tribal rights evidenced by employees of those administrations was truly breathtaking to behold, and served as a stark reminder that the federal government’s abuse of the rights of American Indians did not end with the death of Buffalo Bill’s Wild Wild West Show.

Here we see the abuse and disregard starting up again on the very first day of a new administration. Despicable.

Why is Tulsi Gabbard still attaching herself to the Democrat Party? – It’s a great question, since she departs from the Party’s approved dogma on so many matters. Yes, she isn’t a perfect fit for the Republican Party’s approved dogma either, but she certainly would be far more at home with the populist views of Donald J. Trump.

Over the weekend, she appeared with Jesse Waters on Fox News to discuss China Joe Potato Head Biden’s apparent intent to turn Washington, DC into a permanent police state. You can bet her messages were not pre-approved by San Fran Nan or Chuck Schumer.


I find myself agreeing with Tulsi Gabbard most of the time, and I’ll bet most of you do as well. Can any of you say the same of Mitt Romney? Mitch McConnell? Liz Cheney?

Tulsi Gabbard is clearly in the wrong political party. If he really does want to maintain and grow a political movement of his own, Donald Trump would do well to reach out to Ms. Gabbard to see if they can’t form an America First, anti-globalist partnership. There are the makings of a truly viable third party effort here.

Here is what hard-hitting journalism is going to look like for the next four years:

Sure glad to know that China Joe had a bagel, but what about his morning bowl of tapioca pudding? Did his handlers get that to him on time? That’s what America truly needs to know, because missing out on his morning tapioca makes China Joe grumpy.


In a just world they would all be fired and Chicago would start over from scratch. – Remember when Americans could accurately praise their school teachers for being so dedicated to making sure their students learned what they needed to learn to be prepared for real life? Yeah, those were good times, weren’t they?

Those times no longer exist, of course, as has become increasingly evident across the country during our national panic over COVID-19. Nowhere is the shift in teacher attitudes more blatantly apparent than in Chicago, where unionized teachers voted to stage an illegal strike rather than follow orders to return to actually teaching kids in classrooms instead of loafing through “online learning” exercises in which few are actually learning a damn thing:

From the story at the Chicago Sun Times:

Chicago Teachers Union members have voted to defy Chicago Public Schools’ reopening plans and continue working from home Monday because of health and safety concerns.

City officials had said in recent days they would view the collective refusal of in-person work as a strike, but in response to Sunday’s vote results said they will delay the scheduled return of thousands of teachers and staff until Wednesday “to ensure we have the time needed to resolve our discussions without risking disruption to student learning.”

The CTU’s move to reject in-person work marks the culmination of a months-long fight between the union and the nation’s third-largest school system over how and when to reopen schools during the pandemic — a disagreement that threatens to plunge the city’s education into deeper turmoil if a deal isn’t reached over the next few days.

“So what does this mean? It means the overwhelming majority of you have chosen safety,” the union told teachers and staff as they announced the vote results. “CPS did everything possible to divide us by instilling fear through threats of retaliation, but you still chose unity, solidarity and to collectively act as one.”

About 86% of the 25,000 rank-and-file CTU members participated in the electronic vote over the past three days, with 71% favoring the rejection of in-person work in an unusually close vote for CTU labor actions. When the CTU voted to strike in 2019, 94% of members who voted chose to walk out.


Now, there is zero “science” or “data” about COVID-19 that supports this illegal union action. You have roughly the same chance of contracting the viral gift from China while hunkered down in your basement as you do while in a grade school classroom. In fact, we have seen studies that your chance of getting it at home are far higher, depending on where you live.

This illegal action is nothing more than an organized effort to institutionalize distance learning on a permanent basis. That’s what it is, and if officials in Chicago and other cities throughout America don’t start dealing with such illegal actions harshly, that is where we are going to end up as a society.

If you think your kids weren’t learning much in school before COVID came around, just wait until they’ve gone through several years of this kind of “education.”

This action and others like it simply cannot be allowed to stand, because what we have been doing to our school children for the last 11 months is nothing more or less than child abuse.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Boudica Child

We’ll trade mittens for Tulsi!

