Donald Trump Holds The Future of the Republican Party in his Hands

With the Trump presidency now in its final days and the Democan/Republicrat UniParty back in control of congress, talk will now inevitably turn to whether the Trump Army of 75 million voters will move to create a third party, effectively destroying the Republican Party in the process. Of course, we get this same sort of discussion anytime either party suffers a major defeat, and such efforts in the past have always failed.

But this time, things could be different for one simple fact that Tucker Carlson pointed to during his monologue on Thursday night’s show: The current leaders of the Republican Party just don’t like the vast majority of the party’s voter base, and Donald Trump does.

Here’s an excerpt from a story at The Daily Caller:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Thursday that the Republican Party leadership doesn’t “like their own voters.”

“And they especially don’t want the voters that Trump brought,” Carlson continued. “Trump brought the party’s ranks noticeably downscale, ‘from the country club to the trailer park,’ as they often sneer. And this horrifies them. Many Republicans in Washington now despise the people they’re supposed to represent and protect.”

Carlson claimed that “socially anxious white professionals” feel contempt for “working-class people who look like them.”

“So if you want to understand the hatred, the real hatred, not just disagreement but gut level loathing and fear of Trump — in say New York or Washington or L.A. — you’ve got to understand that first. It’s not really Trump; it’s his voters. The new money class despises them,” Carlson said.


I disagree somewhat with Carlson’s last statement there: The visceral hatred of the Trump movement in the major media centers of the country are about both Trump and his voters. The hatred and fear of that movement is only amplified by the reality that it’s really more than 75 million, given that it’s been pretty unarguably demonstrated that the true Trump vote was artificially depressed in every state where Dominion Systems technology is in use.

And let’s be honest, the hatred between the establishment Republicans and the vast majority of the GOP voter base is entirely mutual. Here is what happened at Reagan National Airport on Friday when Sen. Lindsey Graham, who used his chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee to avoid any real investigations into Obamagate and Spygate for the past two years, ran into a group of Trump supporters on Friday afternoon:

That’s an ugly scene, for sure. And remember, it’s a scene involving a politician whose Party’s ability to remain a national force depends on retaining the loyalty of those voters.

Seems like a pretty big lift, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee re-elected Ronna Romney McDaniel, the niece of the head RINO himself, Mitt Romney, to be its leader for the coming four years:

To her credit, Ms. McDaniel worked hard to help President Trump achieve his re-election, often finding herself at odds with her Uncle Mitt in the process. At the same time, though, she has been the public face of a Party that has too often operated at odds with its own voter base.

Witness yesterday’s massive putsch against conservative users coordinated by leftist Big Tech monopolies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and Apple: The GOP had four years with a Republican president do to something, anything to exact some control over these corporate oligarchies, and did exactly nothing. As the purge was taking place Friday evening, not a single leader in the Republican Party had anything of any real note to say in opposition to it.

Now, after the predictably inept effort and bad outcome in the Georgia Senate runoff elections, the GOP has failed itself right back into the position it held in January of 2019: Not in control of a single lever of power in Washington, DC. As was clearly demonstrated over the past two months, that lack of control includes the U.S. Supreme Court despite Trump’s three appointments to that body.

I have never been in favor of blowing the whole thing up and starting over where the Republican Party is concerned. At similar junctures in the past, such as January 2009, it has always seemed to be that it would be more productive to work to reform the GOP from within. Given this current situation, and the near-universal disaffection of Trump voters from the GOP representatives they have sadly helped to elect, it is difficult to maintain that outlook any longer.

At best, the Republican Party has proven itself to be largely corrupt and hopelessly inept over the past four years. At worst, its elected representatives have demonstrated that, by and large, they have nothing but contempt for the people who elected them, as most recently demonstrated by their refusal to do anything to rein in the abuses of the Big Tech monopolies.

