Tuesday News Roundup: Assange Asylum, Georgia Shenanigans and Ron DeSantis 2024

Let’s start with some “In Case You Missed It” items that I skipped over the last couple of days:

First, there’s the fact that a judge in England has denied the U.S. extradition request for WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, and will set bail for him later this week.

From a report at the Philadelphia Inquirer:

A British judge on Monday rejected the United States’ request to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to face espionage charges over the publication of secret U.S. documents a decade ago, saying he was likely to kill himself if held under harsh U.S. prison conditions.

In a mixed ruling for Assange and his supporters, District Judge Vanessa Baraitser rejected defense arguments that the 49-year-old Australian faces a politically motivated American prosecution that rides roughshod over free-speech protections. But she said Assange’s precarious mental health would likely deteriorate further under the conditions of “near total isolation” he would face in a U.S. prison.

“I find that the mental condition of Mr. Assange is such that it would be oppressive to extradite him to the United States of America,” the judge said.

Lawyers for the U.S. government said they would appeal the decision, and the U.S. Department of Justice said it would continue to seek Assange’s extradition.


Then there’s the additional news that Mexico’s President Obrador has made an offer of full asylum for Assange: 

On top of all of that, the Prime Minister of Australia said on Monday that Assange would be free to return to that country once all of the British court proceedings have been completed and he has been released. From a story at The Hill:

Australia’s prime minister said Tuesday that his government would allow Julian Assange to return home should efforts fail to extradite the Wikileaks founder from London to face charges in the U.S.

Reuters reported that Scott Morrison made the remarks during a radio interview, telling the hosts that he had no inside information on Assange’s legal battles but adding that Australian consulate services are available to him and all other Australians.

“Well, the justice system is making its way and we’re not a party to that. And like any Australian, they’re offered consular support and should, you know, the appeal fail, obviously he would be able to return to Australia like any other Australian,” Morrison said.

“So, yes, it’s just a straightforward process of the legal system in the U.K. working its way through,” he continued, according to Reuters.


This is all important news in the U.S. for one simple reason: Julian Assange knows where all the bodies are buried, especially where the Democrat Party is concerned. More to the point, he knows the truth about the murder of Seth Rich, a truth that the DNC can never allow to come to light.

This is a story to watch closely.

This is funny only because it’s apparently true:

In case you believe Kelly Loeffler is a real part of the solution in Washington, well, think again. – Loeffler is married to the owner of the New York Stock Exchange, billionaire Jeff Sprecher. On Monday, even as his wifey was participating in a rally held by President Donald Trump on her behalf, Sprecher and his organization announced that it would defy a Trump executive order demanding that the NYSE and other U.S. stock exchanges de-list certain corporations controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

From a story at CNBC:

NYSE says it will no longer delist three Chinese telecom giants

  • The New York Stock Exchange said it no longer plans to delist three Chinese telecommunications giants: China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom.
  • Four days earlier, the NYSE said it planned to drop those listings to comply with a November executive order from President Trump.
  • Trump sought to bar American companies and individuals from investing in firms that allegedly aid the Chinese military.

The New York Stock Exchange said it no longer plans to delist three Chinese telecommunications giants, reversing a decision announced four days earlier.

The NYSE said late Monday it dropped the plans after “further consultation with relevant regulatory authorities in connection with Office of Foreign Assets Control.”


If you are wondering if those “relevant regulatory authorities” included representatives of the ChiCom party, trust me, you are not alone.

Don’t get me wrong here: We need either Loeffler or David Perdue to win today’s runoff because their votes would deny Democrat efforts to eliminate the senate filibuster rule and prevent the stacking of the U.S. Supreme Court. But if you’ve been hoping Loeffler might actually a be a real reform-minded conservative who would support efforts to roll back the machinations of the DC Swamp, well, just let that go. She’s just Mitt Romney with long blonde hair, and Perdue is no better.

