The Truth About Trump is Much Different Than the Caricature

Guest Piece From Nathan Kaspar

Would you look at that, the sun came up in the east this morning!

We’ve completed the cycle of a successful transfer of power.  It turns out that Trump wasn’t going to declare martial law, there weren’t thousands of “MAGAites” ready to attack the capitol, and no, there were not Chinese troops in Canada ready to invade.  I hope that all Americans, left, right, and center will take a few days to objectively evaluate where they get their “news” from.

First off, we need to start with some truths about presidential campaigns in general.

-There is an attempt to spin the other candidate’s future administration as “the end of America”.  This was certainly the case by republicans when Obama was elected.  The “TEA Party” movement immediately sprang to life and Obama only had 2 of his 8 years (the first two) with both houses of Congress.  Our system of “checks and balances” works, and Americans have proven they will vote to check extreme agendas in either direction.

-The most bold promises, or threats rarely come to fruition in policy.   I’m old enough to remember when Obama campaigned to close the Military Prison in Guantanamo Bay.  He could have done that 12 years ago with the stroke of a pen, and the facility is still open.  Remember when liberals tried to play on your fears and claimed Trump would end same-sex marriage and enact a Pence authored theocracy?  Ha.  Turns out Trump could have cared less about any of those issues.

So, hopefully now you have calmed down some and realized that America is going to be OK.  We got through 8 years of Obama, we can survive 4 (or less) years of Biden.  Any portion of term carried out by an unelected President Harris would be the least legitimate in American History.  Non-elected presidents with no mandate are not to be feared politically.  So, relax.

This is not a “Hit-Piece” on Donald Trump.  I voted for him his policies twice.  I’m an officer in the Military, and I witnessed first hand the boost in morale that Trump’s leadership brought vs his predecessor.  I had the misfortune of being on active duty in a DoD agency that supported the State Department under Hillary Clinton’s mismanagement.  I know all too well just how disastrous the Obama Administration’s failures in defense and foreign policy were…but “what difference, at this point, does it make”?

Donald Trump’s 1st and greatest achievement as President will always be preventing Hillary Clinton from ever being President.  For that, we owe him a debt of gratitude.  Trump has other accomplishments as well.  His economic leadership built the US Economy to it’s strongest point ever.  He led an effort to rebuild the US Military which is paying off.

Trump put many existing foreign conflicts to an end, and started no additional wars.  He told Iran “If you f*ck around with us, we will do things to you that have never been done before.”  Then he scattered pieces of Iran’s chief terrorist all over the desert as an example.  Iran blinked.  North Korea blinked.  China blinked.  Our trade imbalance with China is trending back toward balance.  Israel is properly supported, our Embassy is in their capital, and Israel has US Peace Deals with several Islamic nations.  Those accomplishments are incredible for a single term president.

Sadly, Trump left office as a President who could make all the spectacular slam dunks, but he couldn’t make a layup.  This is why:

-Donald Trump didn’t expect to win.  He was as surprised as the national media and the lib-tards that were screaming on the national mall at the inauguration.  Trump did not have key cabinet positions identified and ready to go, and he didn’t have his agenda ready to roll out.

-Trump campaigned to “Drain the Swamp”, and immediately added “Swamp Animals” to his highest level positions.  Trump’s appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General was the most “swamp” thing ever, and Sessions’ recusal from the Russia Hoax (instead of declassifying everything and killing it in a day) crippled Trump’s term.  Trump’s complaints about “the deep state” fail to recognize that the President of the United States holds the power to fire ANYONE who works within any executive agency.  Got problems at the FBI?  Get off your butt and go down there and get the top 200 members of the agency in the same room with the top 20 on the stage.  Lay out the orders, and ask the director if he is going to follow them.  No?  You are fired, Deputy director, you are now the director.  Are you going to follow orders?  No?  You are fired.  Assistant Deputy Director, you are now the director.  Are you going to follow orders????  And you keep doing that until you get someone who will do their job.  Swamp animals have a word for guys like Trump…  They are a “carton of milk” inside the beltway.  That means they have a known expiration date, and federal jobs don’t expire.  The swamp waited him out, and remains undrained.