Count Mahdrof

Why is Tulsi a Democrat? Hawaii. Duh. There are as many Republican in Hawaii as there are non-racists in BLM. Not quite zero, but close.


because she can’t win an election in HI unless she is a demo. she has stated this.


They actually elected a GOP governor recently, but so did MA (Romney – yuck). so I get your point.


Google “Tulsi on the issues” and you will understand why she is not a Democrat. She was a Bernie Sanders supporter in 2016 and not much changed in 2019. Her stance on most of the issues in the Democrat debate were far left.

She perhaps does not hate America and Americans like most of the progressives.. But her views align with theirs.


I hope the Utes sue, sue sue. In fact they just go ahead and proceed as if the Fraudisent’s order doesn’t exist for them, because technically and according to the Treaties it doesn’t.

Time for the Indians to just say screw you, we’ll sue. We don’t need your permission to use our land as we see fit.

Mike Ham

Native Americans were able to get Cleveland and Wash DC to change its sports team names and THAT is much more important than tribes becoming self-sufficient, according to democrats.

Last edited 30 days ago by Mike Ham

If you get paid from taxpayer money and have a union secured job, you are insulated from the real world necessity of working for a paycheck. Give kids vouchers and privatize the school system.

prester kahn

Call it a wildcat (illegal) strike and cut off their paychecks.

Floyd Lloyd

The unfortunate thing about Tulsi Gabbard is her anti-2A stance which was on display throughout her presidential campaign. Yeah, she’s saying all the right things NOW. But I’m afraid that Americans have to be extremely skeptical of anybody running for public office these days because of the exposure by HillBillary of the Dems concept of a public and private policy. We like what Tulsi’s saying now, but what policies would she implement if elected to office?


I admire Tulsi Gabbard but I do not trust her. No one who pushes socialism, abortion, gun control on Americans deserves such praise. I wonder if she is waking up to the new communist reality in America. If so, she’s very late to the party. Again, I do not trust her, or any dem.


Regarding Tulsi Gabbard:

Zell Miller, a former gov and senator of our favorite former Red state of Georgia, was also one of the more moderate donkeys. He even gave a speech in support of Bush Jr. at the Republican Convention in 2004 as a sitting Dem senator.

He basically said Bush’s opponent, senator Lurch and his policies, was a bunch of crap, but still he refused to leave the donkeys and switch to being an “independent” or a Republican. Miller stayed a donkey until the day he died and thereafter probably continued to vote donkey in GA up to and including the 2020 election. He gave some lame excuse about not being able to heave his political roots and home after sixty or so years of being in their family… Sounds more like being captive to the mob than a political party. Old (Benjamin, also a donkey) Zell just couldn’t divorce himself from the party of the KKK.

Unless and until I hear the Hawaiian Heroine totally divorce herself from and unequivocally denounce the donkeys and their corruption, I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her. Unless a Dem #walkaways/runaways from the donkeys they are still a jackass trying to play both sides against the middle.  Clearly Tulsi still feels there is a future with the party of btfsplk.

And I am not in any way swayed by her (one of two) non-impeachment votes from 2019. She was allowed to vote the way she did as her vote was not needed. If she wanted my respect, she would have done what Rep. van Drew of New Jersey did and switched parties and voted no on both articles.

Regarding the child abuse of children by our ‘education’ system, for the last 11 months: 

That pales in comparison to the premediated educational maleficence perpetrated against most every K-12 and beyond child in America for at least the last forty years. 

Perhaps we will be better off not having our kids being held as a captive audience by communists and real fascists masquerading as educators who control the vast majority of the schools and the teaching syllabus. And like with Tulsi, my belief is if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Where are all these ‘good’ teachers organizing to fight the garbage? The same can be said for all the ‘good’ FIB agents, the ‘good’ cops, the ‘good’ scientists and doctors and the ‘good’ bureaucrats in all the federal, state and local governments who are just merrily allowing all this schiff to happen.

We are in the sorry state we are in because entirely too few people have removed their head from their butts, exhibited any integrity and have taken an organized stand. Obviously there are many examples of good people taking fighting the good fight and trying to expose the truth, but they are too few in number and are silenced by the pervasive evil that exists today. What is needed is for all the ‘good’ people, if they are in fact a majority to bond together and organize a real opposition to the deep state.

