Monday News Roundup: FBI Conducts Accidental Florida Sting as its Predicted Violent Riots Fail to Materialize

[Warning: profanity.] Why do you suppose the corrupt, mainstream news media won’t show you this aspect of the “attempted coup” on January 6? – Ok, well, the answer is obvious, isn’t it?

Man, no one could’ve seen this one coming. – Oh, wait…

If your corn starts to taste a little funny and causes you to experience rectal bleeding, nothing to worry about, it’s just the nanobots:

Man, if that doesn’t scare the hell out of you, nothing will.

The evolution of China Joe Potato Head Biden’s attitude towards condemning violent riots:


Because, “Unity” or something.

Speaking of “violent riots,” where were they yesterday? – Hey, remember when the FBI held a big press conference 8 or 9 days ago and warned the nation that they had “intelligence” (such an ironic word when used in context of this raging dumpster fire of corruption and incompetence) indicating that the evil Trump supporters were planning to stage “violent riots” in all 50 state capitals on January 17? Yeah, we all remember that, don’t we?

So, yesterday was January 17, and it turned out that the FBI’s warning was just the latest in a long series of instances in which the FBI willingly coordinated with the Democrats and corrupt news media to construct a false narrative designed to slander President Trump and his supporters. The closest thing anyone could dig up was the scene below of some clown with a group called the Boogaloo Bois paling around with his BLM/Antifa buds in Lansing, Michigan:

These people are not Trump supporters. Not any of them. Not one.

I mean, dang, BLM/Antifa domestic terrorists couldn’t even drum up a good riot in Portland, Oregon on Sunday. All they were able to come up with on the FBI’s projected day of infamy was a protest at a book store that is daring to sell a – gasp! – book.:

You seriously could never make this stuff up, folks. You just couldn’t.

Despite all of this calm breaking out around the country, Washington DC remains a capitol police state with National Guard personnel being forced to block entries and exits to and from the city and demand the rabble show proper papers. There, the FBI/Democrat/media’s new false narrative now centers around fears of an “insider attack” on the Biden/Harris sock puppet installation, er, inauguration.

What is meant by an “insider attack” you ask? Oh, you are gonna love this one. From a piece by the despicable associated press:

The FBI is screening all 25,000 National Guard troops heading to D.C. as fears mount among defense officials that those responsible for security at the inauguration could participate in an insider attack, The Associated Press reported Sunday.

The screening effort comes as D.C. has beefed its security ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday and after the deadly pro-Trump raid on the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told the AP on Sunday that officials are aware of the potential risk, and commanders have been instructed to keep an eye out for any issues among their troops. National Guard members are also receiving training on how to find any threats within their ranks, he said.


That’s right: The DC Swamp is so utterly depraved that it is now resorting to slandering the heroes who serve this country in the National Guard as a means of trying to drum up fear of an outgoing President and sympathy for its incoming sock puppet.

And of course, the kicker to the story is entirely, hilariously predictable:

But the Army secretary said the FBI’s vetting has not surfaced any problems, and there has not been any evidence of insider attacks after attending a three-hour security drill for the inauguration.

“We’re continually going through the process, and taking second, third looks at every one of the individuals assigned to this operation,” McCarthy told the AP.


Oh, no evidence that the narrative slandering the National Guard is true? Well, yes, because it’s a false  narrative! 

My goodness, this is not complicated, is it? What am I missing here?

But hey, the Feebs did manage to arrest one violent domestic terrorist. – In Florida, they arrested a “hardcore leftist” terrorist who was … wait for it … planning to attack the pro-Trump demonstrators who the FBI was falsely claiming were about to stage violent riots of their own at the Florida capitol in Tallahassee:

From the story at DailyWire:

Federal law enforcement officials arrested a self-described “hardcore leftist” and alleged Antifa supporter last week for allegedly issuing a call to arms for a violent attack on pro-Trump protesters at Florida’s Capitol.

Authorities “arrested Daniel Baker of Tallahassee for transmission, in interstate commerce, of a communication containing a threat to kidnap or to injure,” U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Florida announced in a statement. “Baker issued a call to arms for like-minded individuals to violently confront protestors gathered at the Florida Capitol this Sunday. He specifically called for others to join him in encircling any protestors and confining them at the Capitol complex using firearms.”

