Sunday News Roundup: Dozen GOP Senators Will Oppose Electoral Cert and San Fran Nan Polices Pronouns

San Fran Nan goes full-on SJW. – San Fran Nan, under deep pressure from OAC and her gang of lunatic leftists, issued a new set of House rules on Saturday that in part will eliminate the use of proper pronouns that members can use to identify one another. In a sop to the transgender lobby, proper English language pronouns like “he” and “she” will be replaced with improper pronouns like “xe” and “they”.

No, I’m not making this up. From a story at Axios:

The U.S. House of Representatives is poised to rewrite its rules — swapping out male and female references like “he” and “she” for gender-neutral terms — in a diversity and inclusion push by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats that’s drawing scorn from Republicans.

Why it matters: The proposal comes as transgender and non-binary candidates are being elected around the country, progressives are gaining influence in the Democratic politics and U.S. schools and companies are adjusting policies and language to reflect society’s changing views on sexuality and gender identification.

  • The proposed changes were announced Friday ahead of two pivotal runoffs in Georgia on Jan. 5 to decide which party controls the Senate — and could stoke turnout among its supporters or opponents.
  • Members are expected to consider the package next week.


In a story at The Hill, House Rules Chair Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) is quoted as saying that “This proposal also shines a light on those struggling to get ahead in America today and ensures we remain focused on the most pressing issues facing our nation.” Yes, friends, it is now the official policy of the Democrat Party that pronouns are among the “most pressing issues facing our nation.”

Not Section 230; not getting our men and women out of myriad wars in foreign hell-holes; not a balloning debt or a fading economy or reining in out-of-control governors; the Democrat Party is focused on PRONOUNS.

Just so y’all know, my preferred pronouns are “Bubba” and “Tex.” Please be sure that you use them properly, as in “Bubba’s fixin’ to go fix that leaky sprinkler system,” or “Tex ate them enchiladas like a hog eats slop.”

Holy crap.

Fauci continues boiling the American frog. – The little menace to society was at it again on Saturday, moving the goal posts of Bill Gates’s globalist Great Reset down the field even further. This time, Fauci, in is own inimicable way, not so subtly suggests that it would be perfectly reasonable for the government to start issuing “COVID-19 vaccine passports” that would limit travel, school and attending public gathering to only those who have taken the shots, a step I had warned you about a week ago.

Gee, what a surprise.

From a story at the Daily Caller:

In an interview with Newsweek, Dr. Anthony Fauci floated the possibility that the coronavirus vaccine would be made mandatory for things like school and travel.

Dr. Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) explained that there could be a “possibility of introducing COVID-19 vaccine passports,” as well as making the vaccine mandatory at the local level, Newsweek reported.

When asked if there was the possibility that the vaccine could be mandatory for school Fauci explained, “That is possible but that’s something that’s mandated at the state level and city level. A citywide school system might require it in some cities but not other cities. And that’s what I mean by things not being done centrally but locally.”


As always, Fauci carefully couches his fascist ambitions as mere possibilities and as mandates that would have to be placed on the population by others. But the reality is that his role in the steadily-advancing assault on individual freedoms has been that of the “expert” stalking horse, the media darling who consistently awards his seal of approval for these anti-constitutional actions in advance so that the tyrant governors and mayors can claim their brutish treatment of their citizens is supported by “science.”

Herman Goering would have absolutely worshipped Anthony Fauci.

Sen. Josh Hawley gets some company. – I’ve spent the last several days praising Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley for being the first – and until yesterday, only – GOP senator to stand up and say he will challenge congress’s January 6 effort to certify the clearly fraudulent Electoral Vote. I couldn’t help wondering out loud why normally stalwart conservatives like Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, Rand Paul and a handful of other GOP senators weren’t standing with Hawley and his defiance of Mitch McConnell’s “go along to get along” edict on the matter.

Well, yesterday, Sen. Cruz and 10 more Republican senators decided to finally step up and be counted among those who are properly disturbed by election theft happening all around them, further demanding the conduct of a “10-day emergency audit” of the vote. But interestingly, Senators Paul and Cotton are not among this Gang of 11.

From a story at The Hill:

Eleven Senate Republicans on Saturday announced that they will vote for objections to the Electoral College results Wednesday, when Congress convenes in a joint session to formally count the vote.

GOP Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas), Ron Johnson (Wis.), James Lankford (Okla.), Steve Daines (Mont.), John Kennedy (La.), Marsha Blackburn (Tenn.) and Mike Braun (Ind.) and Sens.-elect Cynthia Lummis (Wyo.), Roger Marshall (Kan.), Bill Hagerty (Tenn.) and Tommy Tuberville (Ala.) said in a joint statement that they will vote against accepting the election results until there is a 10-day audit.

“Congress should immediately appoint an Electoral Commission, with full investigatory and fact-finding authority, to conduct an emergency 10-day audit of the election returns in the disputed states,” they said. “Once completed, individual states would evaluate the Commission’s findings and could convene a special legislative session to certify a change in their vote, if needed.

