Wednesday News Roundup: Trump Puts Pence on the Hot Seat as the Dems Win the Senate

Oh, noes! Not Kim and Kanye! – In the major breaking news of Tuesday, Kim Kardashian is filing for a divorce from Kanye West:

Oh, darn. They were such a perfect couple. *sigh*


Here, Glenn Greenwald sums up my feelings about Kelly Loeffler’s career in 280 characters:

None of what took place in Georgia yesterday would have happened had corrupt Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp done the right thing and appointed then-Congressman Doug Collins to the vacant Georgia Senate seat in 2019. Instead, he picked the moneyed Kelly Loeffler because, well, she’s married to a billionaire and Kemp no doubt profited handsomely from his appointment of said billionaire’s wife.

In stark contrast to Collins, a preacher who is not a moneyed individual, Loeffler is your standard-issue country club Republican who has all the political appeal to the Trump support base of an over-ripe turnip. She and David Perdue, another standard-issue country club Republican, both lost on Tuesday because GOP voter turnout was highly depressed across the state.

Gee, wonder why it would be depressed? Oh, we can try to blame it all on Mitch McConnell for his refusal to allow the Senate to vote on a clean $2,000 COVID relief payment. After all, polls show that late-deciding voters who voted for the Democrats cited their desire for the money as their main reason for their irrational decision.

Or we can try to blame it all on President Trump for his fully justified bashing of Governor Kemp and Secretary Raffensperger. And really, this probably was a factor.

But the reality is that the Georgia runoffs presented conservatives with the same bad choice they faced in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections: A choice between voting for a fake conservative or staying home. Now, we’re supposed to be surprised that thousands of those voters stayed home? Please.

Thus, as with everything else that has taken place in this travesty of an election season in Georgia, the preponderance of the blame for it all must be laid at the doorstep of the state’s travesty of a Governor, with a major supporting role going to the utterly corrupt Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger. Georgia Republicans now know who to blame, but the safe money says they will nominate these two grifter RINOs all over again when the run for re-election in 2022.

The crowd in DC today will be epic. – Here is what Freedom plaza looked like at about 3:00 on Tuesday:

The NFL didn’t attract that many fans combined to its game throughout the 2020 season. And that’s the day before the big event, with hundreds of thousands of freedom-loving Americans still en route to the nation’s capital.

The President himself will be speaking at the event at 11:00 Eastern time:

You can be sure that this speech will be epic. What happens after that is anyone’s guess.

He should’ve taken the train. – An entire plane-load of such Americans happened to be joined on their flight out of Salt Lake City by the king of all the RINOs, Mitt Romney. During the flight, they treated the despicable traitor to a very appropriate serenade:

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

While that was going on, CNN was treating its viewers to the single most intellectually-bankrupt panel discussion in world history:

Hard to imagine who even thinks of putting together such a panel of screeching dimwits. If these people did not already exist, you could never in a million years make them up.

It’s fine for me but not for thee. – While those and many other raging asshats on cable news channels declare Republicans who will challenge the official Electoral College results in today’s joint session of congress to be engaging in sedition and even treason, MRCTV put together this clip from the salad days in which Democrats challenging the official election results was, you know, cool and stuff or something:

Oh. Funny how that works.

Meanwhile, at the joint session of congress… – The pressure will be on Vice President Mike Pence to do what he has no apparent constitutional authority to do, and unilaterally reject the electoral slates from states who conducted clearly fraudulent elections on November 3, regardless of how congress actually votes today.

President Trump apparently believes Pence does somehow have this authority, though, and sent out this tweet last night making that belief crystal clear:

Hooboy. Not a great day to be the Veep, with your boss expecting you to perform a miracle, and a million ordinary Americans on the streets of DC backing him up.

To be clear: I really, really wish Vice President Pence did have the authority to take the action that the GOP controlled state legislatures of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona have been too cowardly to take on their own authority – authority which is actually granted in the Constitution. But it’s pretty clear that Pence has no such authority, and he swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. Thus, it’s also pretty clear that President Trump and a million Americans on the streets of DC are going to go away late today very disappointed with the ultimate outcome from the day’s events.

The bottom line: What we Trump supporters want to happen today is just not how the system works. Our disappointment and ire should be focused on the state legislatures named above and on the federal courts that have also refused to properly weigh in on the massive fraud deployed by the Democrats to steal this election.