The criminal complaint filed by prosecutors shows that Baker describes himself as a “hardcore leftist” and allegedly has shown support for Antifa, a far-left extremist group. The criminal complaint also said that Baker participated in the far-left protests over the summer which included joining the “CHOP/CHAZ movement in Seattle, Washington during the summer of 2020.” The charging document says that Baker used “social media as a way to promote, circulate, encourage and educate followers on how to incapacitate law enforcement officers while at a protest.”

Charging documents highlight alleged social media posts from Baker where Baker calls for people to take up arms against President Donald Trump and called for “Trump terrorists” to be corralled “into the Capitol building.”


So, think this through: The FBI just completed a totally accidental sting operation on a Biden/Harris supporter. It floated a false narrative with the sole intention of slandering Trump and his supporters. But this dimwit leftist took the false narrative to heart and took to social media to issue a “call to arms” for “like-minded individuals” to arm themselves and show up at the Capitol building in Tallahassee to assault the non-existent violent Trump supporters who he was too stupid to realize the FBI had made up out of whole cloth. The intrepid FBI gumshoes then see the idiot’s Facebook posts, and have no choice but to go arrest him.

It’s like an episode of one of those really awful network cop dramas.

But no worries, Violent Leftist Guy: You will no doubt be back out on the streets without having to post bail before today is over, and the FBI will never make the mistake of hassling you again, since the agents who took you into custody have no doubt been reprimanded by their superiors in DC.

Because that’s how the system of “justice” works in America today.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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It really does sadden me to see how quickly some of us conservatives eat our own.

Let me have a disagreement with “Jimmy” on some issue last summer and I become the devil incarnate in his mind. Let Dave (with whom I occasionally have a disagreement with, and I respectfully state it and move on) speak his truthful opinion on a touchy subject and several people here get all bent out of shape and threaten to deep-six him for ONE of HIS views on HIS site.

Please stop this as there are plenty of real enemies to go after.

Here is my experience and thoughts about posting comments on this site (and this is the only site I go to or post on so I have no other posting experience elsewhere):

I am not anywhere near as “internet savvy” as the many commenters here who complain about their posts being deleted, but here is what I have experienced since Dave’s site melted down for a week or so last month.

After DB Update got up and running last month, I noticed that when I posted a comment it appeared immediately like it used to and then went away as soon as I refreshed or went to another article and returned. I mentioned that several times. Then, hours later when I returned my comment(s) was/were ALWAYS there in full.

Given the recent vitriol of a certain poster, it seems to me that Dave has had to take the sad but sensible precaution of screening the comments to avoid being shut down by whatever big tech platform that controls/censors the internet nowadays. Hats off to Dave for posting two to three articles every day and apparently having to approve the comments. He is doing a lot of work for not a lot of money and I’m sure he has a life outside of this.

After I realized what seemed to be happening, I dealt with it. I would prefer to have my comments show up immediately like they used to, but that is apparently not possible for conservative bloggers on the internet in today’s America. I would also prefer President Trump to be inaugurated for another four years tomorrow, and for all the swamp to be prosecuted, but that is not the reality we here face in the America of 2021.

Bottom Line: It serves no purpose to bitch about and quit DB Updates just because you have a few disagreements on things like the definition or the overuse of the word ‘hero’. I too think it is highly overused and thus diminished. It also serves no purpose to bitch about the relatively few mistakes President Trump has made during his four years. Trump’s accomplishments and his promises kept have been unlike any other president in my lifetime, if ever. Yes, I have had problems with his some of his appointments and his apparent reluctance to fire and flush out the turds who were obviously betraying him but think about all the never-ending schiff he has dealt and put up with for the last five years. Could anyone else here, or any other politician anywhere weathered the storm as well as he has? I think not.