Donald Trump had 88 million followers to his now-banned Twitter account. Should he choose to do so, he has the ability to now lead much of this loyal base of support completely away from the Republican Party and establish a political party of his own. Given that Trump has no more use for the GOP’s elected officials than his supporters do, it seems unarguably true that the Republican Party’s continued existence as a national force in American politics stands on thinner ice than it ever has in the past.

It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of people.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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I would like to be part of the third party or can we just hitch up with the Tea Party?


I thought I’d share this from The Conservative Tree House.

It’s their posting guideline, but there’s a lot of good thoughts and advice.

Jay Whitcraft

Silas, you have some very valid points. My only fear of a third party, is getting the infrastructure up and running fast enough. I do believe that Trump has the best chance of anyone in my lifetime of making it work. I plan on calling the RNC on Monday, I’ve already covered 2 Senators so far. Jay

michael savell

might make some sense,bearing in mind the status of his followers for Trump to approach Sanders and do a deal about policies rather than who is actually in the WH


Which is why we must spread the word and get folks to realize the GOP is no longer our party. We must start the movement and keep pushing. The GOP belongs in the dustbin of history, it betrayed it’s base.


You don’t need an app to use Parler by the way. I use a browser on my phone.
A little clunky at times, but hey in your face Google!

Liberty Writer

“If Voting Made A Difference, They Wouldn’t Let You Do It. ” -Mark Twain

Liberty Writer

Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee re-elected Ronna Romney McDaniel, the niece of the head RINO himself, Mitt Romney, to be its leader for the coming four years:


I will never vote republican again. They have shown who they are. We know there will never be another fair vote unless huge changes are made at the state level; but even with the fraudulent system in place, it won’t be long before they have similar vote tallies to the green party.


This is why they continue to go after Trump to neutralize him if not put him in prison. To the GOP, Trump is now an impending existential threat. Thing is, if they do neutralize him, that won’t stop tens of millions of voters from walking away from the GOP.


Trump is not just an “impending existential threat”, He is quickly becoming a National Hero…even more, an International Hero. Who’d every “thunk” the Libs could be so stupid.


It will only provide us more motivation than we already have. And I am motivated enough to start some kind of pamphlet I can leave all over the place to get folks to thinking for themselves and act accordingly.

Kind of like Paine’s Common Sense.

Register Independent, Tell your state chapter of the soon-to-be extinct GOP why you went Independent and vote them out. Skip the primary crap. We end up getting more of the same most of the time.


Many commenters here ripped me a couple of years ago when I pointed out Ronna McDaniel was the Mutt’s niece and I didn’t trust her as far as I could throw her. They also ripped me a year ago when I saw and stated that bagpipe barr was a do nothing deep-state Bullschiff artist.

I really wanted to be wrong, but I wasn’t – I won’t hold my breath waiting for the apologies.

Now that the grand poobahs at the RNC have reelected Ronna McDaniel-Romney (wonder why she chose not to hyphenate her maiden like most every other woman does nowadays) to be their grand poobah for the next four years, our duty is clear. How tone-deaf can these people possibly be? That reelect vote just proves they want to schiff all over the Trump supporters and all conservatives. I mean, couldn’t they have thrown us a bone and elected a Newt Gingrich type to at least show us they hear our frustration? No doubt it would be another bogus attempt to show the GOP as the conservative alternative to the donkeys, but sheesh, they don’t even want to pretend to be on our side.

Her relation to the biggest fraud in the GOP notwithstanding, her track record deserved her defeat. During her tenure, the GOP lost many races it should have easily won: the presidency, several governorships in 2018 and 2020, at least six senate seats in both elections, and a few scores of house seats in 2018 and this year. If that does not show a baked in desire to lose everywhere I don’t know what does.

If McDaniel-Romney is the answer it is a really stupid question.

We here and elsewhere write endlessly about how the donkeys and the MSM (D) are no longer even trying to hide their agenda and their contempt for middle America; well, the same goes for the GOP!

