Thursday News Roundup: The Trump Administration is Officially Over

Here we see (l to r) Gerrold Nadler, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi responding to the news yesterday that the barbarians are at the gate:

Image may contain: 5 people

Ok, that isn’t really them, but it might as well be.

Isn’t it interesting that the same DC Swamp class of politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists and corrupt journalists who have allowed Big Tech to censor our free speech, just gave $700 billion away to foreign countries while awarding the little people with $600 for their troubles, deprived millions of Americans of jobs and small businesses and shut down our churches and schools under the false pretense of fighting a virus have no suddenly formed a consensus that it’s all Trump’s fault? Funny how that works.

Why, even the former presidents weighed in on the matter:

Hey, remind me what they all got together to say when this happened:

MSNBC on Twitter

That was October 4, 2018, when the Hart and Russell buildings were mobbed by Democrats protesting the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. Members of the Senate like Rand Paul were accosted and physically threatened by these activists in the halls of the Russell building. Wonder what the presidential trio said then. Oh, nothing? Well, of course.

Someone should really let Mitt know that congress has a public approval rating in the low-teens among American adults. – In his self-serving speech during yesterday’s DC Swamp Kabuki theater rubber stamping of the electoral vote, Mitt Romney told his fellow senators that they’re “an extraordinary group of people” & “he’s proud to serve” with all of them. That got a round of applause, because of course it did.

Here’s the biggest tragedy of the day:

The woman shot in that video was Ashli Babbit, a 14-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force. Rabble rousers on social media this morning are squealing either that a) she was a violent criminal who deserved to be shot or b) that her shooting by the lone Capitol Police officer on the scene was a completely unjustified “assassination” of an innocent person.

As is always the case, the video shows that the truth lies somewhere in the middle, doesn’t it? That looks to me like a Capitol Police officer who is being confronted with an angry crowd. He doesn’t know if that crowd is carrying guns, knives or other deadly weapons, but he does know that his job is to prevent the rioters from entering further into the Capitol Building.

Shamefully, some pro-Trump agitators on Twitter and Facebook are spreading the lie that Ms. Babbit was not trying to climb through the window that the video clearly shows her trying to climb through, and that she was murdered by the officer in cold blood while she was just standing around, minding her own business. That’s gaslighting on a CNN scale, folks. If you are helping to spread this and myriad other lies being spread around right now by the rabble rousers on either side, you are part of the problem and you need to stop.

Here is more about Ms. Babbit, from a report at Newsweek:

Ashli Elizabeth Babbit, one of four people who died in connection with the violent riots at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, was a 14-year U.S. Air Force veteran and resident of Ocean Beach, a neighborhood in San Diego, California.

She was “transported to a local hospital where, after all life-saving efforts failed, she was announced deceased,” said Police Chief Robert Contee of Washington, D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).

The woman began climbing through a broken window near the Speaker’s Lobby at the Capitol building before a single gunshot was heard and she fell back to the ground.

Babbit, who was a high-level security official throughout her tenure with the Air Force, was a strong supporter of President Donald Trump, her husband told KUSI News.

Her previous husband, Timothy McEntee, noted the pair were married from April 2005 to May 2019 and they served in the Air Force together.

Describing her as “a wonderful woman with a big heart and a strong mind” McEntee told The San Diego Union-Tribune: “I am in a state of shock and feel absolutely terrible for her family. She loved America with all her heart. It’s truly a sad day.”


RIP, Ashli Babbit.

Here’s what needs to happen now if America is to remain a truly civil society: The organizers and leaders of yesterday’s riots need to be identified by law enforcement and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, including being held accountable for Ms. Babbit’s death. It is crystal clear now that at least some of the organizers and leaders of the riot were Antifa terrorists who infiltrated yesterday’s enormous crowd. It is equally clear, however, that many who broke into the Capitol Building were, like Ms. Babbit, Trump supporters.

All of them must be relentlessly hunted down by local, state and federal law enforcement officials and brought to justice.

But I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen, and none of you should, either.

Meanwhile, in Riot City USA… – Oh, hey, guess what was happening in Portland, Oregon last night?

It was the city’s third officially-declared riot in the first six days of 2021. But, see, that riot’s ok, because it was conducted by “peaceful” Antifa and BLM terrorists. Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

That is the state of today’s America, like it or not.

