Dems/Media Ramp Up the Drumbeat to Remove Trump

As I pointed out this morning, the Democrats and their corrupt toadies in the media are moving swiftly now to try to have President Donald Trump removed from office prior to the end of his term in office on January 20th. Over the past few hours, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have issued calls for the President’s removal via the 25th amendment or impeachment, and China Joe Biden just gave a highly inflammatory speech in which he essentially labeled President Trump and his supporters as traitors:

The 25th amendment route is really the only potential vehicle that could be used to achieve the DC Swamp’s goal of getting rid of Trump before January 20, given that any impeachment/removal effort by the house and senate would consume weeks of time. The trouble with the 25th amendment route is the likelihood that several cabinet officials who would have to support such an effort are considering resigning, a process that already began today. From a story at Fox News:

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announced Thursday that she is stepping down from her post, a day after the rioting on Capitol Hill — making her the latest member of the administration to resign over Trump’s conduct, and the first Cabinet member to do so.

“Yesterday, our country experienced a traumatic and entirely avoidable event as supporters of the President stormed the Capitol building following a rally he addressed,” she said in a statement.

“As I’m sure is the case with many of you, it has deeply troubled me in a way that I simply cannot set aside.”


We can expect to see additional cabinet officials walking away in the days to come. Given that an effort to take out a president using the 25th amendment requires by necessity come continuity of the players involved and the cooperation of Vice President Mike Pence, it seems unlikely to succeed. While Pence might be inclined to do so with all other considerations being equal, he still likely harbors presidential aspirations of his own and has know that any such cooperation would sound the death knell for his political career.

But none of that will prevent Pelosi, Schumer, Biden and the other Swamp creatures from continuing to try. Trump handed them a rope yesterday, and they will certainly do everything they can to try to hang him with it.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Liberty Writer

On Jan. 8 Nancy Pelosi is giving orders to the Joint Chief of Staff of the military. The military is part of the executive branch of government. Sounds like a military coup by Nancy Pelosi.


All the Trump protesters and/or supporters should be prepared to be labeled as domestic terrorists just like President Trump did last year when he designated Antifa as such.

Yet with that stalwart rule of law guy he had as AG, NOTHING HAPPENED in the months that followed – some dictator that evil orange man Trump was.

Rest assured, the same designation by btfsplk and his minions at Homeland Security will carry much more weight and action than the (sadly) all talk and no action from the cabal of Trump’s betrayers.


Cho was always a sop for Cocaine Mitch. One of many cabinet choices made badly.

Let’s just admit that much as we love him, President Trump is after all a fallible human like the rest of us. He was given a lot of bad advice by those who hate him as much as they hate us. He was sabotaged from the beginning, and it just kept coming. He tried, but ultimately, the dirty tricks finally got him and us.

John Solomon wrote about how we recover. It was a good piece and might be good advice were we not now a banana republic, where the vote counters and machinery will give predetermined outcomes suited to the needs of the swamp and our benevolent leaders.

And so now it’s back to business as usual in the Swamp, and we’re all going to get screwed even more. Hasta la vista USA.


Seem to remember Dems wanting W to leave early so chocolate messiah could take over.


Way to go Dems! Absolutely despicable people. They used every trick in the book, and got everything they wanted, all of it. Trifecta – House/Senate/WH. And what do they do?? They want to do a slam dunk. There’s 2 weeks left, Trump said he would leave office peacefully, despite all of the fraud. Just let him go.

And Biden, wow…way to promote unity! Calling half the country, the ones you probably want to calm down, domestic terrorists. I didn’t see a distinction made between those actually in the capitol and the crowd at large that was protesting yesterday. These are the same people you are going to tax more, force mandates on, and try to render them impotent via gun control. You, sir, are off to a great start.


“They used every trick in the book, and got everything they wanted, all of it. Trifecta – House/Senate/WH.”

Yep and as AOC would say we (donkeys) now control all three branches of the government,


And unlike the demoncrats, team rino will just go ahead and lick their boots instead of mounting the same kind of resistance President Trump got. May they all rot in hell and pox upon their seed and legacies.


Don’t forget what Bill Ayer’s plans were fore dissedents


Pence’s career as a political is over. He’ll go on to ‘write’ some books on his ‘experiences’ working under the most difficult man ever. As all the swamp dirtballs do…


Bingo! Brian. Pence was just another empty suit GOPer who did little to help Trump, just as Wimpey Graham said the other day when he claimed to have tried to help the President on Jan 6 but bailed ASAP. Thank you South Carolina for not primarying him last summer.

Pence was put in charge of the CV-19 task force when arguably that leadership role should have gone to the Surgeon General. If Pence was in charge, HE should have been doing all the press conferences rather than President Trump. Certainly, Trump would still have been in charge, but Trump, as the chief executive should have delegated the role to Pence and then go back to his other duties as president. I know the VP position is usually a do-nothing position (of which btfsplk was eminently qualified to perform), the ultimate spare tire, (unless of course you are ‘the One’s’ VP cutting all kinds of deals with Ukraine and China), but gee whiz, if you give Pence the job of running/leading the task force, let him run and lead it.

It seems to me that Trump made a mistake when he chose to micromanage the CV-19 response and make himself the visible leader of the effort yet allowed himself to have been totally undermined by such “experts” as Fluki.
Had he let Pence, or the Surgeon General run the daily briefings, he could also have avoided being seen and criticized as being “political” by the MSM (D) who threatened, and some actually did, to not carry the briefings. That was an unforced error that the President should have avoided.

While I believe his motives were pure and genuine, and despite the missteps regarding the initial 15-day shutdown that any decent concerned leader would have done given the “expert” information he received, Trump should have stayed in the shadows and let his task-force run the CV-19 response. That way he could have avoided all the sniping by the MSN (D) and yet still oversee the overall effort.


To his credit, he has said he doesn’t want to apply the 25th. But he’s still damn bootlicker.


Yep, ultimately just another empty VP vessel from Indiana serving a one-term Republican president, just like Quayle in many ways.

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