The End of Trump Signals the End of the American Republic

President Donald Trump leaves office at noon today, and America as we have known it leaves with him. The President who never expected to win has spent the last four years trying to save this country from its worst impulses and maladies: Unchecked illegal immigration, military interventionism all over the world, intentional economic decline justified by Climate Change religious dogma, the surrender of jobs and manufacturing capacity under falsely-named “free trade” agreements, political correctness, and the pervasive cancer of fake news spread by the utterly corrupted mainstream news media.

These and other goals that he brought with him into the White House formed the basis of the rank hatred of him by the establishment media and the DC Swamp culture, a culture that thrives on the selling of American economic and national security interests for monetary gain via a vast array of influence peddling schemes. Think of it: In his farewell address last night – which the corrupt networks refused to air – Trump boasted of being the first American President in many decades who will leave office without having started a new war. This is, of course, one of the main reasons why he is so detested by the Swamp culture.

Indeed, the entirety of the congressional legislative process, run as it is today by staffers and lobbyists who essentially order the elected representatives around, has degenerated into nothing more than one big influence game. So it was that the Swamp detested Trump and his promises to drain it, and spent four years concocting and executing a never-ending series of idiotic schemes to rid itself of him.

Trump beat back all of those schemes where lesser men lacking his will and wits would have failed. But he was finally done in by his failure to find and appoint an attorney general who was not himself a captive of the Swamp. Instead, he wasted two years on Jeff Sessions after Sessions betrayed him and allowed Robert Mueller and his American Gestapo to run amuck, and then wasted the final 21 months of his term in office on the worthless William Barr, whose abject refusal to police massive election fraud in the end proved fatal to Trump’s presidency.

And so, America today faces the consequences of Trump’s naivete’, Sessions’ betrayal and Barr’s inaction: The installation of a human sock puppet who will faithfully execute the Swamp’s bidding until the Swamp decides to replace him with Kamala Harris, a younger human sock puppet who isn’t in advanced stages of dementia. Those consequences will be brutal and come at all of us much faster than most imagine.

America as we have known it is leaving with President Trump. Now that they have stolen the presidency in a clearly fraudulent election and know they can get away with it thanks to the cooperation of the news media, the courts and the Big Tech monopolies, no American can assume their votes will ever really matter again. The Democrat Party has achieved its 100-year goal of destroying the nation’s system of free and fair elections, and with that, the notion that America is any longer the democratic republic established by its founders and guaranteed by the constitution. The Democrats have cemented it all this week with a show of massive military force and by turning the nation’s capital into the police state they envision for the rest of the country.

They have the power now. They control the military, and they want to make damn sure you know it. That’s what today’s massive show of force is all about.

President Trump knows all of this, and as a result will refuse to validate it by participating in today’s corrupt inaugural ceremonies. His poor choice of vice president, unfortunately, is firmly bought into the DC Swamp UniParty approach, and plans to join in.

President Trump was able to achieve much during his four years in office despite the Swamp’s never-ending coup efforts; unfortunately, too many of his achievements were made through executive orders that will now simply be reversed by his designated sock puppet successor, China Joe Potato Head Biden, who will sit at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office and dutifully sign whatever his elder-abusing handlers set in front of him while slurping down his bowl of tapioca pudding.

And so, the great experiment created by the founders, and for which so many millions of countrymen and women have fought and bled to preserve, will for all intents and purposes come to an end, not with a bang but with a whimper, enforced by 26,000 military personnel and a reported 10,000 more police and other law enforcement officials in the single largest show of brutish force ever seen in the District of Columbia.

Just before he was assassinated in 1935, Louisiana populist Huey Long famously said that if America were to ever have a fascist government, “we’ll have it under the guise of anti-fascism.”

85 years later, Long’s prophecy comes true today. Now that our system of free and fair elections has been destroyed, it’s difficult to see how the nation ever recovers.

That is all.

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The country doesn’t recover, it splits


Everybody is having a hissy fit about President Trump rescinding his drain the swamp EO.

Apparently they have forgotten that slojo promised to rescind every EO President Trump wrote. I have written previously that since the SC ruled
that President Trump couldn’t do that, that neither could slojo. But. as we have seen, the SC has been compromised by Roberts to the point that it couldn’t do it’s job when it was needed most. So there’s no doubt the first challenge (if any) will go down in flames.

I would have preferred that President Trump let stand and forced slojo to do it. With all the pardons and commutations of criminals who didn’t deserve it, I wonder just kind of pressure was put on President Trump to do it.

Morgen Seher

Hmmm. Rather than the bad Attorneys General, wasn’t Trump’s biggest mistake not calling for an armed rebellion on day one? Detaining McConnell and Cruz – (R) Swamp – would have allowed the dictatorial authority this nation demands to water its tree of liberty. Plus, he could have used the military to decapitate China and Italy long before election theft was even imagined.


Obviously Tucker Carlson’s days are numbered; he’ll soon be sent off to a re-education came somewhere or simply disappear as in being Arkancided.


The sad thing is, even if President Donald John Trump had prevailed in getting the election overturned, he would have become the biggest lame duck president ever. He would have been constantly hounded into submission by the deep state and sooner or later would have relented or have been forced out of office by never-ending impeachments.