And this is how it all ends for President Donald Trump, not with a whimper, but with a bang. His presidency still has 13 days to run, but it ended for all intents and purposes when several thousand of his supporters decided to bust through the perimeter fencing that surrounds the Capitol grounds and hundreds of them stormed the building itself along with a group of obvious Antifa agitators.

If the President is lucky and behaves himself, he will be allowed to serve out his remaining 13 days and leave the White House voluntarily. Or, his cabinet and/or might decide to remove him from office using the 25th amendment should he continue to make (rightful) claims of a stolen election.

Like it or not, rightly or wrongly, President Trump and his supporters yesterday handed his enemies the opening they’ve spent the last four years fruitlessly searching for to use to end his presidency. Make no mistake about it: They will use it.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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[…] all over but the peaceful transition. – I told you in yesterday’s Thursday News Roundup that the Trump Administration was over after the riots at the Capitol Building. That made a bunch […]


About the picture in the article showing the three ex-presidents condemning the mobbing of the crapitol:

Which one is Larry, which one is Moe, and which one is Curley?

And that other stooge whose picture you posted (of senator Mutt) is Shemp.

I had reserved that name for Gov Kemp of GA only because it rhymed with Shemp. The fact is we have a lot of evil clowns masquerading as competent gov. officials in DC and all of the state crapitols; many more villains in DC that all of the bad or dopey guys Hollywood could ever dream up over the last century.

Apologies to the actual Three Stooges – they were funny slapstick entertainers, not the evil villains who are now all so concerned about civility and the rule of law.

Remo Williams

Antifa may have a lot to do with the initial breach… Trump supporters (Patriots all) did follow. I must say it was not unexpected. Why, well the dems should feel lucky it wasn’t worse. Think about Trump’s podium being replaced by a Tank, us older folks will say ‘Right… Yeltsin’. Americans have been watching brainwashed fools burn cities and businesses, kill people (26 I think?), destroy historical monuments, attack White Americans for being white, tell us there’s no difference between man and woman (swinging wangs in women’s sports), threaten jobs because we support Republicans, threatened with concentration camps, told to address people with nonsensical pronouns (I am squirrel hear me roar), tell me I’m Racist because I use gasoline or chew gum. This is a short list, I won’t mention the daily assault by the media on every aspect of conservative life, and insulted daily by every dem politician in the Capital. From Vietnam where the democrats wasted 58k American lives to Clinton opening up our tech for China to steel, to 20 friggen years of war in the stinking Middle East (Nuke or Baro em and we’re done), to assaults by the left on our Rights (they always weasel around the amendments, not to enhance, but to negate/control), Benghazi, and finely to rig an election without addressing the anomalies. They’re lucky the Capital wasn’t burned to the ground.

Jay Whitcraft

As sad as it is, unless there is some kind of total miracle, the Trump administration (at least the first one) will end on the 20th of this month. However what he has started won’t end in any way shape or form on the 20th. Were there some failures? Sure, but he has changed the landscape for the foreseeable future. This American is damn thankful for it. If Trump still wants to lead a movement count me in. Jay


So let me summarize this. For the last four years our side has been denigrated with every pejorative label the other side can think of. The Dems and their followers claimed everything, up to and including Trump being the Antichrist, to get him thrown out of office. We’ve had multiple investigations and witch hunts, and when those didn’t work, they tried to impeach anyway. People have been threatened and assaulted, even murdered, since the original election.

Come the 2020 election. It was obviously stolen, everyone can see it. Even basic logic dictates it: if there is no conspiracy, then why is any and all parts of the government apparatus going to great lengths to conceal the process, if not outright ignore the accusations (again as opposed to 2016)? Every check and balance, every avenue that has been turned to for authentication (not to declare our man the automatic winner, but simply to prove without a doubt that Biden really did win) has turned us away (not once because of the evidence or validity of the case, because none of it was ever heard). We’ve gone all the way to SCOTUS and they refused it. State governments, including mine in AZ, are only pretending to care about our concerns. And now, our supposed representatives in Congress have fallen in line as well, when just days before they claimed they would at least object.

By all those facts and logic, we’re now a totalitarian regime. Originally the other side tried to incite us into having our duly elected President thrown out of office – if they had actual evidence of foreign collusion or whatever, they would have put it out long before November 2016 (as opposed to marching out every random hag or porn star to claim sexual harrassment). When that didn’t work, they tried to intimidate us (up to and including through brute force) into acceptance through Antifa and BLM. That didn’t work either, so now they’re forcing their way through regardless, to the point of blatancy.

