Sunday News Roundup: Murkowski Betrays the Nation; the Truth About the Capitol Riot is Complicated

Can we just trade Lisa Murkowski for Tulsi Gabbard? – Just a reminder that freedom of speech is being eliminated in real time right out in the open, and Alaska RINO Sen. Lisa Murkowski is spending her time talking about impeaching a President who is the main target of Big Tech.

From a story at NPR:

Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska has become the first Republican senator to call on President Trump to resign in the wake of the deadly insurrection this week at the U.S. Capitol, according to two separate, blistering interviews with publications from her home state, the Anchorage Daily News and Alaska Public Media.

Murkowski joins a chorus of Democrats who have said Trump should step down, less than two weeks before President-elect Joe Biden’s Jan. 20 inauguration.


Responding to the calls for impeachment from Murkowski and her comrades in the Democrat Party, Missouri Senator Roy Blunt said impeachment “is not going to happen,” at least before the end of President Trump’s term on January 20.

From a story at The Hill:

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) on Friday dismissed calls to impeach President Trump in the wake of riots inside the U.S. Capitol, signaling that the effort will ultimately fall short.

“No, I think it’s a ridiculous discussion to have. I’ve got enough decisions to make about things that can happen rather than to spend time on things that can’t happen,” Blunt told a Missouri TV station when asked if he supported removing Trump and if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) would bring the Senate back before Jan. 19.

“The Speaker knows this is not going to happen. Sen. Schumer knows this isn’t going to happen. You don’t have the time for it to happen, even if there was a reason. So there’s no reason to debate this except just pure politics,” Blunt added, referring to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.).

Blunt added in a separate interview with KSHB, another Missouri TV station, that impeaching Trump was “not going to happen.”


Meanwhile, others in the Democrat party are actually entertaining the concept of the House impeaching the President before Inauguration Day on Jan. 20, and then the Senate taking up a trial and attempting to convict President Trump when Chuck Schumer assumes nominal control in the new congress. That would be the height of DC Swamp Kabuki Theater absurdity, of course, but no one should assume this bunch of depraved, demented, despicable Democrats won’t take us there.

Still think Antifa/BLM weren’t involved in what happened on Wednesday at the Capitol Building? – If you do, you’re almost certainly a Democrat, and thus incapable of allowing yourself to learn the actual truth, but here goes nothing anyway.

Andy Ngo reports that the Antifa/BLM thug who organized the Provo, Utah riots last summer during which one person was shot was in the Capitol Building on Wednesday during the riot there:

Who you gonna believe? The corrupt news media or your own lyin’ eyes? If you’re a Democrat, you’re gonna throw in with the creepy liars at CNN.

Welcome to the Capitol Building! The Capitol Police welcome you into our humble home! – What is up with these videos?

Looks pretty suspicious, for sure. What were the rules of engagement that the Capitol Police were working under on Wednesday, and who set those rules? That’s a question no one will likely answer anytime soon.

But, if you’re going to keep filling my in-box with videos like those in an effort to play down what took place at the Capitol on Wednesday, then you should also acknowledge this:

…and this:

…and this:

There is no way to justify or rationalize what took place on Wednesday, folks. It was a bad, bad scene, and two people are dead as the result of it. That can’t just be wiped away.

Yes, Antifa/BLM were involved and likely led the charge, but well over a thousand Trump supporters clearly followed them. Yes, the corrupt news media is lying about everything that took place, but the President himself helped provide the opening for them to do that. Yes, Big Tech is now using it all as a false basis for destroying the right to free speech in America, but the President and Republicans in congress had four long years to do something about Section 230, and did nothing.

It’s a complicated world, and the truth is that everyone must share the blame for the situation in which we currently find ourselves. The Democrats and the corrupt media and the Big Tech oligarchs have all the power now, and they are going to happily and brutishly wield it against all of us, including all you leftist dimwits who are currently sitting out there thinking you are somehow immune from the impacts.