There must be another party created to destroy the RNC once and for all. The short-sighted Dems who always go off half-cocked may well support that effort, at least at first, because they still to this day don’t understand Trump or the devotion his base has for him. I’m hoping President Trump takes some time off (Can you imagine how personally devastating it must be to be pronounced as having lost to the most corrupt and ridiculous candidate to have ever sought the presidency? I could see Trump accepting a legitimate defeat if he performed poorly like Bush 41, ran a rotten campaign and was in the thirties popularity wise, but to lose in this manner to this clown…?), resets, and then reengages. I hope he creates a new MAGA party filled with non-Washington DC people, the outsiders he knows and can trust from his private citizen business days. However, it may be really hard to recruit anyone due to the attacks they will suffer at the hand of the communists who now will rule our country for at least the next two years. The time to get his true like-minded people in positions of power and high visibility has sadly passed.  I also hope he starts a whole new social media network, a new cable news network and possibly a new major media carrier along the lines of Comcast in order to bypass the six or so foreign controlled media outlets/carriers.

If he can join or get the OANNs and Parlors and Whatfingers of the world and the others that Dave and never heard of, to amalgamate with a Trump Network (call it TRUMP NATION) then maybe we can recover and soon become the dominate force in American politics. This can only happen if the 80 or so million active Trump supporters and the other 80 or so million ‘independents’ and disaffected Dem fence sitters become engaged and join. I believe that will happen as things begin to rapidly go to hell in the next year.

One thing a MAGA party must find a way to accomplish is to find a way to vet its candidates and members so as to keep it pure from the infiltration of fifth columnists, the former RINOs who will be looking for a new home. This most recent DC rally proved their need only be a small number of infiltrators to [email protected]#$%^&* it up and do great damage the cause.

And of course, ALL candidates must be thoroughly vetted. We can’t allow the McLame butt-boys like Whimpsy Grahamesty to glom on and corrupt us. How that will happen or be accomplished, I don’t know, but I do know this: any politician who gets elected under the MAGA banner and screws the conservative cause, by either their votes or asinine comments anywhere will automatically be removed from OUR party, defunded and effectively primaried. The donkey party has intimidated its politicians from Red/Purple states and districts for decades to force them to follow their party line, only allowing them to deviate when their vote is not needed in order to save their seat. 

To the best of my knowledge, NO Republican (Mclame for example) has ever been punished for being a “maverick” and screwing conservatives. This must stop and only a new MAGA Party can make that happen.

Our political enemies have fought viciously for their cause while our political ‘friends’ have allowed themselves and us to be rolled since FDR. The GOP must be so thoroughly defeated that no politician who ever runs again under the premise of being a pro-America Conservative ever again seeks compromise with the donkeys. It must be made clear that we are not going to send a Grahamesty to the senate to be donkey like; if we want a donkey, we will elect a donkey!

I really hope President Donald John Trump decides to stay active in the political arena. I hope he has great security for him and his family and associates far beyond what the Secret Service provides to former presidents because I feel he will be a marked man if he were to become an effective opposition force to the evil that now will be running the country. Arkancides can also happen in Florida.


You and I have been on the same page a long time. My only disagreement would be to tie Trumps name to a new party. Just Patriots or MAGA would suffice.

I see a lot of anger and disappointment in Trump because he kept filling positions with swamp rats and never really invoking much power when he had every reason and authority to do so. He should have done what the muslim before him did, and fire every appointee from the ‘one’ his-self. Then downsized the departments getting rid of all the communists they stuffed into government. Trump didn’t and here we are today… out on the sidewalk, dazed, beaten and robbed.

A Patriots party… with Don Jr… I’d say it would be a fighting success, he’s a brawler too. People like Cruz, but he’s cut of the same cloth, imo, and a bit more savvy by polishing the social media persona. But still a chameleon career political.

Its gonna get interesting. Best to develope those situational awareness skills and refine that shtf plan.


If I did Gregg, mea culpa. It seems like an eternity since Bagpipe the Hut was brought in to “clean” things up. And boy did he. A pox on him, his house and his spawn.


