Friday News Roundup: More GOP Senators Had Better Sign Up With Josh Hawley Fast

Attention Citizens! Stay away from Times Square! You can’t be in Times Square!  If you go to Times Square on New Year’s Eve, the NYPD will arrest you! Attention Citizens! – While New York City’s little people were banned from gathering in Times Square to celebrate the ringing in of the New Year, here is what New York’s communist Democrat mayor, Bill de Blasio was doing:


He’d have made such a wonderful Hitler general.

Meanwhile, in Portland… – Oh, hell, you can already guess what happened in the Marxist enclave of Portland, Oregon, can’t you?

It just would not have been right to celebrate the turning of the New Year without yet another BLM/Antifa riot happening in Riot City, USA, now, would it? Communist Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler must be so pleased.

Meanwhile, in Minneapolis… – Yesterday, we told you about the police shooting of a minority man that took place Wednesday night in Minneapolis. The story hasn’t blown up as we expected it to – yet. But propagandists are hard at work trying to turn what is yet another completely justified police shooting into a riot situation.

Take a look:

Pure propaganda. Here’s what really happened, thanks to the police body cam that captured the incident:

Yes, as usual, the suspect who was killed while being arrested for outstanding felony warrants fired first. As is always the case, the best ways to avoid being killed by any police department is to a) not be a felon with outstanding arrest warrants, and b) don’t point a gun at the police who are there to arrest you.

This really is not complicated.

If you feel like Democrats go waaaaayyyyy out of their way to pick the most repugnant people possible to represent them, well, you might just be right. – Look who they’ve chosen to campaign on behalf of their two utterly repugnant senate candidates in Georgia:

I guess Chelsea Handler and Al Franken were busy that night.

Holy crap.

Wrong John Roberts, folks. Wrong John Roberts. – John Roberts, the Fox News reporter, has been getting nasty notes on Twitter because his name turns up on the flight logs for Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” private jet, and he is none to happy about it.

So he sent out this tweet in response on Thursday:

Interestingly, Chief Justice John Roberts hasn’t felt the need to explain why his name – not the Fox News John Roberts – appears on that flight log, despite the fact that that has been public knowledge for well over a year now.

Everybody needs to get their “John Roberts” right, ok?

Republicans in the Senate had better wake up, fast. – In yesterday’s news roundup, we discussed the fact that Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley has become the one and only Republican in the Senate who has said he will stand up on January 6 and object to the certification of the clearly fraudulent Electoral College results. Meanwhile, more than 140 Republicans in the House have now said they will file a similar objection.

From a story at

Cortney wrote about the lawsuit Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) filed this week against Vice President Mike Pence over the 2020 election. It basically would have granted the vice president the power to pick the electors by overturning the 1877 Electoral Count Act. There was a lot of funny business during the 2020 election. The legal front on this battle is over, however. It’s now up to what happens on the Hill on January 6. As we speak, Mike Pence has moved to dismiss Gohmert’s lawsuit, saying he’s not the proper defendant in the proceedings (via the Hill):

Vice President Pence on Thursday asked a federal judge to reject a bid by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) and other Republicans to broaden Pence’s powers in a manner that would effectively allow him to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral win.

The lawsuit, filed earlier this week, seeks to expand Pence’s role in an upcoming Jan. 6 meeting of Congress to count states’ electoral votes and finalize Biden’s victory over President Trump.

But in a Thursday brief to Texas-based U.S. District Judge Jeremy Kernodle, a Trump appointee, Pence said he was not a proper defendant to the suit.

Also, there appear to be some 140 Republican House members ready to object to the 2020 Electoral College results. It’s gathering steam. For the Never Trump wing of the GOP, either accept the new path of just become Democrats. Many of you had done so already. It’s Trump’s party now. The right-wing populist wing has taken over, and they’re not done fighting. The mountains of allegations of voter fraud have not convinced the GOP or its base that this was a free and fair election. That’s not going away and you bet the Republican Party should make congressional investigations a 2022 midterm promise should they retake the House. I think we should just accept the fact that the next four years will be dominated by those who felt cheated on Election Day. Tens of millions of GOP voters feel the same way. And please, let’s not act like this is unprecedented. There were objections to George W. Bush’s 2004 win in the Senate.


Thus, more than 2/3rds of the GOP House caucus gets it. They understand that the Trump support base – which makes up 80-90% of the entire GOP base of support – is not ever going to accept this clearly fraudulent outcome. They understand that, if the Republican Party wants to survive intact over the coming 2-4 years, they had better raise their voices in objection to this un-American outcome at the very least.

Over in the Senate, just one Republican seems to understand what is happening here in the party’s voter base. Normally astute conservative senators like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and Chuck Grassley and Tom Cotton and Ron Johnson, meanwhile, appear completely clueless about the coming train wreck they are about to steer their party into. (Incidentally, isn’t it disturbing how few actual “conservative” senators there really are in the GOP senate caucus today?)

Only Josh Hawley seems to have the stones to stand up an defy Mitch McConnell’s demand that they all stand down. Johnson and Grassley no doubt want to suck up to Mitch in order to preserve their key committee chairmanships, but Cruz, Paul and Cotton don’t even have that excuse.