Boy, are y’all in for a big surprise.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Remo Williams

The Shot Heard Around The States {like April 1775}

It looks like Antifa may have had a lot to do with the initial breach… Trump supporters (Patriots all) did follow – sad, it was not unexpected. Demshaviks are lucky it wasn’t worse. Think about Trump’s podium being replaced by a Tank, older folks might say ‘Right…Yeltsin’. Americans have been watching brainwashed fools burn cities and businesses, kill people (26?), destroy monuments, attack White Americans for being white, tell us there’s no difference between man/woman (swinging wangs in women’s sports), threaten jobs because we support our Constitution, threaten us with concentration camps, told to address people with nonsensical pronouns (I am squirrel hear me roar), tell me I’m Racist because I use gasoline or chew gum. This is the short list, I won’t mention the daily assault by media on every aspect of conservatism, censorship, being insulted daily by every Demshavik in the Capital every day. From Vietnam where the democrats wasted 58k American lives to Clinton giving our tech to China, to 20 years of war in the stinking Middle East (Baro’em and we’re done), to assaults by the left on our Rights (they always weasel around the amendments, not to enhance, but to negate/control), Benghazi, virus lockdowns, and finely to rig an election without addressing the anomalies. The Demshaviks & RINO’s are lucky the Capital wasn’t burned to the ground. Don’t forget our Founding Fathers were considered traitors by the ruling political class at the time… how would they have acted on the 6th. No one wanted this, but the these Demshaviks & RINO’s really do not grasp how mad and close to the edge people really are. An unfortunate circumstance in our time.


Murkowski for sure is a hold your nose Republican/RINO. Never liked her…methods…. While ad hominem attacks are not cultured or civilized, are sometimes the quickest route to naming a problem.

She is, in a word, a beehatch.


With everything else going on over the internet vis-à-vis the censoring and deplatforming, has anybody even considered that some of the problems some are having might be from a third party?

That somebody is messing with us?

And this acrimony! Really consider that that’s what the bad guys want.

To divide us.

So you don’t agree with somethings that are said. Let’s just cut our noses off to spite our faces. Let’s insult the host because he points out the uncomfortable truth.

Do we not have righteous anger over how things have gone the last four years? Yes. But does that mean we all start going after somebody for pointing out that what happened on the sixth was a mixture of bad judgement and actions by our own?

Do we not acknowledge that human beings are prone to reacting in unpredictable ways when the blood runs hot and the mind shuts down?

Do we not admit that there were those who should have known better, but went and did it anyway?

I am pissed beyond all reason, but that doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge that things that were said shouldn’t have been said and people did things that they shouldn’t have.

If we don’t acknowledge that we effed up and work on fixing it so we don’t do it again, then we are no better than those who hate and despise us.

Then they begin to win.

I don’t have all the answers or maybe even one. But I do know that I am not going to let them drag me down to their level and turn on my friends.

I’m trying to keep focused on the common enemy. You should be too
or we’ll all become our own worst enemy.

And then they win.


Agree with most everything you say Silas, except where you say if we eff up then they begin to win. I got news, no matter what we did or do they have already won.
That is why we are all so pissed off.

jack johnson

Not sure you calling it a “riot” is much different than Murkowski`s statement. That was nowhere near a riot. Matter of fact that is a public building and the people own it, most of the people inside of it were let in.

Sounds like you bought into the hype yourself.


The President helped provide the opening for the intrusion into the Capitol? Where is there the slightest shred of evidence that he did any such thing? You’re a fool and a leftist agent.


Brian, I am sorry you are having so much trouble with the site. I like you comments very much and hope you will continue to read mine. If you want, feel free to copy and paste them elsewhere since l
I don’t go to the other sites. I just don’t have the time.


