Trump Impeached. Again.

In the end, 10 Republicans voted to support their sleazy, depraved Democrat colleagues to impeach President Donald Trump on a single article of incitement to insurrection, or something like that. Here are their names:

Liz Cheney of Wyoming

Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington

John Katko of New York

Adam Kinzinger of Illinois

Fred Upton of Michigan

Dan Newhouse of Washington

Peter Meijer of Michigan

Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio

David Valadao of California

Tom Rice of South Carolina

Never forget them, for they have betrayed their country today.

The debate over this farce was perhaps the most squalid display of rank demagoguery and wretched excess ever put on in the United States congress. One of the most putrid of all came from Seth Moulton of South Carolina, who ran his own campaign for the Democrat presidential nomination for about 5 minutes back in 2019:

For the record, there appeared to be about 15-20 National Guard troops marching around the perimeter of the Capitol Building while the shameful debate raged on. Here is a video of them:

Note what you don’t see anywhere in that video: A mob. There is literally NO ONE on the streets around the Capitol Building. Not one soul.

Seth Moulton likes to brag about his status as an ex-Marine. If today is any indication, we should all be thankful we were never in a foxhole with him.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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I just tweeted all of the “republicans” who voted for impeachment. Let them know they are traitors and that we will not forget them when they run again.

[…] Coverage of the DC Swamp UniParty’s second sham impeachment of President Donald Trump can be found here and here. […]


So, what’s the Turtle going to do? Only 10 so called Republicans in the house voted for impeachment. That set something of a precedent.

Will he go against he majority of Republicans in the House, or will he be forever known as a traitor to the Republic?

Last edited 1 month ago by Silas

If I’m President Trump I say screw it. I get with Pence, assuming I can trust him, I pardon everyone I want to and order everything declassified immediately. When that happens, I let Mitch’s cabal run through the charade to force the Senate republicrats to betray him one more time for all to see then, with the deal already struck with the now President Pence, I get a full pardon and leave DC to all the Schiffbirds.

If it turns out that there are 34 decent Republicans and he beats senate conviction again in less than a year, I demand national airtime during primetime (get it by implying I’m going to resign), and spill my guts and (figuratively) blow up the whole damn town.

He should then close his address by resigning.


I agree with Silas, Pence is the swamp…He played the game while VP in hopes of running for President in 2024. I can only pray that Trump will declassify EVERYTHING minutes before joe takes office…And pardon everyone,


You can’t trust Pence. On January 19th, let it fly, all of it. All he needs to do is activate the Emergency Broadcast System and then lay it all out. They can’t impeach a citizen, which he will be on January 20th. If they are stupid enough to think that’s possible, let’s see the SC try and worm their way out of that Constitutional crisis. The civil war that might start if they don’t will be on them.

As far as I know there is no mechanism to stop the Inauguration, not even a
an international crisis (pandemic, war, etc…) unless I missed something. And if they did stop it, it would be another Constitutional crisis and again the SC would be stuck.


My heroes of the day in the House

Jim Jordan
Louie Gohmert
Marjorie Taylor Greene

Every real conservative in the House and the Senate should be using their time to hammer home the demoncrats hypocrisy over the mostly peaceful riots and what happened on the sixth. Every. Damn. Time.


A pox upon them, their house and their spawn.

Those were not even rinopublicants voting, those were demoncrats in
rinopublicants skins.

Their constituents should be lighting up the phone lines in DC telling that this is their last time in office. If they don’t then shame on them.


telling them *sigh*

Steve Kerp

Best news I’ve read all day. Seth and his crowd remain CLUELESS. They think those troops are there to protect them. Won’t they be surprised??


The rumors flying around the conservative website comment forums are just rumors. That or we’re seeing the greatest job of keeping something secret in the history of the USA considering DC leaks a sieve.

Although I must admit that there have been few leaks from the White House of late. Maybe somebody got smart and made everybody sign an Understanding of Charges To Be Brought For Sedition and/or Treason For Leaking Statement.

Brandon Stover

Remember when it took a full 8 months for people to agree on a stimulus during a ‘pandemic’ but took less than a week to impeach a president for doing far less than a Democrat in inciting violence? These people are a joke and an embarassment to the country they are supposed to serve.

I just got a text from the Trump Campaign saying violence is not acceptable and by no means what Trump wants. I doubt I’ll ever see a message like that from anyone in DC ever again.


Very true. DC is more than a swamp now. It a cesspool. And you can pretty much guess the rest. I’m trying to keep it family friendly here



I’ve been calling the “swamp” a cesspool for four years.. I lived and worked in it for about four years during the Bush Jr. Administration in logistics for one of the alphabet agencies and couldn’t stand it when I couldn’t find boots long enough to wade through all the bullschiff that i had to do on a daily basis. And I wasn’t even being “political” back then; I was just trying to improve efficiency.


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