Apparently, the deep state and all their allies are better at dividing and conquering us patriots (in detail) than we are at uniting and halting this national kamikaze movement. I guess things are just too good for most people to care about the big picture – yet. By by then, it will be too late, if it isn’t too late already.

And finally, tell me again how much the donkeys care about minorities and the disadvantaged, in this case the various Indian (I am not disrespecting the indigenous peoples, I just am not going to be PC) tribes. In the Left’s zeal to destroy white working-class America, they’ll schiff on and disregard any other (insignificant to them) collateral damage to any of their peeps. 

John Perine

Go get them Utes! You are now in a very lucrative position with oil to sell and less competition.

Bob Hoye

If Trump forms a new party, it would not be a “third party”.
RINOs and their ilk would disappear.
And be replaced by independents and many ordinary folk discovering that Marxists have taken over the Democratic Party.
And leaving the disgusting Dems.


would they? or would enough of them get worried about a split come election time? there are lots of repubs that dont like him. is it enough to allow the dems to win against a split party? we need to get more repubs in so that jr can run. but not ivanka; i dont trust her.


We’re losing anyway without our vote being split!

I want the GOP to be DOA ASAP – as in by 2022.

It will be interesting to see how the GOP rebounds in this year’s four high profile elections (voter fraud notwithstanding).

Up this year are the NJ and VA governorships and the NYC and LA mayoral races. A vibrant opposition party usually wins opposite the Dems with a new or radical radical Presidential agenda.

In 1993, a clean sweep after BJ Clinton’s first year.
In 2009, a mixed result.
2021, ????

And, to be fair, the GOP lost those races in 2001 and 2017, but three of the four are deep Blue. This year daBozo is “term limited” unless he pulls a Bloomturd and gets the rules changed like all good Marxists do.

The real question: Will the Dopes in LA, NYC, VA and NJ elect/reelect their donkeys after a year of btfsplk and two years of CV-19? It will be a good barometer as to the trend of the country. Again, assuming there is not wholesale 50% voter fraud.


PS: The VA governor, as always, is also term-limited.

John Flowers

Because she believes in Gun control.


There are RINO’s and one DINO.


Chicago, a boil on the buttocks of an otherwise relatively sane state. Fire em!!


Starting to see a little bit of stealers remorse from some union leadership baffons like the steel and gas and oil workers unions but the teachers unions will remain clueless and unable to recognize that our govornment has been stolen by the democRats and they intend to destroy US with their absolute stolen power. Rank and file democRats praised their dear leader democRats throughout the last decade and dutifully hated and attacked every conservative sound constitutional policy and principle that came down the pipe. The hate, lies corruption and incompetence of the democRats now rules our government, get used to it.


“…the teachers unions will remain clueless…”

All my life I have been told that teachers are “professionals” like doctors and lawyers and are far above other trade occupations like plumbers, machinists, carpenters and electricians.

If that is true, name me another group of “professionals” who, 1) has a union(s) to represent them, 2) work almost exclusively (at least the unionized teachers) for the government, 3) once tenured, are almost impossible to fire, and 4) can willfully break the law by staging illegal strikes and never suffer any penalty – sort of like the vast majority of donkey politicians who never suffer any punishment for the crimes they commit which explains why most teachers are undoubtedly members of the donkey party.


they are not professionals. that is why a dr of education degree (can we say dr jill?) is not the same as other doctorates. not even close.


Funny–if these teachers were in the communist utopia they dream of, they not only would be fired; they’d be in jail. Communists understand that they have to separate children from parents & brainwash them in government schools to keep them ignorant & dependent. Hopefully a whole lot of parents will discover that home-schooling or charter schools present a great way to actually teach kids stuff.


Most of the time when a country goes full communist, most of the inteligencia (including teachers) get executed or sent to a gulag to die in anonymity.

“Hopefully a whole lot of parents will discover that home-schooling or charter schools present a great way to actually teach kids stuff.”

Yes, hopefully a whole lot of people finally see and learn the true agenda of the btfsplk party and of the fraud of the CV-19 governmental actions too.

They haven’t yet in big enough numbers, so I’m not too hopeful.

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