One Way or Another, January 2021 Will be Historic

Guest Piece by Karen Kataline

It’s difficult to recognize extraordinary when you’re living in it.

Anyone who is the least bit curious about which way this country will go is eagerly, anxiously, or fearfully looking forward to Wednesday, January 6, 2021 and whatever will follow.

People who often agreed are split from one another. New alliances are being formed. We are in a major shift. The fact that some people don’t or can’t see it is part of the fundamental disagreement.

I’ve made no secret of what I think will ultimately happen. I have bets that Donald Trump will be inaugurated as President for the next four years.  It’s amazing how many people I know have given up hope of that happening.

Others have called for Trump to concede. That has been particularly perplexing, but among the things Donald Trump’s presence has ushered in, is his ability to expose who people really are and always were.

He will continue to do that as he and his team attempt to make their case for voter fraud as the Left and it’s minions do everything they can to tamp down their ability to be heard so that citizens themselves can make up their own minds.

It would seem that a side that doesn’t want it’s opponent’s case to be heard is in the weakest position, but somehow, what is obvious is obfuscated today, and what is preposterous is accepted as truth.

I have continued to ponder why any conservative would call for Trump to concede at precisely the most important moment in his stunning tenure thus far. This will be the decisive moment an they’re bailing?

Is it because these politicians and pundits don’t see or agree with the “do or die” situation we are in?  I wonder if those with the most political experience have the hardest time recognizing a completely unique situation because that experience clouds their judgement rather than informs it.

This alone doesn’t make me correct, but it does seem to be a major dividing line among people of good will.

I believe this is the “do or die” moment. Communists will either strike the final blow to America, or Donald Trump against all odds, will save our country and by extension, the free world from tyranny.

Many might think that sounds “overly dramatic” but there are genuinely dramatic times in life and in the life of a country and this is one of them.  We have been lulled into believing that times of great historic significance only happened 200+ years ago. Not so.

We have crossed the Rubicon into tyranny already.  We have Leftist/progressive Mayors, Governors and un-elected bureaucrats shutting down businesses and/or telling them how to run them which will lead to their slow death.  It’s tough for people to admit that this is exactly what they want but what other conclusion can one come to?

Said Leftists are systematically robbing The People of all five pillars of the First Amendment, and will do so with and all the rest. Almost every institution or sphere of influence in our country has been infiltrated by those unfaithful to the Constitution.  Other well-funded groups who hate this country continue to be eager to assist them.

Officials at the highest levels in every branch of our government have been bribed, blackmailed or otherwise compromised.  If this isn’t a crisis, what would one look like?

Trump is NOT fighting for his re-election, which he most likely won in a landslide, out of ego.  He knows all the above and more.

I believe that this moment is the real reason he ran in the first place  He loves this country. He wants to leave it intact and secure for his grandchildren and yours. If he can accomplish what he came to Washington to do and go up against this massive amount of evil and corruption and win he will go down as among the greatest Presidents who ever lived.

This will be a historic week and a historic month.

Happy New Year, and let true justice be done in 2021.

Karen Kataline is a commentator, columnist & talk show host. She holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University and is a sought after guest on talk shows around the country.



That is all.

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Ben Colder

I don’t know what is really going to happen but when it cones right down to it probably the same old crap the republicans will cave just like they always do.They are all blow and no go the communists on the other hand have a plan to take over and they will by hook or by crook mostly crook hence the rigged election.The communists have got six or seven of the RINOS on their side like Mitt the sh–t and Bennie cowchip Sasse Snow and snowbank Lisa nope I think Trump is pretty much screwed.This will probably be the last election as we know them from now on there will be no reason to vote the communists will count the votes just like they did this time the communist will always win until the government falls due to spending themselves into a hole so deep not even they will be able to get out then is when the revolt will take place and the country will be split into three or four little piss ant countries like what has happened in Europe.


You may be right – because small businesses have been shackled, and Dems hate small businesses. Oh, Liberals shout “Buy Local,” but support Walmart and other Big Box stores, keeping them open, while killing small businesses with the stupid lockdown.

Liberals like to claim higher ground, but they’re the cowardly fools wearing masks while driving on the highway alone in their hybrids.

Such a shame that small businesses have to die, but still…”buy local…”

Well, stupid Liberals, when you need a specialized service, maybe you can go to China Nails or Massage R Us. When you want custom crafting or services that require critical thinking skills, like Plumbing or Electrical work? Call Bezos. Call Walmart. Call Lowes.

Independent businesses are being murdered. And that’s the way Liberals want it, to their own future detriment. Many of us are retiring because we won’t effing work for you.



So tell me, Little Miss Muffett, how is the CIA “America’s First Line of Defense,” when you helped the enemy get through the gate and subvert our officials, including General Mattis? Seems the only words you know are “Russia Russia Russia.”