Could he have done better in some aspects of his presidency? Sure, but, as far as I’m concerned, this man has been the real deal for the last 1460 days and deserves our praise. He has been the first and only pro-America president since Ronald Reagan and that is the real tragedy of modern-day America: Prior to this election theft, our country, in my lifetime, willfully elected JFK, LBJ, RMN, Jimmy Peanut, the Bushes, BJC and BHO. We simply cannot go 2-9 (including Ford, but not including btfsplk which we did not willingly elect) and expect our republic to survive, let alone flourish. The fact that it has functioned as well as it has and survived all this until now, is a testament to the brilliance of our founding fathers, the constitution and, most of all, the grace and blessings of GOD.  The fact that we have largely shunned and/or discredited all three leaves us where we are today.

The reality is our fate was all but sealed with the elections of those miserable presidents in the last 60 years and several more prior to that. No one man was going to be able to overcome the “systemic” culture of corruption in the District of Corruption” by himself no matter what he did or how long he served.

[…] we talked about the failure of the FBI’s prophesied “violent riots” it falsely claimed were being planned by […]


Apparently every “Alphabet Agency” and the Federal Courts are totally corrupt. Now where do citizens go for “justice”?


So, the administration of the law, the creation of the law, and the judgement of the law are all totally corrupt. Tomorrow, the oval office corruption will double.

So, we’ve got them right where we wanted to be. In a target rich environment.


Still praying for that 20 mile diameter, 1 mile deep sinkhole


So if the FBI is looking for patriots in the National Guard, then it proves that the FBI must represent the deep state.
I am sure that most soldiers took their oath to protect and defend the Constitution very seriously. That oath has no expiration date.


Dave, my posts are disappearing as fact as I can post them. I have been linking over to the DB Daily Update for over two years from Whatfinger. Your atricles are the main reason that I even keep going to Whatfinger, because, frankly, it’s getting too busy.

I posted my first message about a week ago, maybe two. I thought you deleted it, which puzzled me because I was supporting your position that MAGA folks were partially responsible for 1/6. I posted a complaint, and you said you did not delete my posts. I found that they were there again. Why they disappeared for awhile is anyone’s guess. I am certain I did not overlook them because there were very few messages at the time.

Today I challenged you over the loose application of the word “hero”. *POOF*

Then I responded to another post, suggesting that perhaps Trump never was a deplorable, and asking sensible questions that make me question his true motives. *POOF*

I suppose I will just move on. Most of the other crap aggregated on Whatfinger is simple profiteering…..give them some hope, get some clicks, make some bucks. But your content has always seemed to be straight-up truth to me.

But if you allowed your ego to get in the way when I challenged you, I will just move on. I guarantee you that George Patton, were he here, would be with me 100%. In fact, he got in trouble in Boston in 1945 for for basically saying the the word “hero” was being handed out like candy.

It’s sad, really. I thought you would be man enough to debate if you differed with my opinion.

I would have paid to read your articles. But if you cannot confront and debate, you are no better than the rest of information peddlers.

Finally, I searched for a way to send this message to you privately, and could not find one. I take no pleasure in airing out my laundry publicly.


Why is everyone who serves in the National Guard a “hero”, Dave?

And every ambulance driver? And that drive-thru guy at the local Taco Bell?

Seriously, I am so damn sick of the word hero. Audie Murphy was a hero. Alvin York was a hero. The guy that spends a few weekends in the Guard every year to pass out water bottles after a damn hurricane is not a hero. He is…..gasp…….a part time employee doing his job.

I was in Georgia in 1991 when the Georgia National Guard 48th Infantry Division was sent to California for desert training before being deployed to Iraq for Desert Storm. The only problem was, they was so pathetic the Army left them in California and refused to deply them. Were they heroes, Dave? (I had buddies who were in the unit and they blamed the Army). I was a civilian.

You need to listen to a couple of Patton’s post WWII speeches, before his “accident”. Perhaps you will learn to respect the word.

I guess I am a hero. I take a job and do what is expected of me. Where is my participation trophy for showing up?

I love your site, but let’s put the word hero back where it belongs and quit falling for PC language directives.

Last edited 1 month ago by Blinkie
David Michaels

They have 30,000 troops in D.C. more then Afghanistan and Iraq combined to bring in their Totalitarian government at gunpoint. IN two days they steal the country and we let them.