I got my gubmint COVID-19/china flu $600.00 stimulus check yesterday – yippee, I can now get that lobotomy I’ve been needing.  This most recent “stimulus/relief” boondoggle (only) cost the treasury (meaning us taxpayers) about TWO TRILLION (that would be $2,000,000,000,000.00) DOLLARS. TWO TRILLION DOLLARS spent by the government equals SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS of additional federal debt for each and every living person in America. So, we get 10% of the money the gubmint is actually going to spend on this “relief” – and it didn’t go to every single man, women and child either – so the fact is that less than 10% is going to individuals for CV-19 relief. Yet who is going to bitch about getting “free” money. A word, of caution, I think last year’s $1,200.00 and this year’s $600.00 is TAXIBLE INCOME.

My question is where is the other 90% of this new debt going? I want to thank MaligNancy, Bitch Mcconnell, and even President Trump (you didn’t veto this POS legislation) and all the other RINOs, CINOs and donkeys who made this possible. Your efforts and part in this are duly noted and won’t be forgotten. On behalf of all Americans, we appreciate and want to thank all you turds in the Washington District of Corruption for holding off on this for several months when it was just as badly needed in the fall for purely political reasons until after the election.

The President was probably going to veto this piece of garbage unless it provided more relief to individuals and businesses, and repealed/changed section 230, but he didn’t for probably two reasons: He probably badly wanted to get relief out ASAP and was most definitely told by the petulant punks in both parties that they were going to override his veto anyway – the same way they overrode his recent spending bill veto this year. So, to some degree, he gets a Mulligan here.

Everyone involved in making this happen are all crap and don’t deserve to be on the voting body of the smallest school board in the country, let alone one of 538 senators and congress people.

I remember, back in the eighties when some of us were pitching a fit about the ever-increasing and out of control national debt (just so you know, it was (only) one trillion when President Peanut left office and (only) two trillion in 1989 when President Reagan left office; now it is close to THIRTY TRILLION!!! Inflation and population growth can’t explain or sustain this. Reagan used some of that additional debt to beat the USSR, and tried like hell to reduce discretionary spending, but was screwed by the donkeys and some rinos/cinos in congress. Anyway, that is a discussion for another time.

During the eighties, when congress pretended to care about the annual deficits and the mounting debt, one of the Hawaiian (D)Senators, Akaka or Inouye, said (paraphrasing) you spend (or waste) a billion here and a billion there and pretty soon that adds up to real money. To that comment back then I said no schiff Sherlock.

Well now, and since ‘the One’ came to power that has changed to a trillion here (his first stimulas/porkulis bill was close to a trillion and so was, Obamacare, and then the annual TRILLION DOLLAR deficits were baked into the cake) and a trillion there and pretty soon it adds up to really, really big money. Our government is now incapable of doing anything without attaching a TRILLION DOLLAR price-tag to it.

Please don’t tell these people what comes after a trillion.

These $600.00 dollars I got yesterday, reminds me of when I was seven years old playing “Monopoly” and ran out of money and landed on Boardwalk with a hotel on it and couldn’t pay the $2,000.00 bill. In order to keep the game going, my parents declared a bank dividend and gave out $2000.00 to all players. The game lasted a few more turns and the process was repeated with the same result: I went bust.

Our US Dollar is not yet quite at the “Monopoly” money stage, but at some point, our Chinese ‘competitors’ who, according to the incoming PINO (president in name only) “are not bad folks” are going call the debt due. Yeah, let’s see how benevolent they are when they demand real assets, real payment and not our paper money which soon will not be the world’s monetary standard, for all the cheap crap we bought from for the last 45 plus years. I’m sure they or the World Bank (who we have bailed out to the tune of trillions over the decades) and all the other countries we have given no strings attached foreign aid and loans to for the last eighty (80) years will bail us out. Not hardly.

At best this will bring about rampant inflation like what has happened to every other country who has overspent itself from time in memorial.

jack johnson

Keep in mind it wasn`t until Trump and Hawley pushed for $2000 that you got anything. The Uni-Party was dragged kicking and screaming to give you a measly car payment as a stimulus.


Regarding the President signing that abomination. I agree, he should have vetoed the damn thing and made all the swamp creatures over-ride it. Unfortunately somebody in his inner circle convinced him otherwise.


