Saturday News Roundup: Fox News is the Canary in the Coal Mine for the GOP

Fox News is an object lesson for the Republican Party. – The corrupt news media is filled these days with reports about the rapidly declining ratings situation at Fox News. After dominating the cable news landscape for the last 15-20 years and guffawing daily as its competitors aired content whose audience could fit into a phone booth, Fox suddenly finds itself trailing behind both CNN and MSNBC, and badly.

As I pointed out earlier this week, Fox, which at one point boasted 18 of the 20 top-rated cable news programs, now has just two – The Five and Tucker Carlson – which still break into that level. Sean Captain Tick-Tock Hannity, who had the top-rated program in all of cable television for several recent years, came in at #27 in last week’s ratings measurement:


Simply put: Fox News is tanking bigly since Election Night for the simple fact that supporters of President Donald Trump are abandoning it. Now, here’s the big key: Trump’s supporters are abandoning Fox News because Fox News abandoned President Trump.

The Election Night premature call of Arizona for Joe Biden was just one event in an abandonment process by Fox that grew throughout the year of 2020. The visible shift in Fox’s perspective and editorial content began as early as mid-2019, after it had hired former House Speaker and noted Trump-hater Paul Ryan to join its board of directors. While the conservative tilt of the channel’s core evening opinion shows remains intact to this day, the tilt of the daytme programming and the 2-hour evening news bloc hosted by Bret Baier and Martha MacAllum has moved increasingly into the anti-Trump camp.

Fox’s ratings have obviously suffered along with this steady move to the political left. The early call of Arizona was just the last straw on the back of a ratings camel that had had straws heaped upon it daily over the prior 18 months. Fox is now in deep doo-doo since, unlike its competitors at CNN and MSNBC, which are nothing more than media loss leaders for massive international corporate entities, it is a company that relies on advertising ratings to be profitable, and must make a profit to stick around.

And here’s the bottom line: Those Trump people won’t be coming back. They aren’t going to calm down eventually and return to the fold – they feel no residue of loyalty whatsoever to a media company filled with talking heads who abandoned them.

The Republican Party today finds itself very much in the same leaky boat in which Fox News is currently foundering. The GOP’s steadily advancing betrayal of President Trump since Election Day, as its congressional members sink back into the muck of the DC Swamp and return to their Democan/Republicrat UniParty ways has been very visible and upsetting to Trump supporters. Those Trump supporters now make up the vast preponderance of the party’s voter base.

Mitch McConnell and the RINO caucuses in the senate and house appear to be operating under the belief that they can go about betraying and getting rid of Trump – who has been a pain in their backside for five long years now – and they’ll be able to somehow recover once Trump is gone. They possess such rank contempt for Trump’s voters that they truly believe that those voters will just return to the fold well in advance of the 2022 mid-term elections as memories of Trump and Trump-ism fade and those voters wake up to the realization that their only alternative to voting for RINOs is to vote for Democrats.

This is a very perilous thought process for these Swamp rats to be entertaining, because it ignores several key factors about Trump’s army of 75 million voters:

– Millions of those voters were not Republicans to begin with. Trump’s policies and achievements brought millions of new voters into the GOP, many of them minorities who had never voted for a Republican in their lives;

– Millions of those voters are loyal to Trump as an individual, and hold no allegiance to any political party;

– Millions of those voters were attracted to Trump due to his singular willingness to call out the pervasive corruption in Washington, DC and fight against it. Their loyalties will never transfer onto UniParty swamp dwellers who spend all of their time in DC trying to figure out how to profit from the Swamp.

These realities leave the GOP in great peril. The minority voters who came to support and vote for Trump have zero innate affection to the Republican Party, which has by and large spent the last half-century ignoring them under the assumption they would always vote for Democrats. The new blue collar voters, the middle-class workers and union members who voted for Trump, are by and large people whose innate instinct will now be to go back to voting for Democrats who promise them the world. True, Democrats don’t deliver any better than the Republicans, but at least they make the promises; at least they pay attention to them. And those voters who came into the Party to vote for Trump due to his fight against the Swamp are most likely now to just go back to staying at home on election days to come.

We have already witnessed McConnell’s intent to go back to ignoring this army of millions of new GOP voters with his refusal to even allow a bill containing a $2,000 COVID relief payment to come to a vote in December. That is who Mitch McConnell really is, and it is where he plans to take the Republican minority caucus in the Senate over the next two years. So long as McConnell remains the GOP’s leader in the Senate, that is what the Republican Party is going to look like.

If McConnell now follows up on his stated plans to support the Democrats’ latest impeachment scam and tries to round up enough GOP votes in the senate for a conviction, that act will be seen by Trump’s supporters in exactly the same way they see Fox’s premature call of Arizona: The straw that broke the camel’s back. Once you have alienated those millions of Trump voters, you will never get them back.

Fox News is the canary in the coal mine for the entire GOP. Unfortunately, the Party’s leaders can’t see that the canary is already dead.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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So where does a Republican Trump supporter go from here? The RHINO party is not for me and the Tea Party is asking for donation’s ONLY, Do we start our own party…Possibly the Constitution Party or Freedom Party?


Sorry to pop the bubble but… Mike Pence killed tje canary on January 6th, 2020 and FOX has gone to the dark side. Simple as that…

[…] piece I wrote yesterday that contends that the collapse we are seeing at Fox News right now is a canary in the coal mine for the Republican […]

Dan Murray

The RNC is dead to me.

Jersey Prophet

We now have the best government money can BUY!
And what’s worst, we will NEVER get a refund.


Please. “TV ratings” is a useless, long gone measurement. There are only two kinds of media left – state run and independent conservative – and the former is making every effort possible to eliminate the latter.