Because we are spineless cowards. We will also be tripping all over each other to hand in our weapons in about 6 months.

Robert Miller

Why is the FBI(Federal Bumbling Idiots) still in existence?


Why did Trump leave Wray in his position? Why did he tweet about do nothing Sessions for two years before firing him? Why does he want us vaccinated? Why did he hire Barr, who covered up the murder of Randy Weaver’s wife by FBI snipers who like to shoot unarmed women holding babies? Why did he declassify documents when it no longer mattered? And on a Friday, the day the gov’t always releases crap it wants to hit a dead news cycle?

Where’s the Kraken? Why is Lin Wood suddenly one of us after being a lifelong democrat? Why was Flynn pardoned 3 years too late?

Why was Jared Kushner, who owes $100 million to Soros on 666 Madison Ave., essentially co-president while Trump went around the country for 4 years to hear himself speak?

Trump hates us as much as Pelosi did. He was a very good actor. Be sure to take the shots he wants you to take. After all, he handed the keys to the country to Fauci. Why? 99.5% survival rate is that scary?

Now put your mask on and drive to the grocery store.

David Michaels

They have 30,000 troops in D.C, more then Afghanistan and Iraq combined to bring in their totalitarian government at GUNPOINT. We are not mad at our Red State Capitols. We are mad at the Courts and the Intelligence Communities that lost this country under their watch. They own the voting systems, no more free elections. We couldn’t address it in the courts. The country falls into totalitarian government in 2 days. We lost the country.


I replied but since I am a deplorable who is skeptical of Trump’s sincerity, and supported my post with facts, my post seems to have disappeared. I offended Dave when I challenged him as to why 30k NG are all “heroes”


They are worried about another situation like the 1960 Election They Stole for J.F. Kennedy when He ran against VP Richard Nixon.

We all know JFK didn’t make it out of the WH alive…

You should go back and look at VP Johnson’s Expression..

Johnson was completely Freaked out Scared to Death. He realized no amount of Secret Service can ever protect them.

This is what they Fear…..But it’s because they know they stole another Election….


And this just in:

Kamala Harris just resigned as Senator from Kalifornia.

Wonder why it took her so long?


“If your corn starts to taste a little funny and causes you to experience rectal bleeding, nothing to worry about, it’s just the nanobots” Thanks I needed a real LOL. Glad I had already finished my coffee.


And as I posted Sunday, Mr. Baker was training with teerorists.

Funny how they left that part out.


Could this insider threat nonsense portend a purge of Trump supporters, conservatives or even just republicans from the military? Guaranteed some democrat, somewhere has already floated the idea.

Robert Miller

Knowing that over 90% of the Military are probably conservative, there will be allot of purging? Then who is going to protect that traitor chicom Joe? That would be really funny!!


Test….my posts disappeared.


So, the narrative will shift on January 21 to how violent protests by Trump supporters were pre-empted by massive security measures put in place to thwart them. Media hacks will recoil in breathless horror at what might have happened had anyone actually shown up to protest.

Sharon Campbell

David, you never fail to inform, encourage & make me laugh at these stupid Leftists & their 3 letter agencies. To maintain a positive attitude I need to laugh at them often😃By the way, I got suspended by Twit again. I must be doing something right.


Sometimes all you can do is point and laugh.


My first thoughts on the fake narrative that the NG was going to do something were that it was a setup for something else. Isn’t that how the likes of the SS were set up to protect Hitler and be loyal only to him. It may not be long until we get a military/police force only loyal to Obama….erm Joe that resembles the SS.

Mary J Marlow

What we are told (by anti-Trump persons and media) is that there is immanent danger of armed violence by Trump supporters. What we see is heavily armed anti-Trump groups and individuals ‘demonstrating’ without interference.


Just another illustration of them accusing us of exactly what they are doing?


That’s what’s so grand about it. There was nobody but the antifa/blm
terrorists there, so they got to be exposed without a large gathering of
Trump supporters to hide amongst and cause trouble we’d get the blame for.

I want to be clear though. This doesn’t mean I’m excusing what a bunch of hotheads did in DC.

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