January 20, 2021: A Date That Will Live in Infamy

Guest Piece By Gregg Updike

January 20, 2021 was our third day in the last eighty years that will “Live in Infamy”.

Like the other two days it was a beautiful clear crisp morning, but by the end of the day in my Tennessee it will be raining and miserable.  And like the other two days the three “man caused disasters” all occurred through a lack of intelligence and carefully choreographed manipulation.

The first was a political manipulation of a nation 4,800 miles from the continental United States that Americans cared little about in order to get the United States into another foreign entanglement on the other side of Asia that most citizens desperately wanted to avoid at all costs.   December 7, 1941 was blamed on a failure of intelligence, and two local commanders were scapegoated for the disaster; no other people in power were sanctioned.

A willful bliss and pervasive ignorance among our nation’s intelligence organizations coupled with a badly flawed foreign, domestic and economic policy which unnecessary increased our dependence on foreign oil once again failed to connect the dots and 9-11 happened.  Again, no policy makers were held accountable or sanctioned for that failure.

Yesterday completed the trifecta, the dream of the Left, to manipulate enough Americans to accept the final step in the slow methodical decline of the greatest, most prosperous and most generous nation on earth.  Now we have the frailest figurehead ever to hold our highest office run by a massive cabal of anti-Americans with absolutely no checks and balances.  Unlike twelve years ago when the same figurehead became the empty suit vice president of the empty suit president and controlled the legislative branch with massive majorities in both houses of congress, this time he controls congress with the slimmest of margins, so one might think we would be relatively safe from the most radical of impulses of the new administration.  Unfortunately, that is not the case this time around, not with all the GOP frauds who are more than willing to cross the aisle in the spirit of “unity and “bipartisanship”.

We are now going to be governed by the oldest president and the oldest congressional leadership in our history.  One might think, that with age comes wisdom and restraint, and in the past, you would be correct in that assumption.  However, that dynamic has changed for several reasons:

These septuagenarians and octogenarians who are now in positions of power are all from the sixties’ radical generation who never grew up and never gave up their quest to “fundamentally change America”.  It took a long time, but now the path is clear for them to put the pedal to the metal.

Yesterday, was the culmination of a massive intelligence failure of the collective body politic.   It will prove to be much more damaging in the short and long term to our republic because it will be irreversible under the current fraudulent election process.  Regardless of the amount and nature of the massive and undeniable election fraud, the fact remains that at least 60 million Americans could not be bothered to cast a vote to save their country and at least another 60 million Americans actively voted for the destruction of our Constitutional Republic and the elimination of the last vestiges of its system of checks and balances.

In 1968, when I was in the third grade, I learned of the American system of government and how we citizens were able to vote for our leadership.  I felt, what a great system we have; a system to cherish, a system that will ensure the success of the nation forever.  What I was taught back then sadly is not taught to our youth today in most of our schools.  The seeds of our destruction were being planted, very quietly, and very surreptitiously through a series of laws, and court decisions that few saw coming and thus few fought against.  There were many other distractions the MSM were using to keep much of this growing cancer off the radar.  So much for the fourth estate being the nation’s watchdog via the “free press”.  They then, like now were active participants in the propagandizing of America.

The Vietnam War was used as a distraction to keep the masses unaware; it was also used to get Americans used to the idea that defeat was a viable alternative to success, particularly in these “optional wars”.  Prior to Vietnam, defeat, or more correctly, a lack of victory, was an anathema to the American Psyche.  Now such outcomes are baked into the cake.  Our military and our nation were manipulated into accepting stalemated outcomes that always cost us dearly and gained us nothing ever since.  Also, since the seventies, our all-volunteer military has become a social petri dish with the ultimate goal of reducing its readiness and effectiveness.

Then came the contrived gasoline shortages of the seventies which showed everyone just how vulnerable we were to many of the third world’s most despotic rulers.

The 1980 election of Ronald Wilson Reagan reversed our march to the fundamental change the Left so desperately craved; at this time, the sixties’ radicals were beginning to come into positions of power.  Reagan was the original MAGA president, and showed the world that good, when properly applied, can overcome evil.  He was also mocked and strongly opposed by the Left and they went into hiding under the radar for most of his eight years.  Sadly, they weren’t defeated, not even close, they just continued to do their evil deeds under the radar via the manipulation of education and thought.  By the eighties, our federal government was so monolithic that it became a force unto its own and was able to drive a hidden agenda that even Reagan (and later Trump) could not halt.  He was only successful in abating its worst excesses.  But the USSR was ultimately defeated and that was a big blow to the Left.  Reagan brought peace, prosperity and pride back to America and was roundly ridiculed for it by his powerful and influential critics on the Left that he was not able to defeat.  With the 1988 landslide election of his stooge vice president (another bad appointment by a pro-America president) the Left’s survival was assured.

In the ensuing 28 years we had a succession of weak (at best) Republican presidents and radical Democratic presidents that fully reengaged the Left; often under the premise of “bipartisanship” and reaching across the aisle to our friends on the Left.

By 2016 we were in a crisis, and huge numbers of Americans finally saw the light and gave the outsider Donald John Trump a chance to MAGA like Reagan did under similar circumstances.  The Left, and their standard bearer, Hillary was lazy, overconfident and despite their cheating and stacking the deck in 2016, were upset bigly by Trump.  The main difference between Trump and Reagan, was the Left was better organized and had further metastasized throughout all levels of government by the time Trump came to power AND they were NOT going to let him have eight years to implement his MAGA/KAG agenda.  It just was not going to be allowed to happen because if Americans could see the difference between Trump’s policies of capitalistic freedom and prosperity and the Democratic Party’s vision of controlling socialism and despair for eight years, they may never recover.  And that could not be allowed to stand.

Trump, and his vision had to be defeated at all costs and ultimately it was.  Now we get to reap the fruits of our collective laziness of fifty of the last sixty years.

We were able to survive and recover from the Pearl Harbor and the 9-11 episodic sneak attacks that had little staying power against the overall strength of the United States.  January 20, 2021 represents decades of effort on the part of our republic’s domestic and foreign enemies.  It remains to be seen if we will be able to overcome the assault that will be brought against freedom loving Americans in the years to come.


That is all.

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Morgen Seher

Interesting in the sense that it will definitely come to pass that (R) senators are going to flock to support Biden. One, two, but never more than three, will practice such treachery on any given bill.


And they will hand off the rotation between the dozen or so CINO senators so as to hide from the folks back home their real agenda just like our “conservative” SC where justice Kennedy got Obamacare ruling right but Mister Roberts got it wrong , and then Kennedy got the gay marriage ruling wrong, but Roberts got it right resulting in constant 5-4 losses.

Congress and the SC has played the classic rope-a-dope game for decades with the net result being the conservative side always loses. The (R)s in congress and the (R) appointed judges and courts get to claim they vote conservative most of the time to fool the hicks back home on election day.


The Founding Fathers only human error was assuming that after serving one or two terms, most Congressmen would return to their businesses and farms and let another citizen step up and serve.

It never even occurred to that there should be term limits. Or a political class would evolve. We didn’t even have Presidential term limits until FDR.
But now it’s too late to impose that on the swamp critters.

Barring something of epic proportions.

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