First line of defense? Worst joke of the 20th Century.


So Little Miss Muffett hired a PR firm to re-image the Agency so that it won’t look so…Ivy League, filled with Beltway Brats who score high on SATs and have no ADHD to recommend them. Just because they have slick new ads doesn’t mean they have erased the culture of corruption, the kind John Brennan set up with his reorganization – which allowed facilities to compartmentalize and do laundry to their hearts’ content. He thought all he had to do was troll around with a rainbow lanyard and he’d be the “in thing,” “hep to the jive” and “rad.”

You can always tell a pretender, who “gets jiggy” and whatever passes for pop style these days – gender issues included. Brennan will go down as the best example of the Peter Principle in the 21st Century. You can see it in his pretentious language that he tries to use to insult the President, and you can almost hear him sniffing – heavy breathing too.

No, he'[s not a coward, but he is a traitor, and people around him do what it takes – and that includes Little Miss Muffett, who wants to be around for a “Biden administration.” She’s a careerist who approved of this new ad campaign? What’s next, Jason Bourne? Sure as hell is no Landy.

Maybe the Agency will start doing what it has occasionally done well: gathering information. Trouble with that is – and I sympathize – how do you keep the information away from imbeciles like Adam Schiff and Mark Warner? Who use it for political purposes? Well, that’s a toughie, because Brennan was all about spiking the punch, He went into Ukraine “incognito,” though everybody and their dog recognized him. He thinks he some duper-duper spy, when all he is is a duplicitous, backstabbing wretch who had a talent for blackmail. BHO is his prize pupil, as everybody – and I mean everybody, including John McCain – was working to become BHO’s Big Daddy, since his father figures tended to want to rape him. And that is no joke, and an ugly reality. (Shouldn’t write poems, Barry; they reveal too much that you don’t want to reveal.) BHO sought out Father Figures, and Brennan had the goods on him as well as some really neat toys. Panetta was an idiot in need of replacing, a technocrat, and John was waiting there.

Brennan thinks of himself as a “survivor,” a chameleon who does what he needs to do, be what he needs to be in order to rise through the ranks. Riyahd, Littlejohn. He pretends that the Sufi way is the Shiite/Sunni way, a common misconception and vain hope that Agency staffers wanted to promote. Like the word “jihad” being “personal struggle,” when the Sunni and the Shiite laugh at the characterization. Yeah, a personal struggle – against the infidel.

They also got 17 operatives killed in China. Well, those are the ones we know about. No Freedom-loving Chinaman will trust US Intel ever again. And China worked this to perfection, as they completely subverted our business/government model. What percentage of American/European/Australian/Canadian politicians do they own? Enough.

And re-imaging the Agency might be a cool thing to do, like modern pop musicians who are vacuous and mostly anonymous. Boring, mostly. Unimaginative. While they protest that their Beltway Brat image is unfair and they really want to be hip, and hop, and down wit de peeps. Ze will even call you by whatever pronoun you want for each day of the week (Twosday is “They,” because it’s Two’s Day.) They up with the new code.

I’m not wishing them failure, but they need more than a new image: they need to help us sort out those who have sold their souls and country to China and other foreign adversaries, and those who tried to unseat a sitting President with fake dossiers. There has to be an accounting. And it needs to be a lesson so well learned that no one ever tries it again.

Helping elect Biden by fraud is the worst way imaginable to begin to reform a broken agency. A picture, Little Miss Muffett, is a thousand words, but in the end, they’re still only words. Mockingbirds are loud and obnoxious (I understand perfectly) and they are annoying most of all. Need to get a better bird. Yours have wings made in China.


The bombing that coincided with an attack on the ATT/NSA facility had multiple purposes: to remind us that RV gas bombs and fertilizer trucks explode, but change nothing.

They think we’re that stupid, to become their version of “terrorists.” What they don’t understand is that most people have no interest in blowing sh-t up. That isn’t our way.

What they don’t understand is that we have alternatives. All they need to do is make the us follow Boris Johnson’s stupidity, and there will be gangs of people daring the police to arrest them, and the police are already understaffed in most cities. Think you’re going to put us all under house arrest?

Silas is right.

marty lopez

So where i smy comment?

marty lopez

When Donald Trump first entered office, neither he, nor most of his supporters realized the depth, commitment, or extent of the deep state. Neither did the electorate realize the complicity of our own ruling classes, which supported and enabled these bureaucrats in a vast, global conspiracy. All of this had begun in earnest some twenty six years earlier and went far beyond the traditional government’s bureaucrats, union protected, civil service, comfort zones of corruption, ineptitude, incompetence and inefficiency.

