Pence Will Not Object to Fraudulent Biden Electors [UPDATED]

Well, I do hate to say I told you so, but I did tell you this would happen:

Pence released his statement moments after President Trump had delivered his speech to the enormous throng of supporters in Washington DC today. Again, the Veep didn’t really have a choice here: He simply does not possess any such authority under the Constitution or the law. As I pointed out last week, if any vice president truly possessed such powers, John F. Kennedy, George W. Bush and Donald Trump would have never served in the presidency.

Meanwhile, some really angry people are doing this at the Capitol Building:

Are they Trump supporters, as the media will undoubtedly claim? Or are they Antifa?

Good question. If they’re Trump supporters, they’re doing their movement terrible harm.

UPDATE: And here is the result of this insanity – multiple capital police injured by the idiot rioters:

Stop this madness, now.


That is all.

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Likely President Trump will be removed by Article 25, Pence will take over in the transition, and the betrayal will be complete.


Dave, we are not going to solve this all peacefully. So, while there may have been pantyfart elements involved in instigating the storming of the Capitol, why exactly do you object to it? Are we going to regain the country peacefully through our former institutions? Or are these institutions now so broken that nothing short of violent revolution will prevent the nation from entering a totalitarian nightmare? Our country has been stolen. Totalitarian government already has its nose inside the tent (or its toe, as the case may be). Are we going to retain our country through an occasional peaceful protest and some really strong tweets while they dismantle every check and balance preventing absolute power over us? The Tree is in dire need of watering or it will wither and die.


“Meanwhile, some really angry people are doing this at the Capitol Building:

Are they Trump supporters, as the media will undoubtedly claim?

Or are they Antifa? Good question.

If they’re Trump supporters, they’re doing their movement terrible harm.

Stop this madness, now.”

Not quite following you here Dave.

If they are Antifa, the Trumpers will be blamed. We are going to be blamed for whatever happens just by our very existence. So, what is there to lose?

How can our “movement” be terribly harmed? The donkeys have already very nearly destroyed our country especially if left unchecked after the next two weeks pass.

Most everyone here has been speaking of a CW erupting in one form or another for years if this schiff isn’t stopped in a big way soon.

“When peaceful protest is impossible, violent protest is inevitable.”

Speaking of some cops getting hurt: No one gave a damn when the cops were getting hurt and a couple getting laser blinded by the “Peaceful Protests” and the “mostly peaceful protesters” last year.

The cops everywhere and at all levels had better figure out real quick which side they are going to be on, or they will be despised by all sides. They can follow their oath to the constitution and be heroes, or side with the Left like the nation’s last two top law enforcement officers: Sessions and Barr and be seen as the enemy. Be the thin blue line protecting the good citizens of this country or become part of the dictatorship’s brown shirts. The choice is theirs.

Maybe this nation needs some white-hot anger from many patriots who are fed up to the nth degree by following the rules and constantly being excremented on by most everyone in the government/establishment and maligned by the media.

Steve Kerp

I’m confident that President Trump planned for the possibility that this could happen. Still, he promised something “wild” today and the day is not yet over. The more the bad guys try to oppress us, the tighter the spring in the trap gets, and when it springs, LOTS of “very bad people” will be caught up. Dr. Dave Janda said he’s always had a bad feeling about Pence, and this came up in the discussion of the “mystery envelopes” passed out at Bush Sr.’s funeral. Trump’s promised “storm” is about to begin.

Almost all talk of “precedent” is irrelevant, as we have an attempted coup by a foreign country – provably China – and this was not the case with the Hayes/Tilden election often cited. We have a LOT of treason in high places, and Mr. Trump has about a fortnight to deal with it. But as was pointed out by several speakers last night, the Lord Himself is involved. It is Jesus Christ who they are trying to screw with. I’m confident things will end well.


This was bound to happen. Since we are now the biggest banana republic on the planet get ready for more.


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It posted but then did the disappearing thing. When I came back after a bit and clicked the ‘newest’ the message showed and in red stated it was awaiting approval. Now its gone altogether.

Not a big deal…


I approve of this post. 😛


Whut aboot the other reply?? The one awaiting approvement?!?


Looks like the cop punched first in the one video; of course, don’t have all the footage.

Brandon Stover

So what youre saying is America as we know it is lost. What prevents them from stealing elections from now on?

Robert Blackmon

How is it that a totalitarian movement with simple solutions to every complex problem not install faithful election officials and build their own elections machinery? 40 years later, why should this lost cause continue?

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