The republican party has no future and it should be disbanded. Time for an AMERICA FIRST party led by Trump to destroy the corrupt two party system and get rid of these scum RINOs.

William R Davidson

I am leaving the GOP on Monday and becoming an independent until they figure out who’s side they are on. It’s certainly not my side! When everyone sees them for what they are there is no party!


Register Independent, Tell your state chapter of the soon-to-be extinct GOP why you went Independent and vote them out. Skip the primary crap. We end up getting more of the same most of the time.

Michael Harris

I don’t understand how the courts were able to stay out of the fray. Whats the deal?


Spelling errors in the filing briefs. Procedural etc… ANY excuse to not have to be the one ruling on evidence. Cowards really.

Ben Colder

I am done with the republican party having been a lifelong republican and my Dad before me .Im done I will never support another republican for anything after this week of the long knives and that is what it has been.All these years their voicwe has been hold your nose and vote for the RINO I am done with that .I support President Trump all the way I hope he starts another party call it MAGA I will NOT support it.The old snide bastards that run the RINO party have done pooped the nest.Guys like Romney just turn my stomach .


I’m done. Third party is coming and it cannot come soon enough.

Michael Harris

So how will you use a voting machine you can trust after this steal?


I have written my state legislators demanding that they move to abolish electronic voting machines. I have written to all I know to do the same. The only way to get faith in the voting process back is to start at the state level.

Jay Whitcraft

I believe that a lot of what determines whether we have a Third Party led by Trump, will be what happens between now and the 20th, when Trumps first term ends. If they stand up and snuff out this Impeachment talk, they have a chance of survival, Right now Mitch McConnell should be announcing in front of the TV cameras that he won’t bring up any impeachment that the house brings over for at least 10 days, in other words let everyone know that it’s not going to happen. If they can’t do that then the party deserves to go the way of the Whigs. Jay


Even if the Turtle does do that Jay, the GOP deserves and needs to go the way of the Whigs. They are not a conservative party any longer. They voted to override the President’s vetoes. They betrayed their constituents to keep being invited to all the good dinners and cocktail parties where they look down on us as nothing more than pee ons. Literally. And then go home and count their filthy lucre that they’ve gotten in the form of kickbacks and “donations”.

Register Independent, send your state GOP office the same message I did and get ready to vote them all out of office.

Michael Harris

In Oklahoma Independents can’t vote republican primaries.


If you have a real conservative running, then register as conservative to help in the primary. But you best be dang sure they are a conservative and not a wannabe.


I just changed to Independent. I then sent this to the Oregon GOP:

Just wanted you to know that I left the GOP today. After the feckless behavior of GOP congress critters this year I no longer feel the GOP represents me or my principals. By voting with the democrats to override the President’s vetoes this year, it’s obvious that the incumbents in both the senate and the house care not one whit about the average citizen or this nation. All my family and friends are going to do the same thing. We are leaving the GOP. The GOP is going to join the Whigs in the dustbin of history.

Mark Paul Westrick

I too did the same thing on Thursday. And in Colorado an Unaffiliated voter can vote in ALL party primaries so I’ll be voting in both the democratic & republican party primaries in the future.

The Political class needs to be removed from their offices immediately regardless of political party. Our founders didn’t like the idea of political parties and maybe they were RIGHT! They have violated their oath of office and need to be removed & replaced with American Patriots.

Just say (while I still can!)


So the site is back to not posting or showing my posts. sigh…

The comments icon says 6 messages… and none show.

Last edited 1 month ago by brian

After I posted earlier the page went sideways for me. Showed zero posts. The usual stuff doesn’t clear it up. I ended up rebooting my laptop in order to get back here and see everybody’s posts.


I see a lot of hand wringing at other forums over forming a third party.

The same old tired saw about it will split the vote and the demoncrats will win.

Those days are long gone thanks to Dominion, mail voter fraud and ballot harvesting.

And furthermore, I suspect that as Dave pointed out there are more than 75-80 million who voted for Trump.

