Monday News Roundup: Fauci Pushes More COVID Fascism and Tapper Takes Ossoff to Task

Jon Ossoff Blows Off Jake Tapper's Challenge To Claim That ...


This actually happened in the U.S. House of Representatives on Sunday:

For lunch today, the congressional cafeteria beneath the Longworth Building will no doubt be serving “ra-men” and “ra-women” soup.

Hooboy. It’s gonna be a long year.

Senator Ted Cruz is really getting good with this Twitter stuff. – Here, he captures the reason why the seasonal flu has suddenly ceased to exist in the era of COVID-19, according to the CDC:

No doubt, Creepy Uncle China Joe Potato Head Biden will be taking full credit for this seasonal miracle during his inaugural address.

Meanwhile, the little menace to society continues to advance COVID fascism in the United States. – Anthony Fauci was on TV yet again on Sunday, because of course he was, and he used this appearance to work to normalize the concept of a President Joe Potato Head Biden issuing a highly-illegal national lockdown order along the lines of what communist Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom has done in California:

Here’s an excerpt from that Daily Wire article:

“Are we looking at a campaign when President-elect Biden becomes president, are we going to need to do another 15 to 30 days, stop the spread, maybe do a partial lockdown — between that issue and obviously what’s happening now?” NBC News host Chuck Todd asked. “And it looks like hospitals — they were overwhelmed in November. Dr. Fauci, what’s going to happen at the end of January?”

“Yeah. Well, I hope we don’t have to do the lockdown because of the — we all know, Chuck, how much Covid-19 fatigue there is of people just really being worn down with this,” Fauci responded. “But we certainly need to enhance and make more uniform our public health measures. President-elect Biden has called for 100 days of everybody wearing a mask uniformly throughout the country. That’s really a good start.”

“The idea about locking down is something that you might have to do, but you want to avoid,” Fauci continued. “In certain areas of the country, such as in California, which is really being stressed with regard to the hospital beds and the personnel who are really getting exhausted with the number of cases that are coming in, you may have to have, and they already have decided, on some form of lockdown in specific areas of the state or specific regions of the country. So that’s not out of the question. We hope we don’t have to do it countrywide, because we feel that if you adhere to the public health measures, you can turn things around short of a uniform lockdown.”


And this, in a nutshell, is why Anthony Fauci is such a clear and present menace to American society. China Joe obviously plans to implement a national lockdown shortly after being installed into the presidency – he’s made that crystal clear. But he also knows that no president has the constitutional authority to do any such thing short of declaring a national emergency and implementing martial law.

So, Joe Potato Head needs the imprimatur of Fauci so that he can use COVID and “science” as the justification for taking such a dramatic step. Bingo, Fauci appears on MSNBC and a perfectly compliant Chuck Todd feeds him the pre-vetted question, giving the little menace the opening to recite is pre-vetted answer.

Because science.

For more – much more – on how the globalist left is using COVID to incrementally steal Americans’ freedoms and advance the cause of globalism, read the separate piece I posted earlier today.

There’s an “election” in Georgia tomorrow, and I’m betting the results are pre-ordained. – Some of you may have noticed that CNN’s Jake Tapper was pretending to be an actual “journalist” in his interview with Democrat Georgia senate candidate John Ossoff. During the course of that interview, Tapper called Ossoff to task for his blatantly false, repeated claim that incumbent Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who is running against Democrat lunatic Raphael Warnock, was knowingly campaigning with a member of the Ku Klux Klan:

Here’s an excerpt from that story:

CNN host Jake Tapper called out Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff on Sunday for his false attacks on incumbent Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who is running against Democrat candidate Raphael Warnock.

Ossoff’s attacks on Loeffler, falsely claiming that she has been “campaigning” with a member of the Ku Klux Klan, was so categorically false that left-leaning CNN ran a fact-check report on the claim last week.

“This is false,” CNN ruled. “A former member of the KKK took a photo with Loeffler while she was campaigning earlier this month. Loeffler’s campaign said the senator did not know who the man was and would have removed him from the event had she known. This is not, at all, the same as ‘campaigning with a klansman,’ as Ossoff claimed. Politicians often take pictures with people they don’t know.”

CNN noted that there was “no evidence” that Loeffler recognized or sought the support of the man in the picture. Loeffler’s campaign condemned the man, saying, “Kelly had no idea who that was, and if she had she would have kicked him out immediately because we condemn in the most vociferous terms everything that he stands for.”

Tapper pressed Ossoff about the claim during an interview on Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” which comes just two days before election day in Georgia.


Meanwhile, as all of this was taking place, Ossoff’s opponent, incumbent Sen. David Perdue, was sitting at home after testing positive for COVID-19 a few days ago.

So, the question becomes, why are CNN and Democrat-toady Tapper suddenly singling out John Ossoff for a rare “fact check” of a fellow traveler on this particular false claim? I mean, every Democrat candidate for office in America makes outrageously false claims on each and every day – outrageous lies are the sole basis for leftism in this country, after all.

While CNN has taken up gobs of air time excoriating Ossoff for this specific claim, it has simultaneously ignored the stories about Warnock’s serial spousal abuse and the horror stories coming from the boy’s camps he used to run.

So, why the glaring disparity in coverage of the respective Democrat candidates? Could it be because CNN and Tapper know the outcomes of these two runoff elections are already pre-determined? Could it be because Tapper and CNN’s producers understand that, even though they are pretending to pound on Ossoff, the video clips they’re able to show of Loeffler unsuspectingly shaking hands with the Klan guy who she didn’t know was a Klan guy do more damage to her than to Ossoff?

