Some Predictions for 2021

I’m an optimist by nature. When you come from where I came from and end up where I’ve ended up in life, you almost could not be otherwise. And boy, that’s a good thing, given the year we have just been through and the year we all are facing in 2021.

Of all the times and places in world history to be born, I was born in 1956 in the United States of America. Not only that, I was born in Texas and have been blessed to live my entire life here. Folks, it don’t get no luckier than that. I was raised by two wonderful parents, have been married for 39 years to a wonderful, loving woman and have been blessed with two wonderful children and two wonderful granddaughters.

It’s important to take a step back and reflect on the blessings we’ve had in life as we end this bizarre and distressing year of 2020, because, as bad as the past 12 months have been, things could have always been worse. Looking ahead, we all should pray that 2021 doesn’t turn to 2020 and say, “hold my beer.”

Because things surely could get worse.

Unless something dramatic happens between now and January 20, the presidency will be assumed by China Joe Potato Head Biden, a life-long circus clown of a human being who has sold his soul – and America’s international interests – for money and who is now clearly and unambiguously suffering from the effects of advancing dementia. As bad as that sounds, we have to also hope and pray that he is somehow able to hold the office for four full years, because the alternative – his incoming Vice President, Kamala Harris – is a radical leftwing ideologue who would be even more dangerous to the nation’s future survival than China Joe is.

China Joe has gone about naming a pack of cabinet appointees whose politics range from radical leftist to full-on Marxist Alinskyite, and makes no bones about his plans to re-regulate every facet of your lives that he and Barack Obama had regulated before President Donald Trump came along and started rolling everything back. If you thought the regulatory barrage that came at you during Obama’s final two years in office was something to behold, well, trust me: You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Let’s go to the predictions…

Prediction #1: The cost of gasoline and electricity will begin to rise rapidly. Biden’s climate regulatory agenda, fracking bans and mindless foreign policy choices will make sure of that.

Prediction #2: The U.S. military will become involved in a new shooting conflict somewhere in the Middle East or North Africa during 2021. We were entangled in 7 such conflicts when the Obama/Biden administration came to an end, and you can be sure China Joe will be anxious to re-start the party. Biden policies targeting the rapid destruction of the U.S. domestic oil and gas industry will help to ensure this outcome, as our energy security diminishes and our dependence on Arab oil rises.

Prediction #3: We will all still be living under mask and social distancing mandates when 2021 comes to an end. Don’t kid yourselves otherwise: Once this freedom-destroying genie has been let out of the bottle, it won’t be going back in anytime soon. Anthony Fauci made this very promise earlier today, and you can be sure he will be leading China Joe around on a leash where COVID is concerned.

Besides, we now have this “new strain” of COVID that Fauci and his corrupt media friends can lord over us for the next 12 months, and as soon as we have 3 or 4 new vaccines for that one, yet another “new strain” will suddenly appear to start the cycle all over again.

Prediction #4: The reality of #3 above means that the rate of unemployment will be higher a year from now than it is today, and the economy will begin to contract at some point towards the beginning of the 2nd quarter, as the government’s ability to keep passing multi-trillion dollar relief bills fades away and the full impacts of all the job and business destruction taking place mainly in blue states start to really take hold.

Prediction #5: As China’s iron grip on the Biden presidency and most of congress becomes increasingly evident, Alec Baldwin’s white-bread wife Hilaria will stop pretending to affect a Spanish accent and learn to speak Mandarin instead.

Prediction #6: During an appearance on CNN next September, Bill Gates’s central processing unit will short circuit when the host asks him to vouch for the safety of one of the new COVID vaccines, causing sparks to fly from his ears and horns to grow from the top of his head. CNN and the rest of the corrupt news media will assure us all that this is perfectly normal and kill the story within a few hours. Twitter will immediately start banning anyone who shares clips from the video.

Prediction #7: During his inaugural address on January 20, China Joe Potato Head Biden will pause for non-existent applause from a non-existent audience 42 times, refer to Kamala Harris as “my good friend, Ella Fitzgerald,” and turn to Nancy Pelosi and ask her where his tapioca pudding has gone. Twitter will immediately ban anyone who shares clips from the video.

Prediction #8: In April it will be revealed that Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow have become engaged to be married, and America will cringe in unison in response. Twitter will immediately ban anyone who posts a tweet showing a photo of the couple as being against its community standards.

Prediction #9: Attorney General Andrew Cuomo will drop all charges against Ghislaine Maxwell on January 21. CNN and MSNBC will engage in a fierce bidding war to sign her up to be a paid contributor.

Prediction #10: AG Cuomo will fire Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham on January 22 and hold a national bonfire of all of Durham’s investigative files on the East lawn of the White House that evening. Neither CNN nor MSNBC will show any interest in signing Durham up to be a paid contributor.