While most everyone seemed to agree that the swamp needed to be drained, the spontaneity of the chant electrifying, few credited the deep state for its commitment to globalism, an international effort by the corporate, ruling elites of the west to dismantle, weaken and render ineffective western governments in favor of a new, one world, global order administered by international banking and trade organizations whose officials would be appointed by them and not elected.

Of course, none of these international organizations had any accountability to any of the world’s peoples over whose interests they lorded. Nary a one had ever been, or would ever be democratically elected. Sustainability to the corporate, ruling classes meant extending their control by growing market share, profitability and power. And here is where it gets really good. The name of this paradigm shift is globalism meaning strong, independent, sovereign nations slowed them down. Needs be, politically, in this new 21st/c most western national governments tend to be responsive to democratic concerns. In Europe and America that meant middle class interests in property rights and quality of life issues. In Europe, these rights were the product of centuries of tradition, revolution and history. In America, quite simply they sprung from British common law, revolution and constitution, inalienable and God given.

All of this was suddenly to be cast aside in favor of a global partnership with the Chinese Communist Party ( CCP ). America’s own ruling elites determined they no longer needed America, or America’s middle classes. Just as the American government was seen as an impediment, only serving to slow down their ability to do global business, America’s middle classes were now seen as holding way too much wealth, which could be put to better use priming the pumps of third world economies. The actual transfer of wealth was to be accomplished by destroying America’s manufacturing base while building up China’s. This allowed them to buy into China, open its markets and, in that same fell swoop drain America’s middle class wealth and assets. Of course, in the rake they also managed to create somewhere close to 500 new, American billionaires and even far more Chinese communist billionaires.

The Chinese Communist party (CCP) seems to be cooperating in various degrees with the western, corporate globalists with whom they have partnered, at least for now. After all, it is in their best interests to see America, its people and government weakened even as they and as their western, globalist partners strengthened. But make no mistake. The CCP sees these globalists clearly for what they are, which is to say traitors without an army to sustain them, as competitors to eventually be swept aside in the inevitable competition for world domination. China always plays a long game.

In the last 30 years the globalists have managed to subvert and co-opt our institutions, the entirety of our media and education system, which are now little more than propaganda instruments and mere partisan, political tools. Alliances between political parties, multi national corporations and global special interests are evident. Massive international, financial, technical and political power now calls the shots. The American people have very little influence and no control over their government.

The modern Democratic Party reinvented itself back in the 60’s by opposing the Vietnam war and pretty much everything else American whether it be cultural, moral, or simply traditional values. Irresponsible life styles and anti social, destructive, personal behaviors were portrayed as a matter of free choice and acceptable, alternative life styles. Democrats opportunistically championed it all even while inflaming minority passions fostering divisive demands and creating the perception of some new, moral imperative. It wasn’t long before they began selling redemption, shaking down the body politic and major corporations for what they claimed was our sinful and socially unjust past. In response to such newly discovered and invented injustices, both major parties began spending our country into oblivion, as much as $25 trillion dollars. They are now both representing the interests of the globalists. Democrats continue to condemn America demanding more and more wealth redistribution, socialism and political power. Republicans, while claiming to champion America and traditional American values continually cede to Democratic demands further supporting the globalists in the destruction of America and its middle classes.
Meanwhile, big tech’s Silicone Valley whose subversive technology made it all possible, the media, the financial industry, the big banks and all the major, multi national corporations have joined forces to dictate an ever more encompassing and tightening control over our lives. They now largely determine what it is we are permitted to see and hear, telling us what it is we are to believe, what is deemed to be socially responsible and politically acceptable and they track us all, where we’ve been, what sites we visit, what we’ve bought and perused extracting an exacting price on anyone who happens to falls outside of their prescribed perimeters. Our republic is now in the process of being officially supplanted by this new, one world, global order, which as we have noted is in partnership with the Chinese Communist Party as per the “Big Steal,” which was this last, counterfeit election.
We all watch stunned as Trump’s Presidency reaffirmed by a seeming landslide, a clear political and electoral victory turned into a vanishing island of national allegiance sinking in a ocean of shark infested treason. California and New York’s example of corrupt single party rule is preview to the national disaster soon to befall us: failed local economies, crippling taxes, a middle-class thrown into hopeless poverty, homeless everywhere. The founders knew this was always a possibility. They tried to structure our constitution to make it as difficult as possible for limited government to morph into tyranny. Yet today, the globalist’s subversive plans are still in motion. The treason has been revealed. It has been determined by these globalist, hidden masters and ruling elites who control our institutions, bureaucracies and cultural infrastructure, almost every aspect, so much of our daily lives, that President Trump, along with the sovereign will of the electorate, democracy itself had to be subverted to satisfy their existing order of interagency consensus. Globalism is not to be denied. The paradigm of nationalism, strong, sovereign, independent nations is over, to be replaced, or so they have decided.
On January 6, our government will decide whether, or not this steal will be permitted to stand. Six local legislatures from six battle ground states will decide the future character of the governance we will bequeath to our children and grandchildren. Donald Trump has now said he will take a stand in opposition to those who have attempted to steal our election and his victory. But this is not about Donald Trump. It has never been about Donald Trump, or his Presidency. This is about the future of our constitutional republic and with it all of our God given inalienable rights, which are only guaranteed by the rule of law, our constitution, proper process and a bill of Rights. They are all entwined together in parchment, which must never be discarded.
Our nation is poised to decide between liberty, or slavery, between sovereignty and debilitating, destructive deconstruction. President Trump has a plan, a whole strategy and I thank God for him, but neither we, nor he should trust to Republicans to do what is best for the nation. Politicians only concern themselves with their careers. When all is said and done, it is only Trump who can and must do, whatever it is that must be done. The republic must be preserved.



