Wednesday News Roundup: There is a Method to Mitch McConnell’s Evil Madness

PSA for Today: How “concerned” is Susan Collins? – Maine RINO Senator Susan Collins is “concerned” this morning. She’s “concerned” that communist Democrat Bernie Sanders is holding up the senate’s effort to override President Trump’s veto of the massive Defense bill, and she’s “concerned” that the bill that would amp up the COVID relief payout from $600 to $2,000 doesn’t phase the money out fast enough in order to deny any of the payments going to the taxpayers who actually fund 80% of the damn government.

That’s what Susan Collins is “concerned” about this morning. But how “concerned” is Susan Collins? One Twitter user was kind enough to produce this graphic showing the Senator’s facial expressions depending on the magnitude of her “concern” to make it easier for us to understand just exactly how “concerned” she really is:


And that, friends, is your public service announcement for today.

Speaking of that Defense Authorization Bill… – Although Sen. Collins chose to focus her “concern” on him, Sen. Bernie Sanders is not the only member of the U.S. Senate holding it up. Republican Josh Hawley also let it be known that he would not agree to unanimous consent on the vetoed bill until the Senate has moved to approve the higher COVID payments:

Hawley is right: The Defense bill should indeed remain vetoed until it is amended to include repeal of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, or both houses of Congress act to approve the COVID Relief legislation introduced late yesterday by Mitch McConnell, which does include a repeal provision. McConnell had killed a stand-alone relief bill earlier in the day, setting off predictable howls of outrage from all sectors of the DC Swamp.

The Swamp hates McConnell’s bill because the Swamp, which has become a wholly-0wned subsidiary of Big Tech and the ChiComs, loves Section 230, and it also detests the provision in McConnell’s bill that would establish a commission to “study” voter fraud during the 2020 elections. My goodness, does the Swamp hate that stuff.

McConnell, on the other hand, doesn’t give a tinker’s damn if any of this stuff is passed into law. He couldn’t care less personally about COVID relief; is himself firmly in the pocket of Big Tech; and has not uttered a word of concern over the past two months about the blatantly stolen presidential election. McConnell also dearly wants the Defense Authorization Act (DAA) to pass into law, and thus will never agree to attach Section 230 repeal to it.

And there’s the other thing to understand about McConnell: He knows most of the members of the U.S. Senate hate at least two of the three provisions contained in his bill and will never vote to approve them in stand-alone legislation. So, what better way to kill higher COVID payments and Section 230 repeal than to combine them in a package with this commission on voter fraud, and use his position as Senate Majority Leader to ensure that this is the only bill containing any of these provisions that the Senate will consider.

He is banking on the calculation that his combined bill will go down in flames and leave members like Hawley, a pro-Defense conservative, little choice but to approve the DAA over President Trump’s veto or put the Pentagon in a bind.

So, if you spent most of yesterday wondering just what in the hell McConnell was doing, well, now you know the method to his madness. Whether you approve of him or not, Cocaine Mitch is a pure genius at using Senate process to his advantage.

But, but, but… what about the Georgia runoff elections? – The other thing you have to understand about McConnell is that he really doesn’t give much of a damn if he is in the majority or the minority. He’s going to make his money either way, and he only has to work half as hard to do that if he is in the minority.

Thus, Cocaine Mitch had a deaf ear to all those screams from conservatives that his machinations in the Senate would undermine the ability of Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue to win their runoff elections and preserve the GOP’s Senate majority. Mitch just doesn’t much care about that. He has been the Majority Leader multiple times now, and he has also been the Minority Leader multiple times now. He just doesn’t really care which it is – just point him to which palatial office he gets to occupy in the Capitol Building for the next two years come January, and he will adjust his scheming accordingly.

Again, you don’t have to approve of what McConnell does and how he operates – I certainly don’t. But to do have to understand why he does what he does in order to understand what is really happening in the Senate on any given day. It may be evil genius, but it is pure genius.

Today’s Required Reading – Today’s Required Reading is a piece by Glenn Greenwald at Substack titled “The Threat of Authoritarianism in the U.S. is Very Real, and Has Nothing To Do With Trump“.