Prediction #11: Kelly Loeffler will defeat that lunatic clown she’s running against in the January 5 runoff in Georgia, but Dominion Systems will ensure that John Ossoff prevails over Republican David Perdue in the other race. Ossoff will thus become the nation’s first hipster pajama boy U.S. Senator and will immediately try to convince his colleagues to let him open a Starbucks in the basement of the Capitol Building.

Prediction #12: The petition drive to force a recall election of California Gov. Gavin Newsom will succeed. However, California voters are such raging morons that they will just re-elect him all over again.

And finally…

Prediction #13: No later than June 1, China Joe Potato Head Biden will read a nationally-televised speech written for him by his elder-abusing handlers in which he mistakenly says he is being forced to resign from the United States Senate because he is suffering from detention. Twitter will immediately invoke a policy of banning any user who shares clips from the speech and that fat little bald guy at CNN will suffer stroke on his Sunday show in the midst of excoriating Fox News for repeatedly and falsely claiming that Biden was actually the President, not a Senator.

Because that’s the world we live in now, folks, like it or not.

Here’s wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Be careful out there.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Errant Yat

Sorry, Dave, I didn’t see much optimism in your predictions or actually in the comments either. I choose to believe Donald Trump will remain president for another 4 years. There are vast, global prayer networks at work, and I can’t believe that God is going to allow that corrupt doofus Biden to destroy the nations He has called to evangelize the world. I don’t know how He will do it, but I believe it will come to pass.
That said, I wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year.


All the betrayers in the Senate and in the GOP in general will hire armies of haberdashers and seamstresses as each of them will make a great show of their piety and innocence in the betrayal of President Donald John Trump, demonstrated by publicly ripping their suits and vests, then will quickly retire to packed back rooms where their garments can be mended or replaced.

Errant Yat

But God… Remember Gideon, Jehoshaphat, the Egyptian army, and the other exploits of God’s people. Don’t count Him out.


My summary of 2021, if Trump should lose his place:

January 20, Biden sworn in
January 21, China declares war, US surrenders


Babylon Bee’s predictions for 2021 (part of them)

“It’s official: 2020 was the worst year ever, except for almost all the other years in human history! Will 2021 be a better year? Take a look at the Babylon Bee’s official list of infallible predictions for next year and decide for yourself!

January 1 – New Year resolutions begin

January 5 – New Year resolutions downgraded

January 20 – Biden sworn in

January 21 – Biden dies of natural causes

January 22 – Trump announces 2024 presidential run

January 23 – 2024 Campaign kicks off

January 25 – Obama releases new memoir

January 27 – Feminists finally begin to reverse Handmaid’s Tale

February 1 – All remaining Trump supporters hunted down and executed

February 2 – Electoral college, First Amendment, Second Amendment, churches, and capitalism eliminated

February 3 – Democrats announce return to unity

February 26 – China officially annexes United States”

A fitting bookend to 2020, just like the Book of Jonah and Bool of Nahum. That observation, by the way, is not satire.


Another prediction:

If and when btfsplk starts his faux presidency the ratings for all the “news” shows will go into the crapper, as no one will be watching any of them with President Trump gone. The China NBA and all of the other sports will go all SJW, BLM and ANTIFA and suffer accordingly which will be a good thing.

This will be a net positive as more Americans will see what the reality of what the donkeys have in store for us. Maybe, just maybe enough people will wise up and find a way to save America as founded.

I give that a one chance in three of happening.

Another hope is that Trump stays energized and engaged.


Also: if President Trump were to leave office, CNN and Twitter would both be forced to file for bankruptcy. As will Fox. And the NY Times and Washington Post. Deny them an enemy, and they lose all reason to exist. And NY? Why have a newspaper when there is no city?

Not being satirical here. Or here.

Without something nasty to say about Trump, who will they vilify? Their viewers won’t have much to obsess about, and most of us who have original thoughts will continue to have original thoughts – much to the dismay of those bureaucrats who have never had an original or creative thought in their life. Because of the stress on our nation, to our nation, our remedies for the dictatorship will be somewhat understated – publicly – but a vast underground will form, a real resistance, not one that idiots put on their back windows.

In that, we will also find ways to bypass current technologies and invent our own. Currently, for example, I’m investigating the role of anti-cholesterol drugs in the destruction of phospholipids that act as chaperones for the proper folding (construction) of proteins, in the brain and in other organs. In other words, doing investigative work, using available literature with independent assignment of seemingly unrelated concepts. This is like the real journalism that is Wikileaks and a growing number of others who don’t like the smell of things.