That is the best comment you have ever written.


You have a point. My position regarding how things will turn is fluid right now.
Can’t recall the person who wrote the Op-Ed but it was titled Don’t Bet Against Trump.
There’s been a lot if crap flying around on the forums at different sites, but one theme runs through all of them- folks are loaded for bear and their fingers are setting next to the trigger.

As I have said before, their pushing a lot of us towards a civil war. And if they push hard enough it might just happen. Problem for them is we will not be taking prisoners.

I suspect there are more than enough folks ready for what must be done.


The 6th will only be historic if Republicans can overcome their innate cowardice and stop the steal. If Democrats win, and it looks like they already have, they’ll finish ERASING the history of the USA–along with whatever happens on the 6th–and that will be that.


The author thinks that Trump will win, and is surprised some conservatives have given up hope? It can’t be that surprising. I certainly don’t think he should concede, but his options are growing thin. In these pages and elsewhere it has been discussed that on 6-Jan, Mike Pence will save the nation by refusing electors. Dave and others have debunked that notion, so what are the remaining paths to victory? The courts have used every excuse known to avoid hearing these cases, including SCOTUS. I really don’t see how he wins. I really want to be wrong.

I commented in the Monday roundup thread its hard to tell if conservatives are giving up and begrudgingly giving in to a stolen election or if there is pressure building quietly towards some other outcome. The question I keep coming back to is how much will people take? Will it be the finalization of the election, or will it draconian gun control or some other marxist decree rammed down our throat in the next few years?

S. Fry

Nothing is going to happen. MAGA folks will show up Wednesday, stand around for a day or two and then go home. The symbolic protest in congress and the senate will change nothing. Although it does full expose the Republicans that need to be gone ASAP. If Trump had the goods, they would have been revealed already. At the end of the day, although he did many good things the last four years, Donald Trump is mostly talk and hot air….After all, he’s a New Yorker. I like the guy, but if he knew all this was going to happen, he could have stopped it before it got to this point. So either he didn’t know, or he wasn’t smart enough to stop it…

Unfortunately I also believe that the vast majority of the Patriots that talk big on the internet will simply go back to their lives. I see no organized movement that would certainly be needed to really fight back. I honestly don’t even know what that would/could look like. There are no easily drawn battle lines in this fight. The greatest generation was 70 years ago. The current one is mostly, but not all, the lazy, spoiled, and complacent generation (And I admit, myself included). The other half are the liberal democrat morons that have zero hope of redemption. We are pretty much screwed all the way around….that’s the harsh reality of the current state of things…


I agree Jan 6 will be a defining moment. If biden is installed as the President then the slide into full blown communism is off and running. It will be a race to the bottom and Stalinistic in nature.

If the conservatives manage an upset and Trump gets inaugurated, I believe he will, then the guerilla warfare begins. The communists merely start attacking institutions like churches and court houses etc, infrastructures, like rail and road affecting supply lines etc. Its to cause as much chaos as possible. The last four years will seem like a choir meeting.

Regardless of the outcome one thing IS certain. The communists will not now or ever allow the US of A to remain. Its sole goal is its destruction. So the American resolve will be on full display come the 6th of Jan and the days following. Playing nice anymore isn’t going to work, from top to bottom.

America absolutely needs to flush ALL the communists and rino’s out of the system, full stop. McCarthy understated the problem which needs to be addressed today.

I don’t think your article is hyperbole at all Karen, it reflects the urgency and seriousness that people should sit up and heed. Complacency kills, something I’ve been squacking about here for a long time. I still think its a major threat.

Its a war… meet the enemy

Just Me

At some point, it’s just going to explode. Once folks reach a point where they realize they have nothing to lose…that it’s all been taken away or suppressed…stuff will hit the fan.

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