A clarion call by Trump that he was forming a third party to all the citizens who were disaffected by the crime of the century would be the shot heard through the swamp.

Trump is not just a Republican President. He is the peoples President.

And I think it’s time we the people formed a party that truly is for the people. Think the rallies, boat rallies and trains were just a once in a lifetime event? I don’t. It’s our fellow citizens letting the rest of the country know what direction we should go and leave the DC elites behind. We don’t need the GOP anymore. They don’t like us? Well then it’s time for a divorce. And an acrimonious one at that.

I think those that fear we’d split the vote are wrong. It’s post 2020 folks. The old rules no longer apply.

Down with the GOP, I say. It’s way past the time of giving them our vote. I say we give them the finger.

Last edited 1 month ago by Silas

Splitting the vote? With few exceptions, the vote already is split between the leftist Democrat and the RINO factions of the UniParty.

jack johnson

If you use your vote to oppose a candidate instead of support a candidate you have wasted your vote. “Holding your nose and voting” is not only useless but stupid.

The GOP is the same as the DNC. We expect the Dems to act the way they do but when our elected officials stab us in the back, enough is enough. It may take time and some pain but it must be done. Destroy the GOP.


Jack, you are so right we voted for nixon (in ’68 and ’72) ford, the bushes, perot, dole, mclame, and the muttster only because the donkey candidate was perceived to be so much worse. Well, NO MORE for me as I will only VOTE FOR a real person and not for a not quite so bad substitute faux conservative fraud.

President Trump is and was the real deal as his actions mirrored his words/promises.

“The GOP is the same as the DNC.”

Even the racist Governor of Alabama, a donkey no less, in 1968 when he was beaten in the donkey primaries came up with the phrase: there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the donkeys and the elephants and in 1968 and ran as an independent in 1968 and 1972. The sad thing is no one believed it fifty years ago, probably because of the racist messenger who delivered the message.

Amazing how so few people want to hear or accept the truth because it is not ‘delivered’ correctly but are willing to accept most any lie if it is ‘delivered’ correctly.

Even then, critical thinking was severely lacking in our body politic. Also, personal arrogance, biases, and prejudices obscure many people’s ability to see the forest for the trees. And thus we are where we are today.

Steve Malone

For the first time in my 70 years long life (so far), I would welcome Trump or some other charismatic person taking a run at a real third party. It would be fun if 88 million people gave it a trial run, all in the same year.

What will Lindsey Graham tell us to “stay tuned” for now?

We can have 188 million members in the new party. It won’t matter until we get proof that integrity has been restored to the election process. That will require people with authority (power?) who want that. There is scant evidence today that such people exist.


Said it before… Do something, deregister yourself as a Repugnant and let them know.

Never give them another penny again. Real conservative representatives would be shouting out… listen carefully, what do you hear???

Forming a new party is very possibly the only thing left to do. You cannot redeem a political party that has at most 4 – 5 truly patriotic and honest representatives. The Cruz’x, Crenshaws are just as fake as the Grahams, Pences. they are all career politicals and will say whatever they think will get them votes or money from the electorate.

Easier to start over fresh. Its foolish to build on sand.


The problem with starting a new party is that the time it takes to get it off the ground…many of us won’t live to see it. Getting enough people to move might seem possible with the momentum we all have right now, but when the dems win the next election? Everyone still gonna be salty and fired up?

What’s everyone’s plan to deal with voter fraud? Does anyone really think a conservative upstart born of the ashes of MAGA is going to overtake the deep state actors from TWO parties? I get it and it sounds nice, but I don’t think it will realistically work.

Leave the GOP, switch to independent, and make them court us back. In the process, I would primary every one of these assholes, and make the GOP what it should be.


I’ve always been an independent; my conservative perspective usually aligned more closely with what Republicans alleged to espouse; but, until this year, I never donated to them. It was only $35.00; but, I’ve never so completely regretted losing $35.00 as a total waste before. Never again.

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