Dave states “plenty of blame to go around.” Others dispute that. Both are entitled to state their opinions without being censored or lambasted. It’s why we post here. Take a breath.


MurCOWski – like all the rest rino-donkeys is not worth talking about. Like criminals and all other forms of human debris, nothing they say or do any longer surprises me; they just disappoint me to the nth degree.


At we on the right know this is censorship (and a whole lot more bad things) schiff has happened, is going to continue to happen more drastically than ever, but we can and have at least prepare(d) for it to some degree. Whereas when the Left’s useful idiots have served their purpose, and become complaining useless idiots to their cause, they will be in for the shock of their lives – can’t wait.


With all this talk about impeachment/conviction and every other effort being done to render President Trump totally impotent by the petulant ill-tempered children in congress and the media, I fear for our national security in the next ten days (and beyond with a btfsplk administration). There is absolute chaos going on now at the highest levels of our government. With asshats like MaligNancy Klink contacting the military usurping presidential authority, this would or could be a good time to attack the US. Right now, with all the Lefties inserted in the Pentagon, I would not be surprised if they refused to follow the Commander in Chief’s orders in response to an attack by a foreign enemy or a domestic or outside terrorist attack.

These are the sad times, the bad times in which we are living.

BTW, President Trump declared Antifa a domestic terrorist group last summer. Why was nothing done to stop them for the last six months Mr. Barr, Mr. Wray??? Oh, I know, you were all too busy investigating and prosecuting the Obamagate/Bidengate player’s Coup d’état.

A grateful nation thanks you for all your hard work and for doing such a fine job keeping us safe and bringing  those criminals to justice.


So this will likely be my last post here. Not sure why but it appears that my comments are not welcome here. I guest disagreeing isn’t really permitted. Used to be my first stop but the censorship is to much. Burning Platform has lively discussions with virtually no censorship.. So the choice is obvious.

Last edited 3 months ago by brian

Look at Murkowskis’s political history…when was she ever a Republican? And look at how she got her seat in the first place…and look at what she did to Ted Stevens, which lead him to his grave? And of course after he’s dead, then the truth comes out. These people are so transparently stupid and vile, what does that say about the voters?

Jay Whitcraft

Will an attempt be made to impeach Trump AFTER he leaves office to keep him from running again? At this point in his first term, I wonder how many of his orders would be carried out, but if possible, I would release all the damaging evidence on all Democrats and Republicans that stabbed him in the back that he has while he is still president. Jay


Why do my replies most get the ‘awaiting approval’ message then disappear??


You don’t play Slim Whitman albums when you type comments, do you? That could be the problem.


“…the truth is that everyone must share the blame…”
This, my friend, is total BS.
You might as well have come out and said that age-old standby: “both sides do it”!


Sorry, but he’s right. Please read my post above, take a deep breath and think.
Two wrongs do not make a right.

By falling into the trap that what our people did was righteous because we ‘ve been minimalized, castigated and accused of being raaaaycists does not give us the right to do as Antifa and BLM have done.

True, there were no businesses burned to the ground, no businesses looted.
But people DIED while this was happening!

We are suppose to be better than this. We bitched and screamed about the destruction and death for the last eight months, but when some of our own are responsible for the same damn thing we just say no big deal, they started it?

Yes, Antifa and BLM did infiltrate the rally.

For crying out loud, they telegraphed they were going to do it. And we’re so smart that we didn’t have anybody paying enough attention to make sure we didn’t let them hijack the rally?!

I pray to God we don’t have to go to the next level these bastards want, which is a civil war. Because if we do, unless God intervenes somehow, the bastards that started the last one are now in charge of OUR military. And we don’t stand a chance unless those serving decide that disobeying the orders of the new president is better than enslaving their fellow citizens, we are going to be out gunned.

And the bastards in Congress are now getting ready to pass a bill defining “domestic terrorism”. Guess who’s going to be on that list?

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