Ah, yes. The answer to both questions is almost certainly yes.

Because that is the America in which we live today. If you think this America is a nightmare, you’re not alone.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Dave G

It just shows how uneducated and irreligious they are that they think the word “Amen” has something to do with gender. “Amen” is an affirmation.

From Online Etymology Dictionary (

amen (interj.)
Old English, from Late Latin amen, from Ecclesiastical Greek amen, from Hebrew amen “truth,” used adverbially as an expression of agreement (as in Deuteronomy xxvii.26, I Kings i.36), from Semitic root a-m-n “to be trustworthy, confirm, support.”

Compare similar use of Modern English certainly, absolutely. Used in Old English only at the end of Gospels, otherwise translated as Soðlic! or Swa hit ys, or Sy! As an expression of concurrence after prayers, it is recorded from early 13c.


“praying for a miracle”



IMO, Jan 6th will be a turning point.

Either way there is going to be more chaos to come. But the stand can be taken and show on which side you will fight. I’d encourage those who are able, to go to the Jan 6th call to DC. Demonstrate to the world and the criminal politicals taht things are about to change and its not going to go well for them deomoncraps or rino’s any longer.

Its a war… time to put your body on the line…

Just Me

So, we have a Methodist minister praying to the “monotheistic god, known by many names;” someone who evidently has departed from the one, true God and accepted the pluralistic, “many paths to the top of the mountain” theology prominent in the world, and closing his prayer with a bow to feminism? Quite the complement to Nan’s rule changes to eliminate traditional pronouns like father, mother, son, etc. At Babel, God confused the common language; here, He appears to have confused common sense.


It wasn’t about feminism at all, feminism is merely a tool, it was a direct frontal attack against God by the children of the god of this world. There are many who claim to be Christian, followers of Christ, that are not Christian in the slightest. You will know them by their fruit.

Its a war… know your enemy


And yes, the runoffs are preordained; the results are as certain as the sun coming up every day unless something dramatically happens soon and several hundred “Republican” members of congress and state legislators grow a backbone and do their sworn duty in the next several days.

I’m not optimistic about that happening with the “conservative” leadership I’ve seen so far. I am however, praying for a miracle.


When everything is a lie and a fraud, whether it be ‘reporting’ on CV-19 cases/hospitalizations/deaths, or any ‘reporting’ on btfsplk or Trump or election fraud or vaccines, nothing can be believed.

One of two things will happen – probably sooner than later:

People will become numb to it all and we, as a free nation, just succumb to the tyranny with either quiet acceptance like in 1930’s Germany, or we just do a lot of praying placing our hopes and faith in GOD’s hands. Or,

There is a massive revolt and much violence. And when that happens, regardless of which side prevails, there will be no time or inclination for such niceties as investigations, trials and court hearings and rulings, just a bunch of summary executions that happen in most every society when and where things go to hell and the rule of law and order vanish.

Obviously, the way the Left is behaving, they must feel they have the upper hand and will prevail. I feel that all this will come to a head, a boiling point will be reached this year with catastrophic results. If the Left gets soundly beaten, the catastrophe will be relatively short, if they prevail, we will become the USSR and that “evil empire” lasted about 70 years. And the only way it ended with only 70 years of misery and death for tens of millions of people was a great and benevolent nation founded in Judeo-Christian beliefs, and the freedom of opportunity provided by capitalism and our constitution under the leadership of President Ronald Reagan beat the USSR briefly suspending the reign of terror of communism for the last several decades.

I don’t see another great nation like the USA was on the horizon that will be able or willing to fight worldwide communist tyranny, therefore a new dark age lasting for centuries could well be instore for all of the world’s humanity. It happened before with the fall of Rome, what’s to say it can’t or won’t happen again without Devine Intervention?

As Reagan said (paraphrasing) freedom is but one generation away from being lost and America represents the last best hope for mankind. 2021 could well be the expiration date for America and its ideals for civilization as we know it.


Hopefully this reply posts under Gregg’s comment:

Gregg, my fear is that people become numb and succumb to tyranny. Even with all the fraud, all of the infringements on people’s rights and liberties, it has ben happening so slowly, the frog is boiled before it realizes it’s been cooked. I have always said until the average person is pushed out of their comfort zone, things will continue to slide to the left.

Everyday brings more evidence of the left’s plans to destroy this Republic. All of us here can see it. With the House, Senate, and WH all in Dem control, there is going to be a tidal wave of marxist policies thrust upon the country. Will more people wake up?

How much can we take? I see some rumblings here and there, but it seems the country is willing to accept the stolen election. Very few Republicans in power seem willing to do much more than vocally object. Some of us out here can go to a rally, maybe a protest, maybe donate some money to the various legal efforts. Most are busy keeping our jobs and taking care of our families. The right, in general, seems very quiet. I just can’t tell if that means we’ve succumbed to the circumstances, or if there is pressure building.


If the parasite political gops allow the steal to happen then I suspect that the term ‘banana republic’ will have to be changed to something benign. When everywhere becomes a banana republic then the term itself becomes meaningless.

Ted Cruz polishing his media image… enough said.


Looks like the Georgia Ratt might have finally outted himself. This may end up with him actually going to jail. We can dream, can’t we?

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