Because those are the people who truly failed to honor their oaths to uphold the constitution, not Vice President Pence.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Robert Blackmon

So a violent putsch is the final solution?


Just finished watching Trump speech… Not much there sadly. Laid out some of the corruption as expected. Said they’;; “fight like hell”, called on Pence to send back the certifications and…. that was about it.

Not a lot to be encouraged about. He could have stated what that fighting was going to look like. Appoint a special council to investigate the fraud. A SC to investigate the Biden crime family. Could have announced the firing of Haspel and Wray for starters.

Trouble is the speech kinda left everyone out in the cold…


Test as two of my comments are now gone, but did show up when first posted. I’m sure they will post once everyone has moved on to the next article. See you all later.


I tried using an alternate computer; that didn’t work. So it wasn’t a cache problem.

Eventually the oldest/newest icon showed up, but even now, if I want to see any new posts, I have to (and will have to) switch from oldest to newest and then back again.

It’s not your fault, Dave, nor the fault of your techs. This has the markings of a Stuxnet type of program that has infiltrated your systems.


My long comment today at first showed up and after a refresh it has gone away. Similar things happened yesterday and then all my comments eventually showed up.

Don’t know what is happening, but something is definitely flakey.


Dave said it was my cache or browser. No, it is not; not if you are having the same problems.

My interpretation is that something like a Stuxnet is being used, a disruptor, not a destroyer. Something to keep us from communicating effectively in real-time.

I doubt Dave’s new people are incompetent; I think they’re very competent. I just think they’re up against state actors who don’t like all the inconvenient things posters reveal.

I’ve been at this since 2006, with Durham in Wonderland, where I helped reveal trolls who spouted racist crap. I could always discern their signature – with one exception, maybe a few more. One that was embarrassing, though. The Duke boys won the battle, but the race/gender metanarrative has only accelerated.

I’ve won my share of conflicts, and had no effect in others. I chose this site to do battle, and in my estimation, I’ve pissed off the right people. I’ve caused some damage. I can’t win the war alone, but I can be an internet sniper – and they know damn well who I am. And many of us, too.

Use your imagination: do you or any of the others think this is straightforward battle? No, it’s an Intelligence war. And a war to destroy morale and win without a shot.

The Stuxnet variation they’re using is more sophisticated than just denial of service – that would be too obvious.

Have rocks to move, blackberry vines to pull up. Later.


My understanding is there is a new provider, host and so there was a migration from the old to new. New bells and whistles additionally. It can take a few days to work out the kinks. My posts do the same things. They seem to show then disappear then re-appear later.

Sidebar is kinda stuck eight now too but this, so far, is still way better then it was previously for weeks. Hang in there.

I like the edit feature too… I read before posting and then hit the button, only to see an obvious error when it displays… DOH!!!

Last edited 3 months ago by brian

That is not so; there was not even an icon this morning for several hours for oldest/newest. And nothing showed up, top or bottom. There were no posts at all for a time. Then the icon showed up.

But to get the post to take, you have to go “oldest first,” then switch back to “newest first.” Sorry Dave, you’re wrong.


So much to say…

The donkey base will vote for anyone with a (D) after their name as was proven with their voting for joe btfsplk. The conservative base used to vote pretty much in lockstep for whatever elephant the GOP threw at us because the alternative was believed to be so much worse. Well, and especially with the election of President Trump in the primaries and the 2016 general election, we showed that many of us conservatives who ARE the GOP base will no longer support or vote for standard issue Dem-lite frauds like the bushes, doles, mclames, romneys, kasichs and whatever other hack(s) they have in store for and serve up to us in 2024. A smart political party supposedly led by the best and brightest political minds would have seen the light and hitched its wagon to President Trump. But NO! Not our idiots. The GOP deserves whatever happens to them.

When the mutt/ryano ticket deliberately lost to ‘the 0ne’ and btfsplk in 2012 we also lost several key senate races that were winnable when the elephants ran some horrid candidates which allowed dingy harry to keep control of the senate thereby shielding ‘the 0ne’ from having to veto whatever milquetoast anti-0bama legislation.  Boner’s house might have passed what can only be described as show votes because the legislation had no teeth.  Boner’s house, where all spending legislation is supposed to originate, could have defunded and effectively killed 0bamacare.  They could have shown a backbone and forced a budget impasse and shut the government down like President Trump did, but no, not the go along to get along comfortable caucus. By not showing real grit, 0bamacare effectively morphed into Boehnercare.