All that established, you’re now claiming that, whether they were Antifa under false colors or actual agitated Trump supporters (who just witnessed the highest betrayal it should be noted) that the attempted storm of the American Bastille is what has done in the Trump Administration? As opposed to anything that I just wrote above, up to and including the fact that every institution of our government has systematically failed, one after the other?

On the assumption that those were agitated Trump supporters, I do not defend the storming of the Capitol (as it was spontaneous, not in the least planned out and very much doomed to fail), but as you can see the result would have been the same regardless. The latter event didn’t give the Dems some critical opening; they had already forced their way through by that point as I’ve listed out. Once more every check and balance that was put in place to prevent this has failed, one after the other, and not one of our supposed representation seems the least bit interested in how we, “the people”, feel about it. By that extension, the moral high ground also does not apply because they’re clearly not interested in morality, not even as far as they present themselves to the public (otherwise they would have at least pretended to condemn Antifa and BLM long ago). All that matters, has ever mattered, to them is power, and they, the UniParty, have at last reached the point where they’re not even bothering with the pretenses.

“In vain doth Valour bleed, while Avarice and Rapine share the land.” – Milton


It’s no longer about Trump, hell, he may well go to prison. This is now about the width and depth of the swamp exposed by Trump. The elitists have awoken a sleeping giant. The propaganda machine, of which the DB is a part, no longer has any sway. The dual sided reporting of events – Antifa/BLM/democrats can do no wrong the deplorables can do no right – has brought this upon this country. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind. After the events of November 3rd and onward, nothing will ever be the same. Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it. You can vote your way into Socialism, but you have to shoot your way out.

Steve Kerp

I beg to differ on a few counts: first, nothing is “officially” over until January 20th at noon. Second, on the evening of the crucifixion, Caiaphas and his buddies were no doubt yukking it up. Third, the “concession” may not have originated with Trump and, in any event, spoke only of an “orderly transition” which is a verbal arabesque that goes nowhere and is so vague as to be meaningless. So let’s keep praying, keep hoping, and wait for a few more days.


Dave, I tend to write speculative stuff – ideas. I’m ADHD creative. You can accuse me of disinformation if you want, but you’re also accusing me of lying. That I will not tolerate.

Good luck in the future!


Trump, conservatives, all Americans of good will have always been behind the curve and a day late and a dollar short politically.

President Trump, by appointing and keeping swampers like sessions, barr, wray, rosenstein et al in place for so long effectively neutered his presidency. He should have had a revolving door of acting directors and AGs FROM OUTSIDE OF DC until he found some group of people who would clean house and prosecute all the coup players and every other hack working against his agenda and actively participating in sabotaging his administration. He didn’t and the swamp proved to be too deep to beat.

That is where President Trump failed, it is as simple as that.

We will never win as long as our “conservative” leaders continue to try and work with the entrenched turds who inhabit DC.

Now we will never have another chance to elect anyone who is not a card carrying swamper.

Most of us here all know or have known for a long time that this country has been going to hell and now we have finally arrived. In this case, the road to hell this country was driving down was never paved with the good intentions, and we have finally arrived.

Sadly, the only thing Trump ultimately accomplished was delaying the inevitable by unfortunately only four years and denied Walking Eagle from getting ‘the 0ne’s’ third term.


by appointing and keeping swampers”
“That is where President Trump failed, it is as simple as that.”

BOOM… thank you


What utter garbage. This is not over. This election was stolen and Trump will never give up. FFS grow a pair and stop writing defeatist garbage.


Trump’s ‘concession’ said nothing about conceding nor did it have any mention of ‘transition of power’, simply the word ‘transition’, which, without the word ‘power’, could mean transition into a second term. Just reading between the lines a bit.
It looks bleak but I still wouldn’t bet against him until the Chinese sock puppet is standing in front of of the other Chinese sock puppet with his right hand raised and his left hand on the Communist Manifesto.


Holy crap. I post my first ever comment after reading your column for a year, the comment supports your position, and it gets deleted.

I guess I will move on.


People do not respond well to truth when it goes against their hopes and beliefs. You are 100% correct, but they don’t want to hear it. They will muddle around on various fringe sites for the next two weeks reading about how Mr. 4D Chess is going to wave his magic wand and cure all that ails America while clearing the swamp at the same time.

We have been subjected to a four year speaking tour, and his actions since 11/3 have been irrational and possibly cowardly.