They see us as prey; they see themselves as predator: the predator sharpens the skills and abilities of the prey. President Donald Trump never acted like a predator to them, and so they have become lazy and their arguments are ignorant and flabby, while we have understood that we are in danger, and will continue to be – even if President Trump should prevail, G0D willing.

Be your best in 2021.



The biggest challenge for a resistance will be communications. Just stop and consider that very few homes have landlines. We have one as we couldn’t get broadband here.
We do have a fiber broadband company coming in lather in 2021, but even when we get it I am going to keep the landline.

I was having a throw down on another forum with a guy who was bragging about how many guns he and all his like-minded folks gathered on the steps of their state capitol to send a “message” to their governor and state legislature. I’ll bet they were all texting pictures and skyping videos and such, never once realizing that they all just gave the alphabet soup agencies their cell numbers and thus who they were.

No need for agents to sit in unmarked cars and snap pictures. The dumb asses did it for them.

A good way to learn how to run a resistance is read The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress by Heinlein. Also, Greg Bear wrote a book called Moving Mars, which is basically a reflection of the political situation we currently have here in the US. Both damn good reads, and I hate the fact that good science fiction is all to often become fact.


Prisons are generally low-tech – though drones and other things have been used to transport forbidden materials into prisons – and these show how communication can occur outside of official observation. Not that I’d recommend the model. But the African American community has a broad grapevine that has been used for centuries, and it works in prisons, too – apparently.

This model isn’t exclusively prison-friendly, but mobilization of masses (we see this in flash mobs) can occur and authorities are helpless to stop them, without total subjugation of the populace – a prison-planet, like the moon in the story you mention.

Reading a summary of the book, with Russia losing everything east of the Urals to China, and with “Western nations, including North America, have become corrupt and authoritarian,” As we are seeing now, with Big Tek providing the controls.

“China is portrayed as plainly and unabashedly despotic, but no less technically advanced than the West.” Hate to quote Wikipedia, but the summary seems more than tertiary.

One reason I hate mobs is that they become just as corrupt as those they replace, even if they have good intentions. The problem is, established order becomes despotic in proportion to the demands for freedom, and once established order becomes its own reason for extinction, the replacement must be just as harsh or harsher than those it replaced.

Which is why it is so critical that voting be honest, uncompromised and uncorrupted, and high level criminals (such as the FBI and DOJ) must be made to live under the same rules as the rest of us, lest they become our wardens. Which has already happened, and which will increase exponentially the more people like Clinton and Strzok and Brennan and Comey are left unpunished. We don’t need a ceremonial Martha Stewart, a goat to be driven temporarily out into the wilderness.

Trouble is, they know all this, at least a few of their analysts, and they are powerless to affect the powerful.

In the end, the mice survive, because the powerful are too expensive to maintain and cannot be fed according to their desires, kind of like the giants bred by fallen angels, whom the humans eventually could not feed.


Yeah, and in looking for gun safes for my old hunting rifles, I found that all of them except Liberty Safes are made in China.

Now let us make two propositions in this:
a. The Chinese will know who bought the safes if/when they take over our government
b. The electronics of the safes may have GPS or other devices embedded within, so that the people who have guns will be identified and isolated by the safes which they have purchased for exercise of 2nd Amendment rights (and hunting etc.)

It became crystal clear that the safes, which almost all feature 14 gauge steel, don’t do squat against even a simple tool like an ax, applied to the lateral or superior walls. Oh, sure, the front door is reinforced, but…

You can purchase 12 gauge steel safes, which still don’t hold up to an ax, or 10 gauge, which is much better but much heavier – but to prevent an actual rupture you have to go – according to one source which I think is reliable – you have to go 7 or 8 gauge.

Now to slow down or stop an average crack/meth head thief, 14 gauge is sufficient, depending upon how desperate they are. But to a government that has been sold to the Chinese? Things that make you go hmmmm.

Better keep some spares elsewhere, if you’re using them for home defense against Commie-types.


Hope everyone has a very good New Year, Stay safe.

Dick Hertz

Happy New year!


I tend towards pessimism sometimes, but beg to differ. There will be a shooting civil war on American soil before this stuff happens. And Dave, being a Texan and a historian, knows that the 2nd Amendment was put in place for such a time as this. It won’t be pretty, but either American freedom-loving patriots will win, or we will all die trying. I still believe we’re on God’s side, and He won’t turn us over to Potato-Head or his gruesome VP. I don’t think the military has been deployed to give medical care. “Warp Speed” and “vaccine” may be codespeak for arrests, military tribunals and trials for treason.

Just Me

However, if little Brian Stutter strokes out, Mark Dice will have to find some new material to make up for the loss.


Well, that sure starts the New Year off with a bang. Of all the items, my most fervent hope is you’re right about little Brian stutter stroking out, and it would be sweet justice if happened live on XINN.

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