Sunday News Roundup: Biden Hates Unions and Democrat Governors Suddenly Decide to Reopen

Remember when Democrats claimed to support union jobs? – Well, those days are gone, as the former heavy influence of the unions on Democrats has been completely overwhelmed by the influence and money from the “climate change” lobby. No better proof of that changed dynamic has ever been offered than with Joe Biden’s cancellation of the cross-border permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline last week, an act that will ultimately cost as many as 10,000 union jobs.

But that is far from the only cost of this rash and unprecedented act of executive fiat. From a story at

The Keystone XL project represents an overall $8 billion investment by TC Energy, the company which owns and operates the Keystone Pipeline System that moves large volumes of crude oil throughout the middle section of the United States and southern Canada. Several hundred miles of the planned 1,200 mile Keystone XL expansion have already been constructed and placed into the ground, including, ironically, the section of the line that crosses the U.S./Canadian border. Upwards of $3 billion of that overall $8 billion investment have already been committed and now represents a sunk cost at the whim of a new President, a very dangerous precedent for any administration to set.

President Biden’s rash decision also puts thousands of union jobs at risk, representing $2.2 billion in lost wages. Keystone XL already employs about 2,000 workers, including members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices, the Teamsters and other major unions. All told, the plan for full construction of Keystone XL would employ as many as 10,000 union workers through its completion.

Barring a successful challenge to Biden’s order, all of those jobs are gone, noted without regret by Buttigeig and his advice that the workers simply seek other employment.

Gone also will be the $1.7 billion TC energy plans to invest in real, actual new clean energy capacity between now and 2030 to provide all of the power the Keystone XL would consume, along with the thousands of direct jobs that investment would produce. According to a TC Energy fact sheet, Indigenous communities along the pipeline’s corridor will also be hard hit: “Indigenous communities lose hundreds of millions of dollars, including more than $1 billion in intergenerational opportunities for equity ownership in KXL that will help them fight poverty and build schools, hospitals, and other essential services.”


Wonder how many Democrat voters knew they were voting for all of that when they cast their ballots for China Joe?

We have a new president now, so all of those Democrat governors who have imposed brutal lockdowns on their people are suddenly figuring out that those were a bad idea. – First it was Andrew Cuomo, who suddenly decided to start reopening his state’s economy now that Donald Trump has been safely disposed of. Now we are seeing a rush of despicable Democrat governors who have killed hundreds of thousands of small businesses and destroyed millions of jobs suddenly deciding to follow suit.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Michigan Gov. Herr Gretchen Whitmer are the latest lying Democrats to join in the reopening parade.

From a story at DailyWire:

Like clockwork, another Democrat governor who placed severe restrictions on their state has begun easing lockdowns now that President Joe Biden was inaugurated.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported Saturday that Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D-IL) has lifted some coronavirus restrictions in Chicago, allowing restaurants and bars that serve food to reopen for indoor services at 25% capacity.

“Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s health team officially gave the green light Saturday for restaurants and most bars across Chicago and suburban Cook County to invite customers back inside for indoor service,” the outlet reported. “A day after officials said both regions were ‘on track’ for limited reopening, the city and Cook County suburbs saw their coronavirus infection rates improve for a third straight day to officially move from Tier 2 to Tier 1 of the state’s COVID-19 mitigation plan.”


Here’s an excerpt from a story about Herr Whitmer from the Chicago Tribune:

Michigan restaurants and bars can reopen for indoor dining at 25% capacity and with a 10 p.m. curfew starting Feb. 1, and concessions can resume at casinos, movie theaters and stadiums, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said Friday.

The state health department’s coronavirus restrictions were loosened again amid a continued drop in cases and hospitalizations. They will be effective for three weeks, through Feb. 21.

The Democratic governor announced last week that restaurants would likely be able to serve dine-in customers beginning Feb. 1 after a two-and-a-half month ban.

“While we must remain vigilant and cautious, we can lift some protocols that were previously in place,” she said. “I know this pandemic has hurt our restaurant owners, our restaurant workers and all of their families. I want to thank those that made incredible sacrifices and did their part.”

Health and Human Services Director Robert Gordon’s order limits capacity to 25% — lower than the 50% ceiling that was in effect from June to November — with a maximum of 100 people. Bars and restaurants must close by 10 p.m. and collect customers’ contact information for tracing purposes.


Thus do these despicable Democrat brutes prove what we’ve known all along: That these lockdowns and social/economic destruction have had literally nothing to do with “science” or “data,” and everything to do with soulless politics. If there were any real justice in the world, all of these Democrat governors would be forced to inject themselves with the virus they have wielded as a political tool and denied health care services to address it.

They are without question the very worst people in the world.

Speaking of the very worst people in the world… – Hey, let’s not leave out the little Menace to American Society, Anthony Fauci, from our list of the very worst people in the world. Fauci, after all, was the enabler of all of the actions these Democrat governors took to destroy the economy and people’s lives for purely political purposes, always faithfully providing them cover with his constantly-shifting narrative related to the China virus.

Fauci was able to execute this task through his constant appearances on CNN and MSNBC, during which the talking head fake journalists invariably lobbed him a series of softball questions vetted in advance. This week, Fauci celebrated the opportunity to be the person designated by the DC Swamp to announce America’s re-joining the World Health Organization, the corrupt international body that enabled the globalization of the China Virus in the first place.