Many people may not yet realize it but most of the legislation passed by one or both houses of the congress is designed to fail (as in 0bamacare) so that the people responsible for such failures can come back and be mandated to fix the (supposed) “unintended consequences” of the original legislation and compound that failure with even worse legislation. This is how worse legislation gets sold to the average American. 0bamacare was designed to fail so that the people would then demand a government fix it and congress would then be mandated to usher in a single-payer government run healthcare system. And Mister Roberts went along with it. The election of President Trump effectively halted the full implementation of 0bamacare and its certain single payer successor for four years. Senator mclame screwed America, Trump and McConnell one last time by voting to ensure its continued survival. 0bamacare is still on the books and we can all bet it will be fully restored and worsened under the jackasses who now rule us via Executive Orders and reinstating fully vetted radical cabinet members and BureaucRATS who are proven disciples of ‘the 0ne’.

One must wonder how many times our supposed conservative ‘leaders’ have to be kicked in the ass by their own RINOs their ‘colleagues form across the aisle’ and not make the betrayers pay for their dastardly deeds.  mcconnell should have punished mclame for his betrayal, but just like what happened, or didn’t happen, to all of the 0bamagate turds, NOTHING happened to punish the mclame or any of the other evildoers. And NOTHING is going to happen to punish the orchestrators of the corruption that stole this election – in fact, they will be rewarded for a job well done.

That is the reality of politics in America today. Like the old expression: “A stich in time saves nine”, the well-known election fraud that has been going on unpunished since at least the 1960 Kennedy/Nixon election has only emboldened further and the wider spread of fraud culminating in the collapse of our election system last year. If the deep red state of Georgia election(s) can be corrupted, so can every state’s election. Unless a miracle happens in the next two weeks, AND real punishment gets administered to ALL the players in the nationwide election fraud we can expect Iraqi style election results with blue landslide wins everywhere forever.

As I have stated numerous times, the only good thing that might come of this is the wiping out of the GOP elephant-schiff party. They want a uniparty, I say give it to them. The GOP leaders who have wrought this upon America are even worse than the young ignorant useful idiots who are working so hard for the donkey cause. The only difference is our RINOs, our useful idiots, were put in a position of power to save the republic from the Left’s excesses and should have known better (I don’t believe they are as dumb and as ignorant as the donkey lackies), but they allowed themselves to be corrupted over the years and ultimately stood and stand for nothing. They, like the ignorant masses will pay the price when the nation ultimately collapses and like what happed to mutt on his plane ride to the Den of Corruption, I will cheer their and the never-Trumpers demise.

Unfortunately, the national collapse will take most of us down too, but we are infinitely better able to cope with hard times than ALL the elephants and jackasses who conspired to make this calamity a reality.

Getting back to the 2012 election disappointment.  It wound up being a status quo election in that nothing changed. With that I tuned out, I didn’t care who ‘the 0ne’ appointed, what EO’s he signed designed to usurp congressional power and authority with the acquiescence of boner and the approval of dingy harry, as it just didn’t matter. It was not worth my getting my daily dose of agitation. If things go south in the next two weeks, it won’t be worth my being in a constant state of agita over the state of the country. It serves no purpose towards our mental health to learn or know everything about figurehead joe btfsplk’s EOs or cabinet picks because we all know they will all be universally bad. I even tuned out Rush for several years. Dave and his commenters might become my ONLY source of national news and information going forward.

However, I’m not going to bury my head in the sand completely, as I will remain aware of what is going on and I have formulated plans to deal with certain scenarios. For the last four years It was very worthwhile following our President Trump daily as he fought the swamp. It will NOT be worth anyone’s while to follow the foibles of a btfsplk/roundheels administration as everything about it is and will be utterly predictable.