So, what do the polls in Georgia look like? – I predicted two weeks ago that a deal has been cut that would allow Loeffler to win her seat, while David Perdue would lose to John Ossoff. The only poll worth taking a look at, from the Trafalgar Group, shows – guess what? – Loeffler leading and Perdue trailing:

As I write elsewhere this morning, it all ultimately depends on how the Dominion Systems machines have been programmed. I’m betting they’ve been programmed to produce a split outcome.

You don’t have to believe me on this… – Let analyst Jovan Pulitzer, who hacked into a Dominion machine over the Internet during a live Georgia Senate hearing last week, explain it all to you:

Incidentally, you may remember that that Senate committee voted to allow Pulitzer to perform an audit on the Nov. 3 ballots in Fulton County. Pulitzer still has not been allowed access to those ballots by corrupt Sec. State Brad Raffensperger and his evil minions.

What a surprise, right?

This guy really needs to run for president. – Watch Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis embarrass a typically-biased hack reporter from CNN:

That is what a real reform-minded conservative Republican looks like. Keep him in mind for 2024 and beyond.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Q, this is probably more in your bailiwick than mine. If I understand this, basically they’re saying if you have a healthy immune system it destroys the vaccine. Which makes sense since we are reading about some who took the vaccine still getting the rona.

What a nasty little thing this vaccine is.



You got it: nasty. A nasty bit of medical dictatorship, with a nasty vaccine.


What the doctor is suggesting – saying outright – is that they’re programming in an autoimmune disease, (as if we don’t have enough of those around already.)

My additional concern is that it can cause protein abnormalities, and as I’ve written repeatedly in the last few weeks about other issues, perhaps causing protein misfolding or damaging the chaperones (other proteins) which help the target proteins to fold under normal circumstances.

What a crap-shoot! Now watch as NY state has given itself power to arrest you and keep you in detention if you are even suspected of having COVID, or if you refuse the vaccine!


Part of a post I wrote recently was edited down to take away my response to such tyranny, should someone appear at my door with a syringe and/or a detention order. You can guess what I wrote. Glad I don’t live in NY, but if they export that to my state?


Julian Assange should choose Mexico; the Aussies will feed him to the nearest salty. Mexico doesn’t have five eyes.


That will depend on whether the UK will actually let him go, ie give him his passport back. But yes I agree, just about any country outside of the corrupt-eyes would be better and southern Mexico isn’t all that bad.


Gregg, the upper right Newest/Oldest tab needs to be clicked to oldest. It will say newest, but you will then see all the posts. A bit screwy I must admit.


correction click newest *sigh*


I just figured that out, too.


There are no six comments posted, with mine gone and yet the site displays there are now 18 comments.

I’ll check back in tomorrow.


There are a few ‘bugs’ that may be persistent as Mr Blackmon pointed out, it takes a while sometimes to populate thru the entire system, site data base. It doesn’t just affect the current page but ALL the previous pages as well.

My comments appear and disappear on refresh but overall its looking good. This is mucho better than the previous version. Its a huge leap forward.


Test as my newest comments went away after I refershed


My comments on the site seem to have been OBE (overcome by events) as things are working well and I am beginning to learn the new bells and whistles so belay my earlier comments and concerns. I’m not the most internet savvy person. I am a creature of habit. I appreciate your hard work and effort Dave to make such great improvements.


On a another somber note (as if we need any more somber thoughts):

Rush was scheduled to be back yesterday and is still not on today during this very important week. On his last show last year, he pointedly stated that there will come a time where he won’t be able to do his show anymore. That sounded quite ominous to me especially when he spoke earlier of his cancer treatment setback.

While his fill-in hosts are great, Rush’s last show may come sooner than later – I’m guessing by the end of the month regardless of what happens tomorrow and on the 20th.

It was a great 30 plus year run for the EIB while it lasted and all conservatives should give thanks for the voice he gave to us.

Personally, I hope and pray for his complete recovery which I know won’t happen, just like I hope and pray for America’s continued recovery under another four years of a Trump Presidency…


And this just in: All the dominion machines are not working in predominately Republican districts. What a surprise!


Warren Lockaby

Please get these damned VDO.AI ads off my screen, or tell me how I can do it. They cover about 2/3 of the screen and won’t go away. Thank you.