Whether these and other senators like it or not, Donald Trump IS the Republican Party today, and that is not going to change if and when China Joe Potato Head Biden is installed in the White House via clearly fraudulent means. My sense is that Trump supporters are completely fed up with the go-along-to-get-along model that most Senate Rs love to operate under. If they think they can just go back to the rank Swampery they all practiced prior to 2017 if they go-along to get rid of the Trump presidency, they are going to be really unpleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Objecting to the Electoral College results and holding a 2-hour debate in the Senate on January 6 is the very least any Republican senator can and should be doing in order to try to preserve some semblance of party unity going forward. If Josh Hawley ends up being the only GOP senator who is willing to stand up and be counted on this question, then 2022 and 2024 are going to be real bloodbaths for the incumbent GOP senators up for re-election in those cycles.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Diane L

I just wrote to Jimmy Carter and asked him to tell the American people that he brought this very vote stealing and cheating to light in his Election Commission Report in 2005. And NO ONE in Government was interested in fixing it. And now look what has happened. His voice would carry a lot of weight for the Democrats who think we Repubs made it all up. Nothing to see here.
It is criminal that all of the evidence and video proof of vote manipulation and cheating cannot get out to the public due to our feckless judges and leaders. How anyone can shrug and say “Oh, well, better luck next time” is beyond me. There will be no next time for Republicans. MAGA Party gets my vote.


Diane L,

I love your sentiment, but do you really think Jimmy Carter (of all people) gives a schiff about his long buried report on the integrity of elections when he probably had a hand in stealing his own very narrow victory over the hapless Ford 44 years ago?

Jimmy Carter is a joke even in his own party, although even he probably would have been able to have “won” last year as the fix was in to make sure anything with a (D) after their name was going to “win” come hell or high water.


Carter warned that Obama was going to steal 2012, and he did. Carter may be a weak man, but he was right about election (in)security.


If only Mitch were Robert the Bruce at the end of Braveheart; instead we see him as the one allowing the arrest of William Wallace. Too bad. History will remember him as a corrupt coward, unless he has something ready to certify President Trump’s second term.

Wikileaks will be ready to reveal all the traitors in the Senate, and their corruption, and perhaps a few of the remaining patriots in the FBI, CIA and NSA will open some closed cases. Not saying this will happen if President Trump prevails; it is for a time if he does not.

Insurgencies are a bitch to handle, a wild dog off a leash.

George Ingols

FYI- Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) has cowardly stated in a email reply that he will be supporting Joe Biden’s election by the Electoral College and not supporting President Trump. Sen Tommy Tuberville(R-AL) has stated he will stand with Sen. Hawley in support of the President as promised when he ran for office. Shelby will not be getting any more votes from a great number of his constituents. He is a poster child for Term Limits and a Swamp Dweller.


Imagine being so personally entangled with Red China that you would rather start Civil War II than endure an embarrassing 2 hr debate. Or, more simply, imagine being Mitch McConnell.


Every effing “Senator” who voted for this abomination needs to be charged with treason.

Not one of them is a patriot or a citizen. They are traitors to the Republic. Only interested in their own fortunes .

marty lopez

It’s all fake. It’s all a ploy to give cover to vulnerable Republicans. Trump loses and never again any Republican anywhere for anything. Or continue to be the fool. Up to you. Continue to allow them to make you the monkey in the middle.

Lars Havard

Todd Young from Indiana is a globalist fixture. Wants to mold himself into the next Luger / Hamilton. Not a Hawley. But speaking of Hawley, did you see his statement about contesting the electors? Doesn’t sound like he’s interested in contesting the results of **this** election whatsoever. He’s merely asking for hearings and possible legislation going forward.

Jay Whitcraft

Right on Dave! Unlike Democrats, Republican voters have very LONG memories and will SEVERELY PUNISH any Republican Senator who does not stand up to this fraud and both object to and vote down these false Biden Electors. Add this up: Trump has the VOTED support of 96% of Republicans. Now couple that with the fact if this is not STOPPED NOW that Democrats will keep on cheating………Poof party gone! I want to take this opportunity to encourage anyone who can show up in person in DC on the 6th of January! Jay


McConnell is pulling a “CODE PAULINE RYNO” by trying to stop Senators questioning the Stolen Election and holding up the COVID Relief Bill thus sabotaging the Georgia GOP Senators. McConnell is handing everything over to the Democrats.

Liberty Writer

If you are going to Washington Jan. 6 team up on the ground. Stick together with your group. Have someone watching activity on your group’s backside. Maybe minimum groups of 6 connected with other groups of 6 or more. Don’t be a lone buffalo in a herd easily separated out for attack by Antifa. And, plan how your group will eventually exit the area together. Antifa wolves gang attack small numbers of buffalo walking to their cars.


Looking ahead to 2022.