The fact that MaligNancy’s Schiff-house remained intact, though reduced in numbers, would have ensured that.

America can be compared to an incandescent lightbulb. It glowed brightly for a long time being dimmed occasionally. However, when an incandescent bulb is about to blow, it gets brighter for a short time. President Trump was that brightness; btfsplk will be the ensuing darkness of a burned out bulb that was never very bright.

Now I must go out and cover my permanent 30″ X 60″ US of A flag with the following sign in 3″capital letters:

JAN. 20, 2021: OUR CON.

In closing, I want to than President Donald Trump (I never tired to typing those three words either) for extending the life of our Republic for his four years.

He gave us real hope for the future!
He gave us prosperity!
He showed us how America could be Made Great Again!
He showed what leadership is all about!

Sadly and tragically, no one in a position that mattered took him up on that lesson or followed his example. 

And even more sadly, too many of our lazy brain-dead citizens either bought into the obvious lies and false promises of the Left and voted for btfsplk, or just sat on their asses and didn’t bother to vote which is almost just as bad.

Again, Thank You President Donald John Trump. You may have been illegally defeated, but your efforts, and your legacy will be forever enshrined in the hearts and minds of millions of American and freedom loving MAGA/KAG Patriots.  Probably not in our lifetime, but somehow, someway this evil will be defeated, and America will rise from the ashes and be Made Great Again.

Jury Nullification

When will a real investigation into voter fraud be launched?


It won’t. The truth is that free, fair, and honest elections are gone indefinitely.

Jay Whitcraft

At noon today, darkness will descend on this Nation as the stolen election is brought to fruition! As bad as it seems (and its very bad), we must not give up! We control the State Houses in those swing States and can hopefully fix these voting laws. I believe that Trumps case is still in front of the SC and maybe something good like election guidelines will come from that. Mitch McConnell has really shown himself in the last few days, but he plays pretty good defense, at least in the past. Finally, there Is Donald Trump. After a well deserved rest, what will he do? I for one hope he doesn’t sit idly by while People’s freedom is being taken away. One more thing, while words are never enough THANK YOU Mr. President for all you have done for this Country. What a privilege to be alive during the greatest President since Lincoln. Jay


The state legislatures of each state where election fraud might have stolen their electors owe it to history, the Constitution, voters – to investigate this election and decertify any fraudulent electors.

Even if it is too late to unseat the pretender, history should know the truth.


That won’t happen in Nevada. Las Vegas controls all 3 branches of state government, it can outvote all the rest of the state combined, and Harry Reid’s corrupt Democrat political machine has a very tight grip on Vegas.


“Now that our system of free and fair elections has been destroyed, it’s difficult to see how the nation ever recovers.”

Somehow, someway, we’ll have to figure out a path forward. Indeed it will be difficult to see how that will unfold.

In very general terms, I think it will go one of three ways:

1. The temperature cools after a bit, and attacks on conservatives subside. Everyone goes back to sleep and we slide into socialism. Dems go farther left, as do Republicans, and over time center left ideology prevails everywhere, even in flyover country because of the exodus from big cities.
2. The country reverses course again after Biden/Harris, and a female conservative like Christy Noem rises and we get some semblance of an American president again. Strides are made reforming the voting system, and the country returns to a calm balance, with a level of confidence in our institutions somewhat restored.
3. The left continues to ramp up its war on conservatives, normalizing censorship, and branding all center – right groups as terrorists. All forms of cancel culture are used (social, financial, legal, and work or job denial), creating an oppressed class of people (because we straight white folks deserve it, right?). Eventually the pressure is too much, and someone or some group will have had enough and fight back. Immediately treated as terrorists and insurrectionists, others join and CW2 begins, with hot conflicts around the country. Supporting the effort will be difficult because if you are found participating any way, your job is gone, your accounts are frozen and assets seized. If you are caught participate directly, obviously you are jailed. It will be likely that your family members are also affected. Who wins or what the resulting landscape would be is impossible to predict.

Of course there additional factors near term, like the House and or Senate changing hands in 2 years. And what will the Republican party look like in the future? There is a lot of backlash for their lack of support for Trump, although it seems like the Republicans are the last to notice it. Will they be primaried out? Or will people leave for a new party? So many unknowns…


There’s a 4th possibility: secession of those states and regions that want to live as a constitutional Republic under the existing US Constitution to form a new nation. Some states are already considering it.

Morgen Seher

Go CW2!!!

Brandon J Stover

I hope for the best (option 2). Expect the worst (option 1).


Well, for now it appears we are heading down path #3:

Its a bit long, but worth the time to read. This quote pretty much sums it up:

their real aim is to criminalize that which should not be criminalized: speech, association, protests, opposition to the new ruling coalition.”

Sharon Campbell

Thank you for your honest, accurate appraisal of our Country’s dire situation. We, as Americans & believers in Christ are truly now solely in God’s hands. God is still in control even when we mere mortals cannot see His plan. 🙏 David, you’re a blessing to Conservatives, please continue your good work.

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