The senators didn’t say in their joint statement if they plan to object to the results from specific states, how they would divvy up those objections or if they would just vote in support of challenges to the Electoral College results if they reach the Senate.


Why Cotton or Paul are not among the now-dozen GOP senators willing to lodge a challenge is anyone’s guess, since neither has been asked or chosen to comment as far as I can tell. Regardless, you now have a dozen GOP senators and well over 100 members of the House who have figured out that the Trump support base, and thus, at least 80% of the GOP’s entire support base, is not going to be placated on this particular issue.

The fact that so many other GOP members of congress still haven’t figured that fact of life out says nothing good about the future of the Republican Party. Those folks are whistling past their own political graveyards.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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And Paul “lying” Ryan flashes what is considered a white supremacy hand sign. And not a single
“communist echo chamber media” member said a single damn word. Funny thing that.

comment image


The Republican Traitors and How To identify Them

If you haven’t already connected the dots, it’s very simple: Any “Republican” saying Joe Biden won the election is not only a traitor to the Republican Party, they are seditious and a traitor.

It’s that simple folks.


Oh, looky here! Appears Mr Ryan is more than just Rinopublicant. Him being on the board at Fox now makes perfect sense.

comment image


So why isn’t EVERY GOP member of Congress stepping up to vote against certifying this fraudulent election? Obviously a bunch of cowards inhabit the GOP.


You’re too kind. Cowards have a reason to be cowardly. Rinopublicant traitors are just that: traitors to the Republic. They deserve a rope.

Just Me

“Science” is fast becoming a tool of tyranny.


Science has always been a tool of tyranny, depending upon who has the power.

When the Catholic church decided what was science and what was heresy, tyranny prevailed pver Galileo and Copernicus; when doctors regarded real science as heresy, and dismissed claims of microorganisms as responsible for illness as heresy, science was perverted; when Nurse Kenney discovered that hot compresses and massage were far superior to the appliances doctors made themselves rich from and dismissed her as a quack, science was delayed; when Joseph Mengele experimented on twins, and Gottlieb of our own “CIA” did his experiments on children, perhaps inspired by Mengele, they also called it “science.” When the Chinese imprison millions of Muslims to use in their Nazi-esque experiments, so much like the Nazis that it’s almost a seamless transition between the two Totalitarian regimes? Science. It is become a priesthood of corruptions, led by the corrupted, sought by the corruptable.

Science is in the hands of the beholder, because G0D Himself made science, and we have perverted it; no wonder G0D afflicted the times of the Tower of Babel, because man uses his knowledge to commit unspeakable evil. As it was in the days of Noah, before the Flood, and even after the days of Noah, after the Flood, it is today:

Genesis 6:5
5The LORD saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time.”

Genesis 11:6
6 And the Lord said, “Behold, they are one people, and they all have [g]the same language. And this is what they have started to do, and now nothing which they plan to do will be [h]impossible for them.

Some of the most fraudulent words I’ve ever heard coming from the mouth of an MD:

“We are men of science.” And they man was flattering himself, because he didn’t know that he didn’t know, nor how little he actually did know, and would not recognize his own ignorance. ‘Twas sad to see his little display.


We were passing thru Las Vegas many years ago. There was the Human Anatomy display there which my daughter was taking biology and hadn’t decided on human or marine biology. So we went to check it out.

We’d gone thru about half way when we realized it was real humans, plasticized and they were ALL asian. We’d heard that China was imprisoning Falon Gong practitioners and were involved in organ harvesting.

We left immediately. The chinese are still ‘providing’ plasticized and organs for transplant, in fact the largest supplier in the world, still.

Evil has no limits


Well, looks like slojo’s inaugural parade has been cancelled. I’m sure it’s due to the rona. Don’t want to be a superspreader (all of the maybe few hundred of them)

Check out the tatter posts for his parade. My favorite is the PLA on Parade. LMAO.


I’m glad they joined, but my question to them is, what took you so long? Typical Po;s, stick your finger in the air and see which way the wind is blowing. Senator Hawley is the one with the true nuts. Thank You sir.


Not hard to see is it?!? Tells us a lot, that these cowards are just that, unprincipled cowards.

Liberty Writer

: a good watch.

– Biden and the CCP


Mitch should be told, and with the now defecting Republican senators, probably has been told to go to hell you old swamp dwelling hack. It is time for the rest of the supposed ‘conservative’ swamp herd of elephants and maybe the one decent, but unreliable Democrat senator Manchin of deep red West Virginia to make a stand and force the issue.

Don’t forget the very good GOP senate candidate from Michigan was also screwed by this ‘election’, and probably McSally being defeated by the Arizona space cadet and nominal wife (deliberate) of Gabby Giffords. Then of course there is the Georgia runoff wildcard, which could further muck up the works.

I don’t know if it is possible, probably not given the Supreme Court being the ultimate backstop for the democrap’s cause, but IMO the only way we Trumpers would be satisfied would be for a whole new national election sans Dominion, the bogus mail-in fraud and have legitimate poll challengers be able to observe the entire process to be held by the end of January.