Last edited 3 months ago by Blinkie

I’m a long-time reader…but the tone of this piece is ridiculous. Hunt down the leaders of what happened yesterday? Okay, Nancy P. Not that it matters, but you don’t need me as a reader anymore.

Last edited 3 months ago by James

And with that, the value of every half bakd pseudo news organization drops into the toilet where it belongs.

Jay Whitcraft

Listening to what is is happening today, these fools somehow forget the amount of real support that Trump has. Threaten him with 25th amendment or try a stupid impeachment of a man with 75+ million really really upset supporters is a recipe for making yesterday look like a walk in the park. Those traitors in DC may have abandoned him but his supporters sure have not by any means abandoned him in any way. Jay


I’m going to disagree. imo, most are going to see Trump as not having the guts to really defend the nation from enemies, those inside the nation.

Pence unfollowed Trump too, so do you think he wouldn’t support an effort to remove Trump? That 75 million people just got shard’d on by the Gop’rs and Trump’s lack of spine. I don’t think they’ll be coming to his side anytime soon.

Good evening folks from the UK.

Well it is evening here. This is world war 3 and a battle of words, not guns. We have the best words. Such as truth and justice, love and mercy, Joe Biden has dementia, Kamala Harris is a lost orphan, and has ‘orfen’ lost the plot etc etc.
That the CCP cannot ultimately win because they always have a ‘Chink’ in their armour.

And George Soros a.k.a. George Black is Satan, the true Black man. And a complete looney. I call him Loopy Lucy.

Rather like the Harry Potter books, when you wish to get rid of a boggart, such as Satan or his cronies you have to make them look ridiculous. Which is not difficult. And have no fear of course.

I have written about Joe and George separately in posts. I have written about the USA states in S is for…..States of the U.S.A. which might amuse (with a few references to Joe for good measure).

Don’t give up, don’t forget the Covid ‘Monster’ will not get you, if you ever thought it would. I have written about that under Covid 19 summary.

Kind regards

Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson


Thank you for the entertaining imagery and encouragement!

Brandon J Stover

Posted 9:41 Pacific time.

Have to you heard or seen anything on italygate? In my due diligence I can’t find much support for the claims made. But a 52 minute phone call was leaked of a phone call from ‘Nations in Action’ early this week that said things were moving in Italy before news breaks here. I saw one article about an ‘Arturo d’Ello’ taking stand in a Roman court that would corroborate this but I’m not sure any truths would make it out.

Documents claiming evidence of hacking our elections were apparently submitted to Congress yesterday. Which would explain a bit why what you would think is one of the most secure buildings in America was breached by weaponless people. But with what happened after I don’t think many have the mind to fight the steal. Lin Wood isn’t backing down yet from what I see.

Even if truth comes out people won’t believe it because apparently only communist media knows the truth for so many people. And political leaders are playing the game against Americans.

El Gallo

Thank you for the reminder of Antifa folks breaching the Capitol in 2018. That needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

El Gallo

Note that shot was fired when other Capitol Police in tactical Gear and with rifles were right there among the crowd, pushing them back. Hmm. They saw no need to shoot . . . .


I don’t see any indication that the woman was trying to climb through a broken window. She had half a dozen cops right behind her. There was absolutely no reason to shoot her. The shooter was a despicable coward. And DB is a despicable coward for expressing the views contained in this column of his today. I’ll never contaminate my thoughts with his writings again.


I hadn’t read the thread – he emailed at 9:21 – nor seen the link to the video. It was on CFP, probably elsewhere, too.


Interesting: Dave commented on my post on the earlier column/thread, when the video he posted is on this thread, which came later. Hmm. How does that work? Does he sit there and read stuff and take potshots at us for posts we can’t even see yet, or that we aren’t looking at yet?

That’s a little unfair, you know? But it’s your reputation, Dave. You own it, however it goes down.


I commented shortly after the first thread – which was noted at 8:21. I had another video, which didn’t show the shooter, but an PD armed with a rifle down the hall, and most presumed he was the shooter.


Note the people attending Ms. Babbitt: one seems to be a staffer, others PD. No loose clothing – nothing like the shooter is wearing. The rescuing staffer has a white shirt sticking out of his sleeves, like the shooter. One of the PD has a mask on, but not a hoodie.

Verdict: murder-by-staffer. Not the one who attended the victim. And the PD is innocent of the murder, in my opinion.

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