More Proof of BLM/Antifa Capitol Riot Involvement Emerges [UPDATED]

It was a classic false flag operation. – In case you still labor under the illusion that BLM/Antifa agitators did not help cause the Capitol riot on January 6, the federal government disagrees. Radical BLM/Antifa professional agitator John E. Sullivan was arrested yesterday for his role in the rioting:

From the story at Fox 13 in Salt Lake City:

OOELE COUNTY, Utah — Utah activist John Sullivan was taken into custody in Provo Thursday, over a week after he shared video of himself inside the U.S. Capitol as protesters breached security.

Sullivan, 26, was charged in federal court with:

  • One count of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority
  • One count of violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds
  • One count of interfering with law enforcement engaged in the lawful performance of their official duties incident to and during the commission of civil disorder

The arrest document states Sullivan can be seen outside the Capitol building using a microphone as he told the crowd “we about to burn this s___ down,” “we got to rip Trump out of office… f_______ pull him out of that shit… we ain’t waiting until the next election… we about to go get that m__________.”

While in the Capitol, Sullivan was wearing a ballistics vest and gas mask.

In a video posted to social media last week, Sullivan said he ran into the Capitol building with the others to document what was transpiring.

“I was there to record,” said Sullivan in a video posted to Periscope Friday. “I was there to let people see that situation in the best possible way.”

Sullivan is the founder of Insurgence USA, an activist group formed after the killing of George Floyd in the summer of 2020. He says he voluntarily interviewed with the FBI in Washington, DC on Jan. 7.


Maria Bartiromo is sharing video on Fox Business this morning of Sullivan and his fellow BLM/Antifa rioters running through the Capitol Building yelling about want to “burn this sh*t down!” Sullivan is also one of the people who took video of the shooting of 14-year Air Force veteran Ashlii Babbitt during the riot.

UPDATE: Oh, yeah, I forgot to include this in the first draft of this piece, but, after he helped execute the Capitol Riot, Sullivan was invited to appear with Anderson Cooper on CNN that same night:

The story doesn’t doesn’t recount it, but Sullivan was one of the organizers of the riot in Provo, Utah in which two innocent car drivers who just happened to be caught in its midst were shot. He was briefly arrested, released by a Marxist judge, and has been running around free ever since. Judging from the pissant charges he is facing in this case and the fact that Washington, DC is controlled by radical Marxist Democrats, he will likely be running around free again today.

As I have said all along to the dismay of many readers, there is no question that thousands of actual Trump supporters did indeed participate in the forced breaching of the outer security perimeter at the Capitol on January 6. There is also no question that dozens, if not hundreds of actual Trump supporters, including the late Ms. Babbitt, did indeed participate in the invasion of the Capitol building itself.

But, as I have also pointed out from Day 1, there is also no question that this riot was a classic false flag operation, led at least in part by professional BLM/Antifa agitators like Sullivan.

And the troubling news is that there is another obvious false flag setup brewing on Sunday. The FBI and its plants in the fake news media have been pushing the narrative all week that the raging dumpster fire of corruption and incompetence law enforcement agency expects “violent riots” to take place on January 17. The claim is that the same “Trump supporters” who organized the Capitol riot on January 6 are now organizing these “violent riots” to take place in all 50 state Capitols that day.

Here’s an excerpt from a typical fake media story at

The FBI is expecting armed protests at state capitols across the country, according to tweets from ABC News correspondent Aaron Katersky.

On Monday, Katersky tweeted that ABC had received a bulletin from the FBI stating that the protests are being planned and are expected to begin January 16 and continue through at least January 20 – Inauguration Day.

He also tweeted “The FBI has ‘received information about an identified armed group intending to travel to Washington, DC on 16 January. They have warned that if Congress attempts to remove POTUS via the 25th Amendment a huge uprising will occur,’ according to a bulletin obtained by @ABC”

The news comes less than a week after violence erupted in the nation’s capital on Wednesday as congress was set to count the Electoral College votes, confirming President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump.


This is an obvious setup, designed to accomplish two goals: 1)To discourage any and all supporters of President Trump from exercising their right to assemble and peacefully express their beliefs, and 2) to set up a narrative that will lay the blame at their feet for any violence professional BLM/Antifa rioters like Sullivan wish to foment on Sunday.

Because deception is the FBI’s stock in trade, its core competency as an organization, and has been for many decades now.

If you are planning to participate in a peaceful protest against this blatantly stolen election on Sunday, keep your head on a swivel and be ready to loudly identify and shun the professional agitators in your midst, because they will certainly be there with you.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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[…] the Capitol.  One BLM activist, John Earle Sullivan, was photographed inside the building, and Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo reportedly showed a video of Sullivan and other BLM and Antifa members in the Capitol saying they were going to, “Burn […]

[…] One BLM activist, John Earle Sullivan, was photographed inside the building, and Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo reportedly showed a video of Sullivan and other BLM and Antifa members in the Capitol saying they were going to, “Burn […]

[…] the Capitol.  One BLM activist, John Earle Sullivan, was photographed inside the building, and Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo reportedly showed a video of Sullivan and other BLM and Antifa members in the Capitol saying they were going to, “Burn […]

[…] helped organize and execute the Capitol riot, and who was arrested on Thursday in Provo, Utah. In yesterday’s report, I predicted that Sullivan would almost certainly be released very quickly. Later in the day on […]

Your right he was got slap on wrist


It looks like the FBI and CIA are the dirtiest organizations in DC. Except the Democrat Party, of course.

linda wadman

yers except them of course


Now that the donkey led riots have served their purpose, it would not surprise me if there is a total crackdown on all rallies.