To conclude my point: What is the benefit of getting all pissed off about MaligNancy Klink’s pronoun dictates or Amen/Awoman pronouncements. Ultimately, they mean nothing. Furthermore, the MSM (D) did a great job (from their and ‘the 0ne’s’ perspective) of burying the worst of his administration, and bogusly doing the opposite to Trump’s administration. I look for the same 0bama-style kid-glove treatment to anything the PINO (President In Name Only) btfsplk does. Hunter goes away, 0bamagate goes away, and even CV-19 goes away once another ‘crisis’ like a war happens and the virus is milked for all it is worth. At some point some positive sop will be thrown our way like the return to a sports diversion will be needed to get the country’s focus away from all the bad that his happening.  To that end, we will begin to hear more and more nothing stories the West/Kardashian divorce etc.


Thanks for your service Dave, God Bless America.


I would bet dimes to dallars that in places like Commiefornia, Oregon, Washington, Georgia, Pennsylvania, etc etc Demoncrap controlled states. That if a forensic analysis was actually done, it would show the theft of pretty much everyone one of them. You cannot tell me that sewage tanks like San Fransico’s piglousy and Maxipad legitimately won their respective seats.

The REAL problem is with Repugnants, They use the ‘morale high ground’ as an excuse to remain in minority status as its easier and pays just as well with insider trading and bribes, I mean investments.

Time for a new azzkick’n maga patriots party. git’r done


Dems didn’t “win” the Senate. They got the OK to steal elections and they’re stealing elections.


Yeah, wonder why they still allowed the same election equipment to be used?


Now, after having refreshed the page, it shows 0 comments.


Now I see posts, mostly mine.


Well, most of the posts belong to you so that makes sense…..

Typed with tongue in cheek


Now it shows 12, but I can’t see any of them.


Posts are showing then disappearing again. Your reply to Jimmy says a minute ago and its been about fifteen minutes ago that I first viewed it and upon a refresh still states a minute ago. So there are still some backend tweeks to apply I’m guessing.

And the sidebar ‘new comments’ is stuck and not reflecting the newer comments…

Last edited 3 months ago by brian

Now they are. Not before.


I see a yellow icon, a red icon, but the oldest/newest dropdown we needed to use to get the posts up is not there.



When I posted a moment ago and left my page up, it shows 0 posts at the top of the article, but 7 at the top of the comments page. But none of those comments show up when I refresh or go back to your original link.


Now it shows 8, but still nothing – 0 – at the top of the article. I can’t see the comments, either, including my own.


Now there are 9, but no one else’s comments show up, and nothing at the top of the page. No Such Agency or Cover Your Ass are likely involved, or maybe just DNC hackers?


I went to the site, having switched off the last post I made; now I’m back, the only poster on the site. I know that there are dozens of posts already, but they’re not showing, and they don’t show on another computer I have.

Dave, you are being gaslighted.


Dude, that crowd photo is from 2018. Embarrassing, take it down.

At best we will get a reprieve today, extending things a little further. There will be no elector slates thrown out.


2021 says to 2020 – hold my beer.

A to often used adage but I think entirely appropriate today. Its getting interesting to say the least. Its like watching a nail biter game, tied and two minutes on the clock. Yelling and stomping the floor for your guys to get their game together and beat the clowns on the other side. Only this isn’t a game and its for all the marbles.

The real question is… what will YOU DO if theres a lose by our team that was clearly stolen??


0 comments shown at top of page. No oldest/newest icon.

I’ll see this post if I leave it up, but if I use another window, nothing shows. Someone is screwing with you. Maybe they don’t like the analysis some of us provide. They know that the nation is in preparation for a civil war, and they’re using every tool they have to make us all submit. And they are NOT the good guys.

Like for instance, Gina Haspel, with her spiffy new CIA page, where the headlines say:

“We are the nation’s first line of defense.”

Then how come the CIA can’t stop foreign election interference? The huns have already breached the gates, and are inside. Screw you,
Little Miss Moffett.


For those who think we’ll go back to sleep, look at the picture at the head of the article. Does it look like a bunch of sleeping beauties, or has a Sleeping Giant been awakened?


Sadly, the giant didn’t do much to correct the last stolen election or to prevent the Dems stealing the runoffs.


Mitt was also accosted in the airport. Sitting by himself. Sure seems like he feels safe! I wonder how long it will be before Congress doesn’t feel safe? I’m not encouraging violence of any sort; I’m just wondering…


Don’t think anyone is going anywhere, disappointed or otherwise.

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