-Trump did more to cripple his administration and torpedo his re-election with his own Twitter account than democrats could ever do to him.  He should have realized that his Twitter account was driving incredible traffic (and profits) for Big Tech, and taken his messages direct to Americans via the White House webpage…and for the love of God, let the press secretary that you hired and pay scrub your messages.  For all the talk of Trump playing 3D chess, he lost a game of checkers with Twitter.

-The entire point of the Russia Hoax was to delegitimize the Trump Administration, and Trump allowed the issue to fester when he could have ripped that band-aid off at any point by declassifying documents.

-Trump miscalculated motives and capabilities of former Military Generals.  Trump allowed his idea of 3 and 4 star generals as being apolitical patriots to cloud his judgment on them.  Any 4 Star General (or Admiral) has been a political animal since they were a Colonel/Captain.  While military politics differ from civilian politics, the operations still occur within the same government and funding system.  Google “Jim Mattis Board of Directors” if you don’t believe me.  These 4 star swamp animals in their military retirement are nothing but lobbyists with a shadow-box.  Is it any surprise that our former SECDEF is now on the board of directors for General Dynamics with over a million dollar annual compensation?  And you wondered why his wars would never stop???

-Donald Trump did nothing to stop “Corporate Welfare”.  While the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is Trump’s legislative high point, his failure to force entire industries like Ethanol, Solar, other “renewables”, and dozens of other pet legislative initiatives continues to cost taxpayers trillions per year.

So, why didn’t Donald Trump get those things done?

That answer is really simple, but will be a tough pill for a lot of people to swallow.  Donald Trump is not, and was never a Conservative Republican.  Trump is a lifelong democrat, businessman, entertainer, marketer, and promoter.  Trump’s favorite brand to promote has always been Donald Trump.   Any good business man identifies places in the market where there is a void, and then they fill that void for profit.   Trump personally hated Barrack Obama, starting when Obama personally mocked him at an event on the subject of Obama’s birth certificates.

Trump’s love for himself, and his individual hatred of Obama drove him to take Obama’s job and erase his legacy.  In order to do that, he had an easy void to fill due to lack of Republican Leadership.  So, Trump picked up some Republican talking points (2nd amendment, pro-life, strong military, America 1st) and CNN played an unwilling (and inadvertent) accomplice to getting Trump nominated and elected.

Trump’s marketing plan during the 2016 and 2020 campaigns was to set himself up as the only person who was fighting for the little guy.  In doing so, he’s managed to obtain a unique cult like following with the majority of the US population loving him for attributes that aren’t accurate or true, or hating him for attributes that aren’t accurate or true.

The CARICATURE of Trump is being a far-right extremist, white supremacist maniac are no more true than the idea of him being a Reagan like conservative.  The TRUTH of matter is that Trump’s policies most closely resemble the compromises that were forced by Newt Gingrich during the Clinton Administration.  By Mid-1990’s standards, Trump is a left/middle Democrat while borrowing some of Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy pillars of “Peace Through Strength” and knowing he had to appoint conservative judges to maintain his Republican “street cred” in DC and for re-election.

Trump (or what he built himself up to be) was the equal and opposite over-reaction to Obama.  The funny thing is that we now have in Joe Biden, a guy who was to the POLITICAL RIGHT of Donald Trump by those same mid-90’s standards.   Democrats (especially racial minorities) have been pointing at the 1994 Crime Bill for decades as proof of “Institutional Racism”, as that law resulted in massive and disproportionate incarceration of minorities.  Joe Biden authored that piece of Institutional Racism, and he’s now your hero replacement for Donald Trump.  Kamala Harris is a former prosecutor who made a name for herself being “tough on crime” by sending hundreds of black-Americans to long prison terms for petty marijuana offenses.

