Do These Nitwits Look Like Trump Supporters To You? [UPDATED]

These are the clowns who led the storming of the House Chamber today and took the dais for awhile:

Image may contain: 3 people

Here’s the clown wearing the fur hat with horns at the dais:

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Also, note the tattoo on the hand of the clown dressed in the tan sweatshirt:

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How many Trump supporters have you ever seen with a modified hammer and sickle Antifa tattoo on their left hand?

UPDATE: Oh, hey, horn guy was photographed at a BLM/Antifa rally last summer:

I know, shocking, right?


These are not Trump supporters, as the media is uniformly claiming. They are obvious, stereotypical Antifa, who were instructed by organizers to infiltrate today’s protest and dress in this manner:

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says '@KatherineGarth2 Replying to THE_OG_G_Mand @MeidasTouch But just in case. spoke to my Antifa operative in Portland and she said the ones going to DC are going to wear camouflage, cut-offs, and Trump 125 paraphernalia to blend in, but turning their MAGA hats backward for indentification, so feel free to pass along. @onehappyfish 1h ago #millionmagamarch 10, 2020 Twitter #trump2 #holdtheline #conservativehypehouse 23'

That’s what is really happening here. The real Trump supporters marched peacefully down Pennsylvania Avenue and then either milled around or proceeded to disperse.

As is always the case, nothing you are being told by TV news is true. Literally none of it.

As I type this, China Joe Biden is on TV condemning these people under the pretense they are Trump people. You will note that he never one time made any similar statement at any point over the past four years condemning the thousands of incidents of Antifa/BLM violence and destruction.

That failure by not just Biden, but every Democrat and media outlet in America is what leads directly to what we are seeing today. An absolutely inevitable outcome that could have all been prevented had anyone in the Democrat Party delivered a similar speech at any point since their Party literally created and funded Antifa in the wake of the 2016 election.

Anyone who believes that Biden now has some sort of moral authority to calm the waters is living in a dream world.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.


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Fact check: Facial recognition company did not identify Antifa members among Capitol mob


Dozens of people entered the Capital Building and Senate Chambers yesterday. Of course the media focusses on the biggest wing-nut in the crowd, LOL! Surprisingly, (*snicker*) the buffalo horn-dude IS actually a hard-core Trump supporter, but is also a misguided, all-in, Q-Anon community… ahem, “character”. His name is Jake Angeli and I’m sure he is one hell of a nice guy, he seems to have an issue with judgement, IMHO.

While kitschy, this one-man, traveling road-show, with his Pseudo-Davy Crockett persona, doesn’t help the optics for conservatives during a hullabaloo like yesterday. Not too surprising to me that he bought into the schtick of a bunch of Antifa puppets in disguise either.

Crayton Hunter

Stop being disingenuous to your readers, this is such shit journalism. You really should be ashamed of the horse shit that you peddle. First photo you can’t tell what that tattoo is. The second photo is cropped, the sign he’s holding says “Q brought me here”. You know Qanon? The cult that worships Trump? Yeah, them. Not only are you a shit journalist, you’re a snowflake who blocked me on FB bc I called you out on one of your posts. Enjoy your echo chamber.

[…] detractors that the ring leaders of yesterday’s assault on the federal Capitol Building were obvious Antifa: The only thing that matters is that several thousand Trump supporters when through the barricades […]

jack johnson

Let`s be honest here….both sides of the aisle wanted Trump out. The GOP tried to placate his supporters until after the election. Then after the steal they turned their back on our president THEN expected the voters to turn out in the Georgia run-offs.

The stupidity of the RINOs and the GOP is borderline comical.


Comical? Abominable is more like it. There are so many in DC with ZERO regard for the rule of law, the cornerstone of our Republic! These troglodytes are CRIMINALS and TRAITORS.


“Borderline?” You mean “abject.”