If it must be held on a Tuesday for whatever reason, Tuesday the 19th would be the perfect day with the inauguration being held the very next day. The Brits transfer power immediately after their election results, so can we. This seventy-day lame duck system we have is BS, although in this case it may actually work to our benefit, but if we had a system where the new president and congress were seated within say a month of the election all these challenges would have been compressed into that timeframe.

Originally the actual inauguration was held in March and it was changed to Jan 20 during FDR’s reign. The March date made sense as it took that long to collect and count the votes from the far-flung areas of the country when the news came via horseback.

It should not take seventy-plus days to seat a new president (nor should it take two months to seat a new congress) with the technology we have available today. Unfortunately, the vote tabulation is deliberately getting worse rather than better. We all know the reforms that must happen to ensure free, open, honest and fair elections. This actual vote counting can be accomplished within hours after the polls close and not take months to manipulate (cheat) the process. We should demand this happen with the legitimate absentee and early voting (which should also be eliminated) being pre-counted meaning the absentee ballots must be in by the Saturday prior to the Tuesday election date. In my state early voting ends about five days before the actual election day; there is no reason why all the mail-in voters can’t be required to have their ballots submitted a couple of days prior to the election date. It must be made very clear that mail-in/absentee voting is extended as a courtesy to voters who legitimately can’t be present at their polling station on election day and therefore those voters who opt to and are legitimately qualified to vote absentee should be required to have their ballots in days prior to the election and certainly NOT have their ballots counted when they are received days AFTER the election date.

The long lame-duck period allows for untold mischief by the outgoing administration, especially when a two-term demoncrap is turning over the reins to a Republican Administration. This has happened with severe consequences during the last two transfers and must be stopped. We can never allow another episode where an outgoing president like ‘the One’ can create a highly sabotaged environment for an incoming administration.


Just who is pushing the ‘vaccines’.. hhmmm

Couldn’t possibly be the guy that helped develop China’s surveillance social credit system. Couldn’t be the guy that wants to depopulate the worlds population by 15%. Couldn’t possibly be the guy that lies and steals his way to power and wealth. Couldn’t possibly be the guy that ‘invested’ into a venture where he brags about the enormous profits and enjoys the ‘protection’ of the government from being sued or held to account.

There is evil in the world today… and its being shielded by our governments. This has to stop and the gates, bezos,soros,suckerbergs, demoncrap and rino politicals, ALL need to be held to account.

Jay Whitcraft

I think it’s time to pressure Democrat Senators also. Let them know that we won’t tolerate a stolen election, and they will surely pay a heavy price in places like Ohio, where they are stuck with that idiot Sherrod Brown. Maybe If people like him are made aware that THEIR political careers will be over too if this isn’t stopped will do some good. Jay


With very few exceptions, you will find most satanic, communist demoncrats all too willing to follow their leaders in lock step to the destruction of the Republic. Most of the real and reasonable democrats had been purged by the end of Obama’s second term. Much like we will begin the purge of all the Rinopublicrats in the GOP. That or we will just form a new conservative party and walk away from the GOP. Primary All Rinopublicrats.


I expect more Senators to join in, as the Intel becomes more available.

Like the FBI quietly releasing information that shows Seth Rich was expecting payment from Wikileaks, and so therefore the Russians didn’t have a blasted thing to do with the DNC server or hacking or any of those other lies the DNC and Donna Brazile and the FBI and Adam S. and others have been trying to peddle. You get the picture: the FBI had this all along, but only released it after the lies circled the globe more than the ISS.

As for pronouns: Pelosi should be referred to as an “it.” At this point in her life, and in the lives of many of the oldsters running the Dems (and Mitch and others) “It” is the correct pronoun.

As I posted on the Saturday blog – which has not yet shown up – if we have to have 90% herd immunity, you know what that means? You don’t? OK, here it is:

90% will have to have already had the virus, been exposed to the virus and their immune system dealt with it, or they had another COVID that is like Cowpox immunized people from Smallpox. Vaccines have nothing to do with it, even pseudo-vaccines like the one Fauci wants us to line up for.

Summary: you have to get the virus, be exposed to it or be exposed to another COVID..


Gotcha! No problem!


“Those folks are whistling past their own political graveyards.”

So entirely true

Thomas H Sirls

If Biden prevails then I believe God, a being that most Demoncrats, as in Demon. denigrate and deny, will finally say ENOUGH, and withdraw his blessings and protection from our country. As this report states, even many Republicans are not fighting this rigged election. With leftists in power there will be even more abortions and Federal support of homosexuality will increase, big time. Jesus gave his most dire warning to those that harm little children and God stated that he knows the form of children before they are even conceived. The majority of voters have, in effect. sanctioned these evil practices. What is wrong with these weak Republicans? Could it be that they are being controlled by they same Spirit that causes the Demoncrats to support evil practices? Most of them identify as Christians and yet they are not fighting evil with all their heart and soul.

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