As a poke in the eye to every American who has lost a job, lost a business or suffered with the effects of the virus the WHO helped to deliver to us, Fauci actually “credited the organization for its “relentless” work in fighting the coronavirus during a WHO executive board meeting Thursday.” He also went on to add insult to injury when he “praised the WHO for rallying scientific communities to accelerate the development of vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics; its regular press briefings; and for providing “vital supplies” to dozens of countries.”

Finally, to give his week of abject mendacity a perfect coda, the Little Menace appeared on MSNBC for about the 1,000th time in the last 10 month and whined to host Rachel Maddow that he had been “blocked” from appearing on her show by the Trump administration:

You could never make these people up if they didn’t already exist. It’s a waste of time to even try.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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If the Democrats were this complicit in destroying the entire national economy to get one over on Orange Man, and evidence suggests this is true, how complicit were they in the inception and initial release of the virus?


There comes a time when men of faith, honor and integrity must stand up. They must understand that their families may be hungry for a period of time. They must understand that they may soon be dead. They must understand that, initially, they will be outnumbered and outgunned.

Yet, they must also understand that inaction will result in the same results as those listed above. Yet God will be with them, if their cause is just. Some will sacrifice all. It’s been done before. Are weaker than those who stood against past tyrannies? If we are, then we should accept that we are cowards and await our fate.

The time to act is now. Stop wondering how we will succeed. The Almighty God, our Creator, will see to the details. He will raise up leaders, and he will provide soldiers. But we must start moving.

bide is a thief

the fat hotel clerk in illinois has constantly moved the goalposts. he issues mandates as if a king and ignores them for himself and his family. his family has gone to wisc. and florida when told to stay home. he tells us to social distance and he and lightfoot celebrate with thousands in the street. when confronted on this he gets testy and wont answer the questions. he has threatened the people with arrest by state police. he says follow the scientific studies but provides no details. he is truly a despicable trust fund baby that bought his election. the sad thing is he will be reelected by cook county and the collar counties while the rest of the state suffers his tyranny.


Nothing speaks more clearly regarding media manipulation than the meme I saw yesterday. The left side showed a January 19 NPR quote about the continued increase in pandemic cases and noted crossing the threshold of 400,000 U.S. deaths. The right side showed a January 21 quote from NPR noting that the pandemic was now plateauing. In two days they went from “we’re all gonna die” to “things are really improving.” Who knew the cure was simply inaugurating a faux President on January 20?


Just like how the Denver Broncos in the late 1990s and the New England Patriots twenty years ago began winning Super Bowls once they changed the emblems on their uniforms. It had nothing to do with getting Elway a decent offense to lead and Brady becoming a starter.

Ben Colder

It is just blows my mind that people are so surprised at what CreepyJoe and the Ho are doing they said what they would do and no one heard them?I find that hard to believe.The communists are wasting no time in six months this country will be in a big depression maybe worse that 1929 I think people are going to be oh so surprised by what these communist bastards have planned for us .The fake president told everyone from the start what he was going to do .He screwed crazy Bernie out of running for president but in doing so he had to do what Bernie wanted .What did Bernie get in return maybe another house on the beach?Looks like he ran for president and all he got was a pair of lousy mittens.Heil comrade Joe and the Ho.

William Davidson

I’m holding my breath! Won’t be long before the implosion!


Now that Trump is banned from social media, he should put up billboards all over the country with his picture saying:

Miss me yet?


In every major demoncrat held city no less. The shrieking would be epic!


“Learn to code.”

JB Honeydew

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, a couple of things.

As to climate change….thbbbt. If anyone truly believes they can do anything to “save the planet”, they deserve to be fed thorazine until their brain is oatmeal. Whilst I agree that air should not come in flavors, nor should water taste like sewage. At best these climate edicts are nothing more than a Quixotic campaign designed only to make the authors and followers of this cult feel better and make some money before our untimely demise. The planet does not need us to survive. In time, Mother Earth will shake us all off like a bad case of fleas, and these assholes just can’t deal with it. [email protected]*k ’em all.

As for Fauci. I did not trust him from Day 1. His name is too close to Dr. Faustus, and things did not turn out well for him. He and all his ilk should be drawn and quartered, and the pieces fed to the gators. Afterall, the gators are hungry, and we’d be recycling.


Where was it that Al Gore said the Sea Level would be by the year 2020?


Fauxci is the very same weasel that said we’d have a cure for AIDS in 4 years at the beginning of that terrible scourge. He’s gotten rich of of other peoples misery just like Soreass.

A pox upon him, his house and his spawn

Brandon J Stover

My trust in Fauci ended during the Hydroxychloroquine scandal. Discovering reports that he himself identified chloroquine as an aid for sars cov crap in the early 2000s proved enough he was a liar. Going against CDC proven fact pre 2020 that masks don’t stop influenza and somehow works against this was the next red flag that questioned his loyalties to honest working americans. And lastly learning that the lab in China was working on this virus only because certain testing was outlawed in the states and development was shifted there, and that good ol’ Fauci was involved in that too somehow was the icing on the cake that he gives zero damn about anyone other than himself.


And yet they don’t care if they are caught lying.

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