This truth could not be believed if it was packaged as fiction.

So, as we keep our eyes open the next few weeks and months, we need to see how President Biden actually legislates, compromises, and leads.  Heck, people with early stage dementia often wake up not knowing what year it is.  Biden could wake up thinking it’s 1994, and we can get through that version of Joe Biden just fine.  Anything left of that, we need to turn the page from “Trumpism” and lean on the young talent in national politics to stand on conservative principals to get us through it.

Beyond that, you need to get involved in your local politics.  Your county officials determine who works at polling stations, where they will be, and who counts (and observes) the votes.  Get up, get informed, get involved.

Nathan Kaspar is a native of Ganado, Texas and grew up on a family ranch and enlisted the Navy in 1996.  Nathan later attended the University of Texas at Austin on a fleet ROTC scholarship, lettered in Football as a walk-on, earned a degree in Political Science and a Commission as a Naval Officer.  After Naval Flight School and earning his wings, Nathan had several flying and non-flying tours that took him to garden spots such as Iraq, Bahrain, Dubai, and a nuclear counter-proliferation assignment in Russia.  Now with 24 years of combined active and reserve service, Nathan splits time between his civilian consulting job in Austin, TX and his reserve military duties in Florida.  

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David Densford

Good job Nathan! Insightful and educational to those of on the right who can’t understand what just happened.

JK Brown

“Conservative Republican” is not something that actually exists, at least to the level of making a difference even when holding the presidency.

Charles Murray laid it bare in May 2016 in AEIdeas while shilling for Hillary:

Without getting into the comparative defects of Clinton and Trump (disclosure: I’m #NeverTrump), I think it’s useful to remind everyone of the ways in which having a Republican president hasn’t made all that much difference for the last fifty years, with Ronald Reagan as the one exception.”

Reagan wasn’t an accepted Conservative Republican but he made a difference. And now Trump has made a real difference. The Bushes were caretakers for Democrats at best.


Kaspar can point out all of Trump’s mistakes and flaws…and we all have them…but Trump nevertheless won the election! The problem was the RINOs who apparently would rather lose the White House than support Trump, an outsider and beholden to no one. And this is why I officially left the Republican Party this week. I hope more Republicans do the same and leave the stinking carcass to McConnell and Pence to rule over.

Helen G

Yes, Trump won the election but he didn’t fight for it. I don’t know what McConnell said to him but Trump let them walk all over him and take it. I don’t know who he was listening to but it wasn’t the people he claimed to be fighting for.

I’m sad and sorry for our Country.


No comments yet?

Brandon Stover

While I slightly disagree, it’s a fair take. Thanks for sharing these guest pieces and not cancelling them. That happened to me yesterday again.

jim brown

Center left pols do not cut taxes, or build up the military, or appoint conservative judges. Also, Trump’s not careing attitude about things like gay marraige and other personal behavior is actually the most conservative thing about him. A true conservative is a live and let live, mind your own business kind of person. That was exactly what the founders envisioned when the wrote the Constitution. Also the author went to UT Austin and got a political science degree and he was an officer in Clinton’s Navy at a time when Clinton and Patsy Schroeder were using the Tailhook scandal to purge the mid-level officer ranks of the true warriors and those with known conservative political views and promoting officers who were known to be political far leftists. Its the same kind of purge obama did to the Flag ranks during his 8 years. Also, the author seems to come from the view that the election was an up and up honest election. It didn’t matter how many votes Trump recieved the dems and the big tech/dominion/italian/chinese allies would have produced more fraudulent votes. I mean most of the worst vote fraud was caught on video for all to see. Even if Trump had gotten 100 million legal votes the election coup plotters simply would have added enough fraudulent votes to the machine tallies. Elections will never again be legitimate; now that dems and R swamp monsters know they can simply purchase their election victories from Dominion.