It depends on the browser you are using and if you have browser addons running. I use Brave and can control pretty much all the ads, whether they display or not.

Mr Blackmon depends on ads so a few run but overbearing ones… nope. Thats why I advocate for that coffee button… wink wink nudge nudge…


And who appointed Loffler, to the chagrin of GA conservatives when most wanted Congressman Collins appointed? Yep, the corrupt Governor Shemp. That should have been the first clue as to what side Shemp was on. At this point, how much worse could a governor Stacy Tank Abrams have been?


So much for another ‘friend’ of Trump (GB PM Boris Johnson, the supposed British Trump with supposedly the most conservative parliament since before WWII). Yeah, and we have the most conservative SC ever…

If Trump prevails, he should tell the whole world to go to hell, kick out the UN and the WHO’s influence, and do a raid to rescue Assange and pardon him with the deal being he and Gen. Flynn spills their guts as to where all the bodies are buried.


Regarding DeSantis, or Cruz Dave, you are still operating on the premise that elections will mean something in 2022 and 2024.


Excellent points – “Michael Spinks” Stacy Abrams might not have been as bad, since she is a total idiot. Well, so is the current governor, but…


Apparently Dominion thinks we don’t know what WiFi is. Heh! we r so stoopid.


Typical, shite for brains propaganda spewing “journalist”. She asked a question and then goes on to editorialize after the question.

These people are just sick.


If Biden prevails, better learn to say Ni Hao.

I’m sure a lot of officials already are fluent in Mandarin.


I wouldn’t trust the Australian government either if I were Assange. They never put in ANY effort to help him and if he landed back in Australia they’d arrest him and send him to the US for political prosecution. He’d be better off in Mexico. imo.

But Trump should issue a pardon or drop the charges against him. Assange <b>i<i>isn’t</i></b> a US citizen so cannot be charged with treason for releasing ‘secrets’. Snowden and Assange exposed the US govnt criminals and their criminality. They should be given medals.


For some reason my reply didn’t show.

Mexico would be better; the Aussies would feed him to the salties or GWs, having five eyes and being one with the other four eyes etc. The Mexicans might find him useful to see who was really behind Fat and Fabulous (FnF.) ‘Cause, you know, 200 dead Mexicans’ blood still screams from the grave, right? And Eric Holder is still a free “man,” (if you can call him that.) Zero empathy, profiles like a serial killer.

Mexico may end up being the most free nation on earth, because they aren’t fond of the lockdown as a result of the Fauci Virus. (But we already knew that about the virus, didn’t we?)



I agree: 5 Eyes is 5 Eyes, not 5 Eyes + 1. Australian Intel would feed him to the salties or chum him for the Great Whites.

I don’t trust the Mexican government, either but he could probably help the government to enter the 21st century – they’d have something on the Dems. Besides Fast and Furious, which may have been resolved or may still be under negotiation..


ooohhhh shiney… works great too….


And so we wait.


Florida media is part of the Democratic Party Propaganda machine. They hate Governor DeSantis as much as they hate President Trump.


Georgia run-off might be a split win? At this point why would the Dems allow that? They got caught red handed in the general election and there were zero consequences in any of the states where it happened. Courts ignored/avoided every instance. None of the voting infrastructure was changed. There is no reason for them to hold back now, especially when their marxist agenda can be rolled out unimpeded.


Correct Jonesy, why should the Dems only go for a split result when total power is within their grasp?

I have no ideal how the runoffs are going to turn out, but two (D) wins in the 60-40% range wouldn’t surprise me. After all, Trump is not on the ballot, it is a miserable (by design) date for an election, and no one is going to be held accountable for any voter fraud, so the sky is the limit. Plus GA might have a million new one day ‘residents’ on the rolls to vote today.

And if the results mirror the poll Dave posted, Ratsburger and his buddies will ‘find’ the votes (provisional ballots 90+% for the Ds) needed to ensure the senate is run by Schmucker and his jackasses.


I suspect, as Dave does, a deal was done. Loeffler is a Rinopublicant.

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