The RINO elephants and their approximate ages and time in the senate who are up in 2022 along with a brief comment are as follows:

Alabama: Shelby, 88 – 1987, and a former Dem turned Republican in the wake of BJ Clinton’s landslide 1994 congressional defeat

Alaska: Murkowski, 64 – 2002, never received over 50% of the general election vote and actually lost her 2010 primary bid, but won with about 38% of the vote in a bogus write-in in the general election; daughter of the Murkowski Machine – RINO extraordinaire. Do better Alaska

Arizona: McSally, 56 2019, depending if the elections of 2020 get changed is currently a two-time senate loser who was appointed by AZ RINO Gov Ducey AFTER she lost the Flake seat to the commie Sinema in 2018

Arkansas: Boozman, 71 2011*, very quiet and hasn’t done much vocally to support Trump

Florida: Rubio, 50 2011*, I just see him as an opportunist – all hat and no cattle

Georgia (TBD): Loffler, 51 2019, appointed by GA Gov Shemp which tells you all you need to know

Idaho: Crapo, 70 1999, very quiet and hasn’t done much vocally to support Trump

Indiana: Young, 49 2017, relative unknown, should be more like Hawley and not a back bencher

Iowa: Grassley, 88 1981, has long since passed his expiration date

Kansas: Moran, 67 2011*, relative unknown, should be more like Hawley and not a back bencher

Kentucky: Paul, 59 2011*, just seems to say enough to make people think he cares; he would be a perfect “maverick” type with a libertarian bent but is probably cowed by the leader of the elephants and the senior KY senator, Mitch the ultimate RINO/DC Player

Louisiana: Kennedy, 70 2017, talks a good game from time to time, but it is time for him to put up or shut up and join Hawley

Missouri: Blunt, 70 2011*, relative unknown, should be more like Hawley and not a back bencher – should join his colleague from MO and stand for something

North Carolina: Burr, 65 2005, according to Wikipedia in 2016 said he would not seek reelection in 2022. Good as a disgraced former chairman of the Intel committee, North Carolinians have an opportunity to get a decent candidate to fill his open seat

North Dakota: Hoven, 65 2011*, relative unknown, should be more like Hawley and not a back bencher

Ohio: Portman, 66 2011*, relative unknown, should be more like Hawley and not a back bencher

Oklahoma: Lankford, 54 2015*, relative unknown, should be more like Hawley and not a back bencher

Pennsylvania: Toomey, 60 2011*, a total establishment tool who needs to be replaced

South Carolina: Scott, 56 2013*, had high hopes for him, but also entirely too quiet

South Dakota: Thune, 61 2005, relative unknown, should be more like Hawley and not a back bencher

Utah: Lee, 50 2011*, massive and often anti-Trump disappointment, especially when he plays the libertarian card like Paul does from time to time, not too different than Romney – come on UT, you can do better than these two

Wisconsin: Johnson, 67 2011*, one of the few GOP senators who seems to have a backbone, but to prove it he must join Hawley

* Most all these seats were won in the anti-Obama backlashes of his radical policies, most notably Obamacare, between the 2010 and the 2014 election cycles. While some are Red States and would have gone Republican anyways, these all represent wins based on anti-big government sentiment. Yet, few of these supposed TEA Party types have stood out to embrace the TEA Party or the Trump Agenda in any meaningful way and most have grown entirely too comfortable with the ways of Washington DC.

Again, if one is not actively fighting for the cause of conservatism of which they ran on, they need to be replaced.

Always remember, most politicians are like diapers: usually full of schiff and need changing often.

As you can see with having to defend over 20 of 33 seats the Republicans will have a difficult time maintaining their 52-48 seat edge or their 50-50 tie depending on Georgia’s runoffs in 2022. My hope would be the GOP wins one of the two GA races and fights and blocks the btfsplk/roundheels agenda every chance they get. However, history shows us that that is not going to happen. When we are once again disappointed and betrayed, I hope for plan B to happen in which the house flips to Non-Democrat control in a big way like in 2010 and at least five of the do-nothing RINOs get defeated in the Purple/Red states – hopefully in the primaries. By winning the house it would be worth it to lose the senate for two years if we were able to purge it of all the frauds and RINO hacks and defeat some vulnerable donkeys along the way.

Then if Trump choses to run again in 2024, the Senate map looks very good for a clean sweep and a regaining of control sans the phonies like the Romneys of the GOP.


Here’s a link for all the Senate. If you scroll to the bottom there’s a field for your state.
Copy this post and share it with all your friends.
For those who have Republican senators I suggest you all light em up.
I would try with mine in here Oregon, but they’re communists and would just give me lip service.

Just Me

Explains CJ John Roberts’ voting record, eh?


Agree completely.


Been almost an hour and posts still not showing.


Patience Grasshopper. Dave’s working on it. 😛


yep I just post it so they know the problem still is persistent. When you work the server side you don’t always know if you solved the problem or not until someone confirms it.

Plus I don’t think anyone would be working on it today.


“understand that, if the Republican Party wants to survive intact over the coming 2-4 years, they had better raise their voices in objection to this un-American outcome at the very least”. This should’ve been done years ago. Now it’s like closing the barn door after the cows got out. It’s too late.

jack johnson

About the John Roberts thing….didn`t Bill Clinton famously say “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”. Just because you say it doesn`t mean it`s not true.

I wouldn`t put it past either of the “John Roberts” to be a pedo.

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