DeSantis Whips Abbott Again on National Guard Controversy

Well, here we go with the next step in making the DC Police State permanent. – is reporting today that the National Guard under China Joe Potato Head Biden plans to keep a very substantial force of more than 7,000 Guard personnel in the nation’s capital to defend against gangs of marauding Trump supporters that do not exist.

The plan announced on Thursday originally was to keep this huge military presence in DC through the end of January, but that was mysteriously extended on Friday through the end of March. And at the end of March, it will no doubt be extended again, and it will keep on being periodically extended until the corrupt news media determines it is just a part of the “new normal” and stops remarking on it altogether.

Because that’s how this stuff works in the DC Swamp.

Here’s an excerpt from the story at

The National Guard Bureau is working on a plan to call for thousands of volunteers from the 25,600 Guard members in Washington, D.C., to remain on duty in the city until as late as mid-March.

Guard officials announced Thursday that approximately 15,000 Air and Army National Guard troops would begin returning to their home states as early as this weekend.

Over the past two weeks, the massive Guard force flowed into D.C. to reinforce federal law enforcement for Wednesday’s inauguration of President Joe Biden, following the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol that left five people dead.

While the inauguration took place peacefully, the Guard is still supporting requests from the U.S. Secret Service and federal law enforcement. Guard officials said Thursday that approximately 7,000 troops would likely remain in D.C. through the end of January.

As of Friday, the plan is to have up to 7,000 troops remain in D.C. through March 12, but those details are still in the planning stages, a National Guard official told

Any Guard members who stay past the original 31-day mobilization order will be on a volunteer basis, and their orders will be modified for the new time frame, Nahaku McFadden, a spokesman for the Guard Bureau, told

“We are not going to make anybody stay,” McFadden said.


Ok, guess which 7,000 National Guard personnel will no doubt “volunteer” to remain? Those would be the 7,000 who pledged their undying loyalty not to America, but to China Joe and Kamala and San Fran Nan and the rest of the in-power Democrats during the recent “vetting” of the Guard personnel by the FBI.

Thus does The Swamp create its very own Praetorian Guard. The “new normal” has arrived.

The states start fighting back a little. – On a positive note, some Republican governors have had enough of supporting this nonsense and are starting to fight back a bit. That effort was of course led by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who told reporters early Friday that he had ordered Florida’s National Guard troops to return home, stating that “These folks are soldiers, not Nancy Pelosi’s servants.”

DeSantis, who is quickly emerging as a serious early GOP contender for the presidency in 2024, went on to say that “This is a half-cocked mission at this point and the appropriate thing is to bring them home.”


Much later in the day, increasingly useless Texas Governor Gregg Abbott, who has completely lost  his way related to COVID-19 since last summer, woke up and realized he had just missed yet another opportunity to provide some real, actual leadership to DeSantis, decided he’d better call his National Guard people back home, too.

Hey, better late than never, right Governor Abbott? To be fair, of course, Abbott had threatened to take this action as early as Wednesday, but he’s become really good at issuing empty threats and really bad on following through with real leadership action. Last summer, when the country was in the midst of establishing the state-by-state paradigm for dealing with COVID-19, Abbott had a brief moment in time when it looked as if he might summon the courage to really lead on the issue and take the strong actions to save his state’s small businesses and jobs that DeSantis is now famous for having taken.

Sadly, Abbott couldn’t find it within himself to defy the tyranny of “experts” and do the right thing. As a result, DeSantis today has emerged as the GOP governor who seems most likely to be able to make a strong run at the party’s presidential nomination in 2024, with South Dakota Governor Christi Noem running a strong second. Abbott, who got a quick start out of the gate, is now foundering behind the pack and trying to figure out some way to get his mojo back.

Too bad.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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DeSantis looks young and vibrant similar to Trump; Abbott looks old worn and tired not unlike other Texas politicos like LBJ and G(D)WB.

Isn’t it amazing how much the presidency ages the liars who occupy it with the exception of Reagan and Trump. Just sayin.

Jersey Prophet

Every despot needs his palace guard. 7k nation guard troops will suffice.


If you go by the time stamps on the Tweets it looks like Abbott made the decision on January 21st about 12 hours before DeSantis’ tweet. So who was really first?

jack johnson

My question….why did these two governors send their troops there in the first place. You participate in a charade then complain about it later. Neither is presidential material in my opinion.

Don Bridgewater

They can keep a NG or Reserve soldier up to 180 days on orders. After that, their time becomes eligible for veteran status. NG and Reservist serving their tours without a 181 day plus deployment are not considered veterans by the VA so they are not eligible for veterans benefits. Just another way our government likes to use the people who ACTUALLY believe in the oath they take.


