Impeachment is not Just About Trump: It’s About Intimidating his Supporters

Many of you are no doubt wondering why it is that congressional Democrats and their shameful RINO supporters are intent upon going through with a Senate trial to finalize their latest scam impeachment of Donald J. Trump. After all, Mr. Trump is now a private citizen, and the impeachment process is clearly intended to be applied only to active holders of federal office by the Constitution.

But, Constitution be damned, Nancy Pelosi made it clear yesterday that she and her fellow evil minions plan to force this process through to the bitter end in an effort to ban Trump from ever holding public office again. That is how truly frightened the UniParty Democans and Republicrats remain of this singular man, without question the most accomplished American president in modern times.

Well, wonder no more, as the corrupt hacks at Slate have a piece out today that fully explains the UniParty’s rationale for hounding Trump until he is safely neutered. That piece, written by despicable hack Dahlia Lithwick, details an interview conducted with Juliette Kayyem, who served as assistant secretary at the Department of Homeland Security under President Barack Obama, because of course she is an Obama minion. What else would she be?

Here are some excerpts from that piece at Slate:

Dahlia Lithwick: I want to start by asking you about this phrase stochastic terrorism because you’ve been saying it and saying it. And I feel like I wrote it this week, and then one of my dear friends was like, “What the hell does that mean?” Can you explain what it means?”

Juliette Kayyem: It doesn’t roll off the tongue, I know. I think the first time I used it publicly was in 2018. I had been looking at what Trump was doing, and inciting violence was not the right terminology, because it was a particular type of violence. It was a violence that was directed toward political gain. Now, that could be whether it’s against a mayor he doesn’t like, or a governor he doesn’t like, or people he doesn’t like, or media personalities, as he’s often wont to do. And the means that he did it is stochastic terrorism. Stochastic means random.

It’s a way of thinking about violence. And it’s when a leader uses his platform to motivate and incite violence in a way in which the violence is much more likely to occur, but who does it and where it’s done is utterly random. So, after a Trump speech, is it more likely someone might do something? Yes. Or a Trump tweet.

I don’t feel comfortable calling Trump a terrorist just because I think that then we’re going to get into that debate. But it’s important to say that he’s the spiritual and operational leader of a domestic terrorism movement and that’s where we’ve landed. And that’s what I’ve been writing and talking about. And I did it not for name-calling but because now, I think, can we think about the prisms of counterterrorism as a solution?

That is what’s important so that you get to the counterterrorism framework: OK, what can we do, knowing now that this is an organized domestic threat? All of a sudden, the tools become more obvious: do all the things that you would otherwise do with any criminal organization. You prosecute, you investigate. [This includes not just Trump, but all of his supporters.]

You cut off the money. What the private sector is doing is fantastic. You deplatform the leader. So, thank you, Twitter and Facebook, for this short moment in time—we’ll get back to you later. You isolate, you shame, you use every political gesture you can. [Classic Saul Alinskyism.]

Crushed is a little strong, but you just want to weaken him, because it’s now about recruitment. It’s about whether we can contain this, prosecute those who’ve been violent, off-ramp those who may want to off-ramp. There’s something to shame, and to them realizing what’s going on. And we’ve got a lot of people in that camp. Let’s make sure he can’t recruit. And so he needs to be [the] loser.


Get all of that? The Swamp feels it must continue to hound, shame and persecute Trump because of you, you 75 million Trump voters who the Swamp now will characterize as “domestic terrorists.”

If it still isn’t clear enough for you, watch this clip of Obama CIA director John Brennan, who, along with DNI James Clapper and FBI Directors Robert Mueller and James Comey, weaponized the entirety of the U.S. Intelligence Community against ordinary Americans under Obama:

Got that? China Joe’s Intelligence Community is not moving against Trump, it is moving against 75 million ordinary Americans who the Swamp/Uniparty considers to be a “pro-Trump insurgency”, not against America, but against the privileged interests of the Swamp elite. (By the way, the very fact that Brennan is making 7 figures as a “contributor” for MSNBC instead of sleeping on a cot at Gitmo is also designed to intimidate you.)

Just as the Swamp and its media/Big Tech toadies spent months telegraphing their plans for stealing the presidential election, they are now plainly telegraphing their plans to force you all to submit. Thus, this impeachment/removal of a man who has already left office is not merely about Trump, it is about shaming and intimidating all of his 75 million voters to submit to the Swamp’s will.

They always telegraph their plans, folks. All you have to do is pay attention.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Morgen Seher

It’s always been about the 75 million, Trump supporters or not. That is the number of folks campaign donors demand be pushed closer to poverty every day so they can buy more yachts.

JB Honeydew

Pontification on any of this solves absolutely zero. Playing by the “proper rules” is also a waste of time and energy, simply because the other side will not play by said rules.

The true solution involves getting hands and souls dirty. It is inhumane and shouldn’t be a solution in civilized society, but unfortunately we are there.

Godspeed to all.


So, “stochastic” means random. And random Trump supporters are to be seen or be persecuted as terrorists.

Okay, got it. Typical Leftist semantics.

Rush was again talking about how hard it will be to create a new political party. Maybe so, but we can sure as hell go after the nominal enemy of the donkey party by defunding it. Our campaign contributions will go somewhere and as long as they are not going to the GOP we will be able to get a real conservative party started.

DJT doesn’t have to run again, Eric or Don Jr. can in his place. Reagan won without the internet or social media when things were going to hell under Jimmy Peanut. Another conservative can win again but only if the voting system gets repaired.

Everything is moot unless and until we destroy the Republican Party and get fair elections. The first is doable, the second will be tough. But we can get satisfaction from bringing down the frauds that betrayed us. That has to be the starting point in our quest to MAGA again.


None of us took the bait on the 17th. They will now go full false flag.

I still say the rioters made some of the swamp congress critters pee themselves. Guilt and fear have a way of doing that.

That’s another reason why we are going to be persecuted. Thanks to antifa.

And isn’t it amazing that with all the twatter and fakebook chatter before, during and after the riot in which they admit they were behind it, the FBLie still hasn’t arrested all of them?

Nope! It’s all Trump supporters. Has to be.

Get out of the stock market. Get some hard coin currency and precious metals. Drop your cable if you can. Quit buying anything made by a the hollyweirdos and the music industry. Shop Mom and Pop if you can find them. Stock up on food, water and ammo (if you can find it). Do anything you can to disconnect from their income streams. Support those that are not part of it.

Keep your eye and ears open on the street. Treat others kindly but be wary.

And if you can, move to Texas. If we could we would. It will be the last redoubt of American exceptionalism.

Sad to say it, but it has to be said.


But, but, the guest piece yesterday told us we had little to really worry about.

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