How many Congressmen from the Republican party are rising up against the Georgia politicians (Kemp, for one) who helped steal Ga? Yeah, they talk a lot in generalities, but they don’t rip into Kemp in any meaningful way.

It’ll be business as usual, the signal for that being the override of the NDAA veto. Take names of those politicians – especially Repugnicans – who voted to keep Big Tech in their position of dominance.

And Twitter just danced on what they think is the graveyard of the President. I would like to see Mr, Dorsey face some justice of a physical kind – just sayin’. But if the cowards in both parties are joining Dorsey, maybe they should be spat upon on the sidewalks of their alleged communities. Again, just sayin’.


I wrote a warning to the President of this a week ago; I THINK I wrote something on these threads, too, saying that this was going to happen.

However, the woman the DC police murdered was not ANTIFA, and she was a member of the Air Force. Don’t confuse her with ANTIFA.

As far as elections go, if the steal is not repealed, I will never vote again in any US election. I think the Mennonites and even JWs have it right. Our votes have been stolen, and all the political voices approve.

I voted for the traitor McCain; I voted for Romney; I voted for Bushie I and II. I regret all of those votes, because not only were they wasted, they pushed us farther into tyranny, not toward Freedom.

I voted for Trump and I have no regrets. But the vote I cast for him is the last vote I’ll ever make on any level, unless this election is made right. I told my Congressman, Ben Cline, as much.

“But what about abortion? The military? The Constitution? 2nd Amendment rights?”

My birthmother tried to abort me before abortion was legal; any more questions?

The military? Full of generals who have betrayed the President, even as he gave them all the tools they need to defend our country.

The Constitution? After Bush and John Roberts got around to dismantling the Constitution, with the help of Barack Obama, what Constitution? We have no Constitution!

2nd Amendment rights, and 1st Amendment rights? States take those with impunity! The only way we’ll be able to defend our rights is to use them as often as necessary, and you can take that any way you like. Go to church – in large groups! Walk around without masks! Go meet with family and friends! and defend your rights to assemble by backing those rights up with an exercise of your 2nd Amendment rights. If you don’t start somewhere, you will be in chains tomorrow.

With such an obvious theft of our election, by Republicans no less, there is no need to vote anymore. It’s all make-believe.


Yep, I would never believed to possible to feel as impotent and insignificant in my own country as I do right now.

I thank President Trump for holding off the inevitable for the four years he has been president. Was all the turmoil of his four years worth it? Time will tell. He did more good things for America than any other president in my lifetime, made some mistakes in hiring and by not firing people who should have been fired, but overall I give him and his presidency an A. At least he kept Walking Eagle from being the one who destroyed the country, but the btfsplk team will do just fine in her stead.


And I told my congressman and senators if they don’t fight like hell for Trump, I will never vote for them or and (R) again.

Resi Stance

these guys are definitely antifa, notice the individual on the right appears to be wearing press credentials. Antifa is big on propaganda and travel with their own press corp. when out terrorizing

Chef barley

That’s his lanyard from work. His office quickly fired him.

Trevor Adams

As an outsider, I have always wondered why America is not mentioned in Biblical end times prophecies. I see why now, as a nation divided against itself CAN NOT stand (Mark 3.25). I admire President Trump as he brought the issues facing the US into stark relief, but he is not to be worshipped as appears to be happening. Christians have one hope and that is in the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His Salvation, not Donald Trump and at this perilous time, for the unsaved, may I humbly suggest you raise your eyes and hope to Christ Jesus as we are fast approaching His return. God Bless You All.


I am going to tick a lot of folks when I say this. The United Sates of America didn’t exist at the time the Bible was written.

The Bible was written by the people who were experiencing and witnessing the times of their immediate surroundings and Christ’s sacrifice for all the sinners then and in the future.

If you read about the Founders of our nation, they were all Godly men who believed in Divine Providence and the works of God. The Founders did their best to give us a working, living Constitution to live by. Unfortunately Satan has been busy here.