You present interesting points and accurate perspective on who Trump was and is. It is true that Trump did damage himself in certain aspects of his communication operations, and I have written numerous times on how he should have kept firing people in the DOJ/FBI and every other gov. department and agency every week until he found someone who would follow his orders. If it meant he had to go down to a GS-15 or 14 level, so be it. So, in that regard, your analysis is spot on.   But the country is in a very different place than the mid-1990s Trump and Biden and Gingrich Clinton pragmatic paradigm.

However, the elephant schiff in the room is the GOP agenda, such as it is, which is a lite version of the donkey schiff version. In other words, they only screw us a little less hard and a little less frequently by using things like Mitch’s (KY) jelly (AKA “compromise”) to lessen the pain when reaching across the aisle to his colleagues. 

And the biggest dynamic shift is the Left’s total takeover of the election process. There is going to be no next time, no next election to “get it right” as things stand now.

Furthermore, every time the jackasses get complete control, the communist agenda always advances, and when the elephants get the power, one way or another, the worst of the donkey policies stays intact to further haunt us in the future.

The totality of the election theft process has now been baked in as to make all future elections meaningless. The fact that these two candidates were able to prevail against a strong and popular incumbent president shows the Left can and will get anyone elected any and every time it wants. The only elephants who will be elected in the future are the ones the Left wants elected.

The unchallenged, and therefore sanctioned, election fraud by those who are in positions that matter is what has most every conservative and honest person most outraged by the events which culminated on Jan. 20, 2021. 

It wasn’t so much that Trump lost, it was how he was defeated that most pisses us off.

PS: The greatness of this country proves we don’t need a hard core idealogue dictator/ruler like Franco or Tito to be successful, we just need a common-sense pragmatic leader to protect the citizens from government excess. In that regard, Donald John Trump did just fine. But no one, certainly no other Republican politician was going to win against the slowjoe/cameltoe ticket. And unless things dramatically change, there will never be another elephant of any ideological bent elected president.


Most eloquent post my friend. I am left without anything to add.


Thanks Silas


you need to get involved in your local politics. Your county officials determine who works at polling stations, where they will be, and who counts (and observes) the votes. Get up, get informed, get involved.”

This ^^ ….conservatives are terrible at local politics. Libs excel at it. We all need to try to do this. Now, some comments on an earlier statement:

So, hopefully now you have calmed down some and realized that America is going to be OK. We got through 8 years of Obama, we can survive 4 (or less) years of Biden. Any portion of term carried out by an unelected President Harris would be the least legitimate in American History. Non-elected presidents with no mandate are not to be feared politically. So, relax.”

Calmed down, yes. But no, I’m not going to relax. What we are seeing from the left with attacks on 1A, censorship, and now the apparent classification of all trump supporters as domestic terrorists is far worse than anything that came before. I’ll admit we need to see if so-called domestic terror commissions actually come to fruition, but when every dem mouthpiece is spouting the exact same thing on every news show in the country, I’m gonna pay attention. That we must be de-programmed. WTF? If they are true to their intentions, they will try to criminalize speech, association, protests, and all opposition, but…BUT only conservative examples of those things. BLM, antifa – those groups will get special treatment. So with spineless Republicans, the sunshine patriots that most of them are as our only defense, I don’t have a ton of confidence that America will come out the other side with all her faculties intact.

The country has been sliding to the left for awhile, the last 4 years notwithstanding, and it feels like the slide is now a lurch. Freedoms lost are never to be regained. Maybe it won’t be that bad, but until I see evidence that is the case, I’m going to keep my guard up.


Joensy, I know what you say get involved locally. Atlanta, Fulton county is where the fraud was in Georgia. I don’t apologize for it, but I cannot get involved in Fulton county politics as I am not, ahem, the proper color person. I am not being racist, but I am a realist. There is no way I can make a beans hill of difference in Fulton county Georgia.

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