The Georgia Runoffs: The Democrat Party’s Best Chance to Destroy the American Republic

The year 2020 will commit its final act against the American Republic today in Georgia. There, the runoff elections for Georgia’s two U.S. senate will be completed and the votes “tabulated,” as far as real votes are actually tabulated in any election in America anymore.

Whether they have been cast by actual Georgia residents, by Democrats who have “moved” into Georgia over the last month solely for the purpose of voting, or flown in from a ballot mill staffed by illegal aliens working in sweatshop conditions in Philadelphia for a dollar a day, those ballots will be fed into Dominion Systems “voting” machines that are illegally linked over the Internet with every other machine in the state. Once the initial tabulation has been completed, Democrat vote “adjudicators” will then determine how many more ballots their candidates need in order to “win” the elections.

And all of it will be done under the watchful eye of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, the nominal Republican who oversaw the massive fraud that took place in the state on November 3. Were it not for Raffensperger’s efforts, GOP candidate David Perdue would have won his election outright, and would already have been sworn in to serve his next term in office, so we know where the Sec. State’s real loyalties lie.

President Donald Trump held a rally in Georgia last night for Perdue and the other GOP candidate, Kelly Loeffler. There, he unambiguously called out Raffensperger and Georger Gov. Brian Kemp for their despicable conduct in allowing the state’s election system to become a corrupt scandal. He also promised to campaign against both men when they come up for re-election in 2022.

By then, of course, it will be too late. The “elections” to be completed today will determine which party controls a majority in the U.S. Senate, and if the Dominion machines are able to create enough votes to put Democrats Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff over the top, then some silly elections for governor and sec. state in Georgia won’t really matter much, as the Republic will have already been lost.

Wins by both Democrats today – oh, hell, who are we kidding, we won’t really know who “won” for many days afterwards if Raffensperger has anything to say about it – will enable the Democrat Party to literally destroy our constitutional system of government. Given control of all levers of political power, the Democrats will be able to follow through on their promises to eliminate the senate filibuster, pack the Supreme Court, implement confiscatory taxes on the American middle class, and bestow all manner of executive powers on the president that China Joe Potato Head Biden will be able to use to implement their radical COVID-19 and Climate Change agendas, which at this point are completely intertwined with one another.

With the help of corrupt RINOs in Georgia and in the courts, the Democrat Party succeeded during 2020 in consolidating its 50-year goal of destroying America’s system of free elections. Today is their chance to put the final nail in place in the Party’s 150-year march towards the destruction of the American Republic.

Unless some behind-the-scenes deal has been cut to award one of these crucial senate seats to Loeffler or Perdue, America will be rendered essentially helpless in the face of Democrat tyranny for at least the next two years, and likely longer.

I think I’ll go take an Imodium and go back to bed. Wake me up when it’s over. Or better yet, don’t.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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“I think I’ll go take an Imodium and go back to bed. Wake me up when it’s over. Or better yet, don’t.”

Yep Dave, I feel the same way. No one should watch any of the ‘election coverage’ from any cable “news” outlet as there is so much other real TV to watch like “Gomer Pile, USMC” Green Acres” and Hogan’s Heroes”.


Hmmmm. As to the new system here…okay, so far.




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A biological anomaly – cyptobiosis – is probably the best metaphor for what we need to have embedded in our system, because it’s like a failsafe – like a computer program from the NSA which lights up with certain code words (such as “Abbottabad.“) Such programs can predict outcomes of behavioral chains. Cryptobiosis involves an organism that probably locks itself up into an apparently lifeless state though protein folding/unfolding processes and can withstand extreme states (anoxia, cold etc.) after the process is finished.

We call these, in terror terms, sleeper cells. We need to use them ourselves, but intrinsically, and somehow not to disable choice and freedoms (economic, religious, social.) We will need these so-called sleeper cells to come to life when they’re needed.

When a protein is formed for use in an organ, it is folded (configured) by other proteins (Chaperones) which help make the desired protein desirable and functional.

However, mutations can occur – like Sickle Cell traits, which are misfolded proteins which help adapt to protect against malaria.

Politically, we need sleepers to wake up when politicians start their career with nominal amounts of money and end up retiring wealthy to an extreme.

Right now, most of our rich politicians and former politicians and former generals have their hands in a Chinese piggy bank. And in one way or another, the American people must act as the sleeper cell, and come out of cryptobiosis and remove these diseases from out midst.


Looks like there are some glitches. But I do appreciate the editing aspect of the system, like this.


This is generally true in my experiences. The site is delivering quick, features are working well, for me, side bar is showing newest comment, voting system, editor etc all working.

Also its a nice clean looking display. Looks like you pulled off a nice transition with relatively few problems. Well, few that have been evident on this side of the server. 🙂


You have to understand the treason, chiefly the surrender to China; it is not isolated. It is, in a metaphor, like a prion protein – a transmissible misfolded protein that subverts other proteins, until at last the organism or organ or organelle or cell dies.

But how does it go from being a single entrance point to a pattern? Let’s look at it from a different angle: choosing sides.

Over the last 20 years and more – more like 24 – our system has introduced a kind of China-prion into our system, and more and more entities (US Chamber of Commerce, politicians, even the CIA) decided that the 21st century would be China’s century. They felt that the US was exhausted, weak, lazy and in its last stages. President Trump has proven, in even the first few months of office, that this analysis is not true.