I have decided that no one who voluntarily seeks public office is fit to hold it.

Not only should there be term limits, but congress should be paid a modest daily stipend when is session, which should occur quarterly for 5 days. They can deal remotely with urgent matters, now that they have us all working from home.

Reimburse them for travel expenses. They can find a hotel and eat meals with their stipend. There will be no benefits, and give them funding for one full time admin at tthe average salary rate for their district. Let them hold down a full time job like us peasants.

No congressman can every serve as a lobbyist after their maximum of 12 years of federal elective office. No immediate family member of a person who has served in federal elective office shall be eligible to serve.

Campaign contribution accounts will be audited by an accounting firm chosen by the state legislature in which the congress critter resides. Unused contributions shall be surrendered to the US Treasury once the critter leaves public office. The same accounting firms shall audit their personal and business tax returns annually. They will have to recuse themselves from voting on any matters that bring public funding to their district/state for any purpose.

All federal judges at all levels shall be subject to the same 12 year limit on service, as well as the same annual audits.

There shall be no federal employee unions, and retirement benefits cannot exceed 50% of the average of their highest five years of salary. No retired military personnel may work for defense contractors.

Frank McCarthy

That is generous of you to say. I always questioned why draw a salary at all for a public service office. Agree with the stipends and transport assist. Term limits for all. This is government service, not Government incorporated!


President Trump please declare the INSURRECTION act.


The author left out one group, to which I belong. Lifelong Republican, first vote was for Ronald Reagn in 1980. I will never vote for another Republican as long as I live. As if voting mattered anymore anyway. Only liars and fools will tell you the election wasn’t rigged.


Here in Georgia, ”I can feel the hate swelling…” to quote Darth Sidious. The stolen presidency, along with the disastrous results in the GA Senate races, have pushed the rage factor into the stratosphere. Mitch McConnell and the GOP establishment are hated more than Bin Laden on 9/12/2001. If the Turtle believes tempers will cool and the 75 million Trump voters simply will flock back to his GOP in 2022, he’s in for the rudest of awakenings.

John A Tardy

I get plenty of campaign donation requests. I get them constantly in fact. I know I’m not the only one. The next time you get one, from the RNC, from you local representative, from your senator, or governor, how likely are you, to get out your checkbook now that this asinine potemkin village election has happened? As for me, I cut the cable. I don’t visit Twatter or Fakebook anymore. I’ll do everything I can to avoid using Amazon. Finally, you can kiss this donation sucker goodbye forever.

Stephen Coss

I hear the frustration of the people. But we can’t just give up. We need to primary out the RINO’s. It won’t happen overnight but after a few elections I believe the RINO’s will either join the Demoncrat Party or just live off the monies they have stolen from us.
President Trump showed us how to fight, we must not forget.


No Trump gave up. With the stroke of a pen this nightmare could be over and the trash taken out. What does he have to loose…

Rich Steiner

Are you serious Stephen?!! “Primary out”?!!… actually trust the minions who are uploading the voting data? I earn north of $400k a year and now I have lost all of the little, remaining faith I had in the election process. As a 50+ year old white male, the GOP has lost me and literally millions more. You might as well tell me that Yahoo is the up and coming tech company that we should seek out!

Kevin Reed

No, we have been doing this for 30 years. We keep being told to hold our nose and vote. This election proves that voting does count. Its who counts the vote that matters. There is no going back. Let the dems destroy the country and let the republicans go the way of the whigs

Ducky Daff

The RINO’s deserve what’s coming… the end of the republican party!! Now that cheating decides winners (always dems) I, as a former repub will never vote again. No way a new constitutional party will get a fair shot – cheating will put the dems in charge forevermore – this once grand nation will eventually collapse under the weight of communist democratic rule.


Why should the GOP be concerned with voters? It was proven on 11/3 that the elections are fixed.

They don’t even need to pretend to care about us deplorables anymore.

If I vote again, it will be a 3,000 fps. And I have suitcases full of “ballots”, just like the ATL elections board.


I will never be voting for another GOP candidate again. Only exception might be the handful of GOP leaders who made a big stink about the election fraud. I won’t be voting for any others. If there is a primary, I might vote to oust any sitting member. But I probably wouldn’t vote in the general except for a particularly strong candidate.

Neil Johnson

censoring comments about boycotting certain propaganda outlets on the 20th of January.

I’ll let you guess which ones.

Suggested it was a way to peacefully protest while watching them have to close shop like they did for all the restaurants.

Apparently many others are thinking the same if the algorithm picks up certain ideas.

Neil Johnson

January 20th, everybody should boycott fox forever

Bankrupt Fox

Let the RNC know they are next.

Easy, peaceful demonstration.

Neil Johnson

Nice to see it suddenly came back on line.


Don’t be surprised if you start seeing the rinopublicants in Congress start switching over to the dark side once the money dries up. In the last couple of weeks we seen just how addicted they are to the power and dirty money that goes with being an “elected representative” of their constituency.

They have literally sold their souls and their conscience for the easy money.

We may not get to see their final comeuppance, but they are going to be surprised when they find there is no mercy for them on the other side.


I will never vote for another Republican again! I voted for Trump because I wanted America first, border wall and to have stupid regulations cut.
GOP seems to be against that? Really?


Well, it locks like we may have some help in seeing to it that the GOP becomes like the Dodo bird.

At the rate they’re going, the funding will dry up quicker than we think.

Last edited 1 month ago by Silas
American Born

That just shows corporate is only interested in one thing. That is money. They don’t care that the nation will be under control by the chinese by way of the bidun family and their minions. They stop the funding for their benefit while we stop the funding for the survival of the nation. Who should be prouder?

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