Furthermore, the btfsplk administration will use a couple of token arrests and convictions of some of their low-level useful idiots to display a supposed law and order agenda and the anarchy groups will be told to go into hibernation just like “Occupy Wall Street” magically went away after ‘the 0ne’ won reelection in 2012. They will be held in abeyance until they are again needed to push the Left’s agenda.

Like with the 0bamagate players, nothing will happen to the head of the snake.


Folks, was just on and listened to a quick 2 min video >
Its from American Police news … the caller posits that the left plans to assassinate Biden on inauguration day and blame a T supporter. This would give them everything they want!!!
Listen for yourself and if you agree, get this video out far and wide! talk it up …there are no cameras there in DC – there needs to be!!!


If, and it’s a big if, it does happen, there will be no way to get the truth as the communist propaganda machine (formerly known as the MSM) will be spewing lies and misinformation until the cows come home.

I pray that nobody on our side, even the fringe element, will be stupid enough to do it. I can see some hopped up antifa type doing it to lay the blame at our feet though.

And if it did happen, it would solve all the demoncrats problems with slojoe in one fell swoop.


The only places where Trump’s peaceful protesters should go are Atlanta, Harrisburg, Lansing, Madison, Phoenix and Carson City. The only protesting they should engage in is AGAINST every stinking rotten feckless gutless republicrat legislator who:

1) Failed to stop their governor’s draconian CV-10 actions

2) Failed to block their state’s rogue judicial legislature changing the election procedure

3) Deliberately and willfully failed in their most basic duty to protect the integrity of their state’s election

THEY are the ones most responsible for permitting this stolen election when they had the chance to prevent and then stop it.

However, in a way I should congratulate them for passing the first test to become bona fide members of the DC swamp RINO/CINO congress when their elder hacks begin to assume room temperature. Someone has to replace the retiring Senator Toomey in PA for example, and who better than someone in this group, from this farm team of proven CINOs?

All Trumpers should stay far from Washington, DC. Keep their powder dry and deny the Goebbels Media Complex (GMC) a story of Trump led riots they so very much want. This includes the 4% who live in the district who vote Republican, and therefore have some brains. By February, they should do what I did 14 years ago: resign/retire and get the hell out of that “irredeemable” cesspool of the “basket of deplorables” ASAP.   


And we still don’t know the name of the LEO who shot Ashlii do we?


There are ‘investigations’ into who might have been responsible for the heart attack that caused the death of the Capitol police officer. There will be indictments of innocents for his death. There will never be an investigation into why Ashli Babbett was murdered.


I would like to be at one of these protests, but as you said, there will be antifa/blm present to cause trouble. Sad thing is, even if none of us shows up, the scum will be wearing Trump hats and shirts to make it look like we started it anyway.

If you are going, make sure you pull the scum to the ground the minute they start something and hold them there. Hopefully (and I do mean hopefully) they won’t hurt themselves while they’re down there waiting for possible arrival of the police.


You are correct in your assessment of what the socialists have planned. It is a lose lose for our side.
No more rallies. The last rally I went to was to oppose Hubert Humphrey and all I got to show for it was a broken tooth and a night in jail. There are better ways to accomplish change.
Time for action on an individual level. Act locally. Begin by cleaning out the local republican committees and local DAs and other municipal office holders including the school board. Can’t fight the enemy without if you are held back by the enemy within.
Make the tech giants poor. Make the cable companies and MSM poor. Stop using their products. Make government poor. Barter and trade. Pay cash. Deny them as much revenue as possible.



Peaceful rallies (except for maybe actual campaign events) are worthless and obsolete. Name one peaceful conservative lead rally anywhere that has changed the way public policy is made. I can’t remember any in my sixty years.

The only “rallies” that matter are the violent riots brought on by the Left since the sixties. The agitators like the punk from Utah above and ALL of the corruptocrats in 0bamagate are never punished, so we must find another way to become effective change agents.


Unfortunately, you correct. I see no real reason at this point to give the enemy more rope to hang us with.

Speaking of the punk, I thought his deer in the headlights look was rather amusing. The moron is on video bragging about what he did. I’m not sure Dave is right about him getting out of jail scott free this time. The FBLie interviewed him once and then they turned around and arrested him. This time it was too high profile for them to look the other way. Hope I’m not wrong.


Addendum; Also DO NOT GO ARMED. You will just be giving the [email protected] another excuse to persecute us.

[…] As I discuss in depth elsewhere this morning, this FBI narrative is obviously being set up to discourage any protests by actual Trump supporters and to pre-set the blame for the riots that the left will inevitably execute on those Trump supporters. […]

Yeah, it’s a two-fer for the scum; suppress turn out to feed a false narrative that Trump support is dissipating and false flag violence to fee the narrative that Trump supporters are all insurrectionists deserving imprisonment, fines, and perhaps confiscation of property.

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