Too few people analyzed the weaknesses of China’s structure, and especially their failures in moral codes: along with India, China was (and still is) regarded as the most corrupt nation on earth. Now it is being aggressive, violent toward its minorities, and possibly in danger of collapsing under its own weight: the Eastern Chinese lament the lower IQs supposedly coming from the middle and Western portions, to the point where they want to institute a worn-out philosophy of Eugenics, a breeding program – a Naziesque system that shows that they know their weaknesses. Certainly, they have all the slave labor they want, but they don’t have widespread brains. And worse yet, they tend to educate the same way we do, but worse: they don’t allow for ADHD and creativity. Which explains why they need to steal – they are lacking in creativity.

But as power struggles go, they had hoped to utilize our creative minds parasitically, as they have Hollywood and elsewhere. They want to extract our creativity without the pain of developing it with a free-flowing educational system, and at the same time, they count on us destroying ourselves by utilizing their systems in Public Education, with teachers unions and the like. Regions with more creative and creatively demanding education tend to produce Free Thinkers, the Einsteins, the geniuses. So they want to weaken our use of our own creators and purchase them so that we cannot use the products our own geniuses manufacture.

They had to purchase politicians, too, and that mixture included both carrot and stick: they provided opportunities for bizarre and twisted sexual behaviors, and they provided lots of money. Those are the carrots. The stick is when those funds are cut off and blackmail of the bizarre sexual escapades are revealed. The Chinese are not the only ones using those techniques: CIA, Mossad, MI6 and others use these on a regular basis. But the largest employer of these in the West is China. No one else comes close.

Because so many politicians and judges are on tape or disc, and have bank accounts swollen so large, they have what I call a “squeeze point,” and they have almost completely taken over. There will be no need of elections in 2022, if the steal is completed.

Unfortunately, the carrot and stick must be cut off, and this means separation from China in meaningful ways. It also means putting on trial those who have knowingly subverted our system by taking those carrots and betraying us. Since the depth and breadth of the takeover is so immense, every city and municipality and governmental system needs to be examined and rid of the characters who have betrayed the Constitution.

We don’t need drunks and addicts and compromised people to perform this excision: we need people of character and integrity, and people who have a creative intellect and people who see patterns. While I am a little of these, I am certainly not up to the job. President Trump is, but he has to have a cast of like-minded people around him, and all across the nation. We need surgery most desperately.

We may not survive the Georgia politicians’ crimes against our nation, and on that state resides our last hope, and perhaps our first battlefield.


“There will be no need of elections in 2022, if the steal is completed.”

And many people thought Rush was a nut a couple of years ago when he speculated that the donkey party wanted to eliminate the need for elections. The donkey pols felt that having to BS the masses, spend a lot of “walking around money” and effort to get their ignorant plantation members to get off their asses and vote and stand before them was beneath them, so, instead, let’s just destroy the integrity of the concept of free and fair elections. There can be no greater disincentive for thinking people to vote than to blatantly show their vote doesn’t matter – yet at the same time these hypocrites were always showing so much ‘concern’ about how low the voter participation was in our “precious democracy”. Hence all the recent efforts to make ‘voting’ easier and enhance their opportunity for fraud. This has been percolating for decades.

What he and we/I didn’t quite know was how this was going to be accomplished. Step one was to make Trump an illegitimate president via RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! interference and place in doubt the integrity of our election system when any elephant the Left didn’t want to win won. When that didn’t work and didn’t destroy Trump’s Presidency by driving down his poll numbers into the thirties, they tried to outright remove him over a phone call to Ukraine.  When that also failed, they went with the blatant outright fraud angle, helped by CV-19 and obviously bought off several hundred (R) congress people, election officials, judges, DOJ/FBI (BARR) officials and state (R) legislators.

Unless a miracle happens tonight and tomorrow in the District of Corruption, the donkeys and their real and imagined jackass “voters” will have sealed the deal and rendered future elections irrelevant just as Rush predicted. 


You will never see any movie about Freedom while China owns Hollywood; they purchase the script and alter it so that it won’t offend their masters. Funny that Hollywood will lose its freedom at the same time as it begs for money. Groveling sycophants.

[…] I write elsewhere this morning, it all ultimately depends on how the Dominion Systems machines have been programmed. I’m […]


I have a bad feeling about this.” — Luke Skywalker

Leo Janysek

I’ve been disgusted by my many liberal friends who have no problem with the voter fraud but are all angry about attempts to point it out. I guess that’s what they learned at institutions of higher indoctrination.


I wrote to all my friends a couple of years ago saying I will have nothing to do with anyone who is ok, supports or otherwise agrees with the way the donkeycrats operate. And that includes voting for ANY donkeycrats anywhere. Trust me, these people are not worth having as friends, nor is it worth your time trying to convince them of the virtues of conservativism and capitalism.

PS: I mean no offense to any animal, just all the two-legged jackasses.


It’s all “the end justifies the means” for them. They lack a moral compass and therefore don’t care as long it doesn’t affect them. Pitiful creatures.

The Searchers

It’s a serious problem.
But as long as it prevents anyone with aspirations for the Constitution to be interpreted as the founders intended, and also embrace their rights stipulated in the Bill of Rights, they are fully supportive of voter fraud, but will insist it doesn’t exist, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

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