No defender of the wimp Abbott but he also does not have the luxury of a blazing red state populace as does Noem or even DeSantis.

All of our major cities are communist Dem controlled. Crazy Mexican narco sock puppet Beto almost took down Cruz two years ago. Austin our capital is more like Berkeley CA than is Berkeley. And the list goes on.

The point? Abbott has to step more carefully than does Noem….or even DeSantis.


Yeah, but real leaders lead and not by being political wimps. And Florida ain’t all that Red. They have big Blue cities too along with a lot of dem people from Puerto Rico and the northeast moving in all the time.


Early speculation of Governors Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem is great, but how difficult would it be to imagine the National elephants fixing their presidential nominating process like the donkeys always do?

Ronna McRomney and company will likely anoint their preferred candidate by changing their super delegate and other nominating rules as they must avoid allowing another Trump like insurgent candidate to emerge and beat their stale lame RINO/CINO offerings.

If I’m Ronna McRomney, I’m looking at Georgia Gov. Shemp and other creeps like the RINO/CINO Gov. Larry Hogan (not a CV-19 response hero) of Maryland or Ohio’s Mike DeWine to be the designated loser in 2024.  They can run on a platform of election reform headed up by the GA SOS Cliff Ratsberger. And, if they happen to win by mistake, the swamp can live with that like they lived with the bushes.

Or she could go with the standby of JEB! of the bush clan.

Governors DeSantis and Noem would be the logical choices in a logical world, but unfortunately, we live in a corrupt illogical world that will not be corrected by 2024. Unless things were to dramatically change with the media “reporting” and the election corruption fixed, I wouldn’t run under the prevailing circumstances.

Let’s face it, the Left achieved their primary purpose of destroying any chance of a Trump like outsider from seeking the presidency through slanderous intimidation and daily character assassination and making it impossible for any real conservative politician, or and especially an outsider, to ever want or dare seek the presidency.

My personal belief is the RNC can play hardball against anyone just like the donkeys whenever they want. As an example, to my speculation:

Outsider H. Ross Perot shocked them in 1992 by getting 20 or so percent of the vote which likely cost bush the first, his reelection bid. Then Perot wound up getting about ten percent of the vote in the 1996 Dole/Clinton match up, again arguably defaulting the election to Clinton who only got 43 and 49% of the vote in 1992 and 1996, respectively.  I am sure the message was conveyed to Perot that if he mucked up another election in 2000, he, or someone he cares about would become worm food. Perot went silent in 2000 and was a non-factor ever since.

Why would DeSantis want to allow himself to be bogusly attacked (remember how they tried to crucify him for his monkey it up comment during his gubernatorial campaign against the black mayor of Tallahassee?) non-stop for a couple of campaign years and then throughout his presidency?  Why would any conservative want to deal with the assurance of never-ending impeachment threats and feckless GOP congressional support? 

Trump won the Republican nomination yet was treated as an independent by his own party, which is why a victorious “independent” president  would be a lame-duck president from day one. Only Trump’s popularity, success, force of personality and name recognition assured him of the reluctant and nominal support he actually got from the GOP congress-critters. 

Why would Kristi Noem want to go through the Palin bimbo accusation treatment? Want more proof of what I am saying is true, go back to the 2012 GOP Primaries and review how people like Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, were treated by the media and NOT supported or defended by the elephants when they were gaining traction in the primaries. They were trashed and forced to drop out when the RINO Establishment chose the Mutt as their standard bearer. Mutt campaigned much harder and much meaner against his fellow Republicans in the primary then he did against ‘the 0ne’ in the general election. The GOP establishment did the same with Mclame against some very good alternatives in 2008 and tried to keep Cliff (mailman) Kasich afloat to force a floor fight against Trump in the 2016 convention to deny Trump the nomination.

As much as we all say we want good people to run, unless the dynamic changes, there is no point.  When the bush, mclame and mutt types are the only acceptable/tolerated GOP candidates, but still, nonetheless are impugned to the nth degree, if they happen to win, there is no chance for another Trump to run or win. It would be insane for anyone who is not a member in good standing with the swamp, and who has real character and backbone, to run and put themselves through the swamp’s septic tank.

Another “Mission Accomplished” for the swamp.


As has been discussed, there is no hope in supporting the GOP any longer. The organization is just as corrupt as the conmunist demoncrat party. They just do a better job of hiding it.

A pox upon them, their houses and their spawn.


They didn’t do a good job of hiding it this month and for the last four years.

I thank Trump for finally exposing the GOP for who they are for all to see.

That is the real Trump legacy; the GOP establishment just doesn’t see it yet.

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