He has used our Constitution to pervert the rules of law and order that a society needs to function properly. See abortion, the defense of pornography, the steady erosion of the Catholic Church, and it’s pedophilia problems, the rotten core of Hollywood slowly and progressively promoting more violence and sex, self gratification, the free love movement of the 60s and much more.

If what I have read on another forum is true (and at this point, I am beginning to believe it is) we have people in all stages of government and business engaging in things that have been used to compromise them to bend to Satan’s will. Unspeakable things. Things that should never happen.

The chicoms are Satan’s foot soldiers. Our compromised politicians and corporations are their accomplices.

Half of our nations people are Godless and lack a moral compass. We will be seeing our own Armageddon. I pray we have enough soldiers on our side willing to fight the good fight as the Founders did, otherwise, the world is lost to a Godless, tyrannical form of government that will crush all of mankind’s hopes and dreams.

Patton wanted to destroy the Russians, MacArthur the Chinese. Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex (the deep state). Politicians stopped them. We need to rethink letting politicians make decisions for us.
Unfortunately, it may be too late.


Sadly you are not wrong. But the USA isn’t special either.

When a nation who starts out serving God, the Creator, and becomes fat, complacent, starts worshipping other gods and forces out the Creator. It is then that God brings in another nation to punish and create hardship whereby those people will call out to God for rescue, and He will answer them. His timetable is not ours to dictate.

Not all the Founders where Christian, Godly, some were deists which are not Christian. But regardless the document written was brilliant. And a Republic, if you can keep it.


Hard to say if you can attribute what happened today to any single group. I saw plenty of patriots getting heated with the police at the barricades. Even if there were no left wing infiltrators, could you really blame anybody?

Millions of people expected Republicans at the state and federal level to back Trump and fight this fraud. Instead, their spines collapsed and they rolled over. They were in DC today because they lost faith in the process and felt like there was no other recourse. Many people felt like this was the last stand.

The inauguration on the 20th ought to be interesting.


There is no other recourse unless Trump does something heretofore never done.

Invoke the Insurrection Act, declare martial law and arrest anybody even remotely involved in the fraud and coup. At this point, the false flag operations of today and the gaslighting will be cranked up to 11. There is no other alternative now. It’s going to go hot, it’s just a matter of when.

Unfortunately, he has been surrounded by liars and thieves. He trusted many to be Patriots. They have all betrayed him and us. May God destroy them and their houses.


Surprised horn guy isn’t being castigated for cultural appropiation


That’s a Dishonored tattoo you moron.

Side note, viking bro has been seen at other pro trump rallies. He’s literally got a wall tattoo.


Gee, another troll.

Bull Gator

You have proof? Otherwise shut up…

Va Gent

“Dishonored” dude is Philly ANTIFA.

Viking bro has a “Black Power” fist tattoo on his belly.

The false flag has failed.


none of this tells us anything. we don’t know anything about the gamer. we know nothing about the viking guy…other than he’s clearly a nutbag. nor the doofus on the right. its all speculation as to whether they are trump people, antifa whatever.

it is being reported that busloads of antifa blm types were sent in and very possibly could have “infiltrated” the crowd and instigated it. we simply don’t know.


BLM, Antifa all the same people. And Left wingers and lying media are all claiming they are Trumpers, they are so stupid and think America believes them. China Joe saying its sedious and blaming Trump, Joe go to your summer home in Beijing and leave us alone and take all your socialist with you.


Now, will these “patriots” be arrested and kept in jail or let loose immediately after being brought in?

And what makes me laugh is the way they look. All those tattos? Yeah, they’re Trump supporters. /s


Not surprising. I litterally just told my wife that I expect Antifa/BLM were infiltrating as Trump people and doing their thing. The pictures of the soy-boys confirms it. Funny how these same types of protests are no longer “mostly peaceful” and are “disturbing” now that the media wants us to think their guys are not doing this

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