Amazon Joins the Big Tech Free Speech Crackdown on Parler

In a somewhat unbelievable turn of events, it was revealed last night that the folks at Parler were using Amazon of all companies as the provider for their web hosting services. I honestly am having an incredibly difficult time wrapping my mind around that fact.

That reality came back to haunt Parler’s management on Saturday when Amazon very predictably notified them that their social media endeavor will be de-platformed as of midnight tonight:

Now, from my own recent experience, I can assure you that Parler will not be able to move its extremely complex operation to a new hosting provider in a single day, so Amazon’s anti-trust action will cause Parler’s service to become temporarily unavailable. That might last only a few days, but it will be quite damaging to Parler’s business. Again, it is really rather amazing that Parler left itself at the mercy of Jeff Bezos and his company’s whims and evil intent.

In an email sent to its users this morning, management at Parler’s competitor, Gab, addressed the current brutal monopolistic behavior by these Big Tech oligarchs:

If your business is built on the backs of Silicon Valley tyrants (Apple, Google, et al) they can and will attempt to destroy you if and when you become a threat to their interests.

They did this to Gab. Then Fortnite. Now Parler.

Terrible content of all kinds is available on Twitter and Facebook.

Everyone on the planet knows this fact.

Yet both companies are on both App Stores.

Apple banning Parler is not the neutral implementation of some objective standard, but rather a cynical, politically motivated gesture and evidence of Silicon Valley elites’ disdain for ordinary Americans.

The solution, as always, is not government.

It is to build your own.

People mock this meme, but Gab lives it.

While others whine, we build.


No doubt many are growing weary of reading this here, but all of this could have been headed off had President Trump and the Republicans in congress focused their efforts over the past four years to getting rid of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which serves effectively as an anti-trust exemption for these Big Tech oligarchs, and enables them to basically do as they please. With Democrats about to be in control of both houses of congress and the presidency, we can be sure that nothing will be done to rein in the abuse for at least the next four years.

If Donald Trump decides to go the route of forming a third political party around this army of 75 million voters when he returns to private life, it should be formed around the founding principle of ridding our nation of these Big Tech monopolies. The GOP has already conclusively proven that it has no ability to or intention of protecting the free speech rights of U.S. citizens.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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To all these sites hooking up with commie tech. If you sleep with two legged dogs don’t be surprised when you wake up with fleas and Schiff in your shoes.

Balanced Integer

Starting a third party is strategically dumb. We’re in a position to consolidate control of the GOP. Flush out the RINO turds via primary and hijack the party infrastructure that already exists.


Ain’t gonna happen. The GOP needs to be totally destroyed. We can no longer support a party that sleeps with the opposition and screws its base regularly.


I understand the frustrating aspect of creating a 3rd party but do you honestly think the GOP can be reformed? A new “American first” party not depended on outsider money is desperately needed.


American First Party sounds good to me


The only way to take over the GOP is if we can get control of the operational organization. There are too many swamp critters in there.
President Trump found out the hard way just how many .

Unless we can get control of the voting system (machines, poll workers etc..) there is no way to keep the demoncrats and
rinos from keeping one another in power. The GOP congress critters
have shown us who they side with by overriding the defense spending bill and making sure he knew they would do the same on the omnibus bill.

The GOP, as a party that represents us, is dead. Most of the so called Republicans are in it for themselves. We don’t matter to them.

Better to starve the political machine from our donations and moral support. It will die quickly if we do.

The old system and it’s rules died this year in case you didn’t notice.

Last edited 1 month ago by Silas

Speaking of big tech. I have just spent the last hour and a half trying to find a browser besides Edge that will let me set Yippy as my search engine. None of them will. Also, guess who’s the automatic default when you download the other browsers? I’ll give you a hint: it starts with a G.

Cameron Howe

Try Brave (duck duck go is default) or Opera

Jay Whitcraft

Big Tech has made themselves a huge, or should I say “Yuge” target of opportunity. All conservatives and MAGA supporters hate them, but so do a lot of liberals who hate big corporations and think they have too much power. Trump has enough money to set up servers and either have his own Twitter or partner with Parler. The profits from that could then be used to create or buy controlling interest in a TV network, all of which would help with the third party effort tremendously. People forget that Trump knows how to start and run successful businesses. Jay


Decouple from any company or organization that is not operating in your best interests. Drop all the social platforms (if you haven’t already) that have finally shown just how tyrannical they are.

Stop buying through Amazon. I would say that Walmart did a pretty good job of competing with them but they are also part of the problem.

As I was preaching yesterday, register Independent and send a note to your state GOP and if you have them, GOP congress critters, telling them that you’ve left the GOP and why. If you have a real conservative running for elected office, you can always change back long enough to vote for them.

It’s the death of a thousand cuts for them. Let it be so.


thousand cuts




I think we all grew up reading one or more of Orwell’s masterpieces. I am amazed that when we then live through it, we just say “Wow this is Orwellian” and do nothing else.

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