Greenwald, who is a nominal liberal but only in the traditional sense of that word, brilliantly lays out the scope and magnitude of the threat that Big Tech represents to the survival of our Republic. Here’s an excerpt from the long-ish piece just to whet your whistle.:

Asserting that Donald Trump is a fascist-like dictator threatening the previously sturdy foundations of U.S. democracy has been a virtual requirement over the last four years to obtain entrance to cable news Green Rooms, sinecures as mainstream newspaper columnists, and popularity in faculty lounges. Yet it has proven to be a preposterous farce.

In 2020 alone, Trump had two perfectly crafted opportunities to seize authoritarian power — a global health pandemic and sprawling protests and sustained riots throughout American cities — and yet did virtually nothing to exploit those opportunities. Actual would-be despots such as Hungary’s Viktor Orbán quickly seized on the virus to declare martial law, while even prior U.S. presidents, to say nothing of foreign tyrants, have used the pretext of much less civil unrest than what we saw this summer to deploy the military in the streets to pacify their own citizenry.

But early in the pandemic, Trump was criticized, especially by Democrats, for failing to assert the draconian powers he had, such as commandeering the means of industrial production under the Defense Production Act of 1950, invoked by Truman to force industry to produce materials needed for the Korean War. In March, The Washington Post reported that “Governors, Democrats in Congress and some Senate Republicans have been urging Trump for at least a week to invoke the act, and his potential 2020 opponent, Joe Biden, came out in favor of it, too,” yet “Trump [gave] a variety of reasons for not doing so.” Rejecting demands to exploit a public health pandemic to assert extraordinary powers is not exactly what one expects from a striving dictator.

A similar dynamic prevailed during the sustained protests and riots that erupted after the killing of George Floyd. While conservatives such as Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK), in his controversial New York Times op-ed, urged the mass deployment of the military to quell the protesters, and while Trump threatened to deploy them if governors failed to pacify the riots, Trump failed to order anything more than a few isolated, symbolic gestures such as having troops use tear gas to clear out protesters from Lafayette Park for his now-notorious walk to a church, provoking harsh criticism from the right, including Fox News, for failing to use more aggressive force to restore order.


Go take the 10 minutes or so required to read the rest of it. You’ll be frightened, but better educated for taking the time.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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I’m seeing a damn popup VDO.AI ad taking up most of my screen with no way to close it. Is that a new “feature” here?


Word Press is basically screwing with us imho. I can see no other reason for all the issues that this site seems to be having. I can see there are seven comments on this thread, but when I try to get to them I come right back here with only four posted.


I don’t think its WordPress my friend. I can post on other WordPress sites and my posts show right away. They ‘remember’ me, no delays, no word limits. Here is a different story.

Its definitely a server side issue.

TexanForever Thompson

Mitch McConnell represents what’s wrong with what used to be the Republican Party. He’s Democrat Light, posing as a Republican. Now that Dominion is outed and no longer functional, perhaps we can elect some REAL conservatives.


When my Senator Blackburn was a Congresswoman running for the senate for the first time in 2018, I implored her at least twice in person to not vote for Mitch for Senate Majority Leader. I don’t know whether or not she voted for or against McConnell, my guess is she was told to vote for him and probably did.

At any rate, as I have repeatedly stated, I don’t like McConnell, nor do I trust him as far as I could throw him. His silence (especially after he won his race last month against a well-funded radical nut case) about all the election fraud speaks volumes and again tells me all I need to know about the man. It would have been worth it to actually lose the senate, which we are probably going to do anyway, if the likes of McConnell, Graham, Sasse and Collins were actually defeated in 2020. These people are worse than worthless and are often more destructive to the country than Schumer, Sanders, Feinstein and Hirono et al could ever hope to be in the way they constantly betray conservatives and the President every chance they get.

Please, please, PLEASE don’t give the RNC or any Republican (unless they are a proven conservative via deeds and not BS words) politician any money or support. The whole stinking party needs to be defunded and rendered irrelevant and President Trump needs to start a new MAGA Political Party with its members being totally vetted. The GOP prides itself on being gentlemanly losers and a minority party; we need to make that happen. We need to make elephants extinct in the United States except in Zoos. As a matter of fact, I would like to see all the corrupt RINOs in cages just like all the corrupt (but I repeat myself here) Democrats (Jackasses) in cages too for a very long time.


” I have a question for them: why do we have advanced bioweapon research?”

