Democrats/Media Sure are Worried About Trump Remaining in Office

Today’s ongoing Democrat/media-created uproar about yet another completely appropriate conversation President Trump conducted in December with the utterly corrupt Georgia Sec. of State Brad Raffernsperger shows that those on the left are much more worried about the President ultimately prevailing in his challenges to the clearly fraudulent election results than they pretend to be.

Some of the more extreme leftists, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are already claiming that the call, in which the President clearly urges the worthless Raffensperger to look for the needed number of fraudulent votes to overturn the fraudulent vote count, somehow constitute grounds for impeachment, a la the completely appropriate call between Trump and the president of the Ukraine. Others, like pea-brained California cong. Ted Lieu, are calling for DOJ to open a criminal investigation:

Meanwhile, Twitter has the subject “trending” with this description: “Trump pressures Georgia Secretary of State to ‘find’ Trump votes in the state, according to audio obtained by The Washington Post”.

All of this abject nonsense, as GOP Cong. Mo Brooks said on NewsMax TV this morning:

Is it a distraction, as Cong. Brooks says? Well, probably. The Democrats and their media toadies do love to focus on topics that are extraneous to the real, pressing issues of the day. You know, like the obvious, blatant and massive election fraud the Democrat perpetrated in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona.

But I think it may also be more than that. I think the Democrats remain concerned that the President might ultimately find a way to prevail in this fight, and they do have good reason for that concern. When you have more than 100 Republican members of the House and a dozen GOP senators lined up to object to the congressional certification of the electoral vote on January 6, that’s a cause for concern.

Even if you believe, as I do, that those objections will only delay the inevitable outcome on Wednesday, they will result in just one more day on which the public is made aware that something really bad took place in those states named above on Election Night and the days that followed.

But if Democrats believe their planned installation of a demented Chinese puppet into the Oval office on January 20 is inevitable, why the absurd rhetoric about impeachment and DOJ investigation of an innocuous phone call between two Republicans? Why do they and their corrupt media toadies feel the need to maintain the ridiculous pretense that election fraud just doesn’t happen? If they’re so certain that that’s a true contention, why oppose Ted Cruz’s proposal for a 10-day emergency audit of the vote with accusations of sedition?

I honestly don’t believe sitting here today that President Trump has any magic bullets up his sleeve that will enable him to prevail in his efforts to overturn the recorded outcome of the election. The deck is obviously stacked against him, including at the Supreme Court, which has gone to extraordinary lengths to avoid taking any role in this.

But really, the behavior we are seeing from the Democrats and their agents at America’s Nazi-style national media outlets is not the behavior of people who are confident of victory. It’s the behavior of people who know they’ve been caught and are scared to death of losing, and you have to wonder why it is happening.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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“There’s the real possibility of feeble Joe conceding…for example if Trump can show him the hard evidence of Joe and his family’s dealings with foreign entities that would lead to his impeachment he might just concede to keep that from coming out.”

That is the one thing btfsplk has no fear of, getting impeached by MaligNancy Klink’s schiffhouse. Nor does he have any shame about anything coming out. These people are shameless.

PINO (President In Name Only) btfsplk will only leave the WH when Xi and/or his domestic bosses tell him to. Because if all his gaffes and all the videos of him talking about his and ‘the One’s’ best voter fraud organization (in 2012 I believe) ever and the video of him threatening Ukraine about prosecuting his beautiful, brilliant son, and the Hunter laptop didn’t sink him, surely the evidence above, that will be well covered up by the MSM (D) won’t either.

No, the only way btfsplk, the perfect foil (as many Americans probably still think “old lunch-bucket Joe” is still a “moderate”), will leave will be when he assumes room temperature or when his bosses tell him to get sick and go away. That won’t happen as long as he plays by their rules. There is no way Klink’s schiffhouse impeaches him.


If I go, no announcement. Logistics iffy. Beater vehicles reliable.

Hope there are millions. This isn’t our Last Stand, but a signal of the First.


That is, tomorrow in DC.


Nonsensical article: Trump can’t win but the dems are afraid he will?! As for magic bullets, Trump still has the magic A bomb that he hasn’t used so far: his own executive powers as President. He has the right to implement the EO of 2018 and use the military as he sees fit.

NC Curmudgeon

Replying to marine06: A. Men. Without punctuation: AMEN (all caps). Trump is not Superman, but he sure as heck is a well-served substitute in the political arena of hyenas called D.C. They just can’t kick “the dog” without KNOWING they’ll get bit. heheheh…. His teeth are hidden by his experience (good AND bad in the swamp), but will hurt a LOT if he chooses to bite back.


We don’t need any magic bullets; we just need Pence to honor his commitment as a Christian and as an American. If he certifies the electors, and Biden becomes “President,” he will have rejected his honor as both.

As far as the Dems panicking: they figured we’d fold back into our little cubby holes and do as we’re told, as we always do. Or we’d be like the “resistance” to President Trump, minus the majority in the House. And they saw what we did with a a majority in the House and Senate and with the Trump Presidency, right? They saw that we took the betrayals of Paul Ryan and Mitch and all the others claiming to be Republicans.

Well. They didn’t count on people having pent up rage at this China-based disease, facilitated by Fauci and his friends, with governors gleefully stomping the Constitution right in front of us, threatening Christians and Jews with impunity – as Americans acted like good little girls and boys. We did obey, but we also took score and have numbered them, and we outnumber them 7-1.

And with the House demonstrating what they have in store for Christians, saying “amen and a-women?” They always have to rub our noses in it, don’t they?

They should be afraid. They should be terrified, because when the dam breaks, there will be a lot of people slumbering downstream who thought they were protected, and the wave will overwhelm them in ways they cannot imagine. Americans have been tolerant and kind and loving, but when the Elites think that means weakness? – they don’t understand that meekness, which is what we really have, and that is “power under control,” and that meek little upstream lake above the dam will turn into raging torrent that will catch them all unaware.

And chatter won’t be the sign of it coming, you buffoons in the FBI. Steal our election? Snorkels and kiddy fins won’t save you. Better repent while there is time. Dems should be in a panic.


As far as I know (a disclaimer) no sitting congress “person” has ever not surrendered their seat after being elected to the President or Vice President set. That being said, the feeble actors will continue to try and support their criminal claim. May God prove to be the final arbiter.

Jay Whitcraft

We need to keep up the pressure. It’s working. Show up in DC if possible. Is it really true about Commie Harris? If that is true about her, is there some reason she hasn’t resigned her seat, like it isn’t traditional to do it until after a certain date like the 6th? Jay.


There’s the real possibility of feeble Joe conceding…for example if Trump can show him the hard evidence of Joe and his family’s dealings with foreign entities that would lead to his impeachment he might just concede to keep that from coming out. And who knows what else Trump may have up his sleeve?
I disagree that Trump doesn’t have any magic bullets…he knew going in that the SC legislators in robes as well as the feckless, spineless, Chinese-owned legislators in the House and Senate (both D and R) would sell him out in a heartbeat. So I feel he would have made sure he had a way around that. He’s doing this not only for us, but for the while world. May God be with him.


The Democrats are going to get away with stealing the election? How shocking. Who could have predicted it?

Just Me

It is classic liberal projection and a distraction.


Great minds think alike my friends. And Kamalalala still hasn’t resigned her seat in the Senate.
The wheels are coming off their wagon. The question now is will they fall off completely in a glorious explosion of reality or will they somehow manage turn the bend and keep them on.

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