I am one such revolter. I have no issues with bioresearch for the curing of diseases, even that is a scam as well considering the BILLIONS spent on research and treatments and we’re still using 50’s chemo etc…

But bio-warfare is another ballgame all together. We would be arrogant to think we can control a biological agent to the degree that we could target a certain group of people. Theres zero guarantee that a mutation doesn’t happen and now we have a lot more than a targeted group suddenly included.

IMO, any nation experimenting with bio-warfare should be soundly eliminated, USA included. No room for it. Of course nobody is going to openly admit it but like whats happened its all but certain that China initiated a biologic strike to gain a dominant global position. Should we strike back with a weaponized virus??? again, imo, no…

The US has the technology to deliver a precision strike to just about anywhere in the world. Those leaders that are found to release weaponized virus’s or bacterial agents should be bombed into another world. With this method there is very little collateral damage and those ‘leaders’ who want to step up are going to have second thoughts. Taking very specific targets out, and not stupid sanctions which do nothing, will definitely but the brakes on unconventional warfare.

Otherwise we may all end up in the Matrix.


I agree that we should use other methods of retaliation, but reality is, there is an implied threat to those who would use bioweapons. I agree with your concept of countermeasures.

Read Frank Herbert’s “The White Plague,” for a good description of how such weapons could get out of control. I am aware of the consequences, and the book is a good theoretical primer.

Unfortunately, the Russians have them (and sometimes sometimes radiation weapons, as they have a nasty habit of using them (as in the case of Litvinenko) and others use similar means to false flag the Russians. The Russians are just stupid enough to use them. And so are some of the Chinese generals, who are both stupid and insane.

The other trouble with bioweapons: surety of source.

Well. speaking of stupid: His Majesty Barry Obama et al helped fund the Chinese bioweapons research, until the Chinese got too reckless and ambitious – and it would tie right back to Obama. Didn’t mean they actually disconnected, only that there was plausible deniability inserted into the formula. The Chinese have long though about using a race-specific bioweapon that could target specific racial profiles. Which is one reason the military doesn’t want their people to do Ancestry or 23 and Me.

And finally: all it would take is for one Bill Gates to develop a bioweapon that caused worldwide sterility, and our race – the human race – would vanish. In one generation. There would be no repeats; we would die out with a whimper.

scott sanger

Rome has similiar problems until the got resolved…….. no worries, the USA will have these problems resolved for it also…….


Error 520
Ray ID: 609d2ba49ac6c98d •
2020-12-30 16:34:49 UTC
Web server is returning an unknown error
Browser Working
Cloudflare Working


So working intermittently. or possibly back to very short messages only… again


So its back up for me now…. the error was an unknown server error from DB Daily.


yep… figured as much as I really don’t think you’d just let the problems persist without trying to fix them.

I posted the error msg’s and issues I’m experiencing as its helpful to tracking down the problems. Most of which you are already aware of no doubt. I won’t bother if you don’t need them.

Ben Colder

The Turtle is one of the biggest snakes in the stinking swamp that is Washington District of communists.He could care less about the defense bill or the peons getting a check of their own money he gets his fat government check every month plus what he gets under the table from lobbyists and from his Chinese buddies and his old lady gets a nice communist Chinese check no he could care less its always been about him.Don’t let anyone make the mistake in thinking these bastards care about the country all the care about is that they get theirs every damned one of these lifer senators look at the old communist crazy Bernnie crazy like a fox same with cryin Chuck you Schumer.Yeah they care but not for the country not this country.


Elections? What elections? You mean the fraud they just perpetrated upon us? The Swamp hasn’t considered its options, none of which are good. If Trump stays in office, there will be prosecutions of people – and that is a simple requirement, but complicated in breadth. If Trump is cheated out of office, there will be no reason for elections, because no one with a degree of sanity will run for office; they’ll be running for their live, instead.

The Chinese military faces the same problems if they exert too much pressure, and Social Report Cards won’t do a damn thing if people start rebelling in subtle ways, even if there are 200 million Chinese Little Emperors. Once they can’t feed the people, there will be problems.

I’ve said that our system has plans to use bioweapons, if others are stupid enough to use them against us. Some posters revolted at the idea, but I have a question for them: why do we have advanced bioweapon research? It’s like nukes: MAD, or Mutually Assured Destruction.

MAD is the key word for what happens if they steal the election from President Trump. Does Mitch and John Roberts really want that? Or are their imaginations so limited, and they feel so secure in their own protections, that they’ve never considered these things.

I know the Chinese have considered them, both for us and them; the Russians would likewise love to see Trump cheated out of office, because we’d be devouring ourselves, and no authority could stop it.

Stop the Steal. Only solution, only way out. And pass the repeal of 230.


Mitch should be more concerned if they allow the election steal to proceed: a general uprising, but not with semi-automatic rifles, but household tools. And Congress will be in hiding for a VERY long time. These wounds are deep that they’ve inflicted upon the American people. And there is broad support for repealing Section 230. So while Big Tech can monitor movements of groups, they can’t protect the Elite from people who enter their houses to do plumbing etc. As Lame Cherry properly assesses: a plumber can come, disassemble things that need repair, leave and not come back. Passive resistance.

Hmmm. As Lame Cherry puts it, people already know how to use hammers and pliers and bolt cutters and other common tools can disable things, and that people who engaged in this theft can lock their doors, but then someone can weld the door shut. My addition to her comment is that this is exactly what they did in Wuhan. What happened to the people entombed inside? You wonder.

And then Big Retch – well, Blackwater-types and other paid operators are going to be busy, because, you know, the police are being defunded. Same with Gavin Newsom. The police will come out for a day or a week, but they have better things to do, and Newsom will never ever be able to walk the street without fearing that some lunatic will come up behind him with Maxwell’s Silver Hammer – because guns aren’t actually necessary. And bodyguards will have full employment, but you never know whom you just hired – have to watch them, too.

Does the Supreme Court really want to throw us into anarchy? If they disallow votes that were cast illegitimately, and it happens to keep the President in office, the Left can’t do near the damage that an enraged populace can do. The numbers, dear friends, the numbers.

Does the Supreme Court want to turn into the Subprime Court, mortgaging their Wikileaks possibilities on a stacked court under Harris/Obama? Won’t be nine, but 15, with the value of the house less than the loan!

The FuggingBuggerImbeciles are really good at singling out people with agendas (or manufacturing them) and making examples of people who resist, and they have a spy or two in every militia, but they haven’t considered what and angry majority (or even a plurality) might do with common household tools. I’m not planning on participating in the general upsrising, but I can turn my belt into a lethal weapon and take out 3 ANTIFA bastards in less than 8 seconds.

The FuggingBuggerImbeciles have Actuaries, too – you’d think – and they are (or should be) terrified of a general uprising. Moreover, Congressmen who think they can protect themselves by meeting on video can’t do a damn thing without a SCIF, and worse yet, there are over 500 of them to protect, plus the Senators. As Lame Cherry says: there are a lot of people who are riled up and ready to burst over being kept locked in their houses. Big Retch and her people made an example of some mostly-innocent people who had an informant framing them, but she has never faced the possibility that the girl selling clothing might have lost a boyfriend to suicide because of joblessness or being locked inside, and a coathanger will do more than murder babies. Just sayin’. Not a threat, but one of a hundred million possibilities she must face as she continues to smash the Constitution. Note that the press wants to lift her up, but she’s nowhere to be seen on the list that the President topped. They can try to make her Person of the Year, but Trump tops Most Admired, and she is nowhere to be found.

And Fauci? Hmmm. Any dope with two shoes can accidentally push him down a set of stairs. Same with a lot of people who ought to be looking over their shoulders at regular intervals, because you know, security can’t be everywhere at once!

Am I suggesting we should do these things? No. and neither is Lame Cherry. But what I can tell you is that the authorities have nightmares about these things, which is why zombie apocalypse movies are so popular – because frightened, enraged individuals can turn into frightened, enraged crowds, and the more draconian the response by the authorities, the more enraged people get. It becomes exponential.

Which is a note of caution for both the SCOTUS and the President: if martial law is used, it must be used selectively, not randomly, not foolishly. The military knows this and fears it, because they’ve faced insurgents before, but never well-armed insurgents. Trump needs to isolate the traitors, not instigate a general uprising – which Biden/Harris/Obama will surely do.

Solution to the most devastating effects of a stolen election? Stop the Steal. Mitch and Pence should be looking at things in a different light